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On each episode of Behind the Shot, Steve Brazill tries to get inside the mind of a great photographer by taking a closer look behind one of their shots. Photography is an art form, yet interviews rarely look at the creative side. What if you could flip that idea upside down? What if you could interview a photograph to better understand the photographer and the choices they made? On Behind the Shot we explore the process, from conception to completion, and all the challenges that happen in-between. Join us for an inspirational look Behind the Shot.

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On each episode of Behind the Shot, Steve Brazill tries to get inside the mind of a great photographer by taking a closer look behind one of their shots. Photography is an art form, yet interviews rarely look at the creative side. What if you could flip that idea upside down? What if you could interview a photograph to better understand the photographer and the choices they made? On Behind the Shot we explore the process, from conception to completion, and all the challenges that happen in-between. Join us for an inspirational look Behind the Shot.

    Concert Photography Photo Releases

    Concert Photography Photo Releases

    This is a show I have been thinking about doing for a while, and that I believe is an important subject for both new and veteran music photographers…. BUT even if you’re not a music photographer, this subject should matter to you. I think it applies to anyone negotiating prices.

    I have strong opinions on what the ASMP has referred to as "Predatory" Releases, and there's no question that I have an opinion on the message I want to get out on this episode, but, it is my show, so I get to do that.

    If you're not a Music Photographer, and have never heard of photo releases - note that these are NOT model releases - then don't worry. I explain what they are, and why they exist, in the show. Then I am joined by two other music photographers...

    My buddy David Bergman is a Canon Explorer of light, and hosts the show Ask David Bergman on Adorama TV. There are few people I know of that know more about photography than David, from his days shooting for the famed Miami Herald newspaper, to having 13 Sports Illustrated covers, David is a big deal. He has been Luke Combs' full-time tour photographer since January 2019, and Bon Jovi's tour photographer since 2010. So glad that we get to benefit from his years of experience in media and music photography for this show. Oh yeah... David's workshops, like Shoot From the Pit and his upcoming Italy trip, are great chances to hang out and learn photography.

    Also on the show we have Montreal based Music Photographer Marie Demeire. I have followed Marie on socials for years, but today is my first time meeting her face-to-face. Known around the net as "Marie Goes To Shows", she has been published in Complex, EDM.com, Bandcamp, iHeartRadio Canada, Canadian Beats, 99Scenes, Sors-Tu, the MUHC Foundation, Secret Melbourne and BP Arts Media. Having been a fan of her work for years, I am thrilled to be able to get her perspective on this subject.

    Join Canon Explorer of Light David Bergman, and Montreal Music Photographer Marie Demeire, as they join me for a serious, and fun, chat about Concert Photo Releases, on this Behind the Shot.

    Chapter Timestamps

    00:00:00 - Intro

    00:03:47 - Overview of Music Photography Photo releases

    00:05:08 - Chapter 5

    00:08:18 - Getting to Know of Marie & David

    00:14:38 - David & Marie’s Overview of Releases

    00:24:51 - Common Reasons People Say They Sign a Release

    00:37:34 - Replying to Comments from Instagram

    00:56:13 - What About the “Cross Out the Parts You Don’t Like and Return It” Argument?

    01:09:07 - Anything the Guests Want to Add?

    01:18:22 - My Final Thoughts on Concert Photo Releases

    01:21:58 - Speed Round Q & A

    01:25:41 - Marie and David’s Photographer Picks

    01:26:51 - Where to Find My Guests?

    01:28:26 - Outro

    Connect with David Bergman

    Website: davidbergman.net

    Italian Riviera with David Bergman: trovatrip.com

    Instagram: @davidbergman

    Facebook: @DavidBergmanPhoto

    X / Twitter: @davidbergman

    LinkedIN: @davidbergman

    Connect with Marie Demeire

    Website: tinyurl.com/mariegoestoshows

    Instagram: @mariegoestoshows

    X / Twitter: @mgoestoshows


    David's Photographer Pick

    Aubrey Wise: aubreywisephoto.com | @aubreywisephoto

    Marie's Photographer Picks

    Susan Moss: susanmossphotography.com | @susanmossphotography

    ASMP Article

    Predatory Contract Clauses: Music Edition: asmp.org

    Copyright for Photographers

    Playlist on YouTube: Music Edition: YouTube.com/@behindtheshot

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    Capturing Warbirds

    Capturing Warbirds

    I will never forget growing up hearing my dad talk about his days flying P-51 and P-40 planes. His walls were covered in model planes of classic war birds, as though he was trying to relive his youth. When he passed away, I inherited a bunch of model planes he'd never gotten around to building. He was in the Air Force his entire life, retiring as a Lt. Colonel, and talking with today's guest has brought back so many memories.

