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A Funny and sometimes informative podcast about church culture and stuff. These two friends live in Tulsa, Oklahoma in what some people may call the Buckle of the Bible Belt. Also feel free to check out other podcast from our friends at The Pastor‘s Life Podcast, The Life Unfiltered Podcast, Hipster Minute, and The God Project for great local content.

Bible Belt Bros Dusty Hope and Andrew Fisher

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A Funny and sometimes informative podcast about church culture and stuff. These two friends live in Tulsa, Oklahoma in what some people may call the Buckle of the Bible Belt. Also feel free to check out other podcast from our friends at The Pastor‘s Life Podcast, The Life Unfiltered Podcast, Hipster Minute, and The God Project for great local content.

    Brett Mortaruolo’s Testimony

    Brett Mortaruolo’s Testimony

    It's easy to think that "I'm the only one dealing with this battle," but honestly, you're not alone. It may not be the exact same issue, but the root is the same. We ALL are fallen. We ALL are in need of a savior. We ALL have a battle. 

    So it's time to TESTIFY! In this episode, Brett Mortaruolo shares his story in hopes that you will realize that, no matter the battle, you're not alone.

    • 47 min
    What if God isn‘t Real?

    What if God isn‘t Real?

    In this episode, we catch up from a couple weeks off. Dusty is upset that Andrew doesn't have Christmas Spirit aka Christmas Lights up at his house. We also dive into the question, "What if God isn't Real?" How would that affect our life?

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    • 26 min
    Do You Have Faith Like a Dog?

    Do You Have Faith Like a Dog?

    This weeks sponsor is the Jack Russell Parents Podcast! This podcast celebrates Jack Russell Terrier dogs and the joys of companionship with canines of every kind. Each week The Jack Russell Parents Podcast explores all the hilarious, heartfelt, and harrowing stories that only dog parents can truly relate to.

    Their podcast sparks a conversation about Dog obedience and if it's similar to our faith in Christ. Are we obeying God out of love, fear, trust, or for the rewards? Then in typical fashion, we get sidetracked talking about Aaron Rodgers, grounding our kids, and Fantasy Football. Enjoy :-)



    • 25 min
    DUPID Things Dusty and Andrew Say to Their Wives

    DUPID Things Dusty and Andrew Say to Their Wives

    If you haven't learned by now... Andrew and Dusty say some DUPID things. We love to say them to our wives as well :-) 

    So this episode is a round-a-bout topic of forgiveness as we share some dumb things we've said to our wives.

    Here's the transcript if you prefer not to hear our voices :-) Now it's auto generated... so it might not be perfect.

    Hey everyone. Welcome to the Bible belt bros podcast. Getting back into the groove. I know how to do the intros now. Better practicing. So that was better. Good job. Yeah. So, well, Andrew. We're we're back here. We, we we're doing another one of these things. It took a week off because I had to work in, I was out of town and was lazy when I got back.
    But here we are again on schedule in the morning. Yes. May Jason coffee. Yes. And I was late, but you guys don't know that. Well, they do now. It's not always me. That is the failure in this pond today. I just wanted to go over, some, a funny story, Andrew, and I wondered a few, possibly had some say. Kind of stories.
    So yeah, like a week ago, two weeks ago was my birthday, 30 years old, 37. And I actually forgot to tell you happy birthday on your birthday, my friend, everybody else on Facebook that are casual acquaintances. Totally happy birthday, but not. I know, I don't really have Facebook to remind me at 37 years old, if I'm still offended by that, then I have better, bigger problems.
    So like, come on, like, today's my anniversary. And I had to remind my wife a couple of days ago, our anniversary is coming up and she's like, oh really? And I was like, yes. How many years am I good? Wait for Facebook to tell me that one, but it's been eight years. So I actually forgot my anniversary this year as well.
    Oh my gosh. We are just great husband. I think that's going to be the podcast episode today is just talking about how awesome we are as husbands. And so it's strange because. I'm the one who never forgets our anniversary. I always have to remind my wife, but this year I forgot that I forgot your birthday.
    Well, I didn't forget your birthday. Cause I remembered the night before because it was house church night. Oh yeah. But I was like, well, I'll tell him happy birthday tomorrow. Cause tomorrow is his actual birthday. Should've told me early. Yep, sure. And I failed. I had a real weird wreck, not a weird request.
    My wife was like, Hey, what do you want to eat for your birthday? And, you know, w what do you want me to make? And so I was like, I was thinking, I was like, I don't know, whatever. And then I was like, oh, cause you know, she used to bake all the time and I just love that. I mean that's I gained like 40 pounds after we met because just all the good, good bacon and, and yummy is that she used to always make things.
    I mean, she still makes them just not as often. And so, I had to cover myself there. She still does a great job. Um, I was like, oh, you used to make these cake balls that were just so. Freaking amazing. And I got was so addicted to them and they were just so good and I just kept going on and she was like cake balls.
    And I was like, yeah, I used to remember you, like you would get cake and roll up in a ball. I don't know how else to explain like hate balls are she goes, I know what cake balls are. Idiot. I never made those. So then I'm thinking I was like, Oh, no, this is a previous relationship.
    I was like, ah, that cake balls. So I got, I got cracked brownies. That was the thing. And that was actually mad. It was like, oh, this is way better than getting cake balls, crack brownies. That's what I was wanting the whole time. And so she was like the whole time while she's making. The brownies in the living room or in the kitchen, I'm hearing all these cake balls.
    So I'm digging myself out of a grave when, when it comes to asking any kind of desserts from now on, I have to, double-check not know spur of the moment. So what you're saying, go on and on and on about how much I love cake balls and like, pretend

