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You dream of living a successful life, you feel it inside your heart. You wish for a new beginning; you just don't know where to start. Living paycheck to paycheck is no longer an option, you're just not sure how to transition?

My mission is to give you counseled advice, opening your mind to new possibilities. Giving you the courage to awaken your full potential and to assert yourself audaciously.
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You dream of living a successful life, you feel it inside your heart. You wish for a new beginning; you just don't know where to start. Living paycheck to paycheck is no longer an option, you're just not sure how to transition?

My mission is to give you counseled advice, opening your mind to new possibilities. Giving you the courage to awaken your full potential and to assert yourself audaciously.
For any questions: ask@nadiafleury.com
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    189 - The Secret Sauce to Achieving Success in Business and Life No Matter What

    189 - The Secret Sauce to Achieving Success in Business and Life No Matter What

    In this episode of Assertive Radiance, show host Nadia Fleury embarks on a journey to uncover the secret to success in business and life, driven by a profound question sparked by a conversation with her friend Ana. Ana's frustration with Nadia's unwavering determination sets the stage for an exploration into the common challenges people face on their journey to success.
    Nadia dives into the roots of these struggles, reflecting on the evolution of business culture from the 20th century's ego-driven leaders to the 21st century's awareness of suppressed emotions and the consequences of prioritizing perfection over well-being. She shares her personal journey, which led to a transformative encounter with a man named Phil and a divine intervention that changed the course of her life.
    This transformative episode explores the profound realization that emerged over years of self-discovery, emphasizing the vital role of emotions and authenticity in finding success.
    Join Nadia on this journey to understanding how embracing vulnerability can be the key to unlocking a thriving business and life.
    Here are the key ingredients for gaining better clarity, a crucial step towards achieving success in both business and life:
    Ingredient #1: Embrace Vulnerability and Authenticity Over the Superwoman Archetype
    Nadia emphasizes the importance of embracing vulnerability and authenticity, encouraging individuals to move away from the 'Superwoman' archetype. She shares a personal anecdote about her own emotional disconnection, likening it to trying to get hot water without a kettle base. Nadia highlights the adverse effects of bottling up emotions, which not only affect one's state of mind but also impact those around them. Additionally, she explains the distinction between power and genuine empowerment.
    Ingredient #2: The Role of Emotions
    Nadia delves into the significance of emotions as the driving force behind our actions. She explains that when emotions are infused with a profound desire to benefit both oneself and the world, they become the spark that ignites actions, providing the energy and determination necessary to achieve goals.
    Ingredient #3: Conquering Fear and Facing Challenges for Growth
    Nadia motivates listeners to step outside their comfort zones, confront their fears, and embrace challenges with the willingness to try new things. She likens this process to trying on a new pair of pants – if they don't fit, you keep trying until you find the right pair. The law of averages comes into play, with each attempt increasing the chances of achieving one's heart's desire.
    Ingredient #4: Finding a Solid Inner Anchor
    This ingredient emphasizes the importance of finding a solid anchor within oneself. Drawing from her personal journey, Nadia highlights the significance of listening to intuition and shifting focus away from external influences that may not align with one's true desires. She shares her childhood experience of witnessing Nadia Comăneci's success at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, providing insight into how unwavering determination can transform vulnerability into inner strength, enabling individuals to overcome adversity.
    Ingredient #5: The Power of Critical Thinking
    Nadia spotlights the role of critical thinking in safeguarding one's mind. She emphasizes that critical thinking is a skill that cannot be bought, borrowed, or stolen. It plays a pivotal role in breaking free from codependency, overcoming addiction, and making healthy transformations. Ultimately, mastering critical thinking empowers individuals to become unwavering forces for good in their lives, for their loved ones, and for the world at large.

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    188 - How to use critical thinking to avoid scams as an entrepreneur?

    188 - How to use critical thinking to avoid scams as an entrepreneur?