    Brett Schauf, the owner of T&J Studios, in Wichita, Kansas, is a commercial, portrait and fine art photographer, but in addition to his commercial and portrait work Brett has been able to produce a collection of fine art prints featuring Landscape, Travel, and Aviation photography.

    Since 2015 Brett has been the lead photographer for the B-29 Doc, a restored World War II B-29 bomber, and man.... it's a beautiful plane. This gig has given Brett the opportunity to travel as a crew member, documenting the plane, crew, visitors and the many veterans who visit Doc on tour. So, while I started by introducing Brett as a commercial, portrait and fine art photographer, today's focus will be the Aviation photography.

    From aviation manufacturers and publications, to industry leaders, businesses and entertainers, Brett's commercial client list keeps him pretty busy, so I am so grateful he was able to set aside some time to talk to us about how he captures these rare classic warbirds. And a quick thank you to Dr. T from Platypod for introducing us.

    Join commercial, portrait. fine art, and arial photographer Brett Schauf and me as we talk about how he captures his stunning images of classic warbirds, like the B-29 Doc. Brett shares his passion for capturing dynamic lighting and vibrant colors, whether in landscapes or mid-air. He also provides insights into the technical aspects and creative process behind his aerial shots. Join us for a conversation that offers valuable tips and inspiration for photographers at all levels, on this Behind the Shot.

    Connect with Brett

    Websites: brett.photo | tjstudios.com

    Instagram: @brettphoto

    Facebook: @bschauf

    X / Twitter: @brettphoto

    Brett's Photographer Picks

    Travis Heying: travisheying.com | @theying

    Seth Miranda: lastxwitness.com | @lastxwitness

    Joel Grimes: joelgrimes.com | @joelgrimesworkshops

    3 Guys Walk Into a Podcast

    3 Guys Walk Into a Podcast

    One of the things I love about the podcasting world is the instant camaraderie you sometimes feel when talking with other podcasters. It's hard to explain the connection you get when you have something creative in common with someone, but it's a pretty cool feeling. So, when a few months back I got a text from Kersten Luts, of the 'Camera Shake Podcast', to see if I wanted to join him and Dave Clayton, of the 'He Shoots, He Draws Podcast', for a joint podcast I answered with a quick "YES PLEASE!".

    Their idea was that we do a show on podcasting - a casual chat about how we got started, the ups and down, and why we still love doing our shows. We would record the show as a video, even though He Shoots, He Draws is normally audio only, and then we would each release the same show, on the same day, on each of our podcasts. I loved the concept as soon as I heard it, and the chance to do a show with these two friends made it even better.

    I have had the honor of being on both Kersten's and Dave's podcasts. I was the guest on Episode 93 of He Shoots, He Draws, and I have been on the Camera Shake Podcast twice, for Episode 134: How To Take Great Music Photos,  and on Episode 178 talking about how to Instantly Improve Your Photos, plus I was recently on Kersten's live streamed Coffee Time.

    For today's show we went pretty long, it's tough to stop when you're just having a fun chat with friends about a topic you love.

    Join podcasters Kersten Luts of the Camera Shake Podcast, and Dave Clayton of the He Shoots He Draws Podcast, as they join me for a joint show - available on all of our shows - talk about podcasting, poor audio, the Royal Family, and birthdays, on this Behind the Shot.

    Connect with Kersten Luts

    Website: kerstenluts.com

    Instagram (Personal): @kerstenluts

    Instagram (Three Heads In A Row): @threeheadsinarow

    Facebook: @kerstenlutsphotography

    X / Twitter: @kerstenphoto

    Camera Shake Podcast

    Website: camerashakepodcast.com

    YouTube: @camerashake

    Instagram: @camerashakepodcast

    Facebook: @camerashakepodcast

    X / Twitter: @ShakeCamera

    Connect with Dave Clayton

    Website: itsdaveclayton.com

    Instagram: @itsdaveclayton

    Facebook: @itsdaveclayton

    X / Twitter: @itsdaveclayton

    LinkedIN: @daveclayton

    He Shoots, He Draws Podcast

    Website: heshootshedrawspodcast.simplecast.com

    YouTube: @heshootshedrawspodcast3209

    Instagram: @heshootshedraws

    Facebook: @heshootshedraws

    X / Twitter: @heshootshedraws


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    Photographing Spirits of Carnival

    Photographing Spirits of Carnival

    The photographers I am exposed to by doing this show never cease to amaze me. Recently, my buddy Ian Spanier told a friend of his that he should be on the show, and gave him my contact info. At that point, Jason Gardner reached out to me, and when Ian, who has been on the show a few times himself, suggests someone I need to pay attention.

