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Devotionals don’t have to be boring … we make them fun, applicable and powerful each and every day. Pamela will get you fired up for life and lather the love of Jesus on you … and make you giggle. Download a new episode of the Big Life Devotional podcast each weekday.

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Devotionals don’t have to be boring … we make them fun, applicable and powerful each and every day. Pamela will get you fired up for life and lather the love of Jesus on you … and make you giggle. Download a new episode of the Big Life Devotional podcast each weekday.

    882 Just Keep Looking

    882 Just Keep Looking

    Logic tells us what has happened before, will likely happen again. History indicates the future. Cycles repeat, what always has been always will be. An object set in motion stays in motion. Your life has a trajectory and it’s heading towards the path your past has set it on.

    All of this is true. It’s scientific. It’s historically correct. UNTIL AN ENCOUNTER THAT DRASTICALLY CHANGES EVERYTHING.

    Jesus is that encounter. He’s the cycle breaker, he’s the future changer, he’s the trajectory shifter. Whatever was will never be the same after an encounter with Jesus. This is where everything changes. This is where nothing is ever the same. When God gets involved in your story, nothing in previous chapters limits the future chapters. Nothing that has been restricts what can be now.

    God is on the scene now, this is where all science is out-powered. This is where what is logical is no longer reasonable. This is where what has never happened before has a viable chance of happening now.

    Scripture tells story after story of God on the scene changing everything.

    People shouldn’t enter lion’s dens, spend the night unarmed with hungry lions, and walk out without a scratch. But check out Daniel chapter 6, that’s exactly what God did on the scene with Daniel.

    People shouldn’t be swallowed by a whale, spend 3 days in it’s stomach, survive and walk out a completely changed person. But that’s exactly what God did on the scene with Jonah in Jonah chapter 1.

    People shouldn’t be able to march around impenetrable walls for 7 days and yell real loud to make them fall. That sounds ridiculous. But that’s exactly what God told Joshua to do, and when he did, indeed the walls came crashing down. Read it in Joshua chapter 6.

    Doesn’t that make you wonder about your book? What chapter are you in with your story? Is this where God shows up on the scene and changes everything?

    Looking through the book of my life as if each year is a chapter, I see God continually showing up on the scene changing what always has been into what could be. In chapter 15 he led me to my greatest blessing in life. In chapter 19 he saved my life. In chapter 23 he fulfilled promises. In chapter 31 he gave an increase. In chapter In chapter 34 he planted a dream. In chapter 40 he humbled me. In chapter 43 he allowed loss and hardship. Now I’m in the 45th chapter of Pamela, and I’m learning this is where God makes the impossible possible!

    Do you too see how God is continually showing up in your life and changing the story? Writing a new narrative for your days? Changing trajectories and declaring new things for your future? HE HAS BEEN and HE STILL IS!

    We get stuck in a rut of thinking what we have is what we will always have. What we’ve been through is what will continue. The way we feel right now are the feelings we will always carry with us. But we’re wrong. Nothing ever stays the same. Everything is always in a state of continual change. God is not stagnant and he is not stuck. Your rut does not determine God’s ability to create change. Your rut only determines your willingness to step into the change he is offering.

    God says in Isaiah 43:19 “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

    When God does a new thing, it springs up. Meaning it wasn’t there before. It wasn’t possible before. It has never been this way before. But with God on the scene, something new and different is happening. Now he is asking you “do you not perceive it?” Do you not see it? Do you not know what I’m doing here? Will you look for it? Or will you just assume your position in this rut and settle for what always has been?

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    881 The Fixed Fight

    881 The Fixed Fight

    Showing up for a new day of life is sometimes like stepping into the ring for another round of fighting. Is that the way your life feels right now? Like a continual battle and you’re worn the heck out? It’s one hit after another and you can barely hold your hands up at this point.

