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Learn to think biblically about everything! Teaching theology, apologetics, and verse-by-verse Bible studies. Mike Winger teaches with clarity, doesn't shy away from controversial topics, and always seeks to teach the Bible accurately. This podcast will equip you to know and defend the Christian faith and understand the Bible in a deeper way.

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Learn to think biblically about everything! Teaching theology, apologetics, and verse-by-verse Bible studies. Mike Winger teaches with clarity, doesn't shy away from controversial topics, and always seeks to teach the Bible accurately. This podcast will equip you to know and defend the Christian faith and understand the Bible in a deeper way.

    10 Questions with Mike Winger SKEPTICS EDITION (Episode 21)

    10 Questions with Mike Winger SKEPTICS EDITION (Episode 21)

    Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:1. 0:40 {Discussing Biblical “Contradictions”!} Can you please discuss some different Bible passages that appear to be contradictory?2. 41:10 {Unnecessary Body Parts = Evolution?} I have a coworker that is an atheist. He said that there are parts of our bodies that are not necessary and that might prove evolution rather than a Creator. Any thoughts?3. 48:11 {Is Salvation Sometimes Unfair?} One of my biggest issues is that you NEED to believe in Jesus to be saved. If someone is born in a Muslim country, they would have to sacrifice way more than the average westerner. How is that fair?4. 53:53 {Historical Jesus & Manuscripts} How can we believe in a historical Jesus if the oldest manuscripts we have are from the second or third century?5. 1:00:40 {Is Christianity the True Religion?} How do I know Christianity is right/true compared to other world religions?6. 1:09:20 {Does God Make Mistakes?} I often hear the argument, “If God doesn't make mistakes when it comes to gender, then what about people with disabilities?" How would you respond?7. 1:15:08 {Applying PSA on Earth?} If the doctrine of Penal Substitutionary Atonement is just, would it be just for an earthly judge to impute the guilt of a murderer to an innocent volunteer and sentence the volunteer to death instead of the murderer? If not, why?8. 1:18:30 {Joseph in Jesus’ Lineage?} Any idea why Matthew and Luke list Joseph’s genealogy when he’s not Jesus’ birth father? Does that mean Jesus’ lineage isn’t what it needs to be to fulfill prophecy?9. 1:20:27 {Is there Really an Afterlife?} Why do Christians think there is an afterlife? Why not just look at death as a return to the quantum state, like before we were born?10. 1:24:26 {Did God Create Cancer?} If God created everything, why did He create cancer? As a Christian mother, I still struggle with these sorts of questions.11. 1:27:54 {The Best Argument for God} What do you think is the best evidence/argument there is for God?12. 1:30:21 {Does Trusting First Invalidate our Faith?} If you have to believe first in order to experience the reality of Christianity, if the "proof" only comes alive when one chooses to trust it, isn't that "truth" make-believe?13. 1:33:54 {Would a Good God make a Terrible Hell?} When Jesus said that for the person who would betray Him it would be better not to be born, I assume Hell is worse than non-existence. How does this match with a good God?14. 1:35:58 {Unrepentant Heart – Still Saved by Faith?} If I believe in my heart that Jesus rose from the dead and trust in Him alone for salvation, why would God then send me to Hell for being actively gay? Am I not saved by my faith instead of my works?15. 1:42:16 {Salvation in the OT} How were people saved in the Old Testament before Jesus? And if they were saved without believing in Jesus, then why did it change?16. 1:46:11 {Why do Christians Ask for Forgiveness?} My question from a skeptic is, if you are already saved, why do you still ask for forgiveness for your sins?17. 1:47:26 {Hypostatic Union – Contradictory?} Is Jesus being God and Man a contradiction? The Bible says that the Son doesn’t know the day or the hour of His coming. Can Jesus know (as God) and not know (as Man) at the same time?18. 1:49:32 {Bible = Pure Fiction?} As a Christian, what is an appropriate answer to an atheist claiming that the Bible is pure fiction? 19. 1:55:48 {Mixed Messages in Scripture?} I lost my faith due to all the mixed messages in the Bible. For example, is salvation by faith alone like John 5:24, or faith plus works like James 2? Why doesn’t this cause you to doubt?20. 1:58:39 {Does the Concept of Sin Apply to God?} Is God holy and sinless? Can God do things which, if we did them, would be considered sin? One exa

