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Battle Ready is a podcast for the mind, body, and soul hosted by father-son duo Erwin Raphael McManus & Aaron McManus.

Battle Ready with Erwin & Aaron McManus Erwin McManus + Aaron McManus

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Battle Ready is a podcast for the mind, body, and soul hosted by father-son duo Erwin Raphael McManus & Aaron McManus.



    In this weeks episode Aaron and Erwin catch up on recent events and dive deeper into the 7 frequencies. Some of the topics covered include:

    - How to make success transferrable

    - What 7 movies represent each frequency

    - Results of a new assessment to determine the strength of your frequency

    • 50 min


    In this week's Battle Ready, Aaron and Erwin dive into the ins and outs of Calvinism. Buckle up, it's a wild ride.

    Topics discussed:

    What is Predestination?

    Is Calvinism Biblical?

    And on a totally different note... what would you do if people with flashlights showed up to your house at 1am?

    • 50 min


    This week on Battle Ready, Erwin and Aaron are back for the first episode of 2023 
     A few of the topics covered:
     - New Year, New Word 
     - Resolution vs Change 
     - How to move on from bitterness 
     - The fragility of life

    • 1 hr 2 min


    On this week's Battle Ready, Erwin and Aaron cover a variety of topics ranging from Brittney Griner's release, creating an optimal workplace culture and more 

    A few other topics covered:

    - The World Cup 

    - Creating Momentum 

    - Celebrating the small wins 

    - A tease into the next project coming in January 2023?  

    Join us as we dive into these topics and more.

    • 52 min


    In this week’s episode, Erwin and Aaron McManus catch up on an eventful week: from climate change legislation to a new application of The 7 Frequencies, you don’t want to miss this conversation!   

    Tune in for their take on these topics and more:  

    - Were Covid-19 restrictions only a precursor to new climate change reforms? 

    - What does Aaron have against the Netherlands? 

    - Is Succession the perfect example of the dark side of The 7 Frequencies? 

    - Was it a mistake for Aaron to put Erwin as one of his ‘close friends?’   

    Don’t miss ‘Close Friends,’ out now!

    • 1 hr 14 min


    In this week’s episode, Erwin and Aaron McManus cover a wide range of topics from Balenciaga’s new controversial campaign to the juxtaposition of fake and real in our physical and spiritual world.   

    Tune in for answers to these questions and more:  

     ⁃ Is London better than Los Angeles - and is Aaron trying to be adopted by the new king?  

    ⁃ Who’s to blame for destructive ads - the creator or the employer?   

    ⁃ Did the right country host the World Cup?  

    Don’t miss ‘War on Innocence,’ out now!

    • 1 hr 21 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
975 Ratings

975 Ratings

Grass Boss ,

Battle Ready is my JAM!!!

So….I am gonna try and keep this short. First off I love this Podcast! One of my Favs. I have read majority of Erwin’s books, seen him speak at Catalyst 2004 (GA), and love listening to all things You Guys 👊🏼

Aaron, for sure love your way of being honest and in that, your heart is seen. You are a true warrior! Also, the way your Dad allows space for others and admires his children’s thoughts….that is an Art. I can go on and on, however; I will leave it here. Keep doing what you are doing 👏 Criticize by Creating 🎨

celticfuryxzx ,

Fantastic Content and Discussions

I’ve always admired Mosaic’s pursuit of excellence in creative expression— ultimately imitating our Creator in a way that draws people to Him. However, for some reason the audio sounds like a Skype call in terms of audio quality. It’s distracting me to sometimes, which is probably the only negative thing I have to say about the pod. It would just make it that much better if it didn’t sound like a zoom meeting and had more of a studio-quality sound setup. Nonetheless I will always tune in for each episode because it really is that good! All love

Bunnieee310 ,

Highest wisdom per cubic second content, Best life changing podcast!

Thank you Aaron for sharing your dad’s wisdom and what would have been your private conversations with the world. I remember pastor Erwin’s cancer scare, I freaked out that the world would lose such a guiding light and revolutionary figure. Starting my journey with Jesus at Mosaic in Santa Monica and being pretty much religiously confused all my life, I’ve listened to mosaic online since 2008 after we left LA. I love Battle Ready even more, for its ability to share messages to even atheists and nonbelievers, for Aaron’s genuine emotions, his courage to challenge culturally accepted norms, and those intimate and deep conversations. Aaron is slowly finding his calling in comedy and he always makes me laugh out loud! Thank you, thank you, thank you for starting BR, you’ve changed my life!

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