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Learn how to deliver your message effectively and receive engagement and investment on your Insta-time. Delivers action based techniques to get your women-owned business in front of your ideal follower. Show airs weekly.


Authentic Online Marketing with Ruthie Gray Ruthie Gray

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Learn how to deliver your message effectively and receive engagement and investment on your Insta-time. Delivers action based techniques to get your women-owned business in front of your ideal follower. Show airs weekly.


    Ep 47: The most effective way to build your Instagram following

    Ep 47: The most effective way to build your Instagram following

    Let’s talk Instagram following! Have you watched someone go viral only to see your own Reels dive? Do you wish you could gain more traction but the growth seems painfully slow? I get it.  It’s tough gaining 5 followers but losing 10.  In episode 6 of season 1 way back in the summer of 2020, we did an episode called, “The most effective way to build your Instagram following.” I made a bold statement: Slow growth is good and necessary!

    Do I still believe that statement now with the rise of Reels and seemingly overnight successes? I’m going to share my thoughts with you based on current research.  But first, we’re going to do an AOM Rewind and play this episode for you again, because honestly it’s REALLY good, and we’ve picked up quite a few followers and downloads since then.  It’s still relevant, and even if you listened way back then, trust me, you need to hear this again, especially in light of the ever changing Instagram algorithm and Adam Mossori’s ever confusing updates!  This advice is timeless and evergreen, so listen in! 

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    Engaged followers are the best kind of followers

    Engaged followers save, share, and comment on your posts. They look forward to them.  

    The conversation continues in the dm.  You build deeper connections.

    And the more followers connect with your account, the more Instagram shows it to the world 

    You’re sharing encouraging, entertaining, or educational content that brings value

    With quick growth come follows/unfollows, those aren’t your people.They won’t engage with your content!

    Why you need engaged followers

    Algorithm puts you lower

     You’re left at the bottom of the pile with zero engagement

     IG won’t show your stuff to anyone

    Slow growth is good and necessary. 

    Next, I’m going to share best and worst practices for gaining true fans, but before I do {ding}.

    If you’re enjoying this podcast, would you be open to leaving a review? Simply scroll to leave a 5 star rating, write a title, and then jot a few words about the value you’re receiving from Instagram Insider Hacks.  Then, hit submit, and it’ll show up in iTunes a few hours later!  I can’t tell you how much this one small action helps!

    Best practices for gaining true fans:

    Share encouraging, entertaining, or educational content that delivers value – Serve your followers (it’s not about YOU – it’s about THEM)DON’T post and ghost! Speak to the needs of your avatar – age, likes, dislikes, pain points 

    Worst practices for gaining true fans:

     Follow for follow threads with no common ground (choose those whose content you’d be happy to share and that delivers value for your fans and compliments your content) Follow Trains

    Likely you’ve participated in a follow train, and for more info on this check out my IGTV Frozen Episode 1 on Loops and LIkes for likes.  

    Good side:

    Designed specifically for your niche and you meet some nice folks to collaborate with. Also potential clients.

    Smaller follow threads are better and you can co...

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    Ep. 46: 4 Marketing transformations

    Ep. 46: 4 Marketing transformations

    Welcome to episode 46, all about marketing transformations. If you’re listening the morning of August 8, 2022 and you’ve not yet signed up for our Brand voice workshop, hit the link in the show notes to register because we’re starting at 12:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time and I’m going to dive right in and share how to tap into your own unique EDGE for your newsletter and Instagram content so people will sit up and take notice! If you can pinpoint your Edge, and you will learn how in the workshop, you can start leveraging your own unique personality to earn follower trust and gain newsletter conversions and readers who come back for more!  

    Something else you’ll learn about in that workshop is our Authentic Online Marketing School, a blend of Instagram and newsletter marketing training.  Doors just opened for Authentic Online Marketing School today, and we’ll share early bird bonuses and all the details of our training there. But I do want to mention that the doors are open today, Monday the 8th, through Saturday, August 13, and the school starts September 5 and extends for 4 weeks. So we will link that in the show notes so you can check it out and see if now might be the right time for you to get input on your newsletter, craft (or tweak) a welcome series, and take advantage of the our self-paced Instagram Accelerator training right away.   

