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The Human Species evolved and no one noticed. Want to join the spiritual awakening that is happening across the planet? This podcast will help you evolve and reach your full potential. Tune in to new episodes every week about Hermetic philosophy, futurism, entrepreneurship, and the ascension of humanity. A spiritual awakening can be a confusing time and this show exists to hold space for you and help confirm the truth you have always known: that there is more to life than we have been told. Welcome! Be safe. May only those with the best of intent find this show.

Beyond Homo Sapien Paul Tokgozoglu

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The Human Species evolved and no one noticed. Want to join the spiritual awakening that is happening across the planet? This podcast will help you evolve and reach your full potential. Tune in to new episodes every week about Hermetic philosophy, futurism, entrepreneurship, and the ascension of humanity. A spiritual awakening can be a confusing time and this show exists to hold space for you and help confirm the truth you have always known: that there is more to life than we have been told. Welcome! Be safe. May only those with the best of intent find this show.

    Are You Spiritually Awake?

    Are You Spiritually Awake?

    Want to read more about spiritual awakening? Click here to read the 3,000+ word blog post on this topic:

    https://beyondhomosapien.com/spiritually-awake/ The process of spiritual awakening is hitting our planet like an asteroid. All over the world, human beings are beginning a process of awakening and ascension that is evolving and expanding our planet. The collective consciousness is springing into life and more people are beginning the process of spiritual awakening. Are you undergoing a process of spiritual awakening? You are probably wondering “what does spiritual awakening mean?” It can be a confusing topic. Here’s the good news: spiritual awakening is nothing new. In fact, it is one of the oldest processes and events. In the ancient mystery schools, the process of spiritual awakening was called “initiation” and it was administered to those brave souls who entered the schools and dedicated their lives to the service of humanity.
    Being spiritually awake gives a person awareness of the true nature of reality. It is a time of stepping into your soulful purpose and realizing that you are a soul having a human experience. When we lean into our spiritual awakening process and trust the journey, everything changes. If you are wondering how to start your spiritual journey, it begins with a powerful realization. When you grasp the truth that you are a soul having a human experience, and you feel that awareness permeate your being, you are beginning the process of spiritual awakening. When you become spiritually awake, you have a profound understanding that you create your reality and you begin to choose the experiences in your life. You become the cause inside of your physical world instead of being affected by everything in your environment.
    When you choose the path of spiritual awakening and trust the path before you, everything changes.
    There is no “spiritual awakening test” to gauge if you are spiritually awake or not… Instead, it is a personal journey of inner work that lasts your entire life. In fact, there are levels of spiritual awakening and you will find that each new level provides new challenges, questions, and answers. The Mayans depicted the process of spiritual awakening inside of their calendar. They believed in nine different levels that humans ascend through over the course of their spiritual journey. When you are beginning spirituality, all of this can be overwhelming. You might be confused about the symptoms you experience as you begin your journey to become spiritually awake.

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    The Power Of Intuition

    The Power Of Intuition

    Go to https://beyondhomosapien.com/ to read the blog and learn how to evolve to reach your full potential.
    Do we know the true power of our intuition?
    Eliphas Levi wrote that “the mage can know everything through intuition”. He also wrote that one of the privileges of the magician was to “be able to speak knowledgeably on all things, without prior study”. The human mind normally uses only a small percentage of its real potential. When we undergo a spiritual awakening, our intuition becomes more potent because we are tapped into conversation with our higher self. Whether you conceptualize the divine through concepts of “god” or “the universe”, understand that there is a collective consciousness that can be tapped into on demand.

    Intuition and gut feeling are closely connected. The physiological feelings in your body enable you to quickly gain information about your environment and the people around you. Are you in doubt about the people around you? Check in with the feelings happening in your body and you will be able to know whether or not they can be trusted. Have you ever been near someone that “makes your skin crawl”? What is happening is the biological reactions in your body are informing you that you are in an unhealthy or unsafe situation. From a vibrational perspective, your body is able to tell when you are near an object or person with a lower vibrational frequency than yours. This is written about in the book “Power vs. Force” where decades of experimentation is presented demonstrating the bodies ability to sense vibration. When our body is presented with something or someone at a lower degree of vibration, it is felt. The body can tell when you are on the right or wrong path and it communicates this information to us through emotions and feelings in the heart, gut, and other parts of the body.

