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Your favorite podcast about Music, Food, and Programming

    Episode 51: Trees

    Episode 51: Trees

    After getting to hang out in person for a long weekend, we talk about our relationship with an old friend, and how that friend is being treated these days. We also spend about a third of the episode talking about Quasimoto “The Unseen”, now one of the greats of turn of the millenia hip hop.

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    Music: Quasimoto “The Unseen”, Chosen by AQ. Spotify
    Madlib, The Bad Kid
    Kool Kieth/Dr Octagon
    Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton (Stones Throw Doc)
    On The Media: The American War on Drugs

    • 34 min
    Episode 50: On my Spring Ish

    Episode 50: On my Spring Ish

    BOOSH! It has been forever. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a really s****y year, here we are, giggling, waxing poetic about food and music, and ready to deliver more of what you want. What was that again?

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    Music: War on Drugs “Touch of Gray”, Chosen by MRB. Spotify
    Our Friend Rob Carmichael’s Ep
    Fleishers closing in Kingston
    Applestone Meat Co (Vending Machines)
    Book: Jeremy Fox “On Vegetables”
    Book: Josh McFadden “Six Seasons”
    Duo Restaurant + Pantry, Kingston
    Oxalis, aka Wood Sorrel

    • 36 min
    Episode 49: The King of Vegetables

    Episode 49: The King of Vegetables

    We can’t stop thinking about a certain vegetable and we dedicate an entire episode to discussing its history, science, and some of our favorite recipes. Also a new segment where MRB presents some of his deepest cuts.

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    Music: Khun Narin “Chakim”, Chosen by AQ. Spotify
    Paper: History and Iconography of Eggplant - Purdue University
    Book: Hot Sour Salty Sweet
    Recipe: Best Eggplant Dish Ever
    Book: On Food and Cooking
    Book: Land of Plenty
    Recipe: Fish Fragrant Eggplant
    Book: Zahav
    Recipe: The Food Lab’s babaganouj
    Recipe: Frankies Eggplant
    Brain Jam: Grant Green’s Visions
    Bonus Jammer: Baby Face Willette

    • 27 min
    Episode 48: We Are Back

    Episode 48: We Are Back

    WE ARE BACK. Don’t adjust your dials or whatever doohickeys the kids are playing with these days. After a long hiatus we’re back to recording. In this episode we play a little catch up, talk about progress of The Pizza Book, and MRBs forays into creating a community.

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    Music: Joe Mcphee “Nation Time”, Chosen by MRB. Spotify
    LFO - We Are Back
    Fire Music Documentary
    Indy Hall
    Alex Hillman
    PUT THIS IN YOUR FACE: Japanese Milk Bread (NYTimes Recipe)

    • 30 min
    Episode 47: Activism and Technology with Idalin Bobé

    Episode 47: Activism and Technology with Idalin Bobé

    Idalin is someone we’ve been trying for a while now to get on the show and talk to. Her talk at StrangeLoop this past Fall has been on our minds and a topic of conversation since. Her work in community building and outreach through technology is inspiring but her strong voice and perspective is something we feel like our community of technologists needs. We got to talk about her feelings on the tech community in general, her roots in activism and tech, and more.

    There was a little technical difficulty with this episode so please excuse AQ doing his s****y Ira Glass impression.

    Links, etc

    Music: Beyoncé “Formation”, Chosen by Idalin.
    Our Special Guest: Idalin Bobé
    Black Capitalism (Wikipedia)
    Idalin’s talk at StrangeLoop

    • 37 min
    Episode 46: Sandwiches are the best: The Tacos Edition

    Episode 46: Sandwiches are the best: The Tacos Edition

    We revisit one of our favorite subjects sandwiches, but sort-of. Are tacos sandwiches? Does it matter? They are delicious and we share some of our recent exploits and inspirations and complain about the dearth of good sandwiches in our respective areas.

    Links, etc

    Music: Dur-Dur Band “Dooyo”, Chosen by AQ. Spotify
    Awesome Tapes From Africa
    The Sporkful Hot Dog Debate
    Tacos: Recipes and Provocations (Book)
    Empellon NYC
    Rick Bayless’s Mexican Kitchen
    Toplobampo Restaurant CHI
    Diana Kennedy
    Guisados LA
    Pal’s takeaway (Now in Oakland)
    ChefSteps bagel recipe
    Johnny’s on 25th st

    • 24 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

sferik ,

Dinnertime Marauders

When I saw the title of this podcast, I expected it to be about drinking and computology. Unfortunately, I made a category error. You see, the “rye” in the title apparently refers to the bread, not of whiskey. And they barely talk about programming at all. Mostly just cooking.

A better title for this podcast would be “Dinnertime Marauders”.

cararemixed ,

One does not simply listen

I know, with most podcasts, you subscribe, download some episodes and give them a listen. That’s great and maybe you’d like to do that with Beats, Rye & Types but you’d be missing out. To fully enjoy this excellent podcast, I recommend putting on your most comfortable outfit (maybe nothing at all) and sinking into a deep chair. You may want to enhance your experience with a preferred beverage or perhaps enjoy a smoke. Be mindful to turn off those fancy speed and voice boosting effects that some of these podcast players like to have on.

Word to the wise though, do not go shopping after or while listening to this. You’ll find yourself carrying a crippling amount of groceries home. It’s much cheaper to plan ahead, having everything you need to fix a sandwich or bake a pizza ready to go.


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