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Come and join us At The Flicks. Three friends of a certain age who still enjoy the movies would like to share their passion with you. With the benefit of their advancing years, they are reviewing films new and old, to prove there is really nothing in cinema that hasn’t been seen before?

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Come and join us At The Flicks. Three friends of a certain age who still enjoy the movies would like to share their passion with you. With the benefit of their advancing years, they are reviewing films new and old, to prove there is really nothing in cinema that hasn’t been seen before?

    096: Last one alive, please turn off the lights

    096: Last one alive, please turn off the lights

    And we're back!!! It has been a long month as we desperately looked around for films to review. With just the odd one on Prime and Netflix, we had to have a team meeting to come up with a review idea. Such meetings drag on when Neil says "it must be foreign language". So Jeff swore at him in Welsh. Meeting abandoned.

    We tried again a few days later. That meeting started well. Graham said let's look at the film's of Christopher Nolan (as Tenet "almost" opened around that time). Then Phil threw in "I have a foreign language film idea". Jeff accused him of being brainwashed by Neil and the meeting once again descended into chaos and abandonment once again.

    Third and final meeting. Graham, the peacemaker, said let's all pick a film we always meant to see but never got around to. It meant Graham could have a Nolan film, Neil and Phil could have foreign language and Jeff and Darren could make their own choices.

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    095 Carry on Streaming: Lockdown Edition

    095 Carry on Streaming: Lockdown Edition

    Time to put the flags out. Lockdown, for the moment at least, is coming to an end. Life slowly is beginning to return to normal (whatever that means).

    Now the question can be asked, just how did you spend you time at home during these last few months? Well, we know exactly what our streaming expert Declan was doing – watching TV so that he could inform you what is worth your time on terrestrial and streaming TV platforms. So, when the rains come (and let’s face it, if you are in Britain, that is our Summer) you know what to check out.

    There is the latest season of Killing Eve, or if you are Jeff, all three seasons of Killing Eve (and The Sopranos, The Wire etc). Then there is the amazingly violent Gangs Of London, Harley Quinn, Little Fires Everywhere and State Of Happiness. All highly recommended from our TV and boxset expert.

    Also if you want to catch up on an old favourite, there is Buffy The Vampire Slayer being shown from the beginning on E4. Neil once threatened to watch the whole thing, but only made it half way through the credits of episode 1 – yes it is that scary, but then, so is Neil!

    After we talk TV we have a general discussion on what is to happen in the future – can there be social distancing TV, when will cinemas actually reopen and is Tenet real or just a Christopher Nolan time puzzle? All of these tough questions and more will be answered (well attempted) in this latest edition of Carry On Streaming.

    Finally we give a sneak peak into something very exciting coming soon. We are planning a Streaming special on the hit TV show Penny Dreadful : City Of Angels with some special guests. Stay tuned for more details.

    Until then enjoy the show and stay safe, wherever you are.

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    094 Jo Durrant's Science Movies

    094 Jo Durrant's Science Movies

    In our latest episode Jeff and Graham are speaking to BBC Radio Gloucestershire presenter Jo Durrant.
    Jo hosts a wonderful science themed show called Jo Durrant’s Beautiful Universe. It should therefore come as no surprise for the theme of this show to be all things science. We talk both fact and fiction, as Jo reveals some of her favourite films.
    For fiction we talk about ET and 2001 (be aware, we speak at length about the enigmatic ending of that latter film as we try to work out exactly what it meant!). Then there are the powerful fact based dramas First Man and Apollo 13.
    That leads us neatly onto talking about space travel in general, returning again to documentaries (our big love at the moment – see also show 93). Graham and Jeff bombard Jo with such questions as
    What is it like to wear a space suit?
    How dangerous are space missions?
    How do you respond to people who say the moon landings did not take place?
    And many others.

    So if you, like us, are missing the Beautiful Universe show, then come along with us and catch up with the wonderful Jo Durrant.
    Thanks for listening.

