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Here to spread Love and listen to peoples' amazing stories. Spiritually focused, this podcast brings humor and learning to every new story in your ear. Meditation, Ayahuasca, Sex, and LIFE. We're all mirrors for one another, what can we learn?

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Here to spread Love and listen to peoples' amazing stories. Spiritually focused, this podcast brings humor and learning to every new story in your ear. Meditation, Ayahuasca, Sex, and LIFE. We're all mirrors for one another, what can we learn?

    THE SOULMATE COACHES- Mark & Lynetta

    THE SOULMATE COACHES- Mark & Lynetta

    Through all their training, Mark & Lynetta  acquired the golden secrets to creating a heart centered, deeply intimate, loving spiritual partnership. Together they are the Soulmate Coaches!

    Website: https://TheSoulmateCoaches.com
    Books: Three Doors to the Soul by Mark Siedler
    Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Three-Doors-Soul-Religion-Spirituality/dp/1719983178
    Audible: https://www.amazon.com/Three-Doors-Soul-Religion-Spirituality/dp/B07M95VVJQ

    Do the Work by Lynetta Avery
    Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Do-Work-Transcend-Trauma-Lynetta/dp/B09BC9P9NZ
    Do the Work Mobile App (includes written, audio and video versions): https://www.markandlynetta.com/offers/XuhFJvuc
    LinkedIn: The Soulmate Coacheshttps://linkedin.com/in/thesoulmatecoaches

    Facebook:  TheSoulmateCoaches

    Instagram: TheSoulmateCoaches


    Twitter: @SoulmateCoaches

    Tiktok: thesoulmatecoaches


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    ADDICTION: Healing Beyond Recovery – Mike Govoni, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

    ADDICTION: Healing Beyond Recovery – Mike Govoni, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

    "The only source of knowledge is experience" - Albert Einstein.

    Mike Govoni is a Certified Integrative practitioner.

    Mike specializes in trauma resolution, specifically psychophysiological (mind/body) conditions, substance abuse, stress related trauma, chronic illness, and extreme nervous system dysregulation.

    He began his training as an Integrative practitioner under the guidance of Dr. Paul Epstein, ND. During that time Mike completed a 3 year mentorship program in the field of Mind/Body healing while  attaining a certification in holistic health & wellness coaching.

    Following his CARC training, he supported three major hospital emergency rooms in a clinical setting where Mike gained first-hand experience working with patients suffering from opioid addiction and other substance abuse related issues.

    In recent years he's strengthened his practice by completing the Salt City Psychedelic Therapy Program to support people to process and integrate therapeutic entheogenic experiences. He also believes in the power of mindfulness to heal and transform.

    After experiencing the benefits of the practice in his own life. Mike received his mindfulness meditation teacher certification under renowned practitioners Tara Brach Phd and Jack Kornfield Phd.

    While Mike's formal training has helped him build a wide base of knowledge, he believes his personal path to healing was his most valuable asset.

    Should you choose to work with Mike, you’ll know you have a compassionate ally who has gone through the process himself and is here to help others like you on their journeys to greater health, healing and awakening!

    Connect with Mike:  www.mikegovoni.com

    Incredible episode. Please share Mike's contact information with those who you feel will benefit most. ENJOY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! XOXO 

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    CULTS & Media Psychology – Dr. Christine Marie

    CULTS & Media Psychology – Dr. Christine Marie

    Dr. Christine Marie is a media psychologist, author, speaker, educator, activist and life story coach. In addition to her PhD, she has an MBA,  an MA in psychology, a specialization certificate in Positive Psychology and Media, and is a trauma-informed media consultant.
    Dr. Christine’s doctoral research is titled The Traumatic Impact of Humiliation, Misrepresentation and Victim-blaming in the Media on Narrative Identity and Well-being.
    In 2021, she won the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the American Psychological Association, Division of Media Psychology and Technology.
    This is the first study to identify cruel media-based experiences as a unique form of trauma. Among other things, her contributions include two new psychological constructs – ‘mediated representation assimilation’ and ‘traumatic media misrepresentation.’ She continues to research these topics, is currently writing a book on media-based trauma, and has a support group for survivors of this type of traumatic experience.
    Dr. Christine writes, trains or speaks on topics such as media psychology, media misrepresentation, humiliation and public shaming, cancel culture, victim blaming in the media, trauma bonds, the power of life story, life legacy and the digital afterlife.
    Dr. Christine is the founder of Voices for Dignity, a nonprofit organization that promotes online kindness and compassion, and that contributes resources and advocacy for marginalized populations as well as survivors of public shaming, dehumanization and exploitation. She is also the founder of  www.victimblaming.com
    Her unusual expertise and insight comes from her own experience. In an unexpected, harrowing life twist years ago, Christine became a survivor of cult-based human trafficking. When she finally decided it was time to share her story, she went through exploitative misrepresentation and humiliation in the media. However, her recovery from this experience resulted in post-traumatic growth and launched her personal quest to turn her life’s darkest moments into something that would make a difference in the world. She is a passionate educator on her media-based research topics as well as the life-or-death importance of treating others with kindness and dignity.

