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Join your host Jade Green on The Barrels and Business Podcast - a show that regardless of the surf conditions delivers entertaining, inspiration and insights on the best surf spots in the world, quintessential quivers, product recommendations, worst wipeouts, kook kaos as well as discussions on the trials and tribulations of starting and scaling businesses. It’s not only the epic wins we discuss, we also dive into the failures and wipeouts in business with technology hacks to share tangible tips on how to build an amazing business and epic life.
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Join your host Jade Green on The Barrels and Business Podcast - a show that regardless of the surf conditions delivers entertaining, inspiration and insights on the best surf spots in the world, quintessential quivers, product recommendations, worst wipeouts, kook kaos as well as discussions on the trials and tribulations of starting and scaling businesses. It’s not only the epic wins we discuss, we also dive into the failures and wipeouts in business with technology hacks to share tangible tips on how to build an amazing business and epic life.
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    How Jade overcame her soul sucking search for significance (and how you can too)

    How Jade overcame her soul sucking search for significance (and how you can too)

    Ever wondered what makes Barrels & Business host Jade Green tick?
    It's all here in today's bonus episode. Guest host Joey Wehbe puts Jade in the hot seat. Listen as Jade takes you a journey from trailer and trauma to triumph, to lessons learned on the soul-sucking search for significance. 
    Jade serves like she surfs: no holds barred. Authenticity is her thing, and she gets real with us about her life experiences. Her story is one the backwoods of Penrith, to a Sydney Harbor apartment, to finding her authentic self all over again.
    Along the way, Jade shares the lessons she's learned about building businesses, creating a meaningful life, and, yes, surfing her way to joy. Hear the practices she uses to make sure everything in her life comes from an authentic place.
    You'll also get some pointers about building human connections when you travel a lot and making time for yourself.
    Key points 
    15:00: Jade's had many raw life experiences, but she wouldn't change her journey.
    21:10: It's the struggles and the choices made that help you evolve into the person you are today.
    25:25: Some of Jade's daily practices for building awareness.
    30:35: Hold space in your life for you. Get an accountability buddy who will help you make that space.
    36:30: Talking about Jade's new book and how they created the title
    39:25: About the soul-sucking search for significance
    42:40: Unpacking society's b******t rules and falling back into her passion for surfing
    47:00: Sharing some early surfing experiences
    52:00: How to sustain connections with people when you're traveling a lot
    58:30: Don't get caught being busy. Your self-worth isn't tied to your ability to grind away.
    Key takeaways & quotes 

    If you're not happy, don't stay just because of the b******t rules of society.
    Hurt people, hurt people.
    Life is all about choices. We choose who we want to be. Our past informs us, but it doesn't define who we are today. 
    Too often we just react to things or go through the motions without really asking, "does this really serve me?"
    You are the only person that can make yourself feel significant.
    Recognize when you are doing things from an authentic place or if you're doing it for an ego boost.
    "What I knew for sure was that I was a surfer, and the thing that brought me the most joy and made me feel the most me was surfing, and I hadn't been doing it for 17 years."
    If you're always on the road and looking for connections to people, video conference. It's way better for holding a human connection.
    We are not alive to grind away until we die. He who has the most toys doesn't win. Stop living life on vanity metrics.
    "It's our responsibility to provide workplaces where people wake up in the morning wanting to go in and feel happy; not wanting to come home and slit their wrists."
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    Anthony Laye and 3 tips on how to overcome your fear of public speaking

    Anthony Laye and 3 tips on how to overcome your fear of public speaking

    If you've seen Anthony Laye on TV or in person, then you've likely had your mind blown!
    Anthony has performed over 850 live shows, been seen by over 5 million people on TV, featured on over 100 radio stations, and performed with the world's biggest touring magic show 'The Illusionists'. Anthony Laye is one of Australia's most sought-after corporate speakers and entertainers.
    He is on a mission to help others overcome their fear of public speaking and presenting on camera. We have him with us today, sharing his journey and lessons he has learned along the way.

