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Hosted by Clay McCormack and Sean Murphy, this podcast examines every episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Utilizing the knowledge from their backgrounds as comic book artists, Clay and Sean dissect the show with a mix of expertise and humor!

BATTASS: The Batman The Animated Series Show Podcast The Pensky File

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Hosted by Clay McCormack and Sean Murphy, this podcast examines every episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Utilizing the knowledge from their backgrounds as comic book artists, Clay and Sean dissect the show with a mix of expertise and humor!

    Ascension & Season 1 Wrap Up

    Ascension & Season 1 Wrap Up

    This week on BATTASS: Beyond we’re rounding out the final episode of season one, as well as taking questions from the crowd with Ascension, and a big ol’ mess of listener questions to answer!

    Per DCAU WIki:“Ascension” is the thirteenth episode and first season finale of Batman Beyond. It depicts Derek Powers’ final moments as head of Wayne-Powers and the rise of his son Paxton Powers. Tired of having to hide behind the skin and running from his clients every time the skin starts to crack, Derek Powers decides to make his son, Paxton, acting chairman of the board. However, during the introductory meeting, Derek is angered to the point of shedding his skin, therefore revealing his condition to the world. Paxton calls in Batman to help him find his father, but Batman eventually learns that Derek’s exposure was not an accident.

    Also, since this is the final episode of the first season of Batman Beyond, Sean and Clay get into their thoughts about the season as a whole, the ups, the downs, the ehs, the mehs, and answer the big question: Does this show work? They also dive into some listener questions as provided by you, our faithful ASS-fans! Talk of upcoming projects, potential appearances of certain characters in the White Knight universe, and much more abound!

    Does Ascension work as a season finale? It definitely moves story elements forward, but is it earned? Is it enough? The first season of Batman Beyond was definitely good, but it never quite got great, and its season finale falls squarely into this bucket as well. What will season 2 hold for Terry, Bruce and Ace? What new adventures will Sean and Clay be privy to in the world of Neo Gotham? Only time will tell!

    So, put on your best face, melt some handcuffs, betray your father, and join us on BATTASS: Beyond!

    • 1 hr 34 min
    Disappearing Inque & A Touch of Curaré

    Disappearing Inque & A Touch of Curaré

    This week on BATTASS: Beyond we’re back in black, and welcoming a new colorful killer to the universe as we see the return of Inque and the debut of Curare in Disappearing Inque and A Touch of Curare!

    Per DCAU WIki:

    “Disappearing Inque” is the eleventh episode of Batman Beyond. It depicts the return of Inque. After being turned down for a raise and fired by his boss at the cryogenics lab, Aaron Herbst becomes disgruntled and releases Inque from her icy prison. Having had to listen to him for months, Inque decides that he’ll make a suitable partner for the time being and uses him to get the mutagenic chemicals she needs to heal herself and assume her human form again. After being healed, Inque captures Batman and tries to lure Bruce into her trap too. Now Inque has both Batmen to deal with.

    “A Touch of Curaré” is the twelfth episode of Batman Beyond. It depicts the first appearance of the assassin Curaré. Gotham City District Attorney Sam Young has been marked for death by the Society of Assassins, who have sent their best member: Curaré. Now Batman must face off against one of the world’s deadliest fighters. Making things worse, is the fact that Commissioner Barbara Gordon, Young’s wife, isn’t as liberal as her father was when it comes to costumed vigilantes, despite having been one herself.

    Animation is king in these two episodes, as we get two episodes with solid plots, but fantastic animation work. We get a bit of a look into what happened in the Bat-family in the years between Batman Beyond and The New Batman Adventures, but is it enough? Or maybe it’s too much? It all comes down to personal taste, but I think we can all agree that the idea of Barbara and Bruce as a romantic item is just…gross.

    So, unfreeze your killer crush, sharpen your molecular blade, and join us on BATTASS: Beyond!

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    The Winning Edge & Spellbound

    The Winning Edge & Spellbound

    Time to juice up, nerds! Gotta get out there and pump some iron so you can rob some banks or something! This week on BATTASS: BEYOND, we’re hanging out with “Bane’s Friend” and summoning the undead of your mind with The Winning Edge and Spellbound!

    Per DCAU WIki:“The Winning Edge” is the ninth episode of Batman Beyond. It depicts the effects of mass distribution of the drug Venom, now available through an instantly-acting skin patch known as a “slapper”. They greatly amplify a person’s strength, but are illegal and also highly addictive. Terry discovers that three students in his own school are using these, turning to crime to pay for their habit, and experiencing the negative effects of addiction. Now Batman must stop the manufacture and sale of these drugs before things get too far out of hand.

    “Spellbound” is the tenth episode of Batman Beyond. It depicts the first appearance of Spellbinder. Gotham City is overcome by a rash of strange crimes by seemingly normal people, each of whom claims to have experienced hallucinations after meeting a man dressed in a strange suit and a magic eye. Batman eventually meets up with this strange Spellbinder and discovers that even he isn’t immune to his powers. Now Batman must try to discern fact from fiction while battling this strange enemy.

    Big muscles equal only one man in the Batman world, and Batman Beyond gives us what we all want, albeit in a brief, blink and you’ll miss it cameo, with the electric return of Bane! I say electric because the only thing keeping him alive is some wires and a life support machine, but my point still stands! Also, we finally find out the origin of that weird hand/eyeball thing from the credits! It’s…underwhelming.

