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Your favorite podcast about Music, Food, and Programming

Beats, Rye & Types Aaron Quint & Michael Bernstein

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Your favorite podcast about Music, Food, and Programming

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4.9 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

sferik ,

Dinnertime Marauders

When I saw the title of this podcast, I expected it to be about drinking and computology. Unfortunately, I made a category error. You see, the “rye” in the title apparently refers to the bread, not of whiskey. And they barely talk about programming at all. Mostly just cooking.

A better title for this podcast would be “Dinnertime Marauders”.

strmpnk ,

One does not simply listen

I know, with most podcasts, you subscribe, download some episodes and give them a listen. That’s great and maybe you’d like to do that with Beats, Rye & Types but you’d be missing out. To fully enjoy this excellent podcast, I recommend putting on your most comfortable outfit (maybe nothing at all) and sinking into a deep chair. You may want to enhance your experience with a preferred beverage or perhaps enjoy a smoke. Be mindful to turn off those fancy speed and voice boosting effects that some of these podcast players like to have on.

Word to the wise though, do not go shopping after or while listening to this. You’ll find yourself carrying a crippling amount of groceries home. It’s much cheaper to plan ahead, having everything you need to fix a sandwich or bake a pizza ready to go.


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