    Anthony and I met through Ombe. He may be a self-labeled "average" surfer, but he's a killer surf presenter who's been teaching the guys the presentation skills that are elevating Ombe to the next level.
    We launch with why Anthony's currently a landlubber. A surfing accident cracked a few vertebrae in his neck. 
    The same techniques he uses to present–breathing exercises, mindset, and visualization– have been essential to navigating this injury and speeding recovery. It's wicked how sending positive energy and vibes can support you through an injury as serious as this one.
    Visualization and a positive mindset haven't just been critical to his healing. Anthony's applied these to improve his surfing and benefit his business as a corporate speaker. 
    Tune in for his three keys to becoming a better public speaker. You can take the most boring, crappy topics and make a killer presentation by applying these three tips.
    So don't be grom. Listen: 
    Key points
    14:29: What Anthony believes helped the incredible healing of his neck fractures
    16:24: Breathwork isn't hocus pocus; it can help you in a shit ton of ways
    27:09: The secret behind Anthony's true skill in life
    31:21: Tips on how you can communicate better in video
    35:32: Why is Anthony so positive? Hear how he approaches every single day.
    41:45: Visualization is an incredible technique. How and where Anthony uses it to get gains
    48:07: What's being a cruise ship magician got to do with how people communicate?
    52:13: Anthony's three most essential tips for being a better communicator
    1:02:22: The three things that vastly improved Anthony's surfing
    1:05:15: His experience grappling with the pandemic changes to his business; it's amazing what happened when he stopped selling so hard.
    1:10:00: Anthony takes us through one of his amazing visualizations.

    Key takeaways & quotes
    We don't think much about how we breathe, but breath is so incredibly important. Think about what happens when you hold your breath. Are you relaxed and engaged with the universe, or tense and shutting down? Breathing right tunes your energy, helps you be in the flow and is healing."There isn't any person that wakes up and says to themselves, 'I hope today's really shit.'"Set your intention every day and before everything you do. Surfing? Stand on the shore and say you're going to have fun. Public speaking? Say you're going to make the audience laugh.Too many people forget the having fun bit of life. Let's have fun with what we're doing.Visualization is so key. The biggest thing is our mind doesn't believe we can do something. When we visualize, we're re-training our mind to make it believe we can.Every single time you go to speak, you have an opportunity to engage people. If they are not entertained, they're not going to listen. Keep them engaged!You could have the most boring topic in the world, but if you're a good presenter, who can create a story and engage people, everyone will be on board.
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    Jade Green on How to Manifest Your Happiness

    Jade Green on How to Manifest Your Happiness

    Surprise! You asked to learn more about me, and I'm delivering. Tune in for my interview with Alexandra Joy at the second Superhuman Summit.
    My story is the epitome of rags to riches. I had it all: power suits, a sports car, and a million-dollar view of Sydney Harbor. But for all the $$ in the bank, my soul felt like it was being sucked into a meaningless black hole.
    When you understand that the wheel of working, grinding, and achieving is just a soul-sucking search for significance in all the wrong places, you know it's time to change.
    I walked away from the junk I thought I had to have to design the life I really wanted. 
    I was honored to speak about manifestation, mindset, and the Mindvalley six-phase meditation practice at The Superhuman Summit: Science & Spirituality Series. This series is about how blending science and spirituality enables us to overcome the challenges we face in the world.
    Not only did I share my personal story, but we chatted about why happiness is the biggest hack to productivity. We are souls here having a human experience; we deserve more than grinding under fluorescent lights day in and day out.
    Hear about the resources that transformed my life, from the inspiring books to discovering the Mindvalley six-phase meditation practice.
    Your life is your choice. You, too, can manifest a life that brings you happiness and joy.
    So listen. Share what you got out of the episode. Let us know what you'd like to learn more about.

