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I'm your moderator, Chris Paul. Let's Be Reasonable.

Be Reasonable: with Your Moderator, Chris Paul Chris Paul

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I'm your moderator, Chris Paul. Let's Be Reasonable.

    High, Noon for Wednesday May 5th 2021

    High, Noon for Wednesday May 5th 2021

    In today's episode:

    No Joe, vaccines are not free.

    Bill Gates asked his ex-girlfriend for her approval before he married Melinda

    Facebook's Oversight Board is basically just the Democrat impeachment squad

    Rachel Maddow's panic intensifies

    • 53 min
    High, Noon for Tuesday May 4th 2021

    High, Noon for Tuesday May 4th 2021

    In today's episode:

    Maybe Jack Dorsey has no idea what gets censored on Twitter or why, and how that's even scarier than if he does

    The Biden administration considers 'partnering' with private entities to spy on American citizens

    Audits in Arizona, evidence in Michigan, and an inept board of Windham Selectmen in today's edition of "The Big Lie"

    The potential for BLM/Antifa domestic terrorists to disrupt the Maricopa audit

    What an election cybersecurity expert on the board of Verified Voting had to say about the organization in his 2019 resignation letter

    Kevin McCarthy and Frank Luntz are "roommates"

    • 1 hr 11 min
    High, Noon for Monday May 3rd 2021

    High, Noon for Monday May 3rd 2021

    In today's episode:

    Jake Tapper throw a Big Lie Boomerang at America and it smacks him in the face, courtesy of Donald Trump

    WaPo communists are so incompetent that they attempt to smear Rudy and end up just exposing themselves and the FBI

    Adam Kinzinger endorses a candidate who fails to get virtually any votes in a Texas special election while Trump's endorsed candidate finishes first and no one in the Democrat Communist Party even gets to the run-off, but Joe Biden definitely got 81 million real votes

    Mitt Romney, Lord of the Romnies, shows America what it truly means to be a Romnie in public

    Judicial Watch releases FOIA'd emails from the California Secretary of State that feature... me? WTF.

    Hard evidence that government is coordinating with social media to censor America and provide a national narrative contrary to the truth

    • 1 hr 25 min
    High, Noon for Friday April 30th 2021

    High, Noon for Friday April 30th 2021

    In today's episode:

    Commie conspiracy theory Friday!

    Rachel Maddow's panic intensifies once again, creating deranged conspiracies about what Donald Trump is doing and what UV lights are for

    Michael Cohen declares that Rudy will flip on Trump and that Trump will be in big, big trouble and CNN helps him spread this ridiculous conspiracy theory, allowing him a platform to make baseless claims without evidence!

    Anthony Fauci and Savannah Guthrie are confused about whether or not she's allowed to subject her child to obvious emotional abuse

    EwAnon Palmer brings the heat with a 1-2 punch of 'QAnon' conspiracies - what a day!

    • 1 hr 12 min
    High, Noon for Thursday April 29th 2021

    High, Noon for Thursday April 29th 2021

    In today's episode:

    Joe Biden is a national disgrace and proves it in an invite-only 'joint session of Congress'

    Tim Scott says America is not a racist country and is greeted by Twitter allowing "Uncle Tim" to trend

    Mike Lindell visits Jimmy Kimmel and subjects himself to a wave of malicious commie ignorance

    Rudy Giuliani releases a statement about the FBI raid on his Manhattan home

    The internet scores a big potential win for the truth in New Hampshire

    • 1 hr 7 min
    High, Noon for Wednesday April 28th 2021

    High, Noon for Wednesday April 28th 2021

    In today's episode:

    Kamala kid's book fact check

    Kamala talks to Guatemala and learns that climate change and covid are responsible for the migrant crisis and not her own negligence

    The Maricopa freakout continues, even spreading to Georgia criminal Gabriel Sterling

    Judge Daniel Martin denies the communist request for an injunction and temporary restraining order - wow!

    Newly revealed emails are further evidence that warnings were raised of criminal activity at the Capitol prior to January 6th (not by Trump supporters) and no one lifted a finger

    Federal prosecutors admit that Brian Sicknick was not doused with bear spray

    Ashli Babbit's family is now suing the unnamed Capitol Police officer who shot her

    More on CDC mask guidance

    Joe Biden is going to attempt to speak

    • 57 min

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4.5 out of 5
273 Ratings

273 Ratings

iqhsnhsbe ,

Voice of Reason!

Refreshing and often brilliant perspective from an insightful young man. Wonderful daily recap of current events presented with logical insight. If you are upset by something that’s said on this podcast, ask yourself why. The answer may surprise you. Thank you Chris, for your hard work and dedication in keeping us informed and sane during this wild ride through history.

American and happy about it ,

A great source for information

I love the information and perspective provided on this podcast.

Chris will be remembered for his part in changing the narrative.

unti413 ,


Please never stop doing what you’re doing! Great podcast. I look forward to it every day.

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