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A lifelong Spielberg fan and a Spielberg doubter go film by film looking for what they may have missed.

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A lifelong Spielberg fan and a Spielberg doubter go film by film looking for what they may have missed.

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4.4 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

gooniesneversay ,

Poorly researched but entertaining

They tend to act like over sensitive Californians. Chunk is stereotypically Jewish which they mention towards the end. But they’re not up in arms. However Data’s accent being used for comedy and they’re crying like babies. Wahhh. The 80s is full of fat kid characters. Yes they’re at the end of jokes but all of the other goodies are made fun of to. They all have something to pick on.

g9bean ,

Dig this topic and format.

I love apathy v enthusiasm podcasts. These guys are great whether or not you've seen the movie discussed.

UsJordans ,

I can't help but disagree and agree to disagree…

Sorry for the book but I've never been short on words, I'm using iPhone dictation, so there might be some words that don't make sense, and even without it there still might be words don't make sense. Anyways when we get started by saying hello to Matt and Justin, I'm a big fan of the show and Speilberg (of course), and have listened to all except for the Kazam one. I am usually compelled to write you a note after each podcast, but then I don't feel strongly enough about what I have to tell you to do so. however this time it's different... because both of you speak so highly of your love for Temple of doom, but I don't know how you can feel that way when all I heard you talk about was your hatred, to put it most accurately, of the female lead Willy. I don't know how you can love the film when she is in it from virtual the first frame of live-action to the last. Now the " the kate-tastrophe" as I have coined it, although I don't know if it was her idea to "act" that way or whether it was her soon to be husband's direction ?? .. It doesn't matter, it's too late now, unless Spielberg decides to do a special edition (boo!) it all comes down to hating her character so much, is it possible to still love the movie?? I could not tolerate the non stop screaming and whining. IiiIinnndddyyy!!! ew! dialogue delivered like an episode of the Kardashian's.
And then I thought of something after listening to your podcast, I thought ... Could it be possible that Spielberg was attempting to make her dislikable enough that you actually would want Indy to be capable of throwing her into the pit? Or at least you wouldn't mind so much. even better, have the Voodoo man take his mask off to reveal Karen Allen who begins to reach for Willy's heart, then Indy says, "Marian, snap out of it" to which she replies "I'm not hypnotized" then plunging her fist into her chest but not to rip out her heart but her vocal chords...
Too much?
The last bit there was a joke, but the first part about Spielberg making the character slightly dislikable is a possibility I think whether it was done consciously or unconsciously. Either way, you can tell I am not a big fan of this movie , although I also enjoy Spielberg's direction of the mine shaft chase, it's up there with some of the best action direction from dual to Jurassic ...

Also, I wanted to bring this up with you one more time especially now with Halloween coming up it could be a great podcast for Halloween and October. THE ORIGINAL "Poltergeist ", I think you should give Speilberg the directing credit he deserves for Poltergeist. Because beyond Texas chainsaw massacre, can you to name another successful movie that Tobe Hooper has directed?? No.
There really is none. And when you watch Poltergeist, it is the suburban horror night mare equivalent to ET. It has Spielberg all over it right down to the Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack, The flawed parents and the incredibly quirky yet lovable children, Robby: You got bit? All it needs is Carolanne riding a bicycle across the moon with the creepy little psychic lady in the bike basket. But really, read articles about the making the film from back then when it was released, you'll find stories about Spielberg being on the set practically every day telling Tobe Hooper what to do or just out and out directing the movie. Spielberg even mentioned this to reporters when the film was released, which so I might ask did he really need to take more credit? I felt it was for fear that maybe some other producer might hire Tobe Hooper and expect the same. Whatever the reason I'm sure putting his name on it wasn't bad for business especially since it was right after ET.

So thanks for all that you do, happy Halloween! (Now if you can play the audio track from ET the Halloween segment that mom taking their pictures and has ET pointing at a costume Yoda "home". I think that would be a good end to the show.)
Now look who is directing.

J Jordan

PS. I apologize if I have sent to 10 copies of the same review? I am unfamiliar with how to edit the text once you are done. Thanks again

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