    So, get juiced on Slappers, jump on a flying doorknob, and join us on BATTASS: Beyond!

    • 57 min
    Shriek & Dead Man’s Hand

    Shriek & Dead Man’s Hand

    What’s that? Speak up, we can’t hear you! You’re gonna have to be a lot louder than that, as this week on BATTASS Beyond we’ve been introduced to the dastardly devil of dangerous decibles, Shriek! Don’t worry though, it’s a stacked deck this week because we’ve also got a winning hand with The Royal Flush Gang in Dead Man’s Hand!

    Per DCAU WIki:“Shriek” is the seventh episode of Batman Beyond. It depicts the birth of the villain Shriek. After failing to impress Derek Powers with his new sound suit, Walter Shreeve takes an assignment to kill Bruce Wayne, who is currently working to prevent Powers from decimating Crime Alley. However, after Batman prevents Bruce’s death and exposes him to the police, Shreeve goes crazy and becomes the villain Shriek. Meanwhile, Bruce is hospitalized so Terry must now stop this new villain on his own.

    “Dead Man’s Hand” is the eighth episode of Batman Beyond. It depicts the first time that the Royal Flush Gang fights the new Batman. After learning that Batman is back in Gotham, the Royal Flush Gang returns to take revenge. Meanwhile, Dana breaks up with Terry but he finds a new girlfriend: Melanie Walker. Unbeknownst to Terry, Melanie is actually the Gang’s “Ten”. Now, both of them must deal with their dual lives while trying to be with each other.

    This week we’ve got a new villain who’s original to Batman Beyond in Shriek as well as a team of villains who’ve actually been around since the 60’s in The Royal Flush Gang. Shriek might take the prize as the most memorable of the two, but they’re both great additions to Terry’s rogues gallery, if you ask us!

    So, grab your stock up on acousticium, cut the cards, and join us for on BATTASS: Beyond!

    • 1 hr 23 min
    Meltdown & Heroes

    Meltdown & Heroes

    This week on BATTASS Beyond, the frigid face of a familiar foe makes its way to our screens, and Batman Beyond heads across the street for some inspiration from the “distinguished competition,” and riffs on the golden age of the Marvel Universe with Meltdown and Heroes!

    “Meltdown” is the fifth episode of Batman Beyond. It depicts the return of Mr. Freeze. Tired of having to use a suit of plastic skin that can crack at any time, Derek Powers decides to try having a healthy body cloned from his original damaged one. However, the procedure is first tested on Mr. Freeze. At first, it seems that the procedure has worked and he tries to lead a normal, peaceful life. Unfortunately, he soon discovers that the procedure is a failure and the people he once trusted have betrayed him. Seeking revenge, the evil personality of Mr. Freeze is born again.

    “Heroes” is the sixth episode of Batman Beyond. It depicts the birth of a new team of heroes calling themselves “The Terrific Trio”. After an accident grants them powers, three scientists become heroes to defend Gotham. For a time, it seems that Gotham will no longer need Batman. Unfortunately, the Trio is soon betrayed by their paranoid allies, and Batman eventually has to protect Gotham from those who once defended it.

    The return of Mr. Freeze is a welcome addition to the new, futuristic stylings of Batman Beyond, but are they going to the classic villain well too soon for such a new show? And a Fantastic Four pastiche, while fun, is an interesting choice for this show. Either way, it’s pretty clear the creators are having a lot of fun!

    So, grab your Joker gang buddies, hop on your most schway motorcycle and join us for the first episode of BATTASS: Beyond!

    • 1 hr 20 min
    Black Out & Golem

    Black Out & Golem

    Terry, having just started to work for Bruce Wayne, faces off against Inque, a notorious shapeshifting mercenary who is sabotaging FoxTeca, a company formed by Lucius Fox’s son.Willie Watt, a high school nerd who has been picked on one too many times, steals a construction robot from his father to scare his chief tormentor, Nelson Nash. But when Batman tries to stop the robot, it becomes bonded to Willie mentally, giving him more power than he ever dreamed of in his life.

    • 1 hr 12 min

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5.0 out of 5
44 Ratings

44 Ratings

TheWetness ,

Can’t get any better!

Clay and Sean talking about BTAS is possibly the greatest podcast ever made. Love this.

Icechewer ,

Great podcast highly recommend

Love this podcast!!! Perfect for any occasion,I really love the perspective these guys give, both of them being comic artist, it’s interesting to see their take on these awesome episodes and this great show. This show makes me want to write comics because of them . I always highly recommend it to my friends.

Mancub43 ,

Awesome Insight from some Awesome Dudes

I’ve been following Sean Murphy since Off Road and Punk Rock Jesus and continue to love and follow his work. So when I found out he was involved in a podcast talking about BAS I had to check it out! I’m also excited to be introduced to Clay McCormack (who’s art on his project Bloody Hel is outstanding). Their passion for the characters and the craft of comics, animation, art and storytelling is palpable! I’m several episodes in and I can’t stop listening. They made me purchase the BAS collection for a long overdue rewatch! Keep up the amazing work! Give em a listen!!!