    Key points 
    18:30: How to start peeling back the onion of your life to live more authentically.
    20:00: Shine a light on the positives in your life. Start a gratitude practice.
    22:20: The universe is giving you signs. Are you listening?
    26:30: How do you even know if you're stuck on a hamster wheel? 
    31:10: Learning about Mindvalley's six-phase meditation practice
    38:10: How the meditation practice supports you to find and bring some good juju into your life
    47:15: Walking the talk: hear my 10-year vision and if I'm living my ideal day right now
    Key takeaways & quotes 
    "My favorite quote, and one that I live by, comes out of the book Conversations with God. Life is a choice. It is what you choose, and you are in control."Put the soul back in control and you, and you're going to be far more successful. So many of us have forgotten what brings us joy. We've been shat all over, in life, in the corporate world, in the messages the world gives us. Grinding it isn't a badge of honor. Stop. Get to know yourself at the soul-level.Start tuning into your intuition. Give yourself permission, space, and time to feel inspired. Find ways to be quiet and reconnect with your body and what it's telling you. Write down the things you notice at the end of the day. Recognize the feelings you are having and the signs the universe is sending you.Reflect over the last year. Is there any time that the universe has kind of like tapped you on the shoulder and said, "you are not on the right course; I'm going to try and reconnect you?" When you don't get it, maybe it taps a little bit harder and harder.Do you think meditation isn't for you because your mind is so wired? That you can't sit there and think about nothing? Or maybe you don't want to be alone with your thoughts. I was the same way. Why would I want to be stuck with my crazy thoughts? That's why finding Mindvalley's meditation practice transformed my life."Negative self-talk and shit holds us back from being able to progress."Get off the hope-and-pray bandwagon. Manifest in action. Put it out to the universe, and you'll start to get ideas on how something could come about for you. It motivates you into action, and those actions are what make opportunities come. Realize that everybody else has their own soul's journey as well. We have to give them permission to do it; we can't take responsibility for everyone else's journey.
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    Ken Okazaki on How to Master Video Marketing (plus his secret content method)

    Ken Okazaki on How to Master Video Marketing (plus his secret content method)

    Three seconds.
    That's all it takes for someone to decide to watch your video or not. Can you hook 'em?
    After today's episode of Barrels and Business, you'll know exactly what to do to engage people from start to finish. Video marketing guru Ken Okazaki is virtually in the house, delivering some free advice that will change how you approach video marketing.
    Ken Okazaki heads up Oz Media Global. He loves helping businesses plan, optimize, and launch their video campaigns. Ken's clients have generated millions of dollars in extra profit from video marketing.
    Ken shares his super-simple five-step content marketing system that streamlines content creation, prevents burnout, and delivers results. It all hinges on delivering real value to the viewer. The art is how to format the video delivery, so they stick around and do what you want. 
    Do you know why people bounce off your video? Hint: buying better camera equipment isn't the answer. And whatever you do, don't use a teleprompter! Hear about a few mistakes people make with their video marketing–chances are, you've made some before.
    Ken also gives tricks to make video marketing more manageable. The hardest part is getting started, but you have to pop that cherry. You also can't put off your video marketing for the last minute. We talk about building momentum and why your videos don't need to be perfect right out of the gate. Like surging, video marketing takes practice, people!
    So grab your camera, tune into Ken, and get ready to press record. When you're done listening in, you'll be raring to use these shortcuts and tricks that simplify and amplify your video marketing. 
    Key points 
    9:44: Ken explains video marketing and its different applications
    18:51: Content is only king if you fit into a particular spectrum of video marketing. If that's you, you've got to create these "aha" moments to get people coming back for more.
    24:53: Advice on how to get started with video marketing using the Hilda Content System
    31:51: You need to get over the fact that you are not the most important person and to stop talking about yourself in video marketing. 
    40:19: The technique for getting someone to take action on your video. 
    44:56: You can't be in a marathon and start training the day before. You begin preparing way in advance. Do the same with your video marketing and promotion efforts. 
    48:33: Ken's take on going live versus pre-recording videos.
    53:59: Talking about the gear you need for video recording. The stuff isn't a pre-requisite for getting started. Just do the first video and get some momentum. 
     1:02:00: Ken's tip: use a virtual director to help guide your recorded videos. 
    1:05:33: Whatever you do, don't get a teleprompter.
    1:12:05: How Ken pivoted from his work putting on big stage speaking events to creating a business with video marketing.
    1:22:49: Making a pivot in his business.
    Key takeaways & quotes 
    "If you don't give them the 'aha' moments, you'll be like the friendly cousin who's nice to hang out with. It gets kind of familiar, and it could fade off.""What most people don't understand is that content is a paint by numbers system. If you're constantly having to be creative, you will burn out.""The mindset is this: you want to get in and get out, get them hooked. This has to be fast because you have three seconds. That's how long it takes for people to decide if they're going to watch or not watch."Ken analyzes video metrics for cliffs and plateaus. Cliffs are when everybody's leaving every video because it's boring. Why do they leave at that moment? Plateaus are good! It's because what you're doing is magical, and people are hanging out for a long time.The more you talk about yourself, the less people are interested in you."As humans, our instinct is we'll do more for others than we will for ourselves. Like any day of the week, we're

