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Every entrepreneur has a story. The great thing about success is the path that was taken to achieve it. That is what Authentic Business Adventures dares to learn from our guests. What did they do or not do to help them get to where they are today? What mistakes did they make? What did they learn and more importantly, what can the listeners learn?

James Kademan chats up the guests to get answers to these and many more questions on the Authentic Business Adventures Program.

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Every entrepreneur has a story. The great thing about success is the path that was taken to achieve it. That is what Authentic Business Adventures dares to learn from our guests. What did they do or not do to help them get to where they are today? What mistakes did they make? What did they learn and more importantly, what can the listeners learn?

James Kademan chats up the guests to get answers to these and many more questions on the Authentic Business Adventures Program.

    How to Be A Shopify Expert

    How to Be A Shopify Expert

    Clayton Bates - Shopify Expert

    On Achieving Victory in Business: "So it's sort of like if we help them win, we win. And then if we keep helping them win, we win. Everyone wins."

    Shopify has grown to be dominant force in the e-commerce world.  Holding about 20% of the market share of e-Commerce platforms, it allows sellers to get up and running quickly.  But how do you take your Shopify store from existence to actually making sales?

    Clayton Bates is a Shopify Expert.  He helps Shopify store owners build their stores and get them known to customers that buy.  One of only a few certified Shopify Experts, Clayton has seen it all and shares his insights.

    In this episode, we dive deep into the strategies that have made Clayton a sought-after consultant, from leveraging personalized Loom videos to building rapport by offering free value upfront. We’ll explore the significance of Shopify 2.0, the growing trend of businesses migrating to Shopify, and the importance of a simple, user-friendly website structure for maximizing conversions.

    Clayton also discusses the vital role of social media in driving traffic to Shopify stores and how businesses are using unique approaches to grow their customer base. Plus, we uncover five common mistakes Shopify store owners make and the essential factors that influence success in the competitive world of e-commerce.

    Listen as Clayton explains his steps to help grow Shopify businesses and how you can grow your Shopify business as well.


    Visit Clayton at: https://www.inspiresmallbusiness.com/

    Podcast Overview:

    00:00 Analytics show low conversion, high potential profit.

    04:53 Chose to learn and build, gained agency.

    08:42 Became Shopify expert, handled surge in leads.

    10:45 Previous employees struggled, eventually found skilled coder.

    12:54 Insecurity and growth in freelance quoting experience.

    16:19 Free software advice, grabs attention, builds rapport.

    22:23 Scanning and adding trading cards to website.

    24:23 Shopify Expert hiring process changed 6 months ago.

    28:17 Shopify prioritized country, mostly Australia, few clients.

    31:11 Using images and headings can improve readability.

    35:59 "Time is finite, use it wisely. Conversion rates?"

    37:04 Good images, structure, and user experience important.

    43:16 Experienced consultant helps businesses optimize conversion rates.

    46:04 Focus on building relationships, not just websites.

    47:17 Help clients grow and we succeed together.

    Podcast Transcription:

    Clayton Bates [00:00:00]:

    It'll tell you, like, conversion rate is 1%. Average order value is $50. Returning customer Bates 15%. The traffic is coming from here. People landing on the home page this many times, this many traffic. So it's got basically everything sort of thing. So, yeah, I'm very good at, like, just looking at analytics and being like, oh, how are you not making $10,000 extra a month? And then we rebuild the website. They make 10,000 extra sort of thing.

    Clayton Bates [00:00:26]:

    So it's sort of like I can't explain how my brain actually can do it probably, but normally, if I say, like, 5,000, I'll make 10,000 extra. So I normally lowball myself. So

    James Kademan [00:00:40]:

    You have found Authentic business adventures, the business program that brings you the struggle stories and triumphant successes of business owners across the land. Downloadable audio episodes can be found in the podcast link found at drawincustomerscom. We are locally underwritten by the Bank of Sun Prairie, and today, we are welcoming slash preparing to learn from Clayton Bates...

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    How to Run for Political Office

    How to Run for Political Office

    Phil Anderson - Candidate for US Senate

    On Discovering a Disturbing Truth: "It was an indication to me right off the bat that things weren't being run as honestly and fairly and democratically as I had thought they were."

    It is a rare person that believes that any government is doing the best job they can for the people they are supposed to represent.  But while most people complain or attempt to solve these problems from their arm chairs, Phil Anderson is actually getting up and doing something about it.

    We cautiously venture into the realm of politics with our guest, Phil Anderson, a dynamic figure running as an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate. We'll explore his personal insights into the process of running for political office, the intense challenges faced by third-party or independent candidates, and his distinct strategies for engaging in a political landscape dominated by two major parties.