    Your feelings are a fantastic guidepost to help you know when an environment, person, or food is unhealthy for you. However, emotion can often get in the way of intuition because our intuitive urges often push us outside of our comfort zone. When your body is pushed to a new limit, it is uncomfortable. Change produces discomfort in the body because our bodies are moved out of a restful state and pushed into something new. When we are presented with new and challenging information, it can be uncomfortable.

    Intuition is a voice that comes into your mind with instructions or information. Oftentimes this voice comes in a flash that might feel like information being downloaded into your brain. This voice provides guidance that might push you outside of your comfort zone. In my own life, this voice has told me to start podcasting, given me instructions on books to begin writing, helped me find the right romantic partner, and insisted on me leaving toxic relationships. Sometimes this voice has not made sense but the more I follow its guidance the better my life seems to get.

    Listening to your intuition is a personal journey. One of the common questions I get is “how do I know which voice to listen to inside of my head?” Intuition can be lost amongst a sea of other voices inside our head that seem to contradict and disagree with each other. Many people remain stuck in this endless internal debate. They become paralyzed by their over-analysis and oftentimes take no action because they cannot decipher truth against lies.

    Intuition is the voice of instruction that provides you with the pathway forward to achieve your destiny. When you listen to intuition, you are learning the next steps you need to take to accomplish the goals you were meant to achieve. Oftentimes, we might not understand the purpose for our life. By following the roadmap of our intuition, we find ourselves and create our purpose through taking action on the information we are given.

    Intuitive guidance can provide endless ideas and inspiration. Whenever this voice introduces a new idea, it is met with protective voices i

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    Vibrational Manifestation - Why Does Changing Your Vibration Work?

    Vibrational Manifestation - Why Does Changing Your Vibration Work?

    Vibrational Manifestation Masterclass

    Read the full blog post here:


    Join the new LinkedIn Group here:

    https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12587565/ Have you experienced a miraculous vibrational manifestation? These events can change our understanding of reality. Keep reading to learn more about this phenomena that is awakening our world to a new dawn for the species.
    Vibrational manifestation is the phenomena of creating or attracting physical objects, people, or things (house, car, etc.) through the changing of the vibrational frequency coming from your body.
    Here’s a secret known by the ancient mystery schools of all the ages: There is a vibrational frequency that pulsates from your body and extends in all directions. This auric field encapsulates your physical body and projects a wave that impacts and affects your environment. The pulsation of this wavelength is what assists in the generation of your world by manifesting out what you are experiencing within yourself.
    Everything you experience is your own consciousness pushed out. When you first learn about this concept, it provokes skepticism. However, as you experience and practice with the idea of reality creation, your skepticism will be replaced with an almost evangelic belief. We are all connected as one being experiencing the world through billions of different perspectives. Although we might view from separate vantage points, there is a source within us that stays connected to the divine whole.
    When you change or influence the vibrational pulse coming from your body, you altar the manifestation that you experience. This creates changes in your physical reality in accordance with the mental images and instructions you have attached to your vibrational frequency.
    Vibrational manifestation in a nutshell: you program the vibrational pulse coming from your body to deliver certain results, in accordance with your divine will. By doing so, you create your reality.
    When you do this, you become the active creator of your life. Although you have always been experiencing life, you have been the passive creator. Life has seemed like a wave of experiences that wash over and leave you always reacting. By awakening to your true nature, you grab the “scepter of power” wrote about in the Kybalion and you ascend into a higher plane of correspondence. By doing so, you become the “cause” in your world instead of always being “affected”. When you realize your full potential and use your willpower to amplify the frequency projected from your body, you become co-creator with the mind of the universe. As said by Manly P. Hall, you begin to “think with the mind of god”.
    Dangers Of Vibrational Manifestation Vibrational manifestation carries with it a hefty responsibility: you must do no harm and violate no one’s consent. If your actions, thoughts, and intentions are evil and self-serving, they will have an evil impact on the world. This mis-use of the vibrational currents will result in a karmic backlash on yourself ten-times that of what you projected to the outside. When you abuse the consent of others, you desecrate the sacred temples and reject yourself from the company of the immortals.
    To safeguard against accidental harmful (or “left hand”) magick, do the following when you are planning a vibrational manifestation:
    1. Ask yourself “are my actions in alignment with the completion of the Great Work?”… In other words, are your actions serving to awaken others to their true potential? Are your actions selfless and in the service of others or are you being self-serving alone?
    Sometimes, you might be operating in the grey where your actions are in service of others but you are also a benefactor. In these situations, ask yourself if anyone is being harmed or if there is a violation of consent. Are you giving more than you take? Do you lead with action or do you wait on others to serve yo

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    1111 "Angel Number" - What Does It Mean?

