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Chris Gore @thatChrisGore from DVDuesday, g4, “Podcrash with That Chris Gore” and of course Film Threat Magazine has many many hilarious appearances on the Proudly Resents podcast. Chris Gore talks about Planet of the Apes, Logan’s Run, Heart Beeps and gives the inside scoop on the Roger Corman Fantastic 4 movie.

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Chris Gore @thatChrisGore from DVDuesday, g4, “Podcrash with That Chris Gore” and of course Film Threat Magazine has many many hilarious appearances on the Proudly Resents podcast. Chris Gore talks about Planet of the Apes, Logan’s Run, Heart Beeps and gives the inside scoop on the Roger Corman Fantastic 4 movie.

    The Fantastic 4 Marvel Won’t let You to See

    The Fantastic 4 Marvel Won’t let You to See

    UPDATE: /Film just announced a new “Family friendly” version is in the works!

    The Fantastic 4 (1994) was hidden. Listen to the inside scoop on the infamous Roger Corman “Fantastic 4.” It was a movie no one was supposed to see. The prints were burned. Who leaked it? Why would a company want to make a movie just to shelve it?

    Chris Gore was the editor of “Film Threat” magazine. He did a cover story about the production – not knowing the film was doomed. DOOMED! Chris give his insight on this blockbuster bootleg. Everything you ever wanted (or not wanted) to know about the early ’90s feature film. Gore is a movie/comic book nut. So he goes off on fun tangents about all things nerdy. Luckily for us, being nerdy is in now.

    I know Chris Gore was on before talking about The Fantastic 4 movie, but I wanted him to get into more details. So to my brother who called me out on having Chris Gore talk about the movie twice, lean back and learn more.

    Here’s some background onThe Fantastic 4 from Wikipedia:

    n 1983, German producer Bernd Eichinger met with Marvel Comics‘ Stan Lee at Lee’s Los Angeles home to explore obtaining an option for a movie based on theFantastic Four.  The option was not available until three years later, when Eichinger’s Neue Constantin film company obtained it for a price the producer called “not enormous” and which has been estimated to be $250,000.  Despite some interest from Warner Bros. and Columbia Pictures, budget concerns precluded any production, and with the option scheduled to expire on December 31, 1992, Neue Constantin asked Marvel for an extension. With none forthcoming, Eichinger planned to retain his option by producing a low-budget Fantastic Four film, reasoning, he said in 2005, “They didn’t say I had to make a big movie.”  In September 1992, he teamed with B-movie specialist Roger Corman, who agreed to produce the film on a $1 million budget.

    Production of Fantastic 4 began on December 28, 1992 under music video director Oley Sassone. Storyboards were drawn by artist Pete Von Sholly.  The 21-day or 25-day production was shot on the Concorde Pictures sound stage in Venice, California, as well as in Agoura, California for a spacecraft-crash scene, the Loyola Marymount campus for a lab-explosion scene, and the former a class="mw-redirect" title="Pacific Stock Exchange" href="https://en.wikipedia.

    Chris Gore, Jenna Busch & R2D2 – “Heartbeeps” Live!

    Chris Gore, Jenna Busch & R2D2 – “Heartbeeps” Live!

    We talk Andy Kaufman’s Heartbeeps with Chris Gore, Jenna Busch, Conan/Tonight show writer Josh Comers, comedian Brent Weinbach and R2-D2 (Tommy Bechtold) to talk robot love. Plus Tony Clifton tells racist jokes! Heartbeeps

    In August Chris Gore asked if I wanted to do a live show where his show “Podcrash” crashes my live show of “Proudly Resents.” Of course I said yes, but I had not idea what I was getting myself into. Listen to the show and behind the scenes stuff on today’s episode.

    The real Tony Clifton called in the show. He was friends with Andy and something to do with making “Heartbleeps.” In fact, Andy had to do “Heartbleeps” first before they made the Tony Clifton movie. “Heartbleeps” bombed so bad, the TC film was never made.

    It’s amazing to hear Tony tell the most racist jokes ever. The audience is packed with people dress in cosplay. It was cool to see people dressed as sexy elves get offended. I had to hang up on him.

    Since he won the “Andy Kaufman Award” I asked Brent Weinbach to do stand up on the show. In honor of Kaufman, I had Brent only do his visual jokes. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    This was a fun and funny show. Great times.

    Watch “Heartbeeps” on Netflix free!

    Enjoy Comicon

    Listen to past live shows…

    “A live Tribute to Troma”

    With Christian Finnegan (Late Late Show) Mike C. Williams (Blair Witch Project) Asta Paredes & Catherine Corcoran (Return to Nuke’Em High) Robert Prichard (Class of Nuke Em High) and music from Ben Lerman. Recorded at the NYC Podfest.


    With Eric Schaeffer, Frank Conniff (MST3K), Bryan Tucker (SNL head writer) and music from Rob Paravonian. Recorded at the first NYC Podfest.

    “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas” with guests Jimmy Pardo, Todd Levin (Conan) and comedian Sharon Houston (Punk’d) Recorded at the world-famous Melrose Improv.

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    “Logan’s Run” with That Chris Gore

    “Logan’s Run” with That Chris Gore

    Chris Gore (From every podcast on itunes) picked “Logan’s Run” as  his second favorite guilty pleasure movie. It’s great. Good plot, very cheesy effects (well models and toy trains) and tissue box robots. Apparently in the future, there are no bras. Gore is his hilarious self as he talks about the history of the film and his favorite parts.

    This is the last part of a two hour interview we did a while back. This is the turkey sandwich after Thanks Giving. The best part in between some fresh bread.

    Listen before that red dot tells you to die!

    No more Gore..Actually we might tape a new show next Tuesday. Send us a recommendation.

    Next week is a slightly longer show with TV’s Frank from MST3000. We’ll talk about “Valley of the Dolls.”

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    His first favorite guilty pleasure movie?  Click here. (sfw)

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    The History of “The Planet of the Apes” w/ Chris Gore!

    The History of “The Planet of the Apes” w/ Chris Gore!

    Chris Gore returns to give the history of The Planet of the Apes movies and his shocking opinion of the “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” Plus, he reveals the secret of being a TV expert. And the Zach Galifianakis sketch that almost happened.

    Chris Gore is on G4’s “Attack of the Show” doing DVD reviews. He’s also the star of his own podcast where he replays interviews he did on other shows. Including this one. Come to think of it, don’t listen to this show, wait for it to be on “Podcrash with That Chis Gore.”

    Actually, listen to this show. it’s short. Under 30 minutes. That’s because I interviewed Chris for almost two hours and cut it up into three shows. The next one is the last one. We discuss “Logan’s Run” on the next installment of the Gore Tapes. He came into talk about Logan’s Run, but he gotta talking and I gotta taping.



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    Chris Gore Saves Hollywood! (Again)

    Chris Gore Saves Hollywood! (Again)

    Chris Gore (G4, “Film Threat”) discusses the best summer movie, the knock off “Fantastic Four” movie that you’ll never see, his favorite strip clubs, dating secrets, beer in movies, The Avengers movie, starting a major magazine from Kinkos, and the best drive in movie theater in California.


    Chris Gore agreed to come on and talk about his favorite film “Logan’s Run.” But from the moment he stepped into the studio he started talking and I started taping. Very funny and very informative 40 minutes of ridiculousness.

    Plus: “Luggage Tuesday” takes on prank calls in the 21st century. Also, check out the webseries, “Chapel.”

    Check out he Trailer for low-budget “Fantastic 4.”

    More like, “The Pretty Good Three” am I right

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