    We discuss the challenges facing anyone running for office and the deeper challenges when you are not backed by one of the 2 major parties.  We also discuss the limitations that the 2 party system has caused, likely by design of the 2 parties in this 2 party system.

    Listen as Phil explains his journey that led to him running for many political seats, from governor to senator.


    Visit Phil at: https://www.andersonforussenate.com/

    00:00 Life-long political observer runs for Senate.

    05:58 Efficient time use for volunteer door-knocking.

    09:04 Ran for office, gained experience, learned campaigning.

    12:39 Russian man stranded on island, rescued after 20 years.

    14:31 Acknowledging US government's historical influence on people.

    17:05 Presidents lack control, donors hold the power.

    22:08 Politics fueled by tribalism and climbing ambition.

    23:50 Grown from small group to widespread support.

    28:13 Gaining media attention and increasing poll numbers.

    31:03 Libertarian candidate considered, family support emphasized.

    35:32 Campaign staff working to gather signatures.

    37:41 Traveling across state to meet supporters.

    40:17 Campaign emphasizes disrupting corruption, capturing protest vote.

    44:04 Fundraising for debates, past donors, phone calls.

    45:57 Candidate seeks open dialogue & accountability from opponents.

    48:49 Debate criteria restrict independent and third-party candidates.

    Podcast Transcription:

    Phil Anderson [00:00:00]:

    The people that I worked with were very nice, the local people. But you could see, like, the I don't even know what the word is for it. But like the the tribalism that went on and my experience was with the Republican party in Wisconsin, but I'm sure it's the same with the Democrats. This tribalism and everyone's desire to climb, it was really more a lot of people that were trying to work up the ladder either in running for public office or in the administration or bureaucracy of the party, and that's all they were about.

    James Kademan [00:00:30]:

    You have found Authentic Business Adventures, the business program that brings you the struggle stories and strength and successes of business owners across the land. Downloadable audio episodes can be found in the podcast link found at draw in customers dot com. We are locally underwritten by the Bank of Sun Prairie, and today, we're welcoming slash preparing to learn from Phil Anderson for US Senate here. So, Phil, how is it going today?

    Phil Anderson [00:00:54]:

    Fantastic. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it very much.

    James Kademan [00:00:56]:

    And I'm excited to chat with you because I don't know that I've act...

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    The Business of Teaching How to Swim

    The Business of Teaching How to Swim

    Nathan Boehm - Diventures - Sun Prairie, WI

    On Knowing Where to Set the Bar: "Always the goal for the first day is not to cry in the water. You know, set it nice and low.."

    Nathan will share with us the fascinating growth story of Diventures from a modest beginning to an enterprise spanning 18 locations nationwide offering an array of aquatic services, including a robust swim school and exciting scuba diving adventures.

    Nathan dives into the intricacies of managing such a complex operation, touching on everything from the difference between dry suits and wetsuits to the challenges of teaching swimming techniques effectively. He'll also discuss the importance of building lasting relationships with clients and how he's helping the business thrive by fostering a community through swimming, whether they're four months old or part of the senior citizens' classes.

    Listen as Nathan explains the ins and outs of getting both kids and adults in the pool and learning how to swim comfortably and while having fun.


    Visit Nathan at: https://www.diventures.com/locations/sun-prairie/

    00:00 Classroom work then certification vacations to dive.

    04:55 Transition ideas from womb to water, baby excels.

    07:51 Living in tent after rent increase, job searching.

    12:29 "Rewarding aquatics work with special needs children."

    15:23 Comparing strength and swimming technique casually.

    16:35 I run the business and have employees.

    20:32 Testing water pH using colorful science kit.

    24:51 Parents can start swim lessons at age three.

    26:26 Free trial swim lessons offered for parents.

    30:23 Flippers used for fun and better swimming.

    33:57 Coordinate movements, maintain momentum, and express emotion.

    Podcast Transcription:

    Nathan Boehm [00:00:00]:

    You can totally default the doggy paddle. Just make sure you're not doggy paddling like this. And you want to have your arms out a little bigger.

    James Kademan [00:00:04]:


    Nathan Boehm [00:00:05]:

    So you can move more water, man.

    James Kademan [00:00:06]:

    That's great advice.

    Nathan Boehm [00:00:06]:

    No, you can't. You can't be a t rex and swim, right? No t rex arms allowed. You need big arms.

    James Kademan [00:00:11]:

    All right.

    Nathan Boehm [00:00:11]:

    You need bigger. Unless you have a tail. If you have a tail, then you could be a dinosaur. So, yeah, most kids don't have a tail either, so that's usually what I tell them. Yeah, if you have a tail, you can totally swim however you'd like.

