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Beyond Bourbon Street is the podcast where we explore the food, music, places, people and events that make New Orleans unique.
Whether you are planning a trip, currently living in New Orleans or simply wanting a taste of the Crescent City from wherever you are, you’ve come to the right place!

Beyond Bourbon Street, an Insider's Guide to New Orleans Mark Bologna

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Beyond Bourbon Street is the podcast where we explore the food, music, places, people and events that make New Orleans unique.
Whether you are planning a trip, currently living in New Orleans or simply wanting a taste of the Crescent City from wherever you are, you’ve come to the right place!

    Mississippi River Cruise

    Mississippi River Cruise

    Join Scott Eddy and Chris Palmer as they embark on a thrilling river cruise down the iconic Mississippi River. From intimate connections with fellow travelers to capturing breathtaking photography, their journey promises adventure and discovery.
    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Discover the fascinating history and culture along the Mississippi River on a unique cruise experience. Immerse yourself in the charm of small ship river cruises, offering an intimate and personalized exploration of the Mississippi River. Explore the lesser-known, yet captivating attractions that await you on a river cruise adventure. Indulge in delectable and diverse food offerings that showcase the flavors of the regions along the Mississippi River. Capture breathtaking moments and stunning landscapes through exceptional photography opportunities on your river cruise journey.
    Slowing down and enjoying the nuances of a place is something we don't do enough of in our fast-paced lives. - Chris Palmer

    Curated experiences like a river cruise allow you to go beyond the tourist attractions and truly immerse yourself in the local culture. - Scott Eddy

    The Mississippi River Voyage discussed in this episode was put on by American Queen Voyages.

    To follow Scott on social media:
    Instagram (@MrScottEddy)
    Twitter (@MrScottEddy)


    • 34 min
    Garden District Revisited

    Garden District Revisited

    Creating a More Inclusive Experience: Incorporating Slavery into Garden District Tours with Christine Miller and Karen Fernandez

    Join tour guides Christine Miller and Karen Fernandez as they dive deep into the history of the Garden District, uncovering the often overlooked role of slavery in its development. From the architectural landmarks built by enslaved people to the complex narratives of the neighborhood, this tour will leave you questioning the stories you thought you knew. Are you ready to confront the uncomfortable truths of the past?

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    * Discover the hidden stories of the Garden District that reveal the impact of slavery, shedding light on a crucial chapter of New Orleans' history.

    * Explore the historical and architectural significance of the Garden District, unlocking the secrets behind its unique charm and beauty.

    • 52 min
    Unleashing the Funk: Big Sam’s Musical Journey

    Unleashing the Funk: Big Sam’s Musical Journey

    Get ready to groove with Big Sam, the renowned trombonist and bandleader of Big Sam’s Funky Nation. Join him as he shares his insights on the importance of putting on a show and preserving New Orleans’ musical heritage.
    Big Sam Williams, the renowned New Orleans musician, has always had a deep passion for music. From a young age, he knew he wanted to do something extraordinary with his talent. His journey began in middle school when he joined the marching band, seeking an outlet for his musical aspirations. Little did he know, this decision would shape his future.
    Introduced to the trombone by a music teacher named Daryl Dickerson, Big Sam quickly fell in love with the instrument. Despite his initial struggles, he persevered, teaching himself to play by ear and immersing himself in the world of music theory. As he honed his skills, he realized that he had a natural talent for reading music and a deep understanding of musical concepts.
    In high school, Big Sam and his friends formed their own band, the Stooges Brass Band, which marked the beginning of his professional music career. Through his experiences in various marching bands and collaborations with esteemed musicians, Big Sam found his calling and has since become a celebrated figure in the New Orleans music scene. His story is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the transformative nature of music.

    • 59 min
    EP 193 - Louisiana Lens

    EP 193 - Louisiana Lens

    Louisiana Lens: A Visual Journey  Louisiana with John Lawrence
    Discover the captivating history of Louisiana through a lens in John Lawrence's new book. From the elegant autochrome process to the timeless allure of Mardi Gras, these photographs transport you to a bygone era. Now, after four decades of curating historic New Orleans photographs, he unveils Louisiana Lens, a captivating book that takes you on an immersive journey through time.

    In this episode of Final Cuts, host Mark Bologna sits down with John Lawrence, the former curator of the Historic New Orleans Collection's photography holdings. Lawrence recently released a book called Louisiana Lens, which showcases a hundred photographs from the collection.

    Lawrence's passion for photography led him to become the curator of photographs, shaping the growth of the collection over the years. The goal of his book was to select 100 photographs that represent the development of photographic technology and offer individual interpretations to each viewer.

