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The Authors on the Air Global Radio Network is an international digital media corporation comprised of radio talk shows, podcasts, & book reviewers. We are interested in speaking to writers in all genres and other creative people. Thanks for joining us here today and please share with your friends.

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The Authors on the Air Global Radio Network is an international digital media corporation comprised of radio talk shows, podcasts, & book reviewers. We are interested in speaking to writers in all genres and other creative people. Thanks for joining us here today and please share with your friends.

    Nola Nash and the shadings of fear in her Crescent City Series

    Nola Nash and the shadings of fear in her Crescent City Series

    Authors Kerry Schafer and Nola Nash discuss the shadings of fear in the horror genre and how they relate to Nash's perfect for Halloween Crescent City series in this animated author to author chat. The conclusion? Definitely more Edgar Allan Poe than Stephen King.

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    Quill & Ink - EP30 - ARC Panel - Romance Authors

    Quill & Ink - EP30 - ARC Panel - Romance Authors

    Today we feature a trio of amazing romance authors, all part of Harlequin’s stellar tribe, whose work ranges from holiday romance to paranormal romance, and everything in between. We discuss the journey of getting your books turned into movies, yes movies! We dive into the support of family and friends needed to mass-produce creative content, and lastly, we discuss the benefits of partnering up with other authors out there to learn and grow with.
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    Marie W. Watts

    Marie W. Watts

    Marie Watts has had a long career, first with the equal employment opportunity commission, investigating employment discrimination; moving to the private sector as a human resource manager and director. Marie currently runs her own show, focusing on encouraging diversity and preventing discrimination.

    And she writes. The first to books in her Alice Arden trilogy, The Cause Lives and Only a Pawn, take us behind the scenes where politics and ambition often dictate policy and priorities. We discussed her metamorphosis from professional to storyteller, her "pantser" approach to story construction and how she puts puzzle pieces from many personalities into the composites that become her cast.

    • 23 min
    A Conversation with Judith Starkson & Libby Hellmann

    A Conversation with Judith Starkson & Libby Hellmann

    Author Judith Starkston stops by Second Sunday Books to discuss her new book, Of Kings and Griffins.

    “Master storyteller…fast-paced and compelling” -Anna Castle, award-winning author of Murder by Misrule

    A vicious king, vengeful griffins, and a scheming goddess. Can Tesha outmaneuver foes from these three different worlds?
    For Tesha, priestess and queen, happiness is a world she can control, made up of her family and the fractious kingdom she and her husband rule within the Great King’s empire. But now the Great King is dead, and his untried son plots against them. Tesha fights back with forbidden sorcery and savvy. In yet another blow, the griffin king lures Daniti, Tesha’s magical blind sister, into a deadly crisis that Daniti alone can avert.
    As danger ensnares everyone Tesha loves, her goddess offers a way out. But can Tesha trust this offer of divine assistance or is it a trap—one that would lead to an unstoppable bloodbath?
    Escape into this award-winning epic fantasy series, inspired by the historical Hittite empire and its most extraordinary queen.

    About the Author:
    Judith Starkston has spent too much time exploring the remains of the ancient worlds of the Greeks and Hittites. Early on she went so far as to get degrees in Classics from the University of California, Santa Cruz and Cornell. She loves myths and telling stories. This has gotten more and more out of hand. Her solution is her brand: Fantasy and Magic in a Bronze Age World. Hand of Fire was a semi-finalist for the M.M. Bennett’s Award for Historical Fiction. Priestess of Ishana won the San Diego State University Conference Choice Award. Judith is represented by Richard Curtis.

    • 34 min
    DP Lyle Discusses "PRIOR BAD ACTS" on Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

    DP Lyle Discusses "PRIOR BAD ACTS" on Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

    DP Lyle, MD is the #1 Bestselling, mukti-award-winning author of the SAMANTHA CODY, DUB WALKER, JAKE LONGLY, and CAIN/HARPER thriller series as well as the ROYAL PAINS media tie-in novels. He’s worked with many novelists as well as the writers of such popular television shows as Law & Order, CSI: Miami, Diagnosis Murder, Monk, Judging Amy, Peacemakers, Cold Case, House, Medium, Women’s Murder Club, 1-800-Missing, The Glades, and Pretty Little Liars. Doug also hosts the podcast, Criminal Mischief: The Art and Science of Crime Fiction, which covers all the bases of crime, forensics, and all other manner of dark, disturbing things.

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    • 28 min
    Vox Vomitus - Tamara Thorne

    Vox Vomitus - Tamara Thorne


    Tamara Thorne's first novel was published in 1991. Since then she has written many more, including international bestsellers Haunted, Bad Things, Moonfall, and The Sorority. Tamara's interest in writing is lifelong, as is her fascination with the paranormal, occult, mythology and folklore. She's been an avid ghost story collector and writer all her life.
    Tamara's novels range from straight-out ghost stories to tales of witchcraft, conspiracies, UFOs, elemental forces, and vampires. No matter what topic she chooses, chances are you'll find a ghost or two lurking in the background.
    Today, she and her frequent collaborator, Alistair Cross, share their worlds and continue to write about ghosts and other mysterious forces. Whether collaborating or writing solo, there is no shortage of humor, sex, blood, and spookiness.
    Tamara also conducts real-life investigations of anomalous phenomena and has seen a number of odd things over the last twenty years. As an open-minded skeptic, she's spoken to many paranormal groups and has appeared on the television show, Ghost Adventures. Most recently, she and Alistair Cross went on a five-day investigation to an allegedly haunted cabin in California's Gold Country - an adventure that inspired The Cliffhouse Haunting. She has also been featured on many radio programs and in various newspapers on the topics of haunted places and local lore. A journalist by training, she occasionally writes about ghosts and hauntings for a syndicate of southern California newspapers, but her first love is, and has always been, telling ghost stories to make people scream. . . and laugh.
    Tamara and Alistair co-host Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! every Thursday night on Blog Talk Radio.
    You can also visit Tamara on Twitter, Facebook, or at her blog.


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4.2 out of 5
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5 Ratings

CarolinaShagGirl ,

Jonathan Haupt

Thank you for the interview with Jonathan Haupt from the Pat Conroy Literary Center- so enjoyable and interesting. Jonathan is a wealth of information and has a true passion for sharing it.
Terri Stokes

cecloud13 ,

Great Bookish Podcast

This podcast is so fun and real! It has real time interviews with acclaimed authors on their newest works. I love listening to this podcast to get some background on why the books were written and what is to come!

Big_Tuna ,

Authors of Mass Destruction = Great

AOMD is a terrific podcast. Great guests, helpful information, and engaging format. Keep up the good work!

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