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Podcasting to discus veganism in all its glory!

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Podcasting to discus veganism in all its glory!

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4.6 out of 5
164 Ratings

164 Ratings

PhoebeKinxz ,

Surprisingly... PROFOUND! 😲👍

Just listened to ep: 109 Ex-Ex-Vegans, Pt 1.

I’ve never learned SO MUCH from ONE podcast!
* Racial/Cultural/Class/Body-Image Discrimination - in Vegan/Animal Activist Communities & Work Places!
* PTSD/Mental Health’s influence on a person’s Vegan/Activist/Sexual - Identity and Social Interactions/Relationships!
* The [no but really!] Importance of Educating yourself on The Vegan Diet/Lifestyle ESPECIALLY for Women! #Iron 💡
* [Mis-]Educational/Societal/Familial Peer Pressures and Influences on vegan-identifying individuals who are otherwise isolated from the community.
* Oh, and I even learned about Gender Diversity in Drag-Queen Culture! 👍

All from Pt1 of a Interview-Centric type episode of an all around entertaining, educational and just FUN podcast encapsulated in its very wise, talented and open-hearted/minded host Ms. Honey LaBronx (Ben Strothmann).

To sum up; I Highly Recommend this podcast and encourage support for it, and the many endeavors of its lovely host.

mooch255 ,

Love it

Great podcast

emm773 ,

If Ben could stop chewing that would be great

The 100th episode did it for me, Ben was just rude and it grossed me out. This pretty much becomes the Ben show once Laura starts living in a castle. You will be a little lost if you don’t care for drag. I loved the personalities but it’s just morphed into a hot mess. There isn’t structure and at this point Ben should just have a podcast of just his life because he’s very like-able but BFVR isn’t really a thing anymore

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