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Songwriter and author Charlotte Eriksson -- The Glass Child -- lets you in behind the glass. Raw and honest conversations, essays, spoken poetry and journals exploring the subjects of growing up, change, loneliness, living as a nomad, missing people, loving people. How to live with uncertainty. What is home? What is anxiety? What is happiness?

”I wanted to turn my life into my art. My very existence into a poem. This is my story — it might not always be easy, but it will always be beautiful.”

Behind The Glass with Charlotte Eriksson The Glass Child

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Songwriter and author Charlotte Eriksson -- The Glass Child -- lets you in behind the glass. Raw and honest conversations, essays, spoken poetry and journals exploring the subjects of growing up, change, loneliness, living as a nomad, missing people, loving people. How to live with uncertainty. What is home? What is anxiety? What is happiness?

”I wanted to turn my life into my art. My very existence into a poem. This is my story — it might not always be easy, but it will always be beautiful.”

    6 Things I Learned in 2019

    6 Things I Learned in 2019

    1. Clarity and vision are everything:
    When you’re clear on what kind of life you want to live, what kind of person you want to be, and what you want to achieve the next couple of months … you can say no to everything that doesn’t align with that life. You can stop chasing people who don’t align with your future vision. You can stop spending time on jobs or tasks that won’t bring you closer to those accomplishments and that life.
    This can be applied on everything. On your work and career, creative projects, health, relationships and friendships.
    If you know what sort of life you want, with each new relationship you can simply ask yourself: “does this relationship align with that future vision?”
    If you’re offered a new job or project to take on, ask yourself “will this job enable me to become the me I’m visioning? Does it align with the life I’m trying to shape?”

    3. You can be in love all the time, with everyone and everything, because it simply makes you feel good.
    I was heartbroken for a year after my last breakup. I felt like I had been abandoned and I no longer had anyone to pour my love into, nor any love to receive.
    But through various spiritual teachers, I slowly found a way to understand that I am the one who’s creating the feeling of both being in love and being loved. No one else can make me feel that way, I am the one who’s letting myself feel that way. Only I can let myself feel loved. And I can learn to feel love and feel loved all the time. By the people on the street. By the universe. By my mentors and teachers that I’ve never met but whose teachings I’ve devoured and now I’m trying to practice. By my ancestors and grandfathers. I can choose to feel their smiles towards me, from above, loving me like the child I am under this sky.
    When I feel lonely or isolated, I have learned to tune into the feeling of love within and create it myself. Then let it radiate to anyone and everyone around me.

    Stop letting the past control you. Start anew. Do it now, do it every day.

    Those are my 6 major lessons in 2019. I would love to hear yours. What did you learn this year? What will you bring with you? What will you leave behind?

    I know the next decade will be the best decade of my life, so far. I know it, because I will create it.


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    Meditation with Kelly Smith (Yoga For You)

    Meditation with Kelly Smith (Yoga For You)

    Since I started practicing yoga & meditation a couple of years ago my life has completely changed. It healed my anxiety, made me calmer, more patient and ultimately happier. In this episode I'm talking to meditation teacher Kelly Smith from the Yoga For You podcast about all things meditation!

    Follow Kelly + listen to her podcast!
    IG: www.instagram.com/yogaforyouonline

    Come find me online:

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    I'm still on my way

    I'm still on my way

    A writing from my book "Another Vagabond Lost To love" ♡ //
    "People keep asking what I do for a living and I keep answering that I don’t believe in making a living. That it’s a concept that has been twisted. I tell them I believe in making a life and money is a distracting object if there’s anything left at the end of the day, and I just want to go on well. Make it through the day. So I smile and raise my glass and they laugh and take my hand, saying “here’s to the youth!” pointing at me. And I might just be young
    and naive
    for I still believe in the freedom of choice
    of how to spend your life.
    So they toast to the youth, who still thinks she’s free,
    and that’s all fine by me.

    Today was a great writing day and on great writing days nothing can bother me. The way my world feels balanced when I can create something out of nothingness.
    Wait, let me take it from the beginning:
    I woke up to a grey sky and I was gloomy and worried, like I often am, and I never sleep very well for I dream of him and them and all the rest and it’s cold at this time of year but still I wake up sweating, heart pounding, chest aching.
    It’s been a quiet month and my voice is untrained and weak
    from late nights. Cold air and strong drinks.
    But there are some days that every artist dreams of, when it’s all in the right place and the chords sound right and the melodies grow in the air all around. The words come fast and it doesn’t take much, a few minutes, closed eyes, silent mind – and it’s there.

    So some mornings I wake up and things feel wrong but are right and it’s been a silent month for I don’t sing very much
    but this morning I wrote and sang and created something
    from nothingness
    and it put my very self in balance.
    My body into being.