    Community grows opportunity, y’all, and if you’ve been around here for any length of time I know you’ve heard me say that.  And with every live training I release, we work hard to foster networking opportunities.  So I wanted to share transformations our Authentic Online Marketing School graduates have experienced so you can hear for yourself that this training isn’t just a pipe dream for somebody else and won’t work for you!

    And now, listen in.

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    Click below to learn about Authentic Online Marketing School

    Authentic Online Marketing School

    Ep. 46: 4 Marketing transformations

    My first guest is Pat Fenner of @Patfenner on Instagram of the Strong Women, Bright Future Podcast. Pat specializes in VA services particularly podcast and YouTube editing and has been a  long-time online friend and member of our trainings for several years now.  I sat down with Pat and asked how the trainings helped her and I was stunned by what she had to say about how it revolutionized her perspective on marketing.  Here’s what she had to say:

    Pat: First of all, that the networking that you provide. Right off the bat. You have quality people in everybody that I have come across over the years, working with you, like you just attract quality people. Would be non probably person. But the people I’ve met are really outstanding and excuse me.

    And that’s been helpful. And I think it’s helped open my eyes to what networking is with women of quality and substance. It’s also helped me to know how to market myself or know the channels and the how to’s.

    Answering the right questions

    I don’t feel really that I feel actually that. And I can’t think of an example right off the bat, but I know that there’s been times when I’ve asked a question that wasn’t necessarily either in Facebook or I’m doing one of our lot your lives or whatever that wasn&#82...

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    Ep 45: 3 Newsletter musts for engaged readers

    Ep 45: 3 Newsletter musts for engaged readers

    Let’s talk engaged readers! Recently I took a poll on Instagram asking what’s your biggest hang-up with email, and overwhelmingly the answer was what to write. Honestly, this is a struggle for most content creators because we have so much on our plates, and quite frankly, we tend to muddle the waters with our overthinking tendencies.

    Brand Voice Workshop

    There are several reasons for the brain freeze, but often I find the biggest one is not knowing your own brand voice.  If you’re not confident in how to come across in email and verbiage, you’ll come across as plastic and stand-offish.  One of the things I pride myself in – actually probably the biggest thing, even above my podcast or Instagram, is email writing.  I love writing my newsletters and sending them to my peeps, but this wasn’t always so!  I want to help you figure out your own brand voice, so before we get started with today’s episode on email writing, I want to remind you to sign up for our live Brand voice workshop coming next Monday, August 8th.

    What you’ll learn

    Inside this workshop, I’ll teach you how to identify and authenticate your unique brand voice. This will help you to reach that target audience you’ve been searching for, and help you pinpoint your own unique, authentic voice we’re always talking about at the end of every podcast! you have a LOT to offer the world. And most of it is right under your nose. You’re already doing it, because it’s part of who you are. Once you pinpoint your secret sauce, you’ll be freed up to write like you talk and have loads of content for those email letters!  Let me help you figure it out in the Brand voice workshop – you’ll get to ask questions too!

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    Click below to sign up for the Brand Voice Workshop!


    3 Newsletter MUSTS for engaged readers

    Right off the bat, your newsletter needs to not sound like an email blast from the local Grand Home Furniture store.  You know – the type that says, OPEN BEFORE YOUR DEAL EXPIRES, and SALE! SALE! SALE!

    That is not you.  Do not go there.

    Number one thing your email needs is warmth.  Think about it – how do you greet someone when you see them?  BUY MY THING!? Nope.  How are you?  How’s your mom?  Did you get to go to the beach?  What’s the latest with the fam?

    Create a connection and weave that warmth throughout your email. 

    Side note: to see how I do this, sign up for my newsletter!  Head to my website at authentic online marketing.com to join – I have lots of goodies there for you.  But that’s beside the point.  

    Generate a feeling of “I’m here for you” not, “Here’s my thing, go get it.”

    Number two: Provide value.  That’s right. Your newsletter is curated, exclusive content only for subscribers.  So give them ideas for how to do what you teach. Also, give them insider tip offs for free summits or special sales before you share with the rest of the world.  My subscribers get first dibs when my trainings go live.  And they thank me for it.  But it’s because most of the time, I’m not asking for anything, I’m providing value and tools for them to grow an Instagram platform and ...

