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Leadership training and personal achievement motivation

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Leadership training and personal achievement motivation

    BTD00 - Big Things Done Explainer

    BTD00 - Big Things Done Explainer

    This short explainer episode is here to tell what Big Things Done is and why it exists.
    My name is Andrew Glover, and I am the founder of Big Things Done. I founded my brand because I believe every one of us wants to do something big in our lives. We all want to leave a legacy, be known for making something better, or doing something great. More importantly, however, I believe we all CAN DO big things too! It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, or what you believe, you and I have the ability to make our lives count for something amazing.
    Big Things Done is a resource to help you accomplish whatever big thing you have in your life. From leadership to personal growth and development, we cover practical tips, principles and techniques to make you someone who does something big, not just dream about them.
    Join me as I accomplish big things in my life, and let me know what you are doing in your life as well!

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    BTD1 - What's Your Big Thing?

    BTD1 - What's Your Big Thing?

    We all want to do something big with our lives - every one of us. Losing weight, making money, starting a business, creating a new product, fixing something that’s broken - we all want to do something big.
    But big things don’t just happen randomly - they require skills, habits, and characteristics to make them a reality. Whether your goal is personal or organization, all require certain distinct traits to lead yourself and your team to achieve at a high level.
    Episode 1 takes this concept and relates it to the purpose behind this entire podcast - helping people and teams get something big accomplished. I share how my active duty military experiences have given me a unique perspective that can help you accomplish your big thing.  This podcast is all about giving you practical things you can do to achieve your goals. Everything we talk about I have actually put into practice and executed - and so can you!  Every episode will have an application, and this episode asks you to define your “big thing” in much more detail than you probably have.

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    BTD2 - Hope is Not Your Strategy

    BTD2 - Hope is Not Your Strategy

    We’ve all had a great idea that we wanted to go do. But ask yourself, how many times did you actually go do it?  Or maybe you’re in a company that presented a brilliant new product - did anything ever develop after the initial meeting?
    How do we keep that from happening? How do we move past this and start doing Big Things?
    It all depends on your first reaction when you want to go do something. Often times, when we face something big, the first thing we say is “I hope that I can do it”.  But that’s not how you turn ideas into action.
    Hope is a dangerous word for people who want to do something big. In this episode, I share my experience with “hope” and show a much better way to approach your big thing. The application will help you develop into a person who’s first reaction to something big is “here’s my plan”.

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    BTD3 - Protect Your Time

    BTD3 - Protect Your Time

    Have you ever seen someone who has a lot good things going on in their life? They're really busy, making big things happen - how do they have the time to do that??
    They protect their time
    Here’s a reality check: our culture is sloppy when it comes to spending time wisely. We are taught that it is ok to let our life’s circumstances dictate what we do. We are rewarded for thinking we are “victims” of our career, our friends, or how we're feeling today. The instant entertainment-focused world we live in wants you to spend your time with their content.
    That's NOT ok!
    If you are serious about doing something big in your life, you have to abolish this type of thinking. You have to go on the OFFENSIVE and PROTECT your time to use it wisely. In this episode, I walk through a great way to do this, and it centers around building your strategic calendar.

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    BTD4 - Everyone Has a Story

    BTD4 - Everyone Has a Story

    We all have a story of how we got to where we are today, and in this episode, I share a little about my personal journey and my Big Thing. I was hesitant at first to open up about my story - only because it’s not very dramatic and doesn’t involve some sort of cool, crazy, radical transformation. But as I look back on the “average” events in my life, I can point to multiple lessons that can help me get better in the future. My purpose in sharing my story is to inspire you to look at your story, identify the valuable lessons that you’ve learned, and start making yourself better.

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    BTD5 - Know Your Stats

    BTD5 - Know Your Stats

    Are you tired of giving up on your dreams and goals when things get hard?

    Pay attention to your stats.

    We have been taught to only think about stats that are in the past - how much money we’ve made, what our profit margins were, how much weight we’ve lost. We call these metrics “lagging metrics”, because they only tell you about what happened in the past. These stats are ok, but they aren’t the best, because they don’t give any indication that you can do better or are moving toward your goal.  That’ll make even the best person eventually want to quit.

    Here’s a better approach - start paying attention to your leading metrics. Leading metrics are actions that you take to influence a future event. These are metrics, that if you do them well, you will reach your goal. I guarantee you already know what these are, but I’m willing to bet that you don’t use these to say you’re successful on a daily basis. You should start.

    If you are tired of feeling bad about not reaching your goals and want to start making progress toward your BIG THING, listen to the episode to learn about how to use your stats properly!

    Here is the link to the Chainbreaker Ride organization that I mention in the episode. If you would like to donate or learn more, click here https://chainbreakerride.org/donate/checkout?rider=799
    All donations are tax-deductible and will go to my fundraiser goal of $1250.

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

Carefree Runner ,

Refreshingly practical principles and values

A down to earth dose of good values in every episode. Easy to listen to, with powerful gems of wisdom. We can take things as deep as we are willing. Strong leadership skills and qualities come through in the episodes and it’s clear that Andy leads by example. Refreshingly honest! I feel both challenged and motivated after listening.

Rage 2010 ,

Talk about class

This guy is the real deal. He’s smart, principled, incredibly hard-working, and classy.

You want to figure things out? Go to God in prayer, and then hope you’ve got a solid dude like Andy Glover in your corner for help with wise counsel.

Mr Kakos ,

Great wisdom and advice from a young leader!

Andrew is the man, his podcast helped me get through a challenging time when studying for the Dental Admission Exam. His words “trust the process” stuck with me during long tough study sessions. I also used his services for the dental application process. I was very impressed with his services. A true leader in today’s world.

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