    My friend was sharing with me yesterday her life is like a scene out of the movie Step Brothers right now. Her 19 year old step-son has moved in with her 14 year old son and they legit have bunk beds and already had to get rid of the drum set. Then I cracked up because they just bought a boat, and if you’ve ever watched the movie you know where that could end up. They should just start a YouTube channel now. Oh mercy, life can be a crazy battle.

    I don’t personally like battles. I’m a professional avoider of conflict. I just want everyone to be happy and play nice. I will crawl right under a table if people start acting unhappy. If you debate me, you will always win. If you challenge me, I will happily hand over the crown. To a fault, I avoid conflict, and if I’m not careful there are entire seasons of my life I can check out on because they’re just hard. I miss opportunities of growth and increase because I don’t want to endure the resistance.

    But what if we’re here in this time and place to endure a few battles and win? What if we’re here to stand up and be victorious in this life?

    I’m not a fan of boxing or MMA or UFC. But I heard there was a big fight this past weekend on Pay Per View. And I heard there was a lot of discussion on the fight being rigged. I couldn’t tell you who won, but I know who a lot of people thought should win, didn’t win, and fingers are pointing at someone buying off the fight.

    It was fixed. No matter how many blows, no matter how hard the falls, no matter how high the odds were stacked, if the fight was fixed, the winner was pre-determined.

    That means someone had to be bought out, and someone had to sell out.

    Now wouldn’t it be reassuring as you step into the ring for another round of battles in your life today, that your fight is fixed and no matter what, you’re the pre-determined winner here? Whew, wouldn’t that take just make this battle more tolerable? To be guaranteed the win in the end.

    Well girl, let me tell you something, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAS HAPPENED FOR YOU! Someone has come in and bought out your fight. Someone has paid a high price for your guaranteed victory. That someone is Jesus!!!!!

    Oh if you really think about it, it’s quite scandalous. The grace of God gives you victories you don’t deserve. He covers you in crowns you could never earn. He holds your hands up and declares you the winner over battles where you were outmatched, but still you come out victorious.

    Your fight has been fixed. Jesus bought this out for you.

    1 Corinthians 15: 57 “But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

    Where is your battle? Where is your impossible? What is your current hardship? What has been breaking your heart and causing discouragement? Go ahead and just put it on the table right now. What has you worried? Where is your stress? Where is there darkness and uncertainty? Where has the enemy been attacking you with insecurity and anxiety?

    Ahhhhhh sister, that fight has been fixed. It’s already been bought out. Jesus paid for your victory in this!

    Jesus said in Luke 10: 19 “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”

    You have been given the power for this battle, but girl you still have to show up. You still have to get in the ring. You still have to put your hands up and fight. You’re still going to take some blows and you’re likely going to get knocked down.

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    880 Rip Off the Roof

    880 Rip Off the Roof

    Why did you stop trying? Really, what was it in your way that made you give up? What was the ‘no’ that made you decide it wasn’t possible? What was the obstacle that finally stopped your progress and made you assume it wasn’t God’s will for your life to move forward?

    Was it the people in the way? Was it the closed door? Was it the difficulty? Was it the rules? Was it what others would think or say?

    Something caused you to stop … and what if that something can totally be blown out of the water today? What if your limitations could be removed and you were given permission to do things that seemed a bit ridiculous to keep moving toward the life God has for you?

    Isn’t that who God is looking for … he’s looking for the ones willing to overcome obstacles and do ridiculous things in the face of surmounting odds to become more like who He created them to be. He’s looking for people who will lead the way instead of get in line and wait for something they don’t even know they’re waiting for. He’s looking for people who will stare down an obstacle and figure out a way to go around it, and drag a few other people around it with them.

    He’s looking for some bold modern day Peter type people. People bold enough to do the unexpected, say what others may judge, and get back up again when they fail. He’s looking at you and asking if you’re going to stop getting discouraged now. He’s looking at you and asking if you’re going to toughen up and figure out a way to step into the life you were designed for. If you’re still waiting for this thing to be easy, you’re not ready. If you’re still looking for the quick fix, magic diet, instant success, and winning numbers, you’re not ready.