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    Ep. 44: What to do before creating your newsletter freebie

    Ep. 44: What to do before creating your newsletter freebie

    In our episode last week, we discussed what to create for your newsletter freebie and ideas that I started with years ago when first entering the scary world of email marketing. By the way I want to let you know it’s not nearly as scary as you think or as we blow it up in our minds.  So today I want to share something I suggest you do before creating your first newsletter opt in or possibly you already have one and it’s time to hit refresh and create a new one – which I’ve mentioned before is an ever evolving process as we grow and define our audience and our own passions for serving in the online world.  

    By the way be sure to check out our free upcoming brand voice workshop, link is in the show notes, and you’re going to want in on this, it will help you to define and pinpoint specific things not only about your target audiences but you yourself and what to tap into that your audience will respond to!

    And now, I give you 5 ways to narrow your niche.  It’s what you need to do before creating that newsletter opt-in.  Listen in!

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    Click below to sign up for the Brand Voice Workshop!


    So we’re talking about 5 things to do before creating your newsletter freebie, specifically relating to niching down, and just know that this list isn’t exhaustive but it’s a good start and is the way I map out where I’m going when creating newsletter opt ins. 

    1. Notice who’s responding to your content

    Where are you posting content?  Instagram?  Facebook?  Pinterest?  Twitter?  Podcast?  Blog?  Who’s commenting?  (or who isn’t)?  Sometimes it’s not who you originally set out to reach.  Maybe it’s an older crowd, or maybe they’re younger. that when I took my pivot my parenting blog, I expected the same young mom crowd to come after my content for Instagram education, but after posting consistently for a time, I realized it was the baby boomer crowd my age and a little younger.  Is your crowd really who you think they are

    2. Notice what topics you naturally write or speak about

    In Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, the author says, “Your main obsessions have power.  They are what you will come back to in your writing over and over again.  And you’ll create new stories around them.  So you might as well give into them.  They probably take over your life whether you want them to or not, so you ought to get them to work for you.”

    Pretty good, huh?  You have a natural, gravitational pull towards certain life subjects, passions, thoughts, and opinions.  What are they?  Do you feel free to share them?  Why or why not?  What would happen if you did?  These are signs to pay attention to, they are pointing the way to your niche.  Test them out. See what your audience responds to.  It could be a gateway to your target audience!

    3. Poll audience on IG

    The poll sticker in stories is your BFF for market research.  Ask followers about their passions, likes, dislikes, opinions.  Especially opinions.  They will always answer you about those.

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    Ep. 43: What to create for your newsletter freebie

    Ep. 43: What to create for your newsletter freebie

    Let’s talk about your newsletter freebie. Along the way in the online journey, in our quest for writing a book or building a podcast, a ministry or even just feeling out what in the world we’re trying to accomplish in the online world, somebody mentions email.

    You should start an email list yesterday, they say.  And you sit there thinking, how in the world do I do this?  Where do I even begin?  So, you slap something up on your blog or website that says, “Sign up for my newsletter”.  Sooner or later, you realize that you’re not getting very many sign ups.  Why?  Because people don’t really know what you have to offer, their inboxes are full of useless information, and they don’t have time to meander through and figure out what they’ll get from your newsletter.  So, they click away.

    But… if you have a savvy resource you can offer in exchange for their email, and it’s something they want, now, you’re cookin’.  You’ve got something to start with.  

    What to create for your newsletter freebie

    Even though this podcast episode is geared towards educating you to start an email list, even the most savvy newsletter marketers will benefit, because sooner or later, you need to update your freebies or opt ins.  I’ve done this many times over the years, and you’re going to hear a clip from an opt-in workshop about my story of meager beginnings and how I started building my own email list, the freebies I offered, and how that transitioned over time, based on content and products I developed.

    One key to determining what kind of newsletter freebie or opt in to create is knowing your brand and leaning into your unique spin on your message.  Admittedly this evolves over time and frankly, in the beginning, we may not exactly know what that is, so be sure to listen through to the end of this episode because I’m going to tell you about an upcoming free training that will help you with this!  

    For now, what are some opt-in ideas to get your wheels in motion?  Listen in!

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    Click below for the link to sign up for our Brand Voice Workshop!


    Number one with your opt-in, you want to make it relatable.

    It needs to be related to your offering, whether that is marketing at the time you have a product or maybe you’re doing an affiliate marketing launch. Meaning, it’s either marketing or it’s creating an awareness for your message, your blog, your podcast, wherever, or your book, wherever you’re trying to drive traffic to grow traffic, to grow an audience for your message.

