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A discussion and review podcast all about Doctor Who. Join Adam and Aaron as they review new episodes, discuss the latest news, and even talk some Classic Who.

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A discussion and review podcast all about Doctor Who. Join Adam and Aaron as they review new episodes, discuss the latest news, and even talk some Classic Who.

    [104] Goodbye, Fam

    [104] Goodbye, Fam

    • 1 hr 33 min
    [103] Stay Strong

    [103] Stay Strong

    Only 3 weeks until new Doctor Who!

    In this episode:

    We discuss the Fugitive Doctor not being as planned as we thought
    We look at the trailer and preview images for the upcoming Holiday Special
    We talk some spoilers about cast changes

    • 53 min
    Introducing David Tennant Does a Podcast With...

    Introducing David Tennant Does a Podcast With...

    It's our David Tennant episode!

    We talk a little about his podcast and play a clip from a Season 2 episode.
    We take on the near-impossible task of picking our 5 favorite David Tennant episodes of Doctor Who (and throw in some honorable mentions.)

    • 1 hr 15 min
    [101] She's My TARDIS

    [101] She's My TARDIS

    On this episode of Bad Wolf Radio:

    Because Neil Gaiman has been in the Doctor Who discussion lately we take a look back at his episodes "The Doctor's Wife" and "Nightmare in Silver."
    We tease our David Tennant retrospective episode and our promotion of his podcast David Tennant Does a Podcast With...

    • 1 hr 4 min
    [100] Time-y Wimey Stuff

    [100] Time-y Wimey Stuff

    On this episode of Bad Wolf Radio:

    We talk about some of our favorite content from the Doctor Who: Lockdown YouTube channel.
    We do a full ranking of all Series 12 episodes.

    • 1 hr 22 min
    [099] Mind Blown

    [099] Mind Blown

    Doctor Who has been rewritten. Are we ok with that?

    Our review of "The Timeless Children."

    • 1 hr 18 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
56 Ratings

56 Ratings

Dbacks2001 ,

Seriously so good!

I started listening to Bad Wolf Radio a few weeks ago. Even though a lot of the episodes cover DW episodes I’ve already seen, I love the insight presented and the commentary by Adam and Aaron! I would 100% recommend this to any Doctor Who fan!

😍😝❤️ ,

I love Bad wolf radio!

I just started listening to Bad wolf podcast a couple of weeks ago. I am trying to catch up and am on episode twelve. I LOVE that you guys review the classic episodes since i am not able to watch them due to them not being on amazon prime. You guys always make me laugh. Thanks 😁

Blue Box Bill ,

Thought Provoking Fun!

Two serious Whovians that aren’t afraid to have a laugh while discussing the program on a podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously with a genuine love for all things Doctor Who.

Aaron and Adam make Bad Wolf Radio what it is, thought provoking fun. To say what their podcast isn’t, is to compare it to others and inevitably that opens up the possibility of using words with negative connotations and because I have nothing negative to say about Bad Wolf Radio, I will not compare it.

Give Bad Wolf Radio a listen. Right or wrong, if my opinion, my review made a difference in your opinion of the podcast, come back and let others know!

That’s the end of my review. Are you still reading? Good. What follows is my original review which was edited along with its title, not because my opinion changed, but because these days we are expected to communicate in digital shorthand. To avoid eye rolls and head shakes the preceding was my best effort to conform to that standard. What follows is my original unedited review...

I found Bad Wolf Radio while looking for ways to extend my enjoyment of Doctor Who during yet another Series hiatus.

I’m a long time Whovian, having first watched the show on PBS back in the late 1970’s when at the time, Tom Baker was the Doctor and while he is perhaps one of the more recognizable actors to play our favorite Time Lord, the 6th Doctor as portrayed by Colin Baker is ‘my’ Doctor. Sarah Jane Smith is my favorite companion.

I’ve listened to and participated with a few Doctor Who podcasts since the series reboot in 2005. Prior to that I was a member and leader of a small local fan club. Funny how the Internet changed the face and voice of fandom forever, isn’t it? Back then we produced club newsletters on paper with photocopiers. Podcasts did not exist.

I decided to check out some new podcasts since one I had followed for years permanently dematerialized. I sampled dozens with just one criteria in mind and that was wanting to hear what others had to say about Jodie Whittaker’s debut episode.

In my first round of new podcast try outs I heard predictions made by some that were so far off the mark you’d wonder what show they had been watching while others were pretty much right on, but for me the real test was whether a podcast sounded objective and balanced. Hints of prejudice in the form of racism, sexism, etc., got a podcast on my shortlist of ‘nevermore’ because I just don’t have time for all the division and intolerance so rampant in fandom these days. That’s not what Doctor Who is about.

I’m not a fanboy, i.e., one who praises the program and never finds fault with it, so when some element of an episode looks or sounds ridiculous or rubbish, I say, ‘Call it out!’ Even sarcasm and criticism have their place when used appropriately while discussing Doctor Who.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but my first impression of listening to Bad Wolf Radio had me wondering whether I was accidentally eavesdropping on a discussion between William ‘Bill’ S. Preston Esq. and Theodore ‘Ted’ Logan, two guys who had some excellent time traveling adventures together. I first listened to Bad Wolf Radio by starting with Episode 079, ‘Does It Suit Me?’ and for a fleeting moment had the impression that Bill and Ted had resumed their shenanigans.

And in case you’re wondering, in this twisted sci-fi slide into a parallel universe, Aaron, is the voice of Bill while Adam voices Ted.

It was apparent from the get go that Aaron and Adam get into Doctor Who because they were having a blast just talking about it in a very conversational way. Quickly it became obvious I was listening to two serious Whovians that weren’t afraid to have a laugh while discussing the program on a podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously. At the same time what Adam and Aaron have to say comes across as genuine with a real love for all things Doctor Who.

I am happy to report that Bad Wolf Radio made the cut, that I've listened from Episode 079 up to the most recent, look forward to new Episodes and intend to travel back in time and listen in on earlier releases.

Happy Travels!

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