    Have you ever found yourself involved in a situation or purchase, only to realize you've been misled? In today's world, manipulative communication is on the rise, making it increasingly challenging to evaluate information. Fortunately, there's a solution: enhancing your critical thinking skills.
    Critical thinking is a valuable resource for quickly discerning the validity of the information you encounter. It can help you make sharper decisions, improve problem-solving abilities, gain a deeper understanding of the world, and enhance your creativity, breaking free from constraints.
    For as long as I can remember, critical thinking has been one of my superpowers. However, since it's a process, not just an outcome, I never considered sharing it with you until I got triggered the other day.
    The trigger came from a post on Facebook. I found myself wondering why I was seeing it and how to handle the situation. As my mind began to form some ideas around it, I thought, 'What if I use this post as an opportunity to show you how I decipher messages?'
    Critical thinking serves as the foundation for three essential ingredients for success: Energy, Strategy, and Implementation. Remember also that critical thinking is required to formulate sound plans and effectively implement strategies. Furthermore, the absence of critical thinking can lead to self-doubt, indecision, and uncertainty about how to proceed with implementation.
    The aim of this podcast is to empower you with the knowledge of how to read between the lines and recognize whether the information you've received is genuine or not.
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    187- Finding the courage to surrender and conquer your fears

    187- Finding the courage to surrender and conquer your fears

    The fear of loss and the struggle to surrender are among the most challenging aspects of profound transformation, but they are necessary to achieve life fulfillment. However, it's during this stage that many entrepreneurs become quite creative in finding ways to avoid the process.
    But why is it so challenging? Because it exposes our vulnerability, which is often perceived as a sign of weakness by many. Furthermore, we are so deeply entwined with our own stories that we sometimes fail to recognize that it's our personal narrative that is causing our own suffering.
    The fear of letting go, whether it's related to material possessions, long-held beliefs, or the security of the familiar, can be paralyzing. Nobody enjoys losing because we've been conditioned for years to view loss as something negative.
    In this episode, Nadia daringly reveals her secrets, bares her essence, and unveils the beauty within the healing and transformative journey.
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    186 - How to Overcome Procrastination and Ignite Action

    186 - How to Overcome Procrastination and Ignite Action

    If you have been procrastinating on something that you know could be a game-changer in your life, if deep down your gut feeling is telling you to take action but you're lacking the energy to get started, or if you have already started something that is important to you but lost your momentum along the way, this episode is for you.
    In this episode of Assertive Radiance, Nadia discusses how to overcome procrastination and provides tips on igniting action. The first part of the episode highlights the importance of recognizing your true desire for improvement and achievement, and how fear and self-doubt can hinder this desire.
    You will learn the powerful distinction between time as an obstacle and time as a resource. Nadia challenges the notion that lack of time is a valid excuse and illustrates how prioritizing and investing time wisely is the key differentiator between those who achieve their goals and those who don't.
    She also debunks the belief that lack of money is a barrier to pursuing your goals, sharing examples of successful individuals who have achieved greatness with limited financial resources.
    Nadia delves deeper into the various fears that arise when starting something new, including the fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of criticism, and fear of making costly mistakes. She provides practical advice on overcoming these fears, emphasizing the importance of assertiveness, confidence, and trusting your gut instincts.
    The episode also explores the concept of material possessions and their true value in bringing life fulfillment. Nadia highlights the significance of inner qualities, personal growth, and investing in yourself, emphasizing that these qualities cannot be bought or taken away by external circumstances.
    You will walk away from this episode with a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration to take small steps towards your goals. Gain valuable insights on mastering procrastination, conquering fear, and maintaining a mindset of progress and growth.
    In conclusion, Nadia leaves you with a powerful quote to remember during challenging times: "You cannot lose what belongs to you by divine right." With Nadia's guidance, you will be empowered to overcome procrastination, ignite action, and create a fulfilling life on your own terms.