    Back in the day, y’all know I was a mom mentor and my message was mentoring moms to capture joy in parenting. My first offerings were to drive traffic to my blog. I didn’t have a product or anything yet. I just wanted to grow my blog. 

    Graphic creation

    I meandered my way through PicMonkey and was just in the early stages of graphic creation and things like that. At first, I was thinking, I don’t even have anything that people would want to exchange their email for, but I just really dug down deep and wrote top 10 tips to rear a confident young man based on what I had seen happen with my son.

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    Ep 42: What to include in highlights

    Ep 42: What to include in highlights

    Did you realize that knowing what to include in highlights are one of the best ways to feature your work?  Recently, I talked about this in my weekly newsletter, the IG Insider, and how to introduce yourself to your audience through highlights, and by the way if you’re not subscribed to my newsletter, you need to, because I always share targeted ways to reach your audience and stay on the pulse of Instagram strategies, newsletter marketing, and entrepreneurial mindset from a Biblical perspective.  You can join my newsletter several ways, simply by visiting my site, authentic online marketing {dot} com, and I’ll share more about one of our handy resources that come with newsletter signup at the end. 

    This episode is taken from a mentorship zoom training and you’ll hear member Melissa Pickens of @melissagpickens ask what she should be featuring.  You’ll come away with a good sense of what to leave in (and what to remove) for your Instagram highlights so others can learn more about your offerings.  And now, listen in.

    *This episode contains either affiliate links or links to my products. Should you choose to purchase, the show will go on! Woo hoo!

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    Ep 42: What to include in highlights

    Ruthie: One thing I need to completely redo is highlights. Any helps, suggestions, tips, et cetera, for setting them up previously, mine, I haven’t had any real purpose. So what you want to do, Melissa is look at your categories or buckets, whatever your topics are, that’s what you can rearrange them as. So for instance, you talk about suffering.

    I know that there are all kinds of sub topics to that, maybe it’s encouragement, or maybe you have a freebie that is connected to that for your newsletter. You name that as one of them, maybe there are a couple of book recommendations that you have. You know all of your content better than I do.

    Different topics to include in highlights

    But if you could break it down into different topics that is how you want to arrange your highlights. If you want to see an example, you can look at mine. I just recently cut a bunch of mine and we redid them. Basically for mine, it’s, you know, Instagram tips, podcast, newsletter, growth kit, things like that.

    Melissa: I’ve been checking out some other authors and writers who are along the same lines and you’re right. Suffering is so general, but even that can be broken down. For example one author has a section that’s just for sexual abuse and she pops in all sorts of things there.

    And then she has a similar message to just kind of see what the differences are out there. I like the idea of jump-starting my ideas and kind of how I need to shape my content.

    I didn’t even think about adding freebies and book recommendations and that does definitely help me get thinking! It gets the thoughts rolling and you can look at what you’ve already written on your blog.

    Ruthie: Exactly. Especially– and this is something I tell everybody — wherever your content is, go there and break it down! Just take one section and break it in two. So you could make a carousel and do points A through D for example. Then you’d take that and put it into different kinds of pos...

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
90 Ratings

90 Ratings

laurakbeckwriter ,

For anyone who wants to grow their following

I started listening to this podcast about the time I started posting on Instagram. Ruthie walked me through some of the most mysterious and scary parts of the platform through her encouraging words. She is a joy to listen to and so helpful with insight. Plus she isn’t just about the “follows” but about real community which is what I was looking at building. I also joined the free Facebook group. Her challenges got me to jump out of my comfort zone and into new, exciting territory. Thank you Ruthie!

glorylm1 ,

Easy helping topics on IG

I’ve been trying to grow on IG for my business. Ruth has a way to make it easy and implement some of those tips and suggestions for growth. Love listening to her authentic style! Makes me bring out mine out to connect with others!


Instagram Simplified

I get so much value from Ruthie! I’ve never really known what to do with my Instagram. I’ve lacked connection and engagement and have always wondered how I could do things better. Ruthie takes all things Instagram and makes it easy for me to understand and then gives me simple steps so I can take immediate action. I’ve gained so much knowledge and feel more confident about my IG presence then ever before. I know with her help, I can truly serve my audience and make sure they connect with my message. Thanks Ruthie!

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