    Are you ready? Are you ready to drop your excuses and overcome your limitations? Are you ready to climb some walls, tear through some roofs and hang from the ceiling to tap into the power of Jesus? Wait, what? Did I just go too far? You’re not ready to climb walls? You’re not ready to tear through a roof or two? You’re not ready to tie some ropes and hang from the ceiling? Then maybe you’re still limited by what’s in your way and you’re going to stay stuck.

    Matthew, Mark and Luke all 3 tell us the story of some men who were desperate enough for the power of Jesus that they dropped excuses and overcame limitations. They broke a few rules, caused a scene, and left some damage, but it’s what was required to get to Jesus. These men had a friend who was crippled and they knew somehow, someway they needed to get him to Jesus. When Jesus was in their town they went to their friend and put him on a bed and began carrying it.

    Let me stop right there. Y’all need some friends like this. Some friends that will carry you to Jesus. Some friends that will do more than stand at your bedside and weep with you when you are hurting, but some friends that will lift you up and say ‘we’re not settling for this, let’s get help.’ Friends that won’t let you wallow in your despair and leave you in the darkness, but drag you and your bed through the streets of town to seek Jesus.

    Oh, but often times we just want friends who will wallow with us. Friends who will co-sign in your misery and show up for your pity party. Sorry, I won’t be that friend with you. I love you too much to see you waste what God has put within you. I know how darn precious this single day of life is and I won’t willingly watch you waste it waiting for a better one to come. I’m gonna drag your butt to Jesus. I’m gonna remind you of who you are and who’s you are.

    Be that kind of friend. Be that kind of wife. Be that kind of mama. Get some fight in you with a relentless love that will seek Jesus no matter what is in the way.

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    879 In Position For Blessing

    879 In Position For Blessing

    Have you been asking God to bless something you’re not willing to even begin? Have you been waiting for him to confirm something you were never told to do? Have you been expecting him to increase the very thing you haven’t been faithful with?

    God isn’t here to do magic. He’s here to continue the good works he began in you. The continuation of his work requires your participation at all times. Not just when you feel like it, not just when you’re getting the proper recognition, not just when it’s fun or easily fits into your schedule … all the time. God is waiting on your continual participation in this one life he has given you, to live up to the potential he created you for.

    But here’s what we do … we watch everyone else live their lives, then grow a wild hair up our butt thinking we want to be just like someone else and do what they do, then start asking God to bless that. You know why we sometimes identify with that imposter syndrome? Maybe it’s because sometimes we’re totally trying to be somebody we’re not. Maybe it’s because we’re so freaking fake we make our own selves sick. Maybe it’s because we know what our life really looks like without the filter. We know behind the scenes. But we’re pouring all our time and energy into this facade of being someone else, asking God to bless our fake image of who we’re trying to be.

    Girl, God cannot bless who you were never created to be. He can’t bless who you’re pretending to be. He can’t bless all you’re trying to become that’s out of alignment with his vision for your life. Maybe, just maybe, your obsession with being someone else with all the things and all the show is blocking God’s intended blessings on your life.

    I was never created to be a singer or dancer. Like ever. How do I know? I don’t have the talent. It’s not within my gifting. I could hire the best coaches and train for years and still never be a superstar. I could pray every day and beg for God to give me a voice and moves like Beyonce, but girl that ain’t happening. I could grow angry at God for not answering my prayers and giving me what I want, but the reality is my life has a purpose, and not all purposes are meant for me. God doesn’t need me to be another Beyonce, so he can’t bless my desire to be one.

    But he can bless my desire to discover who I am created to be. He can bless my work to perfect my own skills and talents. He can bless me to become the best version of who he envisioned me to be.

    Have you asked God to help you discover who you were created to be? Have you asked him for a glimpse of the vision he has for your life? Have you asked him to help you get better at becoming the best version of the hand-crafted original you are?

