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Conversations around marketing for coaches that empowers them to attract Better clients, build a Bolder offer and be Braver with prices, planning and purpose.

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Conversations around marketing for coaches that empowers them to attract Better clients, build a Bolder offer and be Braver with prices, planning and purpose.

    Returning to my Tribe with Melanie Kovacs

    Returning to my Tribe with Melanie Kovacs

    Melanie is a business coach and the co-founder of Joypreneurs, a community for women in innovation who want to build something of their own, with ease and joy.

    Melanie has been on a journey herself, finding that joy is her motivator. Being part of the Better Bolder Braver community, the THNK School of Creative Leadership and also The Happy Startup School communities have helped her with this, as she has enjoyed creating for creating’s sake, learning a lot about herself along the way. She sees entrepreneurialism as another self-growth tool, and is keen to support other women on a similar path to find joy too.

    Melanie is an example of a coach who has chosen to find, guide and inspire people with similar experiences to her. This is not an appropriate niching path for all coaches, for whom working with people just like them may be triggering. But for Melanie - who is hugely inspired by Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey - it is important for her to “return to her tribe”, tell her story, help people explore and play. And, as a result, find joy and clarity on their next (work) steps.

    With Better Bolder Braver behind her, Melanie is continuing to find joy, stay curious, find her people and also be open - to collaborative models and to what she builds next.

    So much of this conversation will no doubt resonate with many coaches.

    You can join the next conversation live on our Corwdcast channel: https://www.crowdcast.io/betterbolderbraver

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    How do I find high-paying coaching clients?

    How do I find high-paying coaching clients?

    Whatever your motivation for being a coach, your coaching is a business. As such, it’s there (at least in part) to make money. Yet, just like everyone else in the world, you only have so many hours in the day. How do you make the most of those hours?

    There are various options to maximise your business earnings and they tend to boil down to a question of efficiency. For example, you could look into creating multiple revenue streams – not just coaching clients but offering courses, selling materials and other resources that could earn you some passive income.

    Whatever the option, our main focus is not on “getting rich quick” or using coaching clients to “make a fast buck”. As ethical marketers, our focus is on a fair exchange of value with the client in a way that sustains and nourishes you to deliver more of your important work.

    The question is how to do that while being more efficient and maximising your earnings. One way is to look for clients who will pay a higher price for your coaching service.

    You can read the blog version on our website: https://betterbolderbraver.com/how-do-i-find-high-paying-coaching-clients/

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    How do I find coaching clients on LinkedIn?

    How do I find coaching clients on LinkedIn?

    Social media is a great tool, especially LinkedIn for making connections, networking, joining like-minded communities, and of course, finding clients. But like any tool, it only works when you know how to use it.

    The top three questions we get from coaches about how to use LinkedIn are:

    What should I post about?
    How do I connect with more clients?
    How do I convert connections to clients (i.e. get them to say yes to working with me)?

    In this podcast, I’ll answer these three questions (though not necessarily in the above order!) and talk about how as a coach you can use LinkedIn to attract clients who are the perfect fit.

    You don’t need to create endless content and you don’t need to rely on ads. Our process is all about starting meaningful conversations with your LinkedIn connections and finding clients organically.

    You can read the blog version on our website: https://betterbolderbraver.com/how-do-i-find-coaching-clients-on-linkedin/

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    How do I get coaching clients after qualifying?

    How do I get coaching clients after qualifying?

    Qualifying as a coach is a fantastic start to an exciting and rewarding journey. You get to make an impact on your clients’ lives. Your training has taught you all about how to coach, including practical experience through co-coaching. The challenge now is finding some clients.

    But how to find them when the ink is still wet on your coaching certificate?

    Not to worry – the process is simple and doesn’t cost a lot of money to get up and running, although it may be less ‘sales-y’ than you think. Marketing coaching services is a little different to the classic sales approach, being focused more on conversations than conversions.

    This episode will point you in the right direction and offer some signposts to a marketing strategy that isn’t just about chasing leads, likes and views.

    You can read the blog version on our website: https://betterbolderbraver.com/how-do-i-get-coaching-clients-after-qualifying/

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    How to turn your coaching service into a product

    How to turn your coaching service into a product

    Marketing is often talked about in relation to ‘products’ – but how does that apply when you view what you do as a service?

    What’s more, why bother thinking in product terms? Why not just market your services?

    For the simple reason, people (potential clients) are more comfortable buying products. Products – whether the latest iPhone or a tin of peas – are tangible, demonstrable, easier to attribute value to.

    If your marketing can give people something to grasp (literally or metaphorically) about what you’re offering then they’ll see it as valuable – at which point they start to think seriously about buying.

    Here we often talk about marketing your coaching as a product and I realised the other day that I’ve never actually written about a very common question I get asked: What is a coaching product? In this episode we'll find out.

    You can also read the blog version: https://betterbolderbraver.com/how-to-turn-your-coaching-service-into-a-product/

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    Podcasting: the Power to Change Worlds and Lives with Mark Steadman

    Podcasting: the Power to Change Worlds and Lives with Mark Steadman

    "The human voice is more persuasive than the written word, and stories have the power to change worlds and lives. You can use your voice to create positive impact - to build trust, educate, and "deepen the conversation".  

    This is what Mark Steadman truly believes, lives by and helps others understand, feel confident in and get creative with. He runs a school for purposeful people who want to use their voice to create impact, but who are also trying to keep on top of life.    

    Mark founded Podcode - a "podcast school and community for changemakers" - so he could share his knowledge and experience – the wins and losses he’s racked up – during his time behind the mic. He's on a mission to help social entrepreneurs feel empowered to technically produce and emotionally own their podcasts... generous gifts to those they want to help, compelling story tools to those whose support they would like and mirrors up to their own needs, wants and values.  

    We will be talking to Mark about how it feels to him to support the People Helpers - to feel like an 'Agent of Change' himself, and how being in a community and having a guide to follow can support not only an individual but an entire movement... starting with yourself.  Mark has been making podcasts since 2008. He works with best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, artists, and celebrities. His work has been highlighted by the BBC, and he presented the Comedy award at the inaugural British Podcast Awards in 2017. He runs the Birmingham Podcast Festival in the UK’s second city, and has produced a murder mystery podcast in under 15 minutes, live on stage, twice in one day.   

    He founded the podcast hosting company Podiant in 2016and sold it in the Spring of 2021. He now spends his time exclusively helping podcasters get results on their terms.  Mark has had both Simon and Frances on his own new podcast show, Ear Brain Heart. Through these conversations with entrepreneurs, thinkers, and change-makers who are working towards a better future, Mark explores the way we show up for audiences, build trust and effect change.   

    And we are delighted now to return the invitation.  

    If you would like people to hear your story... look no further.  

    Descript for editing: https://www.descript.com/?lmref=PVcNrA  

    Seths Podcast Ads podcast: https://shows.acast.com/akimbo/episodes/podcast-ads  

    Marks Podcast: https://podcode.co/listen/earbrainheart/

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