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A business, life, and optometry podcast focused on delivering insights and knowledge from varied guest interviews to feed the space between your temples, helping you become a better informed health professional. Hosted by Matt Michniewicz and Optometric Insights

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A business, life, and optometry podcast focused on delivering insights and knowledge from varied guest interviews to feed the space between your temples, helping you become a better informed health professional. Hosted by Matt Michniewicz and Optometric Insights

    Ali Khan - A Journey Through Time in the Ophthalmic Industry

    Ali Khan - A Journey Through Time in the Ophthalmic Industry

    Interview with Ali Khan, the founder and CEO of the Academy of Ophthalmic Education, Forrest Lecturer at Ryerson University, Seneca College, and Georgian College, Special Faculty at the University of Toronto Department of Ophthalmology, President of Optical Express and the mind behind the first ever optical franchise business, and past president of the College of Opticians of Ontario.

    We discuss Ali's journey from the day he landed in Canada from India, and started from the bottom of the optical industry and eventually climbed to the top where he helped shape many of the programs and regulations we have today. Ali's career path mirrors the progression of the fields of opticianry and optometry, and reminds us how much the field can change in short periods of time.

    We end our discussion with a look ahead at what Ali and the AOE have in store for us, including the launch of AOE's very own online CE platform for US and Canadian ODs (free for students), a COVD approved 100 hour Vision Therapy course, destination CE in the Bahamas, and plans for the 2020 University Hospital Network Eyeball.

    You can learn more about the AOE and upcoming events here, currently highlighting:


    - 2020 CE Jan 23-25 in Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas featuring Dr. Whitney Hauser, Dr. Scott Schacter, Dr. Andrew Morgenstern, Dr. Alan Glazier, Dr. Patrick Quiad and Dr. Curt Baxstrom
    - Fall of 2019 AOE Online COPE approved CE platform



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    Dr. Mahta Rasouli - Telemedicine & E-Eyecare

    Dr. Mahta Rasouli - Telemedicine & E-Eyecare

    Interview with Dr. Mahta Rasouli, OMD. Have you wondered if there is anything coming to displace fax in our profession, or if there is a better way to send referrals and co-manage patients with OMDs?

    Dr. Mahta Rasouli is an ophthalmologist practicing in Edmonton, Alberta. She is the founder and national medical director of e-eyecare. She identified a need for change in our health care system after treating many
    patients who are forced to travel to Edmonton from hundreds of kilometers away. After studying the subject further, she realized that many issues related to eye care
    could be managed remotely by an ophthalmologist. This lead to the creation of e-eyecare, as a save-and-forward method of information delivery, with the hope of
    enhancing Canadian patients’ access to ocular care, and saving our health care system
    much needed funds.

    Her platform is live and functional, and you can access it for free via https://www.e-eyecare.com/doctors/

    For questions, you can contact Dr. Rasouli at info@e-eyecare.com

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    David Boldovitch - Personal Insurance & Investing for ODs

    David Boldovitch - Personal Insurance & Investing for ODs

    This is an episode you don't want to miss especially if you are just
    getting started in your career. Ensure you are aware of all the
    insurance/investment instruments available to you before jumping into
    any permanent/long term plans, and find out one way the truly wealthy
    invest and shelter their investments. On today's episode:

    Interview with David Boldovitch, who works as a financial adviser and
    group benefits broker under his own company, Bold Financial Services
    based in Toronto.

    David has strong ties to the ophthalmic community, having previously
    owned and operated a turnkey equipment rental company called MTSP that
    provided everything from OCT/HRTs to YAG Lasers and Fundus Cameras for
    ODs and OMDs. He also owned and distributed his own line of private
    label contact lenses, called PCL Contacts for several years, before
    selling both businesses and transitioning into financial services.

    David has been doing talks at the University of Waterloo for the last
    few years on everything personal insurance related, and today he
    shares with us what you need to know when it comes to protecting
    yourself and your loved ones for the long haul, and protecting your
    hard earned income through unique tax saving structures.

    You'll learn about life insurance plans, investing within them and tax
    advantages you can benefit from, critical illness insurance, and
    disability insurance.

    You can contact David, and find out more about him, and the services
    he offers across the majority of Canada through here:

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    Dr. Michael Kreuzer - Student to Owner

    Dr. Michael Kreuzer - Student to Owner

    Interview with Dr. Michael Kreuzer, who graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2017, and within a year opened up his own clinic, Glasses Half Full, from scratch. Michael practices out of Edmonton, Alberta, and shares with us his story of preparation to go from graduate to clinic owner, and what his first year as an owner looked like. You can find out more about his office at https://www.glasseshalffull.com/our-team/ as well as follow him and his team on Instagram at @Glasses.Half.Full

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    Kristen Bentley, OD, Life Coach: Career and Life Fulfillment

    Kristen Bentley, OD, Life Coach: Career and Life Fulfillment

    My interview with Kristen Bentley, OD and Life Coach. Kristen is a seasoned life and leadership coach, and is now an international trainer for, and on the faculty of, the world's largest coach training school: The Coaches Training Institute.

    Our conversation takes us through Kristen's career within optometry, and her eventual transition out of it and into life/career coaching. Kristen shares with us advice, lessons, and insight into her current line of work, how she helps her clients achieve success and fulfillment in their lives, and offers practical wisdom for anyone at a crossroads in their career.

    To learn more about Kristen, and her work, see here: http://whole-lifeleadership.com/kristen-bentley/

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    Stephen Freedman - Fixed Income Investing

    Stephen Freedman - Fixed Income Investing

    Interview with Stephen Freedman of WhiteHaven Securities, an investment broker and dealer with over 40 years of experience across almost all asset classes. We discuss personal wealth management, alternative investments, and an in depth looked at fixed income investment vehicles outside of the traditional public bond and equity markets. Broaden your investment horizons with this week's episode. For more info, please find Stephen on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenfreedmandealoftheyear/

    Disclaimer: The material in this episode is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and is never intended to be taken as investment advice. Please speak with a licensed and accredited investment broker before any investment decisions. The Between Two Temples Podcast, Optometric Insights, and myself do not endorse, or receive endorsement from any of the investment vehicles discussed.

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