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Come and join us At The Flicks. Three friends of a certain age who still enjoy the movies would like to share their passion with you. With the benefit of their advancing years, they are reviewing films new and old, to prove there is really nothing in cinema that hasn’t been seen before?

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Come and join us At The Flicks. Three friends of a certain age who still enjoy the movies would like to share their passion with you. With the benefit of their advancing years, they are reviewing films new and old, to prove there is really nothing in cinema that hasn’t been seen before?

    138: Advent Calendar — Day 20

    138: Advent Calendar — Day 20

    138: Advent Calendar — Day 20 by At the Flicks

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    117: Christmas Vox Pop 2

    117: Christmas Vox Pop 2

    Welcome back for our second Vox Pops show, where our listeners and contributors tell us their favourite Christmas films.

    This is as much fun as the first was, with more traditional and controversial selections. Oh and that Christmas hate movie which has now been mentioned in our last two shows, appears again. This time Phil really lays out why people don’t like this very successful movie. What is it? Listen to the show to find out.

    As for our guests for this second show, we have two double acts :

    Ultimate Christmas fan Sam and her son Isaac, who become perturbed when they learn the “best Christmas film ever” has not been selected for the At The Flicks advent calendar. An upset Jeff quickly passes to Graham,

    Reviewers Phil and Darren with their views on what makes a great Christmas film and sharing with us some of their seasonal traditions. All this before Phil goes full “roasting” mode!

    After all the big build up of these last two shows, tomorrow we reveal just what the At The Flicks team are doing for their big festive spectacular. Come back then for an earlier Christmas present for all our listeners.

    Until then stay safe and try to get that star on the tree without tipping the whole thing over.

    Bye for now.

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    116: Christmas Vox Pop 1

    116: Christmas Vox Pop 1

    In a few days time, the At The Flicks team will start to reveal some of their favourite Christmas movies.

    Before we begin that controversial voyage (very controversial with some of Neil’s choices), we thought it would be a great idea to find out what our listeners and fellow contributors consider their favourites. Did they match ours, were there any ideas we could steal, will this be useful reminder for Neil that Christmas is actually coming etc?

    It was so great talking to everyone that Graham forgot to turn off the recording (makes a change from forgetting to start the recording – more on that in our end of year reveal) and we ended up with enough material for TWO shows. We did try to edit it down to one, but Jeff insisted we have to let him speak – you know what divas are like! So you lucky listeners get two vox pops shows. One today and the other tomorrow.

    In this first show we have

    BBC presenter Jo Durrant telling us her favourites along with some of her food associations for Christmas

    Elijah (from revisiting the classics with Elijah) surprising us with a favourite we did not know and also telling us unusual places he has spent the Christmas holidays

    Rich (from Cindemics Nerds Podcast) tells us about a Christmas Eve film watching tradition so good Jeff plans to copy it this year (well he did until Rich placed a copyright notice on it!!!).

    In the previous show, Em from Verbal Diorama revealed a Christmas film she does not like. It seems there is no love for this British movie as it is mentioned in a negative light again today. What is it? You will have to listen to the show to find out.

    Tomorrow we will have Vox Pops show 2. More great guests and more of Jeff loving the sound of his own voice.

    Until then stay safe and at least think about putting up that Christmas Tree.

    Bye for now.

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    115: Em's Christmas Movies

    115: Em's Christmas Movies

    “Ho Ho Ho, I have a machine gun”.

    You just have to love any show that starts like that! On today’s episode the wonderful Em from Verbal Diorama joins Graham and Jeff to talk Christmas movies.

    We investigate what are the elements that make a great Christmas film, before discussing Em’s favourites with her. Oh and there will be mention of one pet hate – we won’t mention it here, only saying it will bring a smile to Phil The Bear’s face!

    One film that does get a positive mention in the show is Arthur Christmas. If you want more details about that film, please check out Verbal Diorama episode 27, trust me, it is worth it.

    As for the rest of the movies, we will leave you discover that in the show. Apart from one for which we include the trailer below.

    Thank you Em and have a great Christmas.

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    114: We’re going to jail for who we are

    114: We’re going to jail for who we are

    Welcome to the latest At The Flicks review show.

    We are honoured this month to be joined by a special guest. The real life Neil has managed to turn up. That said, judging by our postbag it appears a lot of you were fooled by the excellent impression a fellow cast member provided, and many have asked if this could be a permanent replacement. Neil, nonplussed by all this attention, has said that he may want the impersonator to stand in for him when he is required to play in golf competitions. So it sounds like Neil will never miss another show.

    We do start proceedings on this show on a sombre note as we reflect on the life and career of Sir Sean Connery. Each member of the review panel has their say on what the actor meant to them and what were some of their favourite Connery movies.

    This was a rare moment of unity for the team. Oddly, there was another one later in the episode as everyone was in agreement regarding what the film of the month was. We won’t say what that is here, you will have to check the show out to identify the movie that created a rare moment of accord amongst the panel.

    Don’t worry, unity doesn’t last long with this bunch. There had to be one film which caused an argument and this month that film was The Lie, one of the Blumhouse films now on Amazon Prime. A dark tale of a family in crisis, which was a remake of a German feature from a few years ago. Some thought it slow and ponderous, while other, more open minded reviewers, saw that it was at least the equal to the best work of the Coen Brothers.

    Also on the review schedule this month was an 80’s vampire movie retrospective – a nod to what the reviewers were watching over Halloween. We have the classics Vamp and Fright Night to discuss. Phil makes the interesting point that they would have been even better if they had swapped casts!

    Finally there is the always informative Darren’s Dash. This month in another flashback to Halloween, Darren reviews include Vivarium, Girls With Balls (which greatly interested one member of the team) and the childhood destroying The Banana Splits Movie (complete with sound effects as Graham and Neil decide to have a singalong of the theme song – a moment more horrific than the movie itself).

    Our next review show, with the same team of Grumpy Graham, Naughty Neil, Juvenile Jeff, Punchy Phil and Dicey Darren, is our year end special. Given the year cinema has had, this could be a very interesting or a very short show!

    See you then. Stay safe and wear a mask.

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    113: Harmony

    113: Harmony

    The best laid plans….

    During March 2020, the At The Flicks team met with talented film makers Phil Haine and Tim Willrich (at the time of writing these notes, this was our last face to face interview). They had joined us to talk about their careers and in particular, their next project which was due to film in Gloucestershire during the Summer of 2020.

    That project is Harmony, a ghost story built around music. Our intention was to air the interview in July as the film entered production.

    We hadn’t factored on how much COVID-19 was going to disrupt everyone’s life.

    Sadly, the production had to be moved and we thought it best to hold the interview until we could release it with good news. That good news is here. Pre-production is now well underway on Harmony, with plans to film in the originally planned locations during March and April 2021. On hearing that wonderful update, we thought the time was right to share our chat with Phil and Tim with you.

    Apart from revealing a few tantalising bits about Harmony, we also talk about their award winning short films. One of the films we discussed, Stained, is an astonishing piece of work, and we include a link to it at after these notes. Please do not watch if you are eating!!!!

    Phil and Tim, two great film makers who you will be hearing a lot about in the years to come. People, like all of us, who can’t wait for the world to change so we can go back to normal movie making and movie watching.

    Enjoy the show and if you have any comments please feed them back to us.

    Stay safe.

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6 Ratings

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