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    10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 20)

    10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 20)

    Today's Time Stamps:
    1. 0:54 {Taking On an Atheist’s Challenge} Can you please respond to Holy Koolaid’s video alleging various Bible contradictions and problems with Christianity? Did Jesus Himself undermine Christianity? 2. 30:34 {Preston Sprinkle & “Side B” Christianity} What's your take on Preston Sprinkle? Some Christians like him, but others call him a heretic or "side B Christian.” The issue seems to be about him not thinking same-sex attraction is a sin when not meditated/acted on.3. 38:08 {Is Family Planning Sinful?} My church teaches that a couple must continuously have as many children as they're able, and it's seen as selfish and a sin resulting in church discipline if they use any form of family planning to stop. Many have 12-18 children as a result. Leadership says God wouldn't give more children than a couple can handle. Is this biblical? We already have 5 children.4. 47:49 {The Pinnacle of Wickedness} Mike, are we there yet? The Bible says it will be as in the days of Noah in the last days. Have we arrived at the pinnacle of wickedness yet?5. 53:41 {Can we still Glean from Reckless Charismatism?} I learned that Bethel's prophecy teachings and those of Storms, Wimber, Deere, Randolph, etc. trace back to scandalous Kansas City prophets. Should all be ignored, or can the chaff be separated?6. 1:04:11 {Trusting God with Deep Fears} I’m a mom of three young children. I struggle with a lot of fear over their safety. How can I give this to God, knowing that it doesn’t mean something bad won’t still happen?7. 1:11:44 {Healing = the Children’s Bread?} "Healing is the children's bread" is taught by a pastor friend when he prays for the sick. He uses Mark 7:24-30 as the proof text. What is the “bread” in v. 27?8. 1:18:05 {Household Responsibilities in Marriage} Does God care who does the dishes and cooks the food? Is the wife called to manage the household? What if both the husband and wife work similar full-time jobs (Proverbs 31:15,21,27; Titus 2:5)?9. 1:26:13 {Questioning Salvation = Not Saved?} I asked the youth how confident they are of salvation on a 1-10 scale. One replied with a ”7” citing that they still sin and don’t read their Bible often. Can one be saved if they associate salvation with works like Bible reading? Are the warnings in Galatians fitting here?10. 1:33:31 {Are All of Paul’s Writings Inspired?} What should we make of Paul saying "I, not the Lord" as if he's just giving his own opinion, while also believing that all Scripture (which includes that statement) is Holy Spirit inspired (1 Corinthians 7)?
    LINKS and cool stuff:

    Original video from Holy Koolaid on how to undermine all of Christianity with one verse: Click Here
    My series of videos defending the VERY important doctrine of Penal Substitutionary Atonement: Click Here
    The Clear Truth Media website that just launched. Here's my first article, on Andy Stanley: Click Here
    Can the guy stay home while the woman works? Click Here
    Why did Jesus call a woman "dog"? Click Here
    The MASSIVE series on Women in Ministry. All the

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    Benny Hinn's New Doomsday Scam?

    Benny Hinn's New Doomsday Scam?

    Keep in mind that Benny Hinn recently told the world he didn't think he would need to do very much fundraising in the future. To me, this seems like a scam that uses Benny Hinn's supposed prophetic knowledge, coupled with unbiblical understandings of giving, as a way of manipulating his followers to give money to him.
    Original video HERE.
    My website: https://BibleThinker.org

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    10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 19)

    10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 19)

