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This show is dedicated to celebrating the majesty of life! Here we bring you universal wisdom that you can apply in your every day living, so you too can embody your brilliance.

Awaken to Brilliance Isabella Allard

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This show is dedicated to celebrating the majesty of life! Here we bring you universal wisdom that you can apply in your every day living, so you too can embody your brilliance.

    Joyful Transitions with Rachel Kirkland

    Joyful Transitions with Rachel Kirkland

    Hello Beautiful! Today's show highlights the Heart of Awaken To Brilliance from the perspective of my beautiful dog Tyler who expressed,'I went to sleep and woke up to brilliance.'
    This episode brings an enlightening perspective on transitions. We are blessed to share the show with Rachel Kirkland. Rachel is a top psychic, super spiritual teacher, fantastic medium! 
    Contact Rachel Kirkland at: https://themodernshaman.net/
    E-mail me (Isabella) for Private Sessions at:

    • 45 min
    Empowered Enlightenment with Aaron Abke

    Empowered Enlightenment with Aaron Abke

    Today's podcast is a juicy one! I am super delighted to introduce you to the amazing Aaron Abke.
    In this episode we go deep into dimensions of reality that have the power to influence how you experience your life. 
    We highlight:
    - Astral Projection
    - Empowerment and Enlightenment
    - Law of Attraction = Law of Reflection
    - Law of One - The 7 densities of Consciousness
    - Transformation and Transitions 
    Connect with Aaron Abke:
    Instagram: Aaron Abke

    • 44 min
    Life's Perfection

    Life's Perfection

    Today's show will lighten your heart to being more loving in your life by realizing your natural perfection. 
    'Would you like to change what is naturally in transition or would you like to be with the nature of change?' 
    Take notes! By you taking notes, you are actively participating with brilliance and as such designing the life of your dreams.
    Thank you for joining the show!
    What you do matters and I GREATLY appreciate your presence.
    Love, Isabella 

    • 5 min
    Empowered Authenticity

    Empowered Authenticity

    Tune in and feel absolutely uplifted and charged for a day of excellence!
    Acknowledge that everything is always working with you as u are now!
    A wealthy life is about aligning to the value in every moment.
    Embrace the surprises of your life! Uncertainty confirms you are transitioning into something bigger than you can even imagine! Challenges are opportunities to experience the miracles in your life. They confirm that your life is up leveling. 
    Be laser focused on excellence.
    Embody brilliance.  

    • 9 min
    Super Dream Designer Technique

    Super Dream Designer Technique

    Today's show is definitely noteworthy and requires your participation. Your dream life is real when you show up and do the work. Very important. Write down your dream life in the present tense. FEEL what you write. I am. I love. 
    If you are not clear on what you want. Write down what you don't want and then write down the opposite. Feel the transformation as you do :) Record your dream life.  Listen to it. You can have anything you truly desire because it is you. 

    • 6 min
    Love and Listen - The Key to Dream Relationships

    Love and Listen - The Key to Dream Relationships

    Hello Dream Designers! Today we are designing dream relationships and highlighting the essential components: Listen and Love.
    Golden Notes:
    Everybody shows up in your life as a gift and you unwrap the gift
    when you listen with love.
    When you listen with love people feel heard, valued, acknowledged, understood and empowered.  
    Being love supports a true heart connection.

    • 6 min

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4 Ratings

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I love this

Thank you so much for being an inspiration to my life and for making my morning commute to work entertaining and fast. Your skills and knowledge are so powerful that anyone that listens to you leaves with a miraculous blessing. Thank you again and hope to be an element of your podcasts someday. Guys if you haven't t had the chance to be a part of this miracle please subscribe now.....Isabeeeee

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