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    077: Live Racing Stream Autobahn Country Club

    077: Live Racing Stream Autobahn Country Club

    Welcome to another great show. Today Mike Gritter and Kyle Nadeau join the show to cover live racing from the Autobahn Country Club broadcast around the entire globe. One of the main goals of the club is to share cars, racing, and all the fun we have at the club with everyone. We have members, families, fans around the globe. Yes around the globe. I know because the podcast gets downloaded across the world. And now the club is set up to provide live race coverage. It was not an easy task. In this show we cover how we got here, what a broadcast takes, and how you can watch.

    YouTube is the host and the distribution network. Like here:

    Professional camera system, professional hosts, professional drivers all make for great events. Look for more live racing broadcast from the Autobahn Country club! 

    Find out more at the clubs Facebook page:

    Member Website:

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    076: July and Festival of Speed

    076: July and Festival of Speed

    Drivers Start your Engines. Only one lap since our last show. The Podcast is always excited to get more time on the track  We have a massive grid for July at the Autobahn Country Club. Kyle Nadeau and Ben Hasbrouck drift onto the show and drop the green flag on everything July at the club. Please come out and get behind the wheel of a kart, car, dirt bike, utv, or a rally car during the month. 

    Now is the month to put the peddle to the metal on track time, go wheel to wheel at the clubhouse, or hit the apex with some new driving coaching. Yes July is a great month at the track. Don’t let the checkered flag fall without  getting everything out of the month of July at the Autobahn Country Club.

    Also remember that just last week our last show went around the track with John Harkenrider from HAVOC Motorsports. We don’t want you to get lap by another great podcast . So please make sure you are staying in close and bump drafting as we call the green flag. 

    Have an idea for a show? Let is know! podcast@autobachcc.com

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    075: Havoc Motorsports John Harkenrider

    075: Havoc Motorsports John Harkenrider

    YES. Let’s go open wheel racing. Ever dreamed of getting behind an open wheel car like an Indy car or F1 car. Well, I sure have. John Harkenrider from Havoc Motorsports joins the show to cover everything open wheel. And this show sure has me longing for a chance to prove that I too could be an Indy car driver I just need to get started at the Autobahn Country Club with a Pro Mazda or Formula Mazda or will how about a Indy Light.

    We cover everything about how to get a car, how to get coaching learning to drive a 1400lbs 260HP beast in a Pro Mazda and then how to continue to keep it running. 

    As always I am excited about each of our guests and this show is no different. Well, it is a little different because we have never done a deep dive into open wheel cars until now. Join me in welcoming John Harkenrider from Havoc Motosports on the Autobahn Country Club Podcast. 

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    074: Autobahn Member Sean Varwig

    074: Autobahn Member Sean Varwig

    Welcome to the show, I am super excited about this darn good show! Sean Varwig is a fantastic race car driver! I could end the intro right there but there is more. He is not only a great driver but a warm and friendly person. He is always carrying a smile and makes everyone around him feel well, better. Did I mention that he is young? Yep, only 18 years old and already is able to make everyone around him have a better day. 

    I also want to mention our kart racers. Every year a traveling race series comes to the track racing the same spec karts that we race. The competition  is ferocious! We have had some podiums in the past but nothing like what took place the first weekend of June. We dominated. Autobahn Country Club drivers took every 1st place in 5 out of 6 races. What a performance. If you are interested in racing a kart the Autobahn Country Club has everything you need to get started and become a winning driver. Our winners were: Easton Kubinski (by 11 seconds over 2nd place both races) Samual Bowman and Mathew Miller. Not to mention that same weekend we have former kart racers racing and winning around the country.

    Don’t know anything about kart racing but want more? Head over to https://kartcircuitautobahn.com for more info or https://autobahncc.com

    And now let's welcome Sean Varwig on the Autobahn Country Club Podcast. 


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    073: Member Profile Art Ziesmer

    073: Member Profile Art Ziesmer

    This show we get to know one of the all around good guys at the track. The interview is with Art Ziesmer. Art is a legend. Art is a prince. Art is one of a kind. Art has touched about every member of the club in some way. He has been a member since 2007 and has been a championship winning racer, Sportsman of the Year,  Ironman Award winner and member committee member. 
    We finally got together and visit for the podcast. I cannot say enough about Art. He has bent over backwards to help my family and our journey in racing. If you need something Art has forgotten more about racing than a lot of us have ever known. So let's get to know him. I cannot be more excited to welcome Art Ziesmer on the Autobahn Country Club Podcast.

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    072: Springtime Speedfest

    072: Springtime Speedfest

    Welcome to another great show! Mike Gritter and Kyle Nadeau join us for our 72nd show and cover everything you need to know about our first festival weekend. The Autobahn host 3 festival weekends each year loaded with all kinds of fun! And our first one is the weekend of May 20th. Mark your calendar and get ready for a fantastic weekend at the track. And now here is Mike Gritter and Kyle Nadeau on the Autobahn Country Club Podcast.

    This week we heard about the passing of Jody Lift from Havoc Motosports. The podcast interviewed Jody our first season and the link is below.
    Season 1 Show #12

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