    I wrote my song and took my walk and made my way to the bar to celebrate myself for feeling fine and usually people are quiet there, take my order and let me be. But today I felt fine and not strange
    or sad
    and the town was not busy so the bartender had time
    I think
    for he asked where I was from and what I did here
    because I spoke English
    and not German
    and so that’s that.
    I said I was just passing by,
    on my way
    to somewhere else
    and he asked to where
    and I said anywhere
    and he smiled
    and it was nice.
    Nice because I was honest, which I rarely am, and he was nice, which people rarely are, and after a few drinks he brought another one
    “on the house”
    and sat down and asked what I was writing.
    So I showed him
    and he smiled
    and we talked Bukowski and Woolf, Thoreau against Emerson
    and it was beautiful.
    The way the time passed by and chains fell down and I felt okay,
    which is rare these days,
    but I did
    and I still do
    as I sit on the floor in an empty room
    with friends I’ve met on my way,
    and they’ve told me to put stuff on the walls and decorate the hall,
    but I’ve said this isn’t permanent,
    and neither am I,
    and if I change fast enough I might be able to write another song soon enough because it’s all in the movement. All in the waves. All in the change.

    So anyway,
    it was a great day and nothing in particular happened. Nothing to make the books or the papers or the headlines,
    but it was sincere,
    and I felt okay
    and that’s rare those days.
    And it’s moments like these that I know I will be okay
    for it will all make sense
    one day
    because I’m still on my way.
    I’m going somewhere
    and that’s the whole point.

    I’m still on my way.
    And that’s the whole point.

    (If you see the boy in the bar
    tell him I bought the book he talked about
    and learned the song he sang
    and that I found my way
    wherever that is.
    Tell him he’s got a beautiful mind
    and a beautiful smile
    and that’s rare these days.)

    We’re all on our ways.
    And that’s the whole point.

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    Scarlett Ward [Poet & Spoken Word Artist]

    Scarlett Ward [Poet & Spoken Word Artist]

    I'm talking to UK poet Scarlett Ward about writing, publishing, creating a book and spoken word!
    Scarlett was nominated for Best Spoken Word Performer in the UK 2019, and she has a new poetry collection out called ACHE, published by Verve Press ♡


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    Guided Meditation to Release & Let Go

    Guided Meditation to Release & Let Go

    This is a 15 min guided meditation that will help you release and let go of anger, sadness, missing or past grudges. Just sit down somewhere peaceful, close your eyes, and let my voice guide you ♡
    If you want me to do the meditation with you, here is the official video that I filmed a bit outside of Barcelona: https://youtu.be/uq0AEtS2SI8

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    How to find clarity every morning: Journaling & Planning

    How to find clarity every morning: Journaling & Planning

    As part of my morning ritual, I sit down with my journal and answer three questions:

    1. What one thing, right now, if done well and executed, would bring me closer to my most important goal in 6 months. One thing. What one thing would do the most for that goal, right now.

    2. What is stealing my focus right now, things that make me feel like I wouldn’t be able to fully consume myself in that previous one thing we just talked about.

    3. Question number three: How do I want to do the things I will do today?
    What I mean with this is: The other day I had a meeting with someone I could potentially work with for the promotion of my album. I felt anxious and nervous, like always, started doubting myself and freaked out in my head. But I asked myself in the morning, HOW do I want to do that meeting? Well, with confidence, with calm, excitement and a lot of inspirational energy. Now that made me feel different.
    Today I knew I was going to record this podcast, and I asked, HOW do I want to feel while recording this? I want to feel grateful, for having a platform that enables me to share ideas and thoughts, and for enabling me to spend my day doing so. I want to feel excited and passionate about sharing those thoughts and ideas that have helped me so greatly in my life. I want to feel like there is a purpose for this, and I want to feel that I am helping someone by doing this. That gave me quite a lot of motivation to do this.

    Those are simple questions, but I promise by taking the time to answer them every day, writing down the answer and reminding yourself of the answers throughout your day, you will set yourself up for a completely different day than if you just wake up, numbly step outside and just let the world push you forward. Be the creator of your life. Be the creator of your own day. You know, where you are today is a direct consequence of what you did in the past. That means, what you do today, will directly lead you to where you will be tomorrow. Shape that future. Make sure it’s exactly how you want it to be.

    I hope at least this gave you one or two thoughts that resonated with you, that you can take with you and design in your own way. If you try this out, please let me know how you felt about it!


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Mohamed Abughoula ,

Best ever

You are amazing person Charlotte, I really like your podcasts they are making me feel better in each time I hear them, Keep going Charlotte. Big fan from Libya ❤️

lionchildofficial ,

Water to a thirsty soul

Listening to your voice has just been absolutely refreshing and calming to the heart mind and soul. Your voice is one to be heard and it is admirable to watch you delve into your journey so authentically.

chrissymarieSLP ,

Beautiful reflections

Listening to your podcast makes me feel so calm and at peace. I love listening to your ideas and reflections on your experiences. Thank you for doing this. Your work makes a difference in my life.

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