    Today's Time Stamps:
    1. 3:08 {Was Jesus’ Death Suicide?} I need help responding to the objection that Jesus voluntarily going to the cross was suicide. I know this isn’t the case, but I’m having a hard time expressing why. 2. 20:23 {How Can We Sin if Indwelled?} How are we able to sin if the Holy Spirit is in us?3. 24:52 {Defining Inerrancy} How can we biblically define inerrancy? Even the writers of the Chicago Statement seem to hold slightly different views on harmonization (according to Mike Licona).4. 31:45 {Is Nakedness Inherently Sinful?} My 16 year old daughter was wondering why with the Fall in Genesis, shame is associated with being naked. What’s the correlation between sin, nakedness, and the Fall? I didn't really know.5. 34:51 {How were Private Events Recorded?} Do you know how biblical authors recorded events, conversations, and moments that transpired despite being in private or in a one-man scenario, perhaps like Judas' death?6. 43:08 {When did the Old Covenant End?} When did the Old Covenant officially end? Christ's birth? Death (Temple veil torn in 2)? Resurrection? Pentecost? 70 A.D. (destruction of the Temple)? Or was it a gradual "end" similar to U.S. slavery?7. 49:05 {Overcoming Pride} I often feel myself getting prideful and I’m worried that if I don't get control over it, God will humble me. What are some ways to keep myself humble, before God does it for me?8. 53:40 {Did God or an Angel Give Moses the Tablets?} How do we reconcile Exodus 31:18 with Acts 7:38, Galatians 3:19, and Hebrews 2:2? I’m unconvinced that Scripture contradicts itself, but this lives in my head rent free and I need a resolution.9. 57:55 {Why Pray for Others?} If Jesus is our final intercessor, why should we intercede for or pray over other believers' needs? Is this related to the spiritual realm and prayer delays, like in Daniel 10:12-14?10. 1:08:26 {Commentary Recommendations} What is your go-to commentary?-- Bonus Q: 1:11:00 {Co-Led Studies & Complementarianism} After watching your Women in Ministry series, I’d like to know if biblically, you believe a woman helping her husband teach a co-ed adult Sunday school class would be an elder-type role and would be wrong.
    Helpful links:

    Oops. The Clear Truth Media website actually launches on Monday morning, July 1st 2024. I got the dates mixed up. Check it out here on Monday morning/early afternoon. 
    Women in Ministry playlist
    Penal Substitutionary Atonement playlist (this is about the very theology of the cross and it’s a pretty big deal)
    Who wrote the Gospel of Mark? (evidence based)

    To participate in a future session, show up when the livestream starts (you see me actually on screen) and post your question in the chat. It helps if you reference one or two specific verses if they are relevant to your question and if you put a Q at the beginning of your comment in the live chat.
    I’m Mike Winger and my goal is to help people think biblically about everything.My website: BibleThinker.org

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    I’m better than Jesus.

    I’m better than Jesus.

    You just won’t learn that much by reading the book.
    Try Doctrine and Covenants, the Book of Abraham, or this passage I read from today that is in Histories of the Church, Volume 6, 408-409.

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    Benny Hinn's nephew confirms the worst. Here's our interview.

    Benny Hinn's nephew confirms the worst. Here's our interview.

    Thank you, Costi Hinn, for having the courage to expose Benny Hinn's harms even when it impacts your own family. Thank you to Jeremiah and Andrew, the guys at Cultish, for caring about the victims of Benny Hinn.
    See my four hour documentary showing the evidence that Benny Hinn has been spiritually abusing people for over 30 years HERE.
    My website: https://BibleThinker.org

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4.9 out of 5
2.3K Ratings

2.3K Ratings

Mish_Marie ,

Aptly named

I can’t say enough good things about Mike. He is a godly man with humility, brains, compassion, and solid teaching. His responses to questions on his “10 Questions” series are well thought through, and you can always count on him to admit it when he doesn’t know the answer. He does so without shame or embarrassment, but with curiosity and respect. I pray that God continues to use Mike and his ministry to reach people with the gospel, to encourage believers and to help strengthen their faith.


A Good Listen

My brother told me about you and I have enjoyed listening, you are direct and make no apologies without being rude or condescending. You share the simple message of Jesus love and grace . Thank you

Somewhere_In_Oregon ,

I wish I could give him more than 5 stars

Mr. Winger is a wonderful Bible teacher. As a teenager I need everything in my Bible tool belt to equip me to face todays world. He points to what the WORD says- he encourages us to align our thoughts, opinion, and worldview with what the Bible says. Which is a sign of a genuine teacher who strives to tell others of Gods word with grace and truth. His dedication to his 6 hour head covering video makes me marvel. We will forever love Mr. Winger, his gummy bear jar, his cats, and most of all his gift for teaching. He has helped me throughout middle school, and now half of high school with his 10 question videos which answer everything under the sun that a person could think up. I pray that more people are reached by him and his ministry! Thank you Mr.Winger for your dedication to the truth.

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