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Lily, a frog, tells fairytales, folk tales and bedtime stories to kids.

Bedtime Stories Podcast Fairytales and Folk Tales from the Lilypad for kids Lily, a frog

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Lily, a frog, tells fairytales, folk tales and bedtime stories to kids.

Customer Reviews

Mr toast '-' ,

It’s amazing but...

I am in love with your podcast! It helped me fall asleep for about two, weeks! But I wish you’ll make more. It’s because I really super duper, love your podcast! And I can never fall asleep so I’ve been always tired at school, and when it’s weekends. So please make more your podcast really helps. But I’m a little tired of hearing the same stories, and that it doesn’t help me sleep anymore as fast. I mean what 8 yr old wants too listen too the same stories. But lily I still love you! 🐸

Your biggest fan, Wynter prounonced (winter)

Klucille ,

We love Lily!

Sweet stories told by the most tender sounding frog we ever heard! Thank you for talking us to sleep every night 💕💕💕

lilly pad FAN!!! ,

My savior

During the summer I started to suffer from a fear issue called ansity sorry really don’t know how to spell it...anyway this really affected my life fore over 6 months or more! I was completely done for till...one wonderful night my mom interduced me to the Lilly pad podcast🐸 with Lilly the frog at first when I saw it and not actually listen to it I thought it was some babyish fairy tale but to my surprise it was not it was a good tale for adults teens preteens and children! These podcasts were my savior..Lilly was my savior so I want to give a big THANK YOU to her u helped me though my toughest time in my life and now I’m stronger than I ever was please continue to make such fantastic,inspirational story’s 🥰😍😚😇😃🐸

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