    Jason is an interesting photographer. He has galleries on his site for Editorial, Events, Personalities, and Lifestyle, and the work is fantastic. Honestly, there were a few of his lifestyle images I really wanted to cover on the show, and hopefully we get to revisit that subject one day. For this show though we look at a project Jason has been working on for years, a lot of years.

    For over 15 years, throughout 15 countries, Jason has documented the ritual and festival of Carnival, focusing on traditional, folkloric, and community celebrations. The resulting images, which are the subject of his second book, We the Spirits, and a window into how humanity, worldwide, celebrate life, tradition, and folklore. Photographs from We the Spirits were displayed in the exhibition Costume and Masquerade: at the Stadhaus in Ulm, Germany, and the project was selected to be exhibited at the Mois de la Photo OFF Photography festival in Paris, and that's just two of the many exhibitions that Jason's work has been displayed at, and in fact the images from We the Spirits will be on display again for an exhibition at Ted and Nune Studio, Street Hastings-on-Hudson, NY from April 6 - May 19.

    With a client list that includes Con Edison, HBO, TED Talks, Dassault Systèmes, Electrolux, Grand Central Station, Samsung Corporation, N-Y Historical Society, Freshworks, Ogilvy & Mather, Direct TV, Pfizer, Big Brothers Big Sisters NY, and Human Rights Watch, it's no wonder Jason has seen the success he has. Seriously, go check out his Lifestyle / Editorial work, or his Personalities gallery. So good.

    Getting back to that term "Visual Anthropology", Jason describes it this way:

    "In my practice, I document visually various aspects of a culture, and how it is celebrated, both venerating traditions and looking forward.

    I am interested in what constitutes cultures and most especially how they are celebrated, from honoring traditions to envisaging the future. By focusing on cultural manifestations such as music, dance, festival, and spectacle, as well as symbols, street art, glyphs, costumes, or shrines in a closet, I capture the intangible, visually translating the symbolic connections of what might not be visible at first glance.

    Placing my photographic practice within the framework of Visual Anthropology, I hope to tell stories by focusing on cultures, traditions and practices which often happen behind the public’s view. I capture things that build up to define the cultural milieu and community’s regional identities. I look for that ineffable moment of transformation in a ceremony, the traditional song or costume epitomizing regional pride and identity, a symbol representing a culture, these all combine to reflect the culture.

    I wish to reveal some of the diversity of the spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional landscape of a community. Making the connections among the various manifestations, to show their relationship with each other, and how they interlock, helps to form my view of the culture I am documenting. These displays of culture are significant, to me, in that they represent one of the more profound ways that humans can express themselves."

    And I think all of that comes through in his work.

    Join documentary photographer Jason Gardner and me as we talk about his "Visual Anthropology", and as we dissect one of the images from his travels documenting the ritual and festival of Carnival throughout 15 countries, on this Behind the Shot.

    Connect with Jason

    Website: jasongardner.net

    • 55 min
    Product Photography

    Product Photography

    I never used to go to photography conferences. It's not that they didn't interest me, it's just that none of them cover my genre of music photography. WPPI is all about weddings and portraits, and while Imaging USA seems to cover a bit more, it doesn't go anywhere near concerts. Still, a few years ago I went to WPPI with a friend, to cover it on the show, and I found out that I didn't care what the conference covered. What I enjoyed the most was meeting other photographers after hours to talk shop. Since then, I have been to all but one WPPI, and a few of the old Photoshop World conferences - which I really miss.

    That is all to say that no matter what you think of conferences, the networking side is almost always worth the trip. This past January I decided to try out my first Imaging USA, partly because it was in Louisville, KY, the home of the Bourbon Trail. The conference, for me, was a huge success. I was able to hang out with some old friends, and meet a few new ones, like today's guest. While at Imaging I stopped by to say hello to my friends at the Platypod booth, and while there I met fellow Platypod Pro Lenworth Johnson.

    Lenworth is a commercial fashion and beauty photographer based in Houston, TX, and originally from Jamaica. We talked a bit at the conference, and I browsed through his site, and knew right then I needed to get him on the show. My original thought was to cover one of his amazing fashion or beauty shots, since that's what he's mostly known for, but that would have been obvious. Instead I decided we should focus on a tangential part of his work. Lenworth also shoots fashion related product photography, like perfumes and makeup, and I have never really had that genre on the show before.