    James Kademan [00:00:22]:

    You have found authentic business adventures, the business program that brings you the struggle, stories and triumphant successes of business owners across the land. Downloadable audio episodes can be found in the podcast link. Found@drawincustomers.com we are locally underwritten by the bank of Sun Prairie, and today I am welcoming, preparing to learn from Nathan Boehm, the aquatics experience manager at Dive ventures in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. So, Nathan, how is it going today?

    Nathan Boehm [00:00:50]:

    It's going good. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. I was looking forward to this.

    James Kademan [00:00:53]:

    Yeah, this is exciting. Aquatics experience manager. Tell me about that.

    Nathan Boehm [00:00:57]:

    Yeah, so, yeah, I handle the day to day operations of the diventures in the swim school side of things, so enrolling people into swim lessons, training the instructors, overseeing the swim program,

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    When to Buy a House

    When to Buy a House

    Randy Lenz - Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire

    On the Cost of Change: "It's a little bit daunting right now because some of the new people coming in have no clue how they're even going to get paid."

    We all need someplace to call home and for those trying to live the American Dream, that means buying a house.  But with some recent changes in how real estate agents get paid, interest rates going up and home prices not really dropping, the market is a tumultuous place to do business.

    Randy Lenz is a real estate agent with decades of experience.  As of this year, he has seen it all.

    We're lucky enough to hear some insights as Randy shares his thoughts on the current market conditions influenced by changes in interest rates, the impactful rise of online platforms like Zillow, and the shifting dynamics in property listings and agent commissions. We’ll explore how these factors are reshaping the way realtors operate and the implications for buyers and sellers in the Madison area and beyond. Randy also discusses the potential future changes, including the impact of artificial intelligence and other technological advancements on the real estate industry.

    Listen as Randy explains the best time of year to buy a house, the best time of year to sell a house and how to navigate the minefield that is real estate.


    Visit Randy at: https://www.realtor.com/realestateagents/56737bd67e54f701001dd179

    Podcast Overview:

    00:00 Excited about first house, interest rates fluctuate.

    05:13 Realtors face challenges with keys and commissions.

    06:27 Home buyers will struggle due to spending habits.

    11:42 Realtors face real expenses for their work.

    13:36 Housing prices soar, making it unattainable for many.

    16:50 Flexible timing benefits buyers in our market.

    20:23 Zillow dominates market, inaccuracies frustrating for buyers.

    23:26 Realtors essential for immediate market response.

    25:55 Realtors uncomfortable representing property they haven't seen.

    30:08 Get broker's license, open real estate company.

    34:55 Buyer's agents may undercut fees, risking inexperience.

    37:41 Investors bought cheap, rehabbed, and sold for profit.

    38:46 Market shift due to rejected low offers.

    43:20 Income determines housing affordability, market correction expected.

    47:07 20% belief, 20% disbelief, 60% indifferent.

    50:44 Willingness to learn affects pay and prices.

    52:21 Office lease abandoned due to lack of foot-traffic.

    Podcast Transcription:

    Randy Lenz [00:00:00]:

    Realtors aren't stupid. I had a house once that I listed across, from a graveyard. I mean, one of the Next said, quiet neighbors.

    James Kademan [00:00:08]:

    You have found Authentic Business Adventures, the business program that brings you the struggle stories and triumphant successes of business owners across the land. We're locally underwritten by the Bank of Sun Prairie. Downloadable free audio episodes of this podcast can be found at drawincustomerscom at the podcast link. Today, we're welcoming slash preparing to learn from Randy Lenz. Randy is in real estate Randy he's gonna teach us all the things about all the changes in this crazy, crazy real estate world.

    Randy Lenz [00:00:37]:

    That is true.

    James Kademan [00:00:38]:

    Randy, how is it going today?

    Randy Lenz [00:00:40]:

    Not bad, James.

    James Kademan [00:00:40]:

    Good to

    Randy Lenz [00:00:41]:

    see you again, my friend.

    James Kademan [00:00:41]:

    How are you? You? I'm doing well. I am looking at the market. I look at the market every single day for what's fo...

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    Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investment

    Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investment

    John Casmon - Casmon Capital

    On Being Aware of What Can Go Wrong: "I was making money. I grew my net worth. But at the end of the day, if I got fired from my job or if I got let go, I didn't have enough money to pay all of my bills."

    Get your money to work for you is great advice.  Real estate investing is a great way to do that.  Taking real estate investing a step further to making your investments truly passive is by utilizing the skills of those that pool investors together to let economies of scale get your money to work for you, without you having to find property, deal with tenants, make repairs and take those 24/7 calls.

    But how do you get started in passive real estate investing?

    John Casmon of Casmon Capital has shares his transformative journey from corporate America to becoming a beacon for busy entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to grow their wealth through real estate. His company bridges the gap for individuals who have the capital but not the time or expertise to manage investments, guiding them through passive investment opportunities in multifamily apartments.