    1111 "Angel Number" - What Does It Mean?

    What Does The "Angel Number" 1111 Mean?

    Go to https://beyondhomosapien.com/1111/ to learn more about this topic. Have you been seeing the number 1111 in different ways? Maybe you look at the clock all the time and find that the time is 11:11... Or you go are checking out and realize you're (once again) getting charged $11.11...
    However it is happening, you are seeing the number 1111 often. What does this "Angel Number" mean and why does it show up often during a spiritual awakening? When this number begins to frequently be seen, a person can feel like they are going crazy. Rest assured: seeing these angel numbers often is a shared phenomena and there are many people around the world who form a relationship with these numbers.
    Numerology is the practice of associating different meanings to numbers. The practice descends from older traditions like the Jewish Kabbalah. In 2021, this topic is seeing a re-emergence due to the collective spiritual awakening happening on our planet.
    The main reason these numbers show up in a person's life is to get them to acknowledge a deeper truth: reality does not work quite as we always suspected.
    Synchronicities and signs like seeing the number 1111 begin to happen during a person's spiritual awakening because the cosmic intelligence is looking to form a relationship. The universal intelligence is speaking to us constantly and the process of awakening brings more awareness to this truth.
    If you are seeing repeated numbers like 1111 all the time, then it is a sign that this universal mind is working to get your attention and wake you up to a powerful realization.
    Angel Number 1111 Message What does 1111 mean to you?
    Here is the magic of working with numerology and diving deeper into the Kabbalah:
    You begin to form a personal relationship with the world around you through numbers, animals, signs, and words. When you realize that the universe is speaking to you all the time, you can engage and interact more with your life. Mindfulness breathes new possibility into your life and allows you to tune-into the signs of cosmic awakening.
    Listen to this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to learn more about 1111 and what this number means inside of your life:
    At the end of the day, your personal relationship and meaning for the number 1111 is most important. If you ask 100 different people about the meaning of the number 1111, then you would find 100 different answers. The Kabbalah is about forming a personal and mystical relationship with the divine being that exists everywhere at once in the universe. This divine spark lies inside of you and allows you to create your reality and develop your own definitions around these ideas.

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    Want To Start A Profitable Business? This Is For You...

    Want To Start A Profitable Business? This Is For You...

    Want support in starting your profitable business? Go to https://beyondhomosapien.com/phoenix/ and join the 90-day mastermind.

    How to start a profitable business:

    Learning how to start a profitable business will change your life. Why is it important to focus on profit in the beginning? Because this is your key to quitting your job, making an impact on the world, and creating security for your family.

    To be self realized, you must create yourself and the life you always knew was possible. Create the most ideal version of a day you can visualize. How would you spend your time on your ideal day? What projects would you pursue? What work would you do? Would you work at all?

    Earning enough money to support your ideal lifestyle is imperative to your mental health.

    Does the idea of learning more about money make you uncomfortable?

    If you want to make an impact on the world, you need to be financially independent. You must have your time to yourself and be able to pursue whatever spiritual activities or research you feel called to do. To make the dent in the universe you know you were meant to make, you must be the master of your world.
    How to start a business:

    To start a business, you must possess a skill. On this episode of the podcast, I covered how to start developing a skill that the market will value. This is step one in the process towards financial independence. Watch this video for more information:

    The basics of skill acquisition:

    1. Start doing something that you enjoy - a passion project… This might be a blog, a YouTube channel, a podcast, an Etsy store, a Shopify store, or any other project you feel called to create. Work on this until you have a journeymen level of expertise.

    2. Practice this skill! Create content and dive deep into this passion project. Learn your trade.

    Pretty simple… Pick something you are passionate about and begin to acquire the skills associated with creating this new hobby for yourself.
    Here’s the kicker: you have to take action and overcome your limiting beliefs. You must commit to this process and make the time required.