    website: christinemarie.com


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    EMOTIONAL ROOT CAUSE OF PHYSICAL ISSUES– Tracey Stevens, The Healing Point

    EMOTIONAL ROOT CAUSE OF PHYSICAL ISSUES– Tracey Stevens, The Healing Point

    Tracey Stevens has spent over 30 years in the health industry working in both Western and Eastern modalities. She closed the doors on my Five Element Acupuncture Practice in 2021 to teach and share her knowledge online to a global community. Her passion is to promote self awareness into the emotional causes of our physical discomfort. Our body is designed to thrive and heal, only sometimes the Mind gets in the way.

    This was a beautiful conversation that will get you thinking... what is my body really telling me? What is it trying to express? What have I not truly accepted? What have I not honored about my Truth? AND MORE! 

    Let's become more of WHO we TRULY ARE. TOGETHER. 
    Enjoy Beautiful People xoxo 
    Connect with Tracey: https://linktr.ee/the.healing.point 
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehealingpoint._/ 

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    7 KIDS IN AN RV– Andrea Ebert, The Freeway Tribe

    7 KIDS IN AN RV– Andrea Ebert, The Freeway Tribe

    We met Andrea in Texas... with her 7 CHILDREN! Beautiful family.

    You will learn more about this fascinating family when you listen to the episode. Overall, I gained a lot of life wisdom from this conversation. Sometimes not doing what is conventional, could allow you to experience the life of your wildest dreams. One that you can create for you and your children.

    ARE YOU A GYPSY SOUL? How do you go against the grain– and just LIVE?
    You will love this episode! Enjoy Beautiful People XOXO

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AELifestyleDesign
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    4 DAY WATER FAST – Brysen French, Online Personal Trainer

    4 DAY WATER FAST – Brysen French, Online Personal Trainer

    Are you addicted to food? WE ARE! 

    Brysen French is an online personal trainer for work-from-home professionals, stay at home parents, retired folks, and seniors. He is a NASM certified personal trainer, 200 hour registered yoga teacher, D-1 wrestler, and International Jiu Jitsu Competitor. 
    In 2020, Brysen took his business, Fitness&Mind LLC. online and saw the powerful impact he was able to make on his clients, from the comfort of their home. 
    Brysen offers private personal training, group fitness classes, yoga classes, and corporate fitness. He has a niche for understanding what is holding a client back both physically and mentally, and will help them find effective pathways to overcome even life-long hurdles. 
    Listen to this podcast about our 4 day water fast at Lake Powell in Arizona. HOW we did it, WHY we did it, and WHAT the outcomes were. We lay out as many details as possible. If you have any more questions please reach out to @BrysenFrench on IG. 

    We encourage you to watch the following videos about fasting: 

    Addiction: Why We Can't Fast or Keep a Diet - Dr Pradip Jamnadas MD - Fasting for Survival (https://youtu.be/kN83jppeI7Q) 

    Dr. Pradip Jamnadas exposes "The Bittersweet Truth" (https://youtu.be/AbR1QwJwwpo) 

    love you :) 

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5.0 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

Benjamin Ryan Cole ,


Beautiful people, beautiful podcast. Here’s to more things beautiful in 2021

CryoQueenKell ,

AMAZING podcast

Alice is an incredible podcast host and has the most soothing voice. She is extremely thoughtful in who she interviews as well as the conversations she creates with her guests. I absolutely love the meaning behind her podcast and think it is absolutely beautiful and uplifting. I highly recommend listening.

🌈Iris✨ ,

Mind-opening & connection-building

Thank you Alice for bringing forth so many beautiful people to share their experiences of the world. Every episode is beautiful, thought-provoking, mind-opening, and affirming in its own way 💓

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