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Two Philly bred best friends who strive to produce content that is authentic, unapologetic and exalting of the magic we see in ourselves and in you. Join us, as we oscillate between love and light and money and d***s. Because duality is a thing.

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Two Philly bred best friends who strive to produce content that is authentic, unapologetic and exalting of the magic we see in ourselves and in you. Join us, as we oscillate between love and light and money and d***s. Because duality is a thing.

    Ep 64. Latinx Identity

    Ep 64. Latinx Identity

    In this episode Shanti sits with Dashira Harris who is a Peabody-award winning multi-media journalist and entrepreneur based in Panama. Join us as we discuss AfroDiasporic Identity, colonization and the historical and present day class and color complex and hierarchy among Latinxs throughout the Americas.

    Follow Dash:

    Follow her travel business:

    NEGRO: A docu-series about Latino Identity: www.NegroDoc.com
    AfroLatino Travel: www.AfroLatinxTravel.com
    Radio Caña Negra: https://www.facebook.com/RadioCanaNegra/
    Casta article: http://www.50shadesofblack.com/blog/843#.Xic52-nQi8U=

    Purchase Asi es La Negra by Arianna Puello here: https://music.apple.com/us/album/asi-es-la-negra/408682359?i=408682425

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    Ep 63. Surviving "Survivor's Guilt" ft. Julia Mallory

    Ep 63. Surviving "Survivor's Guilt" ft. Julia Mallory

    This week Shanti is joined by poet and author Julia Mallory. Together, we talk about her journey with grief after losing her father unexpectedly at the age of 13 followed by the murder of her 17 year old son in 2017. Join us as we navigate how despite being gripped by grief, Julia deliberately seeks joy and pleasure through her self care practices and writing.

    You can purchase Julia's book here: https://www.blackmermaids.com/books
    and learn more about Black Mermaids here: https://www.blackmermaids.com/

    Purchase Umi Says by Mos Def here: https://music.apple.com/us/album/black-on-both-sides/1444213589

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    Ep 62. Ghana Year of the Return Recap

    Ep 62. Ghana Year of the Return Recap

    We're back! In episode 62 Shanti and Antoinette catch up on each other's lives since their two-week hiatus. Shanti talks about ringing in the new year content and crying in the tub while Antoinette recaps her recent trip to Morocco and Ghana for The Year Of The Return. Duality is a thing right? Join us.

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    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays

    Happy holidays y'all. We are taking a break but will be back with brand new content January 9th. Tune in then : )

    • 8 min
    Ep 61. Black Capitalism

    Ep 61. Black Capitalism

    In this week’s episode Shanti shares her birthday celebrations while Antoinette battles the flu and prepares for her trip to Ghana. Tis the season for gift giving and shopping so for our topic this week we dive into the values of “Buying Black” and Black wealth. Is Black wealth the way to our collective liberation? Will the revolution be monetized? Join us.

    Saul Williams Interview is from The Breakfast Club

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    • 1 hr 16 min
    Ep 60. Arguing Over Queen & Slim

    Ep 60. Arguing Over Queen & Slim

    In episode 60, Antoinette returns from Bronchitis with a new perspective on life while Shanti celebrates her upcoming Jesus year. For our main topic we discuss the newly released, highly anticipated, “Queen and Slim”. One of us left feeling inspired and touched, while the other left wanting her money back. Who is who? Join us for another episode from around the way...

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Customer Reviews

KikiSpi ,

Surviving Survivor’s Guilt

“We can’t really connect to our bodies or inhabit it fully if we’re constantly denying the presence of certain things.” This episode may have been my favorite. It was beautiful, and beautifully executed. I was heartbroken but it left me in a place of stillness too. It was just so good.

Ladieblack05 ,

Y’all asked !

I’m delivering !!! I love this podcast y’all keep me laughing I been with y’all since blog days to YouTube and ig until y’all got this ! So I’m happy to be with y’all again ayyyeee ima meet y’all one day hopefully!! Keep up the good laughter and fun and vulnerability! Hahaha

Chrisruck32 ,

Team Shanti (😊😏)

They both drive me crazy, but I just can’t stop listening. I love their yin and yang perspective. One of the only podcast I lend my time to. #teamshanshan

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