    The challenges of product photography are quite varied, from holding highlights on reflective surfaces, to subject separation and color accuracy, and Lenworth tackles these challenges so well I thought he could help you and I get a better sense of this difficult subject matter.

    His work has been honored with multiple awards:

    2019 Guru Awards Photoshop World Award

    2020 Silver Advertising Award MIFA Award

    2022 Gold Commercial Photography-Product MUSE Awards

    2023 Gold People Photography-Portrait MUSE Awards

    2023 Gold Commercial Photography-Fashion MUSE Awards

    As a KelbyOne instructor, Lenworth teaches a few classes, including Fashion & Beauty, lighting, and getting published.

    Join commercial fashion and beauty photographer Lenworth Johnson and me as we talk about his fashion and beauty work, and as we dissect his product shot of Chanel makeup, on this Behind the Shot.

    Connect with Lenworth

    Website: lenworthjohnson.com

    Instagram: @lenworth.johnson

    Facebook: @photographyLJ

    X / Twitter: @LJ_Photography1

    LinkedIN: @lenworth-johnson-2966a319

    Lenworth's KelbyOne Classes

    KelbyOne: KelbyOne.com

    Lenworth's Photographer Pick

    Mary Bel: marybelphotography.com | @marybelphotography

    • 51 min
    Artistic Macros

    Artistic Macros

    One of my favorite parts of doing this podcast is that I get to discover and meet some amazing photographers, and L.A. based Nikon Ambassador Joey Terrill is a perfect example.

    We've all joked about a photographer we know being able to "shoot anything", but in reality very few people can truly shoot any subject matter. There are a few out there though, Joe McNally comes to mind, that just get it. Their photography seems to breath it's own air, and be alive. Joey is one of those talents. His career has included a range of specialties including architecture and interior design, advertising and corporate photography, golf course landscapes, and editorial portraiture, and his macro photography is fascinating.

    Joey's website has three galleries, Portraits, Scenes, and Macro, and if you spend a little time there you'll get some insight into how Joey sees the world. Perhaps this quote from his website sums it up best:

    "My camera is the window through which I experience life"

    From extreme close-up or a vast valley, to a portrait of a corporate CEO made to look like a star, Mr. Terrill just seems to understand what we are doing when we take a photo. He understands how to make a viewer feel something, as though they've been invited into the scene. That, my friend, is a skill I wish I had.

    Joey has worked with clients like American Express, Coca-Cola, Disney, Golf Digest, Major League Baseball, Nikon, Red Bull and Sports Illustrated. As an educator he teaches workshops and speaks at seminars including PhotoPlus Expo, WPPI, CES, Imaging USA, and of course Nikon School.

    Join photographer and Nikon Ambassador Joey Terrill and me as we dive into the artistic world of his macro photography, on this Behind the Shot.

    Connect with Joey

    Website: joeyterrill.com

    Instagram: @joeyterrill

    Glass: @joeyterrill

    Facebook: @joeyterrill

    X / Twitter: @joeyterrill

    Joey's Photographer Pick

    George Hurrell: georgehurrell.com | @hurrellphotos

    • 1 hr 5 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
56 Ratings

56 Ratings

twd13 ,


For photographers that have never listened to Steve’s show or only pick and choose episodes based on the topic, you’re missing out on the chance to see how outstanding artists and practitioners approach their craft and think through problems. I find gold nuggets in every episode. As an example, I have no particular interest in Macro photography, but Steve’s interview with Joey Terrill was just loaded with helpful advice that was applicable to any genre. I’ve been a long time listener and find this to be regularly true - I come away from virtually every episode having learned *something*. Keep up the good work, Steve!

StukenborgPhoto ,

Listening vs Seeing

Steve Brazill could describe a Canon Manual Table of Contents and make it sound interesting! If you have only heard the podcast, I encourage you to check out the video version and see how he connects with his guests! Then the icing on the cake is seeing the images Steve so brilliantly describes! Big Thank You to Steve for bringing us such great content!

tajolly ,

Superb Stuff

This is my favorite podcast, and not just for photography. I discovered it by accident while searching for something else and feel like I’ve found a friend. Or maybe it’s just that it always seems like I’m eavesdropping on something special in each of Steve Brazill’s conversations with his talented guests. If you’re passionate about photography, you'll find this podcast/YouTube show fascinating, guaranteed.

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