    Once you have acquired a skill, it is time to put it to use. Read this post to learn more about how to start a business and learn your first skill:

    How to launch your business idea:

    Time to launch your profitable business. Begin to help people with the new skill you have acquired. Here is where you have the ability to help people in your network and add value to their lives. Maybe you know someone who needs a website and you recently setup your own blog?

    Trade your time for money in the early jobs to build some experience and a portfolio of results.

    As you grow and scale the business, you’ll want to quickly bring on someone to do the actual work. This will allow you to be in the middle and oversee the management of the work. By doing so, you have just created a job for someone.

    To grow the business, you need to figure out your numbers. If you find someone who will do the work for you, charge a margin on their work and sell it to people in your network. For instance, if you are launching a video editing business, and you have a friend who will edit the video for $200, charge someone $500 or $600 (at least) to do the work. This business model allows you the most room for growth and job creation.

    How to get clients:

    To get new clients, add value to your network. Begin to meet new people and connect with groups online where your ideal client is hanging out. Connect with LinkedIn or Facebook groups where these people are frequenting and asking questions. If they have a question about your area of expertise, help them out. Form connections.

    You can begin to acquire new clients through goodwill. To do this, help people out when you can. Answer questions and position your expertise. From there, build a relationship with the person and get to know them

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    The Nature Of Reality Explained

    The Nature Of Reality Explained

    What Is Reality?

    Go to https://beyondhomosapien.com/ to learn more about this topic. What Is The Nature Of Reality?
    What is this reality in which we find ourselves?
    Science would have us belief we exist in a world of matter. Inside of this material world, there is no room for spirit or for the power of the human being. In the view of the mainstream story, humans are observers here by accident. We arrived on the scene a bit late, billions of years after the random explosion that spawned the world of matter through an unknown combustion. My senses would at first confirm this view of science: when I knock on the table beside me, my knuckles make a rapping sound. The table is sturdy and prevents my hand from passing through to the bottom. If I were to kick this table, my foot would hurt or maybe even break from the force of the impact. Upon a bit of investigation using my five senses, it would appear that science is correct and matter is at the core of this table.
    Despite having a foundation built on logical reasoning, science has no explanation for countless other aspects of our reality. Although well equipped to deal with questions regarding tables and chairs, science often fails to offer any explanation for circumstances that happen in our day-to-day lives. For instance, the telepathic bond felt between mother and son, or between twins. Although having no grounds in any sort of scientific explanation, every mother I have met, including my own, has spoken of feeling a deep telepathic connection to their children. The ability to sense when something is wrong has often been spoken about between twins. If there is a death in a family, it is not uncommon for close family members to have an intuition, dream, or feeling that alerts them to the occurrence before they hear about it from a person. When it comes to observable things and physical objects, science can offer some reasonable explanations for how our reality might be composed. However, the scientific community falls short of providing a detailed understanding of the true nature of our reality.
    Our reality is a complex thing. What we find before us is a sprawling symphony of life, energy, emotion, and consciousness made into a physical form. Using the refuse of the Earth, humans have fashioned castles, tables, and iPhones. Over the course of billions of years, we have mistaken nature for matter and forgotten the ancient teachings of antiquity wherein the true nature of reality was explained. The intent and goal of this work is to restore that teaching and once again provide an alternative way of viewing our shared experience.
    We live inside of the great mind of the universe. This universe is alive, always expanding, and infinite in all directions. It expresses itself as a sort of wavelength, or energetic current, that underlies all life. Our world is thought made into form. For example, this computer I am writing on once existed in the minds of individuals at Apple. Steve Jobs and his team created a series of technological innovations that re-shaped how we thought about a personal computer or phone. However, at the end of the day, what happened is Steve Jobs had an idea. He turned this invisible idea, which no one else could see, into a physical object that I am now using to write this work. In order to do this, Apple had to acquire crystals from the ground to power the computer and combine this with a number of different pieces to make a physical computer. They had to turn their thoughts into a physical form and connect this new creation with other humans who wanted to acquire the item using their energy expressed in the form of money.
    The way Apple created the MacBook mirrors how all of life is created. We exist as a thought inside the mind of the universe. Remember in the last paragraph when I wrote about Steve Jobs creating the MacBook? In that story, you created a picture of Steve Jobs and his company inside of your mind’s eye. For a brief moment, you created

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20 Ratings

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