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    093: Must Watch Documentaries

    093: Must Watch Documentaries

    Lockdown may be easing for many people, but home entertainment remains extremely important (just when are those cinemas going to open?). By now you have probably exhausted all the TV box sets and “must watch” films you have been putting off for many years.
    This is where At The Flicks once again performs its civic duty for you, our listeners. Why not try documentaries?
    We speak to documentary film maker Sam Pope about some of the best documentaries out there. As you would expect from Sam, he has some amazing choices.
    From Errol Morris’ The Thin Blue Line to Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War, he discusses some unforgettable films (and series) to watch. A top ten list put together for you. This is something the team discuss at length with Sam, although as usual when Slenderman is mentioned, Graham and Neil are nowhere to be found. Guys, despite all you have heard, it is not real.
    Many of our selections are powerful and we urge you not to binge watch. For less disturbing viewing, why not check out Behind The Curve or The Cave Of Forgotten Dreams? That said, whatever you pick from the films we discuss, we are sure you will find it fascinating viewing.
    As always we would love to hear from you and your thoughts on our selections. Are there others you would have included? Please let us know.
    Enjoy and stay safe.

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    092: Western Roundup: Soldier Blue

    092: Western Roundup: Soldier Blue

    Howdy partners, and welcome back to the trail. I would move in closer if I were you, as you are standing too close to where Snake Eyes Neil let the horses roam after eating.
    Be warned, this trail is a little darker than the last one. OK a lot darker. We talk about Ralph Nelson’s powerful and shocking Western Soldier Blue. For two thirds of its length this is a violent survivalist story. The last third is a recreation of the infamous Sand Creek Massacre of 1864 when the third Colorado Cavalry brutally butchered most of the inhabitants of a Native American village.
    Tough stuff indeed and made even tougher by the parallels the film makers drew to the My Lai massacre which had happened in Vietnam a couple of years prior to the release of this movie. We talk at length about the climax of Soldier Blue, its initial impact, the extraordinary preview cut which almost got some of the film makers attacked and the censor cuts which have taken place since the film’s initial release.
    If you have 20 minutes to spare why not listen in to hear the shocking tale of Soldier Blue,
    Have you seen it? Do you think it should be classed as one of the great Westerns? Let us know and we may let you ride the trail with us for future episodes of Rustlers’ Roundup.
    See you next time amigos. Until then stay safe.

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    091: I Have to Return Some Videotapes

    091: I Have to Return Some Videotapes

    Welcome to the latest At The Flicks review show.
    Regular listeners will notice a few changes this month, the biggest being that, thanks to lockdown, there aren’t many new movies to review! Which is of course a problem for a review show.
    However before we talk about our sneaky approach to that problem, let’s look at our new expanded team. Let’s start with the regulars
    “Oracle” Jeff
    “I make my film selections to annoy Jeff” Neil
    “If I could edit Jeff out of the show I would” Graham
    are now joined every month by the following ultra keen film goers (when cinemas are open)
    “I will never side with Jeff” Phil
    “Just who is this Jeff person anyway” Darren
    What a team. It’s like the magnificent seven but with only five!
    So just what are our team up to with a scarcity of new releases. Well luckily they found two, one thanks to Netflix. Other than that Graham came up with an excellent idea, although both Jeff and “Tory boy” Neil tried to claim credit for it. Graham’s plan was to pick movies that had been released during the month of April in previous years. Each member of the team could pick one film, and the choices were, shall we say, unique
    * Darren picked a good old fashioned World War II adventure film, although with a subject like this, the Brexiteers will never watch it!
    * Phil picked a Welsh actor’s finest hour
    * Graham picked a true classic and has redesigned his garden following his viewing
    * Jeff has picked a film with right wing police credentials. He continues to live the dream
    * Neil spent his time listening to the others and picked a film designed to annoy Jeff to his very core. Something so bad that Phil almost, and I stress almost, had to side with Jeff. However decency and taste did eventually stop him from making that bold step.
    Check us out and let us know what you think of our choices. Also what criteria should we be applying for film picks in the lockdown months ahead.
    All ideas welcome unless they come from Jeff.

    • 1 hr 50 min

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6 Ratings

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5 stars

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This episode on Streaming was fabulous!

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Great new podcast. Really enjoyed the helpful insights for current movies.

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