    Now God can get behind that and bless it! His power is fully unleashed when you decide you simply want to be all he designed you to be. When you get in alignment with his desire for your life and put your best effort behind it …. oh girl watch out … that’s where the good stuff is!

    God cannot bless who you pretend to be, he can only bless who you are. The real you can receive supernatural strength and heavenly provision … but this pretend you is ineligible for the blessing. This pretend you is totally getting in the way of the greatness God is trying to do in your life. Won’t you just drop her now?

    God doesn’t need your filter, he needs your faith.

    God doesn’t need your fake facade, he needs your for real.

    God doesn’t need your pretend, he needs your potential.

    Psalm 37:4 says “He will give you the desires of your heart.”

    Well, I’m still not Beyonce over here, so what’s the problem Lord? The problem is, I’m treating God like a genie in a bottle here to ...

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    878 Mountains In the Way

    878 Mountains In the Way

    If you ever fly over a great mountain range, you see all the impossible peaks are flattened to the same level as the valleys. From the high vantage point of the airplane window, the height of the mountain is reduced to nothing more than a change of color and casting shadows. Now imagine the mountains in our lives from a heavenly perspective.

    Your mountain is what’s standing in your way. It’s the impossible you’ve been staring down on the daily. It’s the hard climb you’re not so sure you’re capable of making. Your mountain blocks your view of everything that could be on the other side of it. But honey, this mountain isn’t blocking God’s view of what’s on the other side. He sits high above with a clear view of it all and determines what is possible. And if God declares this mountain possible, then darn it, it’s possible. Get your hiking boots on sis!

    Jesus told us in Matthew 17:20 “if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.”

    Mustard seed faith. That’s tiny faith that moves big things. Jesus used a mustard seed as an example because it’s one of the tiniest seeds. You could walk around with a mustard seed in your pocket and never feel the extra weight or bulkiness. No one would ever notice a mustard seed in your hand. It would go undetected without a single question. It’s unseen.

    But it’s this kind of tiny unshakable faith that Jesus assures you will move mountains. Impossible things shall be done in faith.

    But, not all mountains get moved, do they? I’ve seen some impossible things become possible through faith, and I’ve seen others stand steady in the face of faith and not budge. Not all mountains move. Why is that?

    I believe some mountains remain because God wants us to climb them. Obstacles remain in the way because we become more like who we were created to be when we climb, rather than when we walk level, steady, and predictable ground. Sister, how will you know God equips you to do the impossible if you’re not facing the impossible? How will you know he’s the way maker if you’re not first staring at a mountain you can’t climb? You don’t need a way maker when the way is easy. You need a way maker when the way seems impossible. When you’ve never been here before. When you feel totally unequipped and under qualified.

    What if this mountain has been allowed in your life so you get to know your God personally? How will you know he’s a provider if you never have a need? How will you know he’s a healer if you’re not sick? How will you know he’s a restorer if you’re not first broken? It’s cheap until you personally experience it, then you know.

    I’m a girl who once couldn’t walk or talk after a stroke, let me tell you about my healer.

    I’m a girl who once parked her car in the garage so the repo man circling my house couldn’t grab it in the middle of the night, let me tell you about my provider.

    I’m the girl who once was hurt so badly by people that I was walking away from this calling and never speaking again, let me tell you about my restorer.

    I’m the girl who still walks through some pretty darn treacherous territory with some of my most precious loved ones, and I’ve decided that’s okay because one day I’m really going to be able to personally tell you about my redeemer. I’ll tell you how God used every single ounce of intended harm for good. I’ll tell you how all things worked together. I’ll tell you how God was present in even the darkest times. I’ll tell you how he either eventually moved that mountain, or he strengthened this girl to climb it.

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    877 Anointed, Now What?