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    Michelle Crawford on How Changing Your Mindset Can Make You Money

    Michelle Crawford on How Changing Your Mindset Can Make You Money

    Modern businesses are losing their humanity. After seeing the world and meeting people from all walks of life, Michelle Crawford chose to dedicate her life to helping businesses in Australia become more human in their operation and culture. A Chief Conversationalist for over 20 years, Michelle is unashamedly obsessed about creating a positive social impact, social experiments and the consilience of theory and practice.
    Today's episode is about getting your ass off the fence! Michelle helps people gain greater clarity around what's within their circle of control. As the amazing brain behind Being More Human, she provides tools and mindset models that work across all levels and all employees to achieve organizational success and make life at work more meaningful.  
    So many of us aren't productive at work. We are passengers in our lives. Imagine the potential if more of us tapped into our motivators. What could we, as individuals and as teams, achieve? As you'll hear from Michelle, every single one of us has the capability to be superhuman. Yes, YOU do.
    But first, you have to embrace your humanity. To Michelle, being more human is about being more of who you were when you were born–compassionate, grateful, and inquisitive. We need to be okay with our humanity as a professional, to embrace vulnerability and authenticity.
    We all know it doesn't matter what the challenge is, whether it's approaching a bomb or getting your startup off the ground, having the right mindset is so key. Michelle's book Being More Human shows how the right mindset boosts productivity–and revenue.
    Michelle also dives into what self-leadership is. Surfers will be empowered to learn there's a key quality that exceptional leaders have in common, and we've got it in spades.  
    So sit back and get ready to cover a lot of ground. We'll drop into self-leadership principles, being self-aware, vulnerable, authentic, having the right mindset, and what it means to be superhuman. This episode will transform the way you think about people and business. 
    Key points
    10:14: How Michelle created the Superhuman Summit and marketed it using her network and the speakers' networks
    16:27: The idea of self-leadership and what exceptional leaders have in common. What exercise and routine say about self-leadership.
    23:35: The keys to self-leadership may surprise you: sleep, exercise, and food; the importance of habit stacking and morning/night routines
    27:37: Programming your mind for success; the energy you put into your mind is what you get out
    33:42: Coaching your team for self-leadership. Find the entry point, the thing in their life they want to do better. Work self-leadership around that.
    40:49: Advice for small businesses on trying to up their awareness and leadership; self-actualizing and its power for CEOs and the companies they run.
    46:32: Where does vulnerability fit into leadership and teams? Be willing to accept your shit; you have to, or you can't grow.
    51:03: Reflection questions and how you don't have to relive the trauma to process it. You can move it without re-traumatizing it. Avoid the suffering survivor mindset.
    54:25: Michelle's book Be More Human and how she came about writing a mindset book; how so many people are in the passenger mindset
    1:05:16: Investing in your employees' personal happiness is a way to make them and your team more productive and profitable
    1:09:10: Three tips Michelle would tell business owners about growing their teams and employees
    Key takeaways & quotes
    What does it mean to be superhuman? We are all superhumans in the making. We have so much untapped potential. Imagine what we could do if we harnessed just a small fraction more of that energy.Do you know what the single most important behavior is of exceptional leaders? Exercising every day. Why? Because you have discipline in your life.Are