    • 20 min
    Our Favorite Nostalgia Movies Growing Up | Best Christian Movies

    Our Favorite Nostalgia Movies Growing Up | Best Christian Movies

    In this episode, we talk about our favorite movies that we watched growing up. Then we take a look at some of the popular Christian movies in the industry today. Finally, we show Brett why we do NOT record longer podcasts :-)

    Here's a transcript if you like reading along :-)

    Hey everyone. Welcome to the Bible belt bros podcast today on the show, we are talking about our favorite Christian movies, or movies in general. What did you watch growing up? Let's have some nostalgia time, but first let everybody know today is actually a morning podcast. I have my house at the usual time of morning because I've got to go play golf today.
    So he's filling in for me, got a reason not to go to. Yeah. It's actually a little different because we've been doing these evening podcasts. I got used to that. So now I'm a little you're out of sorts. Yeah. I'm like, I'm just on the fight right now and it doesn't help that I made you an Americana and then apparently I it's too watered down for you.
    So it's a little weak, but you made it. Stronger than I would normally ask. I just added more water, so I just added, oh, okay. So it's espresso and water mix. So I just, right. I filled up the cup cup thinking four shots would be a lot, which it is. Cause I always ask for a three shot Americano sissy boys for my house.
    Would normally, you know, that would definitely wake me up, but then I guess I see what you're saying. Yeah. I fill the cup up and it's a deep coffee cup. It's not like a small one. So, so yeah. Andrew complaints about my coffee. I didn't complain. You asked one, doesn't go saying anything. One of the things I used to do that makes my wife so not mad, but I used to say espresso as espresso, like.
    All the time I call it espresso. I don't even say that. E are you? And so I would order a Starbucks and I'll be like, can I get two shots of espresso plea? You know? And she'd just be so embarrassed for me, but I've figured it out. It's espresso. There's no X in the spreads. So today. Yeah, playing golf. If it doesn't rain, uh, came home yesterday to a tree fallen over in my driveway.
    So I had to cut that up. So now my body is sore and guys you'd be proud of him. He did not call me. I did not call you. My wife did help me, like drag him, put him on the little trailer that we pull behind the lawnmower and drag it to the burn pile. Yep. Cut it up lawn. I changed the audit, you know, I've kind of mainly it was an electric chainsaw, but it's still a chain in the saw.
    Yeah. The eight inch electric chainsaw. It's more like a hedge clipper. Yeah. It's more like hedge clipper, but it, uh, did the job and yeah, you got the job done. So you can't even tell the tree fell over, but, uh, you really can't. Tell that the wind blew hard. Cause there there's stuff everywhere. Cramped pots all around.
    Yeah. So now my body is super sore. I'm not a great golfer, just so everybody knows. Listen, guys, he's already making excuses for why he's going suck today. I haven't even, he hasn't even been there yet, but he's making an excuse. Great golfer. Andrew at the last tournament, uh, I have a pretty good slice and I played the slice.
    Right. I just don't fix it. Just play it. I corrected mine. Well, sometimes I correct mine when I don't mean to you when I mean to play it and instill, and then it's like, oh, that was the straightest shot I've ever hit. You better trainees, fairway. Yeah, I was on my whole 18 Andrew at the golf course. I love that whole.
    I was on my second shot and I apparently, I usually choke up on my iron six. Your first shot not ended up at. 18. Yeah. Do you not go across the highway? I could play my slice. I did try that. And I it's one of those that ended up going left. Dude, I go across, I tried to hit it too hard. I like the house. So you can't hit the housing addition from there?
    I can't, I, it was, it started rolling down the, uh, the road towards the house. It wasn't a great shot. Gotcha. And so it was a scramble, so I played somebody else

    • 36 min
    Is That Really in the Bible?

