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Weekly conversations about creativity, positivity, and purposeful living. Hosted by Chris Lambert.

Are We Okay? Chris Lambert

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Weekly conversations about creativity, positivity, and purposeful living. Hosted by Chris Lambert.

    156 - Goodbye Forever (with Alli Wallace and Weston Scott)

    156 - Goodbye Forever (with Alli Wallace and Weston Scott)

    In celebration of THREE full years of the Are We Okay? Podcast, Alli Wallace and Weston Scott drop by the podcast again to talk about how hot it is outside, writing a fantasy novel, dating a murderer, passing up the love of your life to stay with a dolphin, people we've seen naked, a failed bird rescue, avoiding A Silent Explosion, why people stopped going to shows, my sidekick in an action movie, Weston the skeptical ghost hunter, quitting hair gel, the Legend of Big Sandwich, objective facts, cool old guys, Regis on Broadway, what fire is, why Weston got a cell phone, Kai W. Coleman, why everyone needs a Dale, how our dear friend Adam was conceived, Flik's Law, the ultimate goal of Are We Okay?, perpetual impending doom, and what we're going to do next. Then we play 'Two Truths and a Lie', 'Engage In Sexual Intercourse, Form a Domestic Partnership, or Break the Fifth Commandment?', and 'One Word At A Time', before saying goodbye forever.

    • 3 hr 17 min
    154 - I've Touched Every Pea (with Hap-Pea and Pea-Wee Andersen)

    154 - I've Touched Every Pea (with Hap-Pea and Pea-Wee Andersen)

    Chefs Hap-Pea and Pea-Wee Andersen drop by the podcast to talk about honeymooning in France, Craig Janderffelt's list, a Danish cheese festival, the Wee-Wee-nerschnitzel, opening a restaurant together, sleeping in a movie theater, pea splitting accidents, how well they know each other, ham hocks and scalloped potatoes, their morning routine, the aftermath of daily concussions, the members of their staff, and the four things they do every day.

    • 40 min
    153 - Chill Out (with Erica Hamilton Kwid)

    153 - Chill Out (with Erica Hamilton Kwid)

    Blackwater creative director Erica Hamilton Kwid swings by the podcast to talk about forgetting her age, her baby's hobbies, BMX life, a picture-perfect childhood, Central Coast cults, post office tarot readings, Nipomo Mesa murders, working for her mom, what art school did to her art, the real beginning of adulthood, rolling a 50-sided die, taking over the family business, getting amped about stocking apparel, growing up Catholic, renouncing Paganism, seeing God on tv, hypnic jerks, and crying at the Golden Buzzer. 
    Find her online at: https://shopblackwater.com/

    • 1 hr 7 min
    152 - Is Thanos Really Bad? (with Malik Miko Thorne)

    152 - Is Thanos Really Bad? (with Malik Miko Thorne)

    Shop owner and DJ Malik Miko Thorne stops by the podcast to talk about being an introvert, still discovering music, record store conversations, curating mixtapes, discovering the wedding industry, growing up in Georgia, opening his own retail shop, coming up with ideas while cleaning his house, short-term optimism and long-term cynicism, going to Sunday school, crying at weddings, and his dream about getting hit by a car.
    Follow him on Instagram: @asatelliteoflove
    Or: @djmalikmiko

    • 57 min
    151 - I'm Not Broken (with Ron Vilarino)

    151 - I'm Not Broken (with Ron Vilarino)

    Father Ron Vilarino drops by the podcast to talk about getting to know his daughter, Marynn, from the photos she left behind, their bookended relationship, who colored the moon, encouraging her to go back to school, taking her back to Bodie, their last picture together, hearing her whisper, searching for a stream in the Sierras, the day he finally bonded with her cat, why he didn't go to her funeral, drinking and driving, the gift of forgiveness, why he changed his mind about being on this podcast, and what Marynn would want him to do. 

    • 1 hr
    150 - Here's Your Ticket (with Ramon Campoamor)

    150 - Here's Your Ticket (with Ramon Campoamor)

    Podcaster and machinist, Ramon Campoamor stops by the podcast to talk about creating a podcast, getting two people in the same room, paid work vs. creative work, the responsibility of a parent, communicating with your partner, how changing a diaper is like being in a war zone, drifting apart, spanking, tummy time, raising a kid with two different ideologies, whether anyone's parents did it "right", nightmares about dogs, holding other people's babies, cataloging your kids on social media, the evolution of cyberbullying, the presidential candidates of the future, and being tired all the time.
    Find him online at: http://ramoncampoamor.com/

    • 1 hr 58 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
48 Ratings

48 Ratings

LynnElise ,

Uhhhhh....Josh Talbot

As much as we agree on the suckiness of Facebook, it led me to THIS.....
I am, even as I type this, listening to you and Josh. LOVE.
Thank you for existing!
I am also a working, surviving, THRIVING artist in this village. Not much comes up about me on the inter web (❤️), but actually Facebook shows some of my work.
Call if you want to hear my views on life as an artist. I’m DOING it.
I’m Live Painting @the Phantom POP-Up Gallery on Higuera during Art After Dark tomorrow if you want to witness my shenanigans.
Lynn Hessler 805.602.1542

j.Wirth ,

It gets deep.

The only podcast I keep coming back to.

paige603884 ,

A bit of feedback.

As a podcast nerd myself, and a SLO native, I normally enjoy this podcast. However, I was a bit disappointed with your most recent interview when speaking about catcalling and the patriarchy. This is a real issue that many women deal with daily. It isn’t only a nuisance, it’s a threat to our safety. It is not a compliment. And yes, it is certainly is a symptom of the patriarch at work. The patriarchy manifests itself deep into society, and this is just one form of it. While it may seem “harmless” to some, it is just another way of degrading women to feel as though they are objects for viewing pleasure. Chris, you mentioned you often see women coming up with mean comebacks towards harassers online. You know what? We have every right to be mad. We create those comebacks because in the moment we are so distressed and caught off guard that we are left dumbfounded and silent. And if we stand up for ourselves in the moment, it puts our safety at risk. So those comebacks you mention? It’s a way of taking our power back. Keep your privilege in check. Please keep in mind that most of your guests are from a small town, and sometimes their views can reflect that. Involving people with diverse backgrounds may do this podcast some good. Bring others to the table so that we can hear their story.

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