    Through images accompanied by narratives, the book allows readers to explore the multilayered nature of each photograph, weaving together the immutable characteristics of the image, its historical context, and the personal interpretation of the viewer.

    Whether you're a photography enthusiast or simply interested in the history of Louisiana, this episode provides a deeper understanding of the state's rich history through the lens of photography. So grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and dive into the captivating world of Louisiana's history through the camera lens.

    "A photograph needs to be appreciated for what it was then at that moment, but also through the lens of today." - John Lawrence

    • 46 min


    Absinthe Resurgence: From Ban to Boom - A Conversation with Marielle Songy
    Have you ever heard the myths surrounding absinthe?

    Myth #1: Absinthe can make you hallucinate.
    Myth #2: It was banned for being a dangerous drug.
    Myth #3: The Green Fairy was a mystical presence associated with absinthe.

    In this episode, our guest Marielle Songy will reveal the truth behind these intriguing tales and unravel the fascinating history and culture of absinthe.

    Step into the captivating world of absinthe, where the threads of history intertwine with the allure of a mysterious elixir. Join Marielle Songy as she uncovers the secrets behind the enigmatic Absinthe Frappé, a cocktail that holds the key to New Orleans' vibrant past. With every page turned, immerse yourself in the tales of bartenders and bans, controversies and creativity.

    Marielle Songy, a food and culture writer from the New Orleans area, found herself captivated by the rich history and cultural significance of absinthe. When approached by LSU Press to write a book for their iconic New Orleans cocktail series, she was drawn to the Absinthe Frappé, a unique cocktail that originated in New Orleans.

    With a love for absinthe and a desire to delve into its intriguing past, Marielle embarked on a journey to uncover the origins and stories behind this enigmatic spirit. From the invention of the Frappé to the controversies and bans surrounding absinthe, Marielle's research allowed her to explore the deep connections between absinthe, art, and literature. Through her writing, she brings to life the vibrant history and cultural significance of absinthe, inviting readers on a journey of discovery into the world of this beloved and misunderstood spirit.

    Absinthe has touched so much throughout history, in art and writing and things like that. It has a connection to New Orleans because of its French connections. - Marielle Songy

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Discover the fascinating origins and cultural significance of absinthe, exploring its rich history and the myths that surround this infamous spirit. Uncover the traditional method of serving absinthe, including the intriguing process of looshing and the ritualistic addition of sugar, elevating your absinthe experience to new heights. Dive into the captivating story behind the invention of the absinthe frappé cocktail, a refreshing and popular drink in the late 19th century that will transport you to a bygone era of indulgence. Learn about the pivotal role Ted Breaux played in lifting the absinthe ban, reintroducing this beloved spirit to the United States, and discover the secrets behind his Jade Liqueurs crafted with traditional herbs. Explore the mesmerizing influence of absinthe on art and literature, discovering how famous artists and writers of the past were inspired by this enigmatic drink to create masterpieces that still captivate us today.

    • 27 min
    The Dew Drop Inn

    The Dew Drop Inn

    Honoring Musical Legends: Curtis Doucette and the Restoration of the Dew Drop Inn
    Does the story of a forgotten cultural landmark, at the crossroads of history and music, resonate with you?

    Preservationist developer Curtis Doucette breathes life into the historic Dew Drop Inn, fighting to restore its musical legacy and create a space that honors the past while embracing a diverse future.

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    Unearth the transformative journey of the Dew Drop Inn and its rebirth in New Orleans. Gain insights into how the Dew Drop Inn shaped the civil rights movement. Learn how the restoration project is empowering small, disadvantaged businesses. Appreciate the dedicated efforts to preserve the pulsating cultural and musical heritage of New Orleans. Discover how the Dew Drop Inn will serve as an interactive history hub for visitors.
    "Our goal with the Dew Drop Inn project is to restore it to its former glory and be as close to what it used to be as possible." - Curtis Doucette

    • 30 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
835 Ratings

835 Ratings

Holden KDFW ,

My favorite NOLA podcast!

I’ve never lived in the city, but I visit more than any sane person should, and most of the fun things outside of the French Quarter I’ve learned about from Mark and his amazing guests. Hugely recommend this to anyone with even a passing interest in the city or its history!

AshCapsho ,

Wonderful podcast

This podcast shows off New Orleans in an absorbing and authentic manner, bringing the unique vibrancy of the city right to your ears. The cultural insights and lesser-known local facts makes this such a delight to listen to. - Ash & The Capsho Team

RayL83 ,

Great Podcast!

Home from my second Jazz Fest and I can finally say, “I know what it means to miss New Orleans.” Thankfully my fiancée and I are going back in July for an extended stay(test run). This podcast is dishing all the goods! Can’t wait to be back, thanks for this Mark!

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