    877 Anointed, Now What?

    So now you know, you’re anointed (episode 876). Indeed, you are chosen and divinely empowered to do good in your life. It doesn’t all have to come from you, your true source is the Holy Spirit dwelling within you. That’s why you can do what you can do. That’s where the energy comes from. That’s where the creativity comes from. That’s where the right words at the right time come from. That’s where the patience comes from. It’s your anointing by the Almighty to do that which is natural to you, but on a supernatural level.

    But here’s the thing about being anointed, it doesn’t make it easy. We foolishly assume walking in our anointing will mean it’s an easy stroll with little effort … and we would be sorely wrong. Being anointed would instead mean questioning every step you take along the way, wondering if you’re doing it right. It would mean battling the little voice inside that continually tells you you’re not good enough. It would mean being attacked by the inner critic that tells you you’re a fraud and imposter. It would mean sometimes being tricked into giving less than your best effort and then feeling shame and regret over it. But then, after all this, it means you are strengthened and empowered to get up the next day and try again.

    And that’s just the crazy crap going on inside your head … let’s talk about what goes on around you. When you’re anointed does that mean everyone else recognizes it? Does that mean others celebrate what God is doing in your life? Does that mean success follows you everywhere you go? Oh girl, if that’s what you’re waiting on to confirm your anointing, you’re surely going to miss it.

    Others often don’t recognize God’s gifting in your life because they’re too busy trying to compete with it. They’re threatened by it, so they attack it. Anointing doesn’t mean instant success, it means surviving the attack against all odds and somehow having the strength to keep going. It means slow progress and hard climbs. It means gradual increase after a series of setbacks. It means discovering God’s unmatched ability to use all things for good, even the unimaginably bad things.

    Just because you are chosen and divinely equipped, does not mean it will be easy for you. Don’t confuse ease with purpose. Purpose is not easy. Purpose is a life-long pursuit of resisting the temptation of the easier way, and instead opting for the way with greater impact. Purpose is digging deep and diving in. Purpose is wholeness that comes first from brokenness. Purpose is trusting hard seasons will pass, and good seasons won’t last forever, so make the most out of each one.

    If you’re seeking ease, you will miss the anointing on your life. If you’re seeking comfort, you will forfeit the power God has offered you. Living up to the potential the Almighty has put within you will require more grit and consistency than you even believe possible for you at this point. But remember, our God is the God of the impossible. Daily He will strengthen you to do that which you still believe is impossible. Why? Because you’re anointed.

    I now know I’m anointed. Anointed to do this. Anointed to write and speak and share. Anointed to bring light and joy and life to your mornings. Anointed to be energetic and slightly ridiculous enough with the crazy crap that comes out of my mouth to keep you listening. But let me tell you, it’s not easy. If you only knew the voices in my head when I sit down every morning to write. Voices that try to convince me I’m too sleepy. Voices that tell me I’ve run out of things to share. Voices that tell me this is useless and I’m wasting my time. Voices that tell me I’m a fool and pretty soon everyone else will figure that out too.

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4.9 out of 5
478 Ratings

478 Ratings

Andi Idaho girl ,

Feisty, focused, and a fierce heart for God!

Pamela will absolutely ignite the fire in you to live this crazy big life God has designed for us!!!! She is feisty and full of life (seriously, I would love to bottle up her energy and take a shot of it ;). She is focused on helping each of us reach our potential, and above all, she loves God fiercely! She is REAL and so relatable! She is such a blessing in my life and has drastically changed my outlook! Wake up to some energy and love each day….you will NOT regret it!!!!

JossieLucas ,

Thank you.

Pamela is wonderful. God really speaks through her podcast! When I really need to hear something I tune in and her show is always relevant to what I’m going through. I love her enthusiasm and joy! I’m so thankful for this show.

ShamHamoo ,

WOW devotional

Pamela Crim has a top devotional podcast. She is funny, scripture-based and a real life Christian for women of any age.Thank you for getting up so early in the morning and giving us God inspired words to start the day.

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