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    Clayton Nienaber & Jeremy Dean on How to Grow a Surfing Business

    Clayton Nienaber & Jeremy Dean on How to Grow a Surfing Business

    Meet the team behind Amanzi Surf, Clayton Nienaber and Jeremy Dean.
    Clayton is a high-performance surfing coach and has worked the cream of the crop. His style is part brutally honest feedback and part mind-bending allegories.
    Add to that picture Jeremy Dean, Amanzi Surf's "IT guy.” By trade, this barrel chaser is a digital product manager and marketing professional in the tech field. He's applied his talents and love for the water to growing the Amanzi Surf community.
    In this episode, get set for one "Claytonism" after another. These little golden nuggets of surfing knowledge are priceless for any surfer, whether you're a grom or world-class. Hear how Clayton has come up with these hacks to help anyone with their surfing.
    Clayton's not just an awesome coach, but he's an epic shaper. Learn how he picked up his skills and hear some insights about figuring out the right board for you. Through the episode, he weaves his story about how he transitioned from being a shaper to coaching people to landing in Australia from South Africa.
    Growing a business is like messy waves; the route's totally unpredictable. Jeremy chats about figuring out things, learning, pain points, and frustration. Get some raw advice from their branding challenges. Jeremy also dives into some wins, like how one of their vids went viral. Hear lessons learned in the five years they have working on the program.
    At every stage of the journey, Clayton and Jeremy's love of surfing has sustained what they do. If you're having fun, it shows in the product.
    Tune-in for a raw conversation stuffed with surfing advice and business lessons. And don’t miss out at the end of the video Jade being coached by Clayton and going arse up! #kookslams
    Key points
    15:50: How Clayton and Jeremy started their business by planning an online program, with Clayton Nienaber recording a gazillion "little golden nuggets."
    20:45: Clayton talks about finding "trigger words" or hacks to help people with their surfing
    23:25: Clayton is known as an epic surfboard shaper. How did he become a coach?
    33:35: Surfing's more crowded now that everyone has time to do it
    35:10: When Clayton was learning to be a shaper he felt like a fraud because he was just copying
    36:55: Clayton's steps to figuring out the right board
    39:05: All about the business of surfing: adding things and learning, figuring out their market and their pain points
    43:40: A Claytonism for catching waves and pushing the cream out of Oreos
    46:10: Talking about the creation of one of their viral posts and how it came about
    57:40: Surfing's a tough sport; you have to love it. Same with business. You've got to enjoy what you do.
    1:04:45: Tackling points of frustration as they grew their business; Jeremy on why price anchoring was so crucial
    1:10:30: The catalyst for change: they got disillusioned but then got back into making the videos and keeping the vibe fun
    1:16:50: The wave of progression: you got to suck before you get better
    1:21:20: Jeremy on survival in a corporate world. It's like working five jobs at once. Lesson learned–you don't need a suit and tie to be successful.
    1:29:10: What matters in selecting a brand. Picking brand names and what you need to do first

    Key takeaways & quotes
    You have got to learn how to market to the right demographic. Research and know your target market."Not only do you have to know how boards work, but you have to understand where they work. A lot of people don't have that background knowledge.""If you're in control of your body, you can pretty much ride anything. And that's what we're going to do to make you ride everything.""Funny thing about surfing– what you think it is as opposed to the real knowledge as to what it is, is just the polar opposite.""If you can figure out what the bus stop is, and then you use those techniques, surfing can be effortless. You can surf with a lot of power and

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