    Is That Really in the Bible?

    Andrew brings up different phrases that maybe we have heard before, but are they actually biblical? Dusty learn about a new book in the bible :-) and has to apologize to Andrews mother. 

    Here's a automated transcript of the podcast :-)

    Hey everyone. Welcome to the Bible belt. That's the hot room. Hey everyone. Welcome to the Bible belt bros podcast. Say dusty, you're getting better. And then you did this weird slang thing at the end of. Um, I'm trying some things out the last four weeks now you've been trying things out. It's not working.
    Go back to the original. Now you go find a good my day. He used to be just welcome to the Bible belt, bro. She didn't have to say all those crazy things. Exactly. Anyways, how are you doing? Uh, I'm doing great. Do in fantastic. Good, good websites. Making videos, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. I hope they're good videos.
    Um, I dunno. I, you know, so today actually at the office, we have every workstation in our office. We have like webcams and stuff so that we can, um, spy on each other spy on each other. So we can create content because we do have like a digital marketing online. School that we're kind of creating as we're working.
    So like basically if we're working on something and we don't have a video, a how to video, how to do it themselves, we need to record the how to video while we're doing it. We've had quite a few interns from oral Roberts university that have a marketing degree, then they show up and they have. They know theories, but they have no application practiced it.
    And so what we're trying to do is at ORU, they're having us come, come and teach periodically as well as we're giving each student this course that they can. Learn the practicality of it as they leave college. So it's kind of a cool thing, especially for a guy who didn't go to college to be teaching kids who paid what, 20 to 30 grand for a degree.
    And then they still have to learn from the guy who doesn't have the degree to do it. So it was pretty funny. And the teacher, the professor, she was like, dusty, can, can you talk, but just don't, don't tell them they're wasting their time. And I was like, don't tell them, I won't tell them, but you know, I'm think they better off just, you know, interning somewhere at 20 grand, you know, expenses instead of learning from you, which then yeah.
    Anyway, so it's just, it's kind of, it's kind of funny. So I'm making a lot of videos, but today I realized there's like levels of production quality when it comes to a YouTuber or a streamer. I like you have a, you could, most people, they start out, there's a $50 webcam that you can buy and it gets you gets you through.
    And then there's this one here, Andrew, uh, from work that I brought here, which is $200. So you just get much better. Uh, color quality there's um, I don't know how to explain notice it's next to like your $20 one. Yeah. I actually did a side by side just trying to see the difference. That's why I brought it here and I was doing some streaming.
    I plan my streaming around when I'm going to bring the equipment home, you know, so I was doing a side-by-side and this is $200. And this basically you get more. Color profile options. So instead of just red, blue, green, white, which is that kind of, you get red shade of red, one shade of red two, you know, those kinds of things.
    So you're just getting more colored difference. So you're getting a better picture quality, but we also have at work Sony, a seven threes, which is about a $2,000 body. And then we have another $2,000 lens on top of that. And that would be like the next step up from like a $200 thing is to go ahead and get a full on.
    Digital camera that can do video 4k video. And so typically most of those kinds of DSLR cameras, you have to buy like this adapter and it's a few hundred dollars to get it all hooked up correctly. And then you got to have a computer that's worth like being able to receive that much information at once and pushing it out.
    And s

    • 34 min

Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5
54 Ratings

54 Ratings

riehhevevevzv ,

Great podcast I want you to know about Utah

I feel like to those pastors that I’ve heard have made more than one church in the same city I honestly feel enraged because. I live in Utah where people are mostly Mormon but would use the title Christian but they don’t believe Jesus is god or the trinity. Around 68% of Utah is mormon.

Laydebug27 ,

Started at the beginning and love it!

After searching “Christian podcasts”, I came across a category, “Christian comedy”, which I didn’t know existed. I was intrigued by the name, Bible Belt Bros. I started at the very beginning with the “Pagan Christianity” book review and have really enjoyed it!! I love the format, y’all’s energy and point of views, and feel like I can relate to a lot of the discussions. It has sparked conversations in my house. I do plan to get the book and listen again as I read.

michaelcawood ,


Also did you stop making these or are you just taking a break also Andrew, do you prefers 9mm or 45 for guns

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