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    185 - Are You Mindfully in Control or Being Controlled

    185 - Are You Mindfully in Control or Being Controlled

    Courageous Confidence Mastery Pre-Registration Link — Click Here
    Welcome to another empowering episode of Assertive Radiance! In today's episode, you will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and reclaiming control over your mind and energy.
    In this enlightening installment, I invite you to explore the root cause behind unhappiness and discover effective strategies to rise above and transcend trauma. It's time to regain control over your mind and precious energy, paving the way for a radiant and empowered life.
    In this episode, you will:
    🌟 Discover the Impact of History on Individuality: Dive into the historical factors that have shaped your focus on survival rather than celebrating your individuality. Gain a deeper understanding of how societal norms and rules have influenced your self-expression.
    🌟 Overcome Fear of Change: Uncover the scars of the past that still haunt us today, manifesting as a fear of stepping beyond the familiar. Learn effective strategies to break free from societal expectations and embrace personal growth with courage.
    🌟 Transcend Trauma and Regain Control: Identify the root cause of unhappiness and explore ways to rise above and transcend trauma. Reclaim control over your mind and precious energy, empowering yourself to live a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.
    🌟 Harness the Power of Mindful Self-Control: Explore the incredible benefits of cultivating mindful self-control. Develop practical techniques to bounce back from external triggers, release attachment to material possessions, and prioritize meaningful human connections.
    🌟 Find True Empowerment: Understand the distinction between power and empowerment. Discover how operating from a place of non-resistance allows you to embody true empowerment, warding off destructive egos and paving the way for a fulfilling life.
    Throughout this episode, I invite you to tap into your inner magic and unlock the limitless possibilities within you. Embrace your uniqueness, celebrate your individuality, and cultivate unshakable confidence as you navigate the path towards healing and empowerment.
    Remember, you are deserving of love, health, and abundance. Your dreams are within reach, and this episode will empower you to take the necessary steps toward achieving them.
    If you resonate with the powerful insights shared in this episode, please consider sharing it with a friend who could benefit from this empowering message. Don't forget to subscribe to Assertive Radiance for future episodes where I dive deeper into these transformative concepts.
    Thank you for joining me on this empowering journey. Stay radiant, stay inspired, and continue shining your light brightly. Until next time, take care, stay safe, and embrace your assertive radiance!
    Assertive Radiance - Regain Your Mind, Reclaim Your Power!
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    Disclaimer: The content provided in this podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical or professional advice. The information shared should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis, treatment, or guidance. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional or specialist before making any changes to your health or lifestyle. The host and guests of this podcast are not responsible for any actions taken based on the information provided. Remember that individual experiences may vary, and what works for one person may not work for another. By listening to this podcast, you acknowledge and agree to take

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    184 - How to Cope with Loses?

    184 - How to Cope with Loses?

    In this episode of Assertive Radiance, host Nadia Fleury shares insights and strategies on how to cope with losses. Nadia talks about an incident where she forgot her purse at a restaurant and how it brought her a lot of learning. Sometimes it’s the small things that can affect us the most, and when we lose something important, it feels like the carpet is being ripped off from under our feet. Nadia shares her experience of coping with the stress and anxiety of losing something valuable and how she found balance when she was taken out of balance.
    She talks about how she dealt with the loss, what she learned, and her suggestions for coping with losses when something unexpected happens in your life. She offers three choices when dealing with a loss - constant worrying, completely forgetting about it, or being aware that you don't have it, feeling sad about it, but not letting it drain you. Nadia stresses the importance of having a clear conscience and good rapport with people, even in tough situations, to avoid compounding negative energy with guilt.
    The episode highlights the importance of paying attention to messages from the universe, especially during times of pain and discomfort. Nadia concludes the episode by offering insights and strategies on how to find balance and peace of mind when dealing with losses in life. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to find strength and resilience in the face of unexpected losses.

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4.9 out of 5
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7 Ratings

GrrlMindset ,

Good for entrepreneurs & leaders

I was looking for a Pod on assertiveness & this was the only one directly addressing it. As a Toastmaster, I’ve heard many sales pitches for personal coaches & I like that Nadia shares her own experience & lessons learned in the pursuit of happiness!

Machampion88 ,

Blessing in disguise

It’s not everyday you meet someone a creator of such a amazing podcast ! Very happy we got to talk


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