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Tonya & Michael interview serious professionals who share their personal stories and the bold moves that helped them become recognized in their space. They also share personal branding tips and advice for those who want to build a bold, authentic, attraction-based brand that helps them become a sought after authority.

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Tonya & Michael interview serious professionals who share their personal stories and the bold moves that helped them become recognized in their space. They also share personal branding tips and advice for those who want to build a bold, authentic, attraction-based brand that helps them become a sought after authority.

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    Growing Your Own Brand Empire

    Growing Your Own Brand Empire

    How do you grow from a seed of an idea to owning your own TV network?  Our guest is Zondra Evans, a talk show host, executive producer, and the Founder of Zondra TV.  She grew her business into her own powerhouse network in just a few short years, and now she’s hosting and helping other small business owners and brands get exposure to a mass audience. Learn about her story and what inspired her to grow her own empire.
    Best Moments
    01:28 That's where the journey began
    03:39 But I heard a little voice that said, film it professionally
    06:46 We are really a full-studio TV studio production firm
    07:36 You got to play differentially in this space
    10:11 All of it is around impact, scale, and growth
    14:21 Solopreneurs just need a little help to be heard and be seen
    16:12 Impact, scale, and growth, not just in your neighborhood, but globally 
    20:36 Your brand matters, you are the brand, not the TV 
    23:05 The water, the sand, the clarity, it's beautiful
    24:03 Free discovery calls on BeOnZTV.com

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    Building The Webinar Wizard Brand

    Building The Webinar Wizard Brand

    Do your presentations stand out?  I mean…do they REALLY stand out?  If you count on webinars and other online presentations to make money, you’ll love our guest in this episode.  Johnny Beirne is the Webinar Wizard, and his #1 goal is to make your message memorable.  Johnny is also a client of ours, so you’ll not only learn how he can help you stand out on screen…you’ll also hear about his experience throughout his branding journey with us.
    Best Moments
    01:45 Be your brand, live your brand, and stand out on the screen
    06:26 Maximize engagement with minimum effort 
    11:40 Empower your presentations with the three D's
    14:16 The patience and understanding that you showed me were just invaluable
    17:45 I knew what I wanted to say. I just had no idea how to say it 
    19:07 Small changes make a big difference, do yourself justice 
    22:29 Little cities like that in Europe, are definitely worth the visit
    23:51 Visit johnnybeirne.com to surpass death-by-PowerPoint presentations

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    When Vulnerability Is Your Superpower

    When Vulnerability Is Your Superpower

    Can you see all the obstacles in your life that lead to your limiting beliefs?  In this episode, we speak with LaChelle Adkins, “America’s Supermom”.  LaChelle has 15 children…you read it right…15.  She’s been able to transform a life of self-doubt and self-sabotage… to a place of acceptance, vitality and wellness.  Listen as she shares the reasons why her superpower is vulnerability, and how she inspires others to live beyond labels, limits, and fear.
    Best Moments 
    01:56 For me, depression looked different than what I thought it was
    03:54 I was just trying to exist, make it through one hour to the next
    04:55 It was at that point that I decided I had to do something different 
    07:57 It helped me to recognize that I could define my own American dream
    10:14 People are more inspired by whom they feel they can connect
    12:40 My kids gave me the tenacity to try new things out of my comfort zone
    15:04 Things can go out of control, but it doesn't have to disrupt our progress
    17:47 That’s my five pillars signature coaching program (FRESH)
    23:20 The highlight of having a podcast is you’re always learning something new
    26:11 Live your brand, network, and always be willing to learn new things
    30:39 I haven't been there yet, but I just think it's magical
    31:22 Google America's Supermom because I'm everywhere

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    Create a Magnetic & Abundant Life

    Create a Magnetic & Abundant Life

    Are you overworked and overwhelmed?  Ready to transform from burned out to balanced, beautiful, and abundant?  Our guest in this episode is Rebecca Whitman, and she empowers women through her 7 pillars of abundance.  Rebecca is known as the Magnetic Abundance Mentor, and she’s also a client of ours.  Today, we’ll learn about Rebecca’s story and how she’s helped hundreds of women live a more magnetic and abundant life.
    Best Moments
    01:45 Journaling trained my mind to turn negative into positive 
    06:37 Take two or three months to really get to know the person 
    12:12 This helps them showcase me the way I want to be showcased
    17:22 Two areas that I love to help women with are romance and finance.
    23:31 A brand is your authentic self expressed in whatever you do. 
    22:22 Lisbon, Portugal, and Barcelona, Spain are my top two favorites. 
    28:06 I would love to see you in the weekly women's circle

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    How To Grow From Darkness

    How To Grow From Darkness

    Have you experienced personal trauma in your life? And if so, what are the ‘positives’ you’ve taken from that experience?  I realize that seems like a strange question, but after our conversation with Amanda Blackwood, you’ll clearly understand why this interview is so important. Amanda is a survivor of human trafficking.  The experience was life-changing…but not only for her…because now she’s a trauma recovery mentor, working with others who have been through trauma, themselves.  She’s the author of Growth From Darkness.  She’s also a professional artist and an accomplished public speaker and podcaster on the topic of trauma recovery.
    Best Moments
    01:24 It's time that I help others get away from that hurt 
    02:07 Everything has to do with patterns in our lives
    05:00 What is true forgiveness? 
    08:34 Crawl out of that darkness and learn how to grow
    11:50 I didn't realize I already was the kind of person I wanted to be
    14:08 What came out of my  mouth was: “I'm a survivor and I need help”
    17:42 You are far stronger than you ever possibly could imagine
    20:12 When severe trauma happens to you, you change as a person
    23:50 Whatever it takes, you're ready to do the hard work in yourself

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    The Brand That Is Unleashing Leaders

    The Brand That Is Unleashing Leaders

    You know what you were meant to do, but you’re not sure how to package and present that in a way that sets you up for success. Join us as we chat with our client, Raquel Flores, who was in this exact spot.  We helped her tap into her personal story of rising above the cultural boundaries as a woman from El Salvador.  Learn how we narrowed her focus in a way she could easily articulate, and built a brand that positions her to fulfill her goals of ‘Unleashing Leaders’. 
    Best Moments
    01:19 I had always had an incessant desire to help individuals
    04:21 I wanted to find a way to break that generational curse 
    07:41 Your team captured the story that I aimed to tell the world
    10:27 Don't limit yourself. Your story needs to be heard as well
    12:52 This mastermind actually gave me the courage to do that
    15:05 It brought the structure to take my brand to the next level
    17:51 Dare to be different, dare to be bold
    19:10 Don't doubt yourself. You are here for a reason
    20:33 The wildlife that is there is so unique
    21:57 You will find me in one of two places
    22:56 I would blindly put my hands on fire for you both

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
204 Ratings

204 Ratings

LadyBlackwood ,

How amazing!

I was blessed and privileged to be a guest on this podcast. They ask such GREAT questions and lead the conversation in such a natural way. This was one of the best experiences for me! Can’t wait to do it again.

Data B ,

Loved the episode on Podmatch

This is a great podcast and intend to binge listen the series! Highly recommend!

Texas girls rock ,

Great insight to a HOT TOPIC!

Tonya and Michael offer realistic and practical insight to a key part of any business plan… BRANDING!!

They also host great conversations and make it easy to identify key nuggets of wisdom from their guests. I really enjoy listening to them and look forward to learning more in 2023! So glad I found this show!

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