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Reimagining K12 education to foster allyship and belonging one conversation at a time. Learn more at allyed.org

Be a Better Ally: critical conversations for K12 educators Tricia Friedman

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Reimagining K12 education to foster allyship and belonging one conversation at a time. Learn more at allyed.org

    178: Play as catalyst for community

    178: Play as catalyst for community

    This week Tricia brings you a conversation from her other (other, other) podcast the Shifting Schools podcast. She speaks with an expert in the field of play.

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    Acey Holmes is the founder of BoredLess, this week she discusses the importance of play for adults and its impact on social connection, work culture, and personal well-being. She addresses the myth that play is only for children and emphasizes the benefits of play across the lifespan. Acey shares insights on playful work design, non-cringy icebreakers, and the concept of personal play identities. She provides practical advice for incorporating play into daily life and highlights the significance of unstructured free play for children.

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    177: Dear Mothman: Middle Grade Fiction for Creative and Complex Themes

    177: Dear Mothman: Middle Grade Fiction for Creative and Complex Themes

    Robin Gow discusses their book 'Dear Mothman' and the power of middle grade fiction. They emphasize the importance of recognizing the value of youth literature and the unique perspective it offers. Gow discusses the exploration of monsters and cryptids in the story, drawing on their personal interest in the subject. They also address the themes of grief, friendship, and accountability in the book. Gow shares their experiences working with young people and the workshops they offer.

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    Explore the LAMBDA Literary Award winning book 'Dear Mothman'

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    176: Take yourself as a starting point

    176: Take yourself as a starting point

    Tricia interviews Alvina Chamberland, author of the book 'Love the World or Get Killed Trying.' They discuss the connection between writing and publishing, the difference between love and lust, and the power of representation. They also explore the stylistic choice of autofiction and the importance of place in the book. The conversation highlights the vulnerability and humanity of the protagonist and the impact of the book's rawness and authenticity.

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    175- We're Not One Thing

    175- We're Not One Thing

    The conversation revolves around the importance of libraries and the challenges they face, particularly in relation to book banning. The hosts of Rogue Librarians discuss their (amazing) show, which focuses on books that have been banned or challenged, and highlight episodes that they are proud of. They also emphasize the role of libraries as community leaders and the need for advocacy to support them. The conversation touches on the importance of local politics, the rights of the child, and the value of public libraries as free public spaces. The hosts provide suggestions for how the general public can support libraries and advocate against book banning. Libraries play a crucial role in communities, providing resources, programming, and support for people of all ages. They serve as a place for families to gather, for individuals to access information, and for communities to come together. Librarians are essential in connecting people with the resources they need and providing personalized assistance. Funding for libraries is crucial to ensure their continued operation and to support the diverse needs of the community. Reading widely and engaging with books can foster empathy, understanding, and compassion for others.

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    174: What Does Allyship Mean To You?

    174: What Does Allyship Mean To You?

    The conversation explores the concept of allyship and how the editors of the book 'Teaching Pride Forward' aim to help readers think critically about it. They emphasize the importance of love and critical love in building connections and doing the work of allyship. The editors discuss how they collaborated and nudged the authors to explore allyship from different perspectives. T The editors express their desire to create a safe space for readers to learn, grow, and confront their biases. The conversation explores the global perspective on LGBTQ+ allyship and the challenges faced by different communities. The speakers emphasize the importance of recognizing and supporting LGBTQ+ individuals in various cultural contexts. They discuss the need to de-center Western perspectives in queer theory and pedagogies and include diverse voices in the conversation. The chapters in the book provide different approaches to allyship globally, allowing readers to adapt and apply them to their own contexts.

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    Ethan Trinh, PhD, is an associate director of the Atlanta Global Studies Center. As a Vietnamese queer immigrant, Ethan enjoys thinking with emotions, gender, and language and explores how to embrace queerness as healing and meditative teaching and research practices. Ethan has published four edited volumes that focus on critical storytelling, teachers’ well-being, and doctoral students’ emotions, identities, and community. Ethan is the recipient of the 2022 Leadership Mentoring Program Award by TESOL International Association.

    Kate Mastruserio Reynolds, EdD, is a professor of TESOL/literacy at Central Washington University. A licensed K–12 educator, she has taught teachers in several countries and multilingual learners of English in public school districts at elementary schools, middle schools, and universities in various contexts.

    James Coda, PhD, is assistant professor of ESL and World Language education, and theory and practice in teacher education in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. He earned a doctorate in language and literacy education with an emphasis in TESOL and World Language education from the University of Georgia.

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    173: The Value In Stories With Michael Leali

    173: The Value In Stories With Michael Leali

    Michael Leali discusses the origin story of his book 'Matteo' and its evolution, the collaborative writing process, the emotional challenges of reworking a book, and the importance of LGBTQ+ representation in literature. He also shares insights on supporting LGBTQ+ authors and the release of his third middle-grade novel, 'The Truth About Triangles'.

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    For over 30 years, Lambda Literary has championed LGBTQ books and authors. No other organization in the world serves LGBTQ writers and readers more comprehensively than Lambda Literary. We believe that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer literature is fundamental to the preservation of our culture, and that LGBTQ lives are affirmed when our stories are written, published, and read.

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5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Icedteacakes ,

Quality podcast with amazing host

Tricia is such a gracious, knowledgeable host who asks excellent questions and gives her guests appropriate room to speak. Topics and guests are wonderfully diverse. Important work led by an all around great person!

JessBolton ,

Love the mission of this podcast!

What a wonderful mission for a podcast. I love this and keep up the amazing work, Tricia!

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