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The As The Church podcast is a safe place for questions about God and a hopeful space for growth as followers of Jesus.

Instagram: @asthechurch

As The Church Ayodiran Fabian

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The As The Church podcast is a safe place for questions about God and a hopeful space for growth as followers of Jesus.

Instagram: @asthechurch

    Season 2 EP1: God’s Reality

    Season 2 EP1: God’s Reality

    What is Reality? Who is God? How do God & Reality relate to one another? What are False Realities? What happens when we understand that God’s reality is the only reality? In this episode we briefly talk about God’s reality.

    • 5 min
    Season 2 Intro: New Name, Same Mission

    Season 2 Intro: New Name, Same Mission

    For Season 2 we have some news, our podcast name has changed! This episode will go over some awesome milestones this podcast has experienced & why we decided to move forward with a new name! Enjoy!

    Instagram: @AsTheChurch

    • 5 min


    There are so many political opinions from different groups of people that pull us in various directions, ultimately many of us feel confused or conflicted so we decide not to engage at all.

    In today’s episode I hope to bring clarity by explaining the perspective scripture lays out for us.

    • 10 min


    On this episode I spend some time talking about Church Hurt.

    • 12 min


    In this episode I’ll be talking about the responsibilities of a Christian. Outside of our day to day relationship with God what are we supposed to do with our time?

    • 6 min
    EP5: Let's Get Practical

    EP5: Let's Get Practical

    On this episode we’ll be talking about the ways to position ourselves for outward growth & inward transformation via bible intake!

    A large portion of this Podcast can be found in Donald S. Whitney’s book titled: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.


    1: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life
    by Donald S. Whitney


    2: CSB Study Bible


    3: ESV Study Bible


    4: Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines by David Mathis


    5: The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges


    6: The Practice of Godliness by Jerry Bridges


    7: The Bible Project Podcast


    8: The Bible Project YouTube


    • 9 min

Customer Reviews

Wes Güity ,

Like a cup of coffee in the morning…

I consider this podcast my cup of coffee in the morning. My day doesn’t start until I’ve hit that play button.

What I love the most is the relatability and unassuming approach. God’s word is all we need and I want everyone to hear this podcast.

ohhlahhmeday ,

A very sober view of the elephant in the pews

I think it’s hard to address these issues in a way that doesn’t become overly personal and this podcast somehow achieves just that. Love it!

Ayodiran Noah-Fabian ,

A Hope For The Church

I put this podcast together hoping people would listen & interact with it. The support I’ve received has been amazing, it’s truly proven that their is hope for today’s church to find unity with each other & God’s Word again.

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