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I’m your biz barista, Lisa Yvonne, and I’m serving up quick jolts of awesome to power your profitable business while making sure you still have plenty of time to enjoy life!

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I’m your biz barista, Lisa Yvonne, and I’m serving up quick jolts of awesome to power your profitable business while making sure you still have plenty of time to enjoy life!

    Handling An Overly Full Market

    Handling An Overly Full Market

    Learn how to go well beyond “like, know, and trust” to building a truly irresistible brand that isn’t even challenged by a saturated market.
    You might think your niche is pretty saturated already and there’s no room for what you have to offer; if you market wisely and well, this won’t ever be an issue.
    Learn the subtle difference between effective marketing and marketing that wastes your time, money, and only gets you unsubscribes. It’s simpler than you think, but so many people miss the mark by miles. This is your opportunity!
    In this episode, we'll talk about:
    Why market saturation isn’t your problem
    The subtle nuance you need to pick up on
    Why “like, know, and trust” has been diluted (and how to use that to your advantage)
    How to ensure your people will click “BUY” when you give them the chance
    For more resources, visit HERE

    • 11 min
    Protect Your Content From Theft

    Protect Your Content From Theft

    In this day of digital marketing, online content delivery, and competition to rank or reach the right audience better and faster than others in your field, it can be daunting to create excellent content...and protect it from being stolen and "repurposed" by someone else.

    It's downright maddening when you've spend hours creating magnificent value for your people only to see someone else become "inspired" by it or just plain steal it. In fact, it can be so frustrating, you might be tempted to spend more time protecting your content from theft than you are creating more value for your people.

    And this may slow down your momentum and impact your profit.

    However, there's a much better way to protect your content from being stolen and that's what we'll be talking about today. Whether it's a blog post, podcast episode, e-book, or FB live topic, there's one way to ensure no one can rip it off.
    Business Philosophy
    Business Primer
    Content Marketing Strategy
    James Clear: Atomic Habits

    • 10 min
    Handling Burnout Today (and avoiding it tomorrow!)

    Handling Burnout Today (and avoiding it tomorrow!)

    Burnout is a buzz word these days and hustle is its partner...it's time to write a new story where rest is your secret ingredient and over-work is a thing of the past.

    BUT what do you do if you've already hit a wall and you're just trying not to drown under your to-do list.

    Tune in to find out how to handle it...and how to make this the LAST TIME you'll ever need to!

    • 7 min
    Life With Entrepreneurial Integrity

    Life With Entrepreneurial Integrity

    It's never just your business, or just your life. They are parts of the same whole. Ask yourself these important questions to make sure you're living in integrity.

    • 4 min
    Your Essential Business Philosophy

    Your Essential Business Philosophy

    A properly created business philosophy is essential to profit, growth, and building a legacy business.
    It equips you to know which opportunities to say “YES!” to…and reveals which ones are just shiny objects in disguise. It allows you to spend your time without regrets and build a business you want to work in. Plus, your business philosophy will increase your profits when it’s created well.
    Business philosophy isn’t some idea you discuss in a classroom; it’s the foundation of your business. It shapes what you do, how you grow, and the choices you make as CEO. By intentionally brewing your business philosophy today, you’ll save yourself the headache (and heartache) of having to pivot later since you won’t get derailed, distracted, or discouraged.
    Your business philosophy will serve as your compass, directing your path and helping you reach your destination instead of spinning your wheels, chasing shiny objects, or wasting your time on unprofitable ventures. This foundational business strategy is oft forgotten in today’s marketplace, so creating yours and using it to guide you will keep you focused and moving forward.
    In this episode we cover:
    One thing many entrepreneurs don’t do, that will give you the edge

    How you can say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ confidently, with no regrets or second guesses

    What will help you stand out to your people, so they flock to you

    How to build and grow a values-driven business you’re proud of

    Business philosophy resources mentioned:

    The Business Primer: helping you lay the proper foundation for your business and guiding you to the ideal business philosophy for your business. Your downloadable PDF Business Primer is available to access here.

    • 15 min
    The Real Reason You Need Business Boundaries

    The Real Reason You Need Business Boundaries

    The purpose of boundaries around your business isn’t to protect your work schedule; it’s time for an upside down approach that will change your life.
    Setting your business boundaries can be one of the most empowering and freeing (seriously, truly liberating!) steps you can take as an entrepreneur.
    If you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking you’re implementing boundaries because you need to protect your work hours. But there's a better way...
    In this episode we cover:
    What purpose your boundaries do NOT have

    The real reason you need boundaries as an entrepreneur

    The 4-part framework to successful boundaries as a business owner
    Other episodes mentioned:

    Brew Your Essential Business Philosophy
    Bonus resources referenced:
    The Business Primer: helping you lay the proper foundation for your business and guiding you to the ideal business philosophy for your business
    Ways To End Your Workday Well: tips for intentional women living authentic lives in and out of their business

    • 8 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Kristine Bolt ,

Best Biz Coach for Christian Women

I can honestly say that when I do the work and implement Lisa’s coaching advice, all I have to do is wait for the results to roll in. She serves up godly wisdom and business guidance like no other! So glad she’s distilling some of her juicy goodness into this podcast. Yay!

RN331 ,

Such refreshing business advice!

I love Lisa’s authenticity and wisdom! She’s such a breath of fresh air in a world where hustle is glorified. Her approach is so much more sustainable, enjoyable, and profitable.

Samiam167 ,

For the mom who wants a family life and a business

I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mom who also wants a business. It’s very hard to find a balance between work and family when your work is at home amongst your family. Lisa gives actionable steps from a Christian Faith perspective on how women can have a profitable business without it becoming their entire life. As a woman who struggles with this, her wisdom is just what I need!

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