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Two ladies making their way in the upper Midwest with frothy beverages in hand

Babes in Brewland Babes in Brewland

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Two ladies making their way in the upper Midwest with frothy beverages in hand

    3.3 True Crime: Does Anyone Else Feel a Little Icky?

    3.3 True Crime: Does Anyone Else Feel a Little Icky?

    True Crime is a craze that seems to be here to stay...but let's all take a moment to reflect on how we consume, why we consume, and what, ultimately we're looking to get out of being "entertained" by true crime. Is there a more ethical way to consume true crime while still appreciating the story telling aspect? Grace & Alida dig into these toughies with a PUMPKIN BEER from Wabasha Brewing Company in hand, because it's October of course (also Grace's favorite month).

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    • 46 min
    3.2 Apocalypse Fatigue: Local Actions and Concepts of Permaculture

    3.2 Apocalypse Fatigue: Local Actions and Concepts of Permaculture

    Doom and gloom seems to be lurking around every corner these days, but we are looking for ways to stay resilient and take action where we can - in our local communities. Yes, apocalypse fatigue is real. Even if you haven't heard the term, you've certainly felt it. In this episode, Grace covers  hyper-local actions and small changes we can make in our daily lives and Alida summarizes the 12 Principles of Permaculture and how they can be applied more broadly. We both get a little teary in this one - maybe it's the 11% Dragon's Milk Reserve we're sippin' on from New Holland Brewing Company. And as a wise (unknown?) person once said, "never feel sorry for raising dragon-slayers in a time when there are actual dragons". Drink up, Babes!

    Notable Notes

    New Holland Brewing Co.
    Dragon's Milk Reserve Barrel Aged Stout
    Solar Power in Denmark
    The Case for Co-ops: Anu Puusa
    What to do When Climate Change Feels Unstoppable
    When Scientists "Discover" What Indigenous People Have Known for Centuries
    The 12 Principles of Permaculture
    Limestone Permaculture Farm - Australia

    • 54 min
    3.1 Women in Beer: The Reckoning

    3.1 Women in Beer: The Reckoning

    SEASON THREE LET’S GO!!! We are excited, but we must talk about the #MeToo style reckoning that happened in the craft beer world just as we signed off for summer. When quarantine restrictions were loosened and people flocked to their neighborhood brewery, many women experienced a barrage of sexism and misogyny—not just from the customer folk, but from inside the breweries themselves. While it wasn't anything new, it was high time to talk about it. We know, another heavy topic—BUT it’s necessary.  So, grab a summer beer (we went with Guavatron by Bauhaus Brew Labs) and listen in. Xoxo.

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    2.15 Geocaching

    2.15 Geocaching

    Nerd alert! This may be our geekiest episode yet...everyone go ahead and download the geocaching app so you can participate while Grace and Alida talk about the history and different types of digital treasure hunts. Take a Gumballhead wheat pale ale from Three Floyds Brewing along with you while searching for a cache! This is the finale of season two...hope to catch you all in a few months when we're back for season three :)

    • 47 min
    2.14 Cannabis: The Past, Present, and Future of Weed

    2.14 Cannabis: The Past, Present, and Future of Weed

    Spring has sprung and the buds are budding! Yes, we are talking about cannabis on 4/20 and we absolutely planned it that way. It's okay to roll your eyes at us (or roll a joint)! We are celebrating the big day with a discussion on where cannabis has been, courtesy of Grace, and where it might grow in the future, with predictions from Alida. Alida is still on her N/A/A ("non-alcoholic April") kick, so we are featuring Chicago's Big Drop Brewing and cracking an N/A Galactic Extra Dark. Happy April 20th friends, bring on the sun! Cheers!

    Notable Notes

    Big Drop Brewing - Chicago, IL
    Galactic Extra Dark
    Big Drop launch press release
    Non-alcoholic beer basics
    Hop water/soda
    Cannabis legality by state - USA map
    History of medical cannabis
    History of cannabis wiki
    The Future of Cannabis in the US - CNN
    The Future of Weed - Inside Hook

    • 58 min
    2.13 Boundaries: How to Set Them & Different Types

    2.13 Boundaries: How to Set Them & Different Types

    Happy April! Alida and Grace are welcoming spring with an N/A beer so they can fully enjoy all the sunshine without the hair of the dog...and while they're at it, they review Hairless Dog Brewing Company's Citra Lager while talking about boundaries. You may think you know how important boundaries are and what healthy ones look like, but maybe you need a refresher or some tips on how to set productive boundaries and the different types of boundaries that can exist in your life. Grab a nonalcoholic brew from Hairless Dog in Minneapolis and join us! Cheers :) 

    • 46 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

fsuenvirogirl ,

Great podcast!

As a beer loving millennial gal myself, there’s so much to relate to. I’ve been enjoying listening to this podcast during my work from home sessions. Love the topics!

megk4212 ,

Highly recommend

Love listening to these ladies chat about interesting topics and good beer. Super enjoyable. I highly recommend!

inSa1n ,

Funky and Relatable Gals

I love this podcast.
I like your soft start with a new beer that y’all are trying each week.
Y’all don’t take on too much. I mean this to say that y’all pick a topic, stick to it, yet share relevant context. I appreciate the academic, social, and personal detail that is added. I also really appreciate the pre-work that goes into giving a context for which the conversation will go.
It really feels like a focused conversation. This is important because I feel that I can laugh along yet don’t feel that I’m wasting my time with chatter that I can’t relate to.
You gals are funky and relatable, keep it up!!

Love - funky fan

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