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51 Ratings

51 Ratings


A Must-Listen for Aspiring Authors

In the vast sea of podcasts vying for the attention of business-minded listeners, "The Author Factor" hosted by Mike Capuzzi is one worth listening to.

For anyone considering the leap into nonfiction publishing, or those looking to amplify their existing efforts, "The Author Factor" is an invaluable resource.

Whether you're drafting your first book or your fifth, Mike Capuzzi's insights and advice will undoubtedly elevate your author journey.

James I. Bond ,

Valuable and fun content

Mike and his podcast - The Author Factor - are outstanding with incredibly valuable and fun content

Sonny Moyers ,

Super Host

The Author Factor Podcast was exciting and fun. Mike is a consummate professional and has an excellent personality when visiting with a guest. He is relaxed and respectful. I loved the interview and would really love to do another with him. He asked great thoughtful questions that made it easy for me to speak and reflect on my story. I recommend this educational and informative Podcast with enthusiasm. Sonny

WestChelsea ,

A celebration of authors

Mike is a fantastic host who asks great questions. One of the things I love about Mike is his ability to celebrate each book and its author with newness and freshness.

Anastasia Violet Lipske ,

Highly Recommend This for Anyone in Business

I can confirm, as a speaker and podcast booking agent, that being a published book author can significantly increase your credibility and improve your chances of being invited to speak or guest on podcasts.

The Author Factor Podcast provides valuable book-writing inspiration, encouragement, and book-marketing tips for business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders who are looking to write a book that can have a positive impact on their business and the world.

In my opinion, this podcast is an excellent resource for anyone in the business world!

Rahulkaran ,

Incredible individual and gracious host

Speaking about my book Habits4Miracles with Mike was truly a remarkable experience. It was an absolute pleasure to connect with such a passionate and insightful podcast host. Mike's genuine interest in exploring the power of positive habits and their transformative impact on our lives made for an engaging conversation. If you are thinking about publishing a book, I highly recommend tuning in to Mike's podcast to gain valuable insights and inspiration.

hoai huong 1978 ,

Short and impactful

This is a great, helpful podcast for authors and aspiring authors

Laura Renn ,

Thoughtful and profound

Mike asks really great questions that get to the meet and potatoes of his guests in an easy, conversational way.

Sandy Rosenthal ,


Mike Capuzzi arrived uber prepared to interview me, something I don’t take for granted. He also has a comfortable approach and made me feel at ease, which helps makes the best interviews! Thanks Mike!

Mgrabanqqqq ,

A kind, thoughtful interviewer

Mike is a very calm, welcoming, and thoughtful interviewer who loves highlighting authors. Thanks for producing this podcast!