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An art history podcast brought to you by hallucinogens with Maddalena De Beni, Suerynn Lee, Grant Lindahl and Lizzy Mazzucchelli.
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Art School Acid Podcast Art School Acid Podcast

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An art history podcast brought to you by hallucinogens with Maddalena De Beni, Suerynn Lee, Grant Lindahl and Lizzy Mazzucchelli.
Intro by Nerve Leak

    Interview - Lisa Hammer

    Interview - Lisa Hammer

    Filmmaker, musician, and actress Lisa Hammer spoke to us about her awesome life. From her very early films made possible by editing video for an s&m company to her career as a medieval shoegaze singer and so much more!

    1:00 "That kids going places” - how Lisa feels about Grant
    4:30 Lisa went to Emerson College
    9:30 Lisa loves silent and exploitation films
    12:30 Bizarre Video - editing s&m
    15:20 "On God’s Day he would write porno descriptions”
    16:00 Pus Bucket
    18:30 Lisa got prison mail!
    24:30 Pox
    25:30 Lisa moved to LA and worked at THX
    27:00 Star Wars inside gossip
    32:20 Lisa falls in love!
    36:30 Requiem in White
    37:55 Metallica dug it
    41:50 We listen to Lisa’s new track!
    43:10 Maybe Sunshine
    46:30 F**k cancer
    51:00 Wilson Arts Diversified
    54:30 Cleaning human feces and needles


    • 58 min
    Beatrice Wood

    Beatrice Wood

    This is a backlog episode that we decided to release in conjunction with the Duchamp episode released recently.

    Beatrice Wood was a muse and collaborator of Marcel Duchamp and Henri-Pierre Roche. This episode is primarily about her relationship with the Avant Garde movement, specifically Dada. And honestly what it was like being a fun and cool woman in the early 1900s.

    1:30 Who is Beatrice Wood?
    3:00 She trembled at Manet...
    6:50 Edgard Varese (the man with the broken leg)
    8:30 Blind Man Magazine
    9:00 Roche’s entrance
    13:25 Un Peu D'eau dans du savon
    15:15 Roche's exit
    16:30 Vaudeville
    17:20 The man who falls off tables
    18:20 If I am killed, Paul has done it
    18:50 Reginald Pole
    20:50 Have you ever had a one night stand where you brushed a stranger’s teeth?
    22:40 Byron fell out of love when he saw the woman he loves eating
    25:00 Beatrice talks about her pottery
    27:00 I Shock Myself
    28:00 Rose DeWitt

    • 30 min
    Interview - Leslie Xia

    Interview - Leslie Xia

    Graphic Designer Leslie Xia sits down with us to talk about her experience at MICA, teen magazine aesthetic and her childhood.

    :50 This is the Vice Mice Podcast
    4:30 Leslie and Grant went to school together!
    5:00 Leslie was a child spy
    7:00 I THINK they're talking about GOYA
    8:30 Cooper Union has a stressful application process
    11:30 Stop motion animation wunderkind
    15:15 "Use the grid and you’ll figure it out"
    16:00 J14 is unapologetic
    19:45 Entering the SPD student design competition
    21:00 Leslie skateboards into VICE everyday ;)
    24:00 Working towards the Cooper Union Typography Intensive
    27:00 Look out for Xia Tea (hehehehe)
    28:15 Grant is reading a lot of Steven King
    31:00 Say Their Name!! >> http://bit.ly/2peJvoV


    • 34 min
    12 Minutes with - Marcel DuChamp

    12 Minutes with - Marcel DuChamp

    The Dropout Gang discusses the entire lifework of Marcel Duchamp in only 10 minutes.

    0:20 Welcome Suerynn!
    3:00 Duckboat is a good band name
    5:20 Marcel Duchamp was, YES, a well known chess player
    6:45 Marcel Duchamp was a shy guy
    7:30 Nude Descending a Staircase
    8:10 Retinal art // bad
    10:30 Marcel Duchamp the bad boy of the art world
    11:15 Dada
    12:20 The Readymades
    13:30 "The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even” or as Suerynn likes to call it “Face Torture”
    14:30 “Imma play chess” - Marcel Duchamp
    15:15 Étant donnés

    • 16 min

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4.7 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

Ibetnoonechosethisname ,

great for artists

I was searching for more information on art history that is interesting for an artist such as myself...too often art historians are too focused on acedemia and dates and not on the art and artists and their absurdities! To love art is to love the absurd, and I don't think those two things can be complely divorced, no matter the period in which the art was created! Art, despite any artistic time period, has always opened up areas of the mind that possibly could not have been discussed through any other means. Im rambling. but yeah. for artists...this is the bomb. love it.

MAndersonComedy ,

Grant is grrrreat!

Packed with interesting information, and it's easy to follow along with even if you don't know anything about art.

Love it! 5 stars.

Mrrgrrnrr ,

I <3 it!

Beautifully weird and funny while also showcasing some really cool artists!

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