    In this episode, John imparts his wisdom on scaling from smaller properties to significant multifamily deals, the intricacies of tax strategies, and the undeniable importance of having a detailed business plan. We'll explore the necessity of creating jobs and providing housing to benefit from tax breaks and hear why honesty in tax planning is crucial for long-term success.

    Listen as John explains some realistic strategies and real world examples of how you can make your money work for you.


    Visit John at: https://casmoncapital.com/

    Podcast Overview:

    08:27 Interest in making money sparks business partnership.

    15:26 Managed finances, realized need for partnership opportunities.

    16:03 Partnered, educated, scaled, and helped others financially.

    22:15 Bonus depreciation allows accelerated tax savings for investors.

    29:34 Utilize tax strategies to maximize and empower.

    32:25 Expect expertise, frustration when not delivered. No trust.

    39:26 Envision possibilities, seek mentorship, replicate successful strategies.

    45:39 Challenging question about selling rental properties discussed.

    47:55 Invest in Cincinnati area, analyze risks, attract renters.

    53:12 Focus on results, match skills with needs.

    Podcast Transcription:


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    How to Run a Retail Shipping Business

    How to Run a Retail Shipping Business

    Shannan Bogle - UPS Store Madison, Wisconsin

    On Variety Being the Spice of Life: "You never do the same thing twice. And that's what I loved about it was you were always doing something different whether somebody was walking in to have you shipping a book for them and then the next person was having you fax for them, and the next person had an Amazon return. So the variety of it is what caught me."

    Retail businesses still exist, and the UPS Store franchisees have been growing as people will always need to send something from one place to another.

    But Shannan Bogle of the UPS Store in Madison, Wisconsin lets us know that her store does so much more than shipping.  After decades in this business, she has an incredible amount to share.

    Shannan will also tap into the versatility required to manage a UPS store, from printing services to Amazon returns, shedding light on the highs and lows that come with balancing corporate mandates and the independence of franchise ownership. We’ll explore the current business climate's pressures, the impact of the pandemic, and the shift to remote work, as well as the local community dynamics over her 26 years of operation.

    She delves into each facet of business ownership, retail business ownership, and the ways entrepreneurs can make moves to grow their business.

    Listen as Shannan explains not only her world, but a broader way of looking at business and finding the gold buried within every business.


    Visit Shannan at: https://locations.theupsstore.com/wi/madison/6666-odana-rd

    Podcast Overview:


    Podcast Transcription:

    Shannan Bogle [00:00:00]:

    The one thing when I did buy it that I thought was funny was they did make me take out, life insurance policy that equaled the loan. Just because there's not enough product in my store

    James [00:00:11]:


    Shannan Bogle [00:00:11]:

    That would pay off the loan. And since it's all knowledge based, they're like if you get hit by a bus tomorrow, we can't recoup.

    James [00:00:22]:

    You have found Authentic Business Adventures, the a business program that brings you the struggle stories and triumphant successes of business owners across the land. Downloadable audio episodes can be found in the podcast link found at drawincustomers.com. We are locally owner of the UPS Store in Madison, Wisconsin. So, Shannon, how is it going today?

    Shannan Bogle [00:00:48]:

    Thank you. Very good. Thanks.

    James [00:00:51]:

    I'm excited to learn a few things from you. Thing 1 is how do you end up in the shipping business?

    Shannan Bogle [00:00:58]:

    Well, I started out my previous I was a bartender.

    James [00:01:03]:

    Oh. Seems like an easy transition. Right?

    Shannan Bogle [00:01:05]:

    No. Yeah. Bartending at night is a great job. Bartending during the day, not so much.

    James [00:01:12]:

    Oh, just from a financial point of view or just a really crazy drunks come in?

    Shannan Bogle [00:01:15]:

    No. You can't make any you don't make money during the day. Oh. Like you do at night.

    James [00:01:19]:


    Shannan Bogle [00:01:19]:

    So then, luckily I was working at, a bar on road. Mhmm. And a former work coworker came in and said, oh, go talk to John up at the UPS store on road. And I went and talked to him and started there and the rest is history.

    James [00:01:36]:

    You end up buying the business? Yeah. Wow. So you went from bartending?

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Farzad Rashidi ,

Awesome podcast

James is an excellent host! I had the pleasure of coming on to the show as a guest, and I must say I was blown away by the quality of the podcast.
From pre-recording steps, to the episode itself, he asked me very insightful questions that enabled me to share interesting info on the show.
I highly recommend the podcast to any entrepreneur in the digital world.

John Dra ,

Interesting and enjoyable

Very interesting and enjoyable podcast!

howardtnyc ,

Fun and insightful

James has a great way of keeping his guests and audience engaged - he's always so enthusiastic to exchange insights. A must-listen for anyone who's looking to hear fun and inspiring stories from great entrepreneurs!

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