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Discover American history, gun training tips, product reviews and interviews with great people on the responsible, family friendly, gun owners podcast hosted by Kenn Blanchard (since 2007). Get the app at blackmanwithagun.org

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Discover American history, gun training tips, product reviews and interviews with great people on the responsible, family friendly, gun owners podcast hosted by Kenn Blanchard (since 2007). Get the app at blackmanwithagun.org

    The Most Hated Black Man in America

    The Most Hated Black Man in America

    Kenn explains why some African American men shy away from joining white gun clubs. He also hits on the psychological, social and anthropology history behind Uncle Tom.
    Interview with Dr. Steve Albrecht
    Concealed Carry tips for the Urban Shooter or new shooter
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    Shooting For Peace

    Shooting For Peace

     The host of Black Man With a Gun Show, Rev. Kenn Blanchard restarts his leading podcast by popular demand.  This introduction to what he has planned as well as candid, and honest talk about what’s going on. He shares some of the changes he is making, Covid-19, politics in Washington DC, the NRA, history, BLM, racial injustice, gun rights, rise of Black Gunowners, and more. 
    You don’t have to agree.  We can fix this.  
    On John Wayne, 
    On Racism:
    Racism is as much about impact as it is about intention. We shouldn’t forget about those who are on the receiving end of discrimination.
    How the sausage is being made called Freedom.
    On the movement
    On the rise of Black Gun Ownership 
    The time has come for us to stop revering and instead reckon with the complex interweaving of heroism and evil in history. This has become a world wide movement.  We are all being affected.  We are grieving the loss of the past - the good old days or the possibility that the loss of life could be one of us.  
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    634 - Gun Owners, How Does It Feel To Be Right?

    634 - Gun Owners, How Does It Feel To Be Right?

    2A, patriots, gun owners and activist.  Wasssup?. Just a quick shout out to my friends that got it going on.  You were right.  You bought your arms and ammo before the government shut it down.  Before the price gouging.  Before the toilet paper flew off the shelves.  How does it feel now to be right?  Now what do you do.
    Be vigilant that is what.  You can’t eat ammo but make sure you have adequate stores of basics so that you can make meals too.  Be operationally aware so you don’t tell folks what you have online (anymore than you already have). Some of us have shared too much.  You know who you are.  Be smarter.  
    Take the time to explain to your family the next steps.  They may listen now.  
    I haven’t stopped podcasting in case you thought so.  Check out the Game Changers podcast. At kennspodcast.com  subscribe.  
    The past three weeks shows have been blessed with Colion Noir, Lt. Col Dave Grossman and Nic Thompson.   You know how I roll.  Thanks for staying with a brother.  
    New website address is https://blog.kennsgamechangers.com  
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    Shalom Baby,

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    Shackled to Gun Control

    Shackled to Gun Control

    A black history special also on USCCA. https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/blog/black-history-is-shackled-to-gun-control
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    Shalom Baby! Kenn

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    632 - Special Bonus Message 2020

    632 - Special Bonus Message 2020

    Just a quick announcement that I have a new podcast at kennspodcast.com. This was over 600 episodes so feel free to go back and listen. I interviewed over 200 guest and covered some great historical topics about the gun movement over the past 12 years. I may come back for short messages like this but look for me at https://blog.kennsgamechangers.com and http://kennspodcast.com.

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    Farewell message

    Farewell message

    This is my farewell message to friends, family and coworkers in the 2 A
    movement.  In my twenty plus year of being in this space, I have never seen anyone actually retire.  They usually die, get a mention in the NRA Rifleman, and Ammoland and that's it.  Or they screw up in a media interview and get crucified by trolls and the community members that like that sort of
    thing.  I'm trying to go out on my own terms.
    The world has changed since I started.  A lot.  Some good stuff has happened.  And some bad.  I used to call myself the Bill Cosby of the Gun Rights Movement.  That isn't a good analogy now.  And there were a couple of other guys that I grew up looking up to that have since gone down in flames.
    Like my wife repeatedly say, don't compare yourself to anyone, just be you.
    I started with nothing.  I still have most of that left.  
    I started in 1986 wanted to be a firearms instructor for my community.  I wanted to become a high paid speaker or radio personality. I wanted to  leverage my creativity and entrepreneurism to become a successful business
    person.  I became the Black Man with a Gun (BMWAG)
    The local DC Maryland and Virginia community wasn't ready for an under 30  year old African American firearms trainer.  The government allowed me to moonlight and do this side activity but with a strict warning not to disclose my bona fides.  I was watched.  I was monitored.  I had to ask permission before I traveled.  When I appeared before the public they thought, how could I know anything?  How dare I talk about guns when there
    was the so called black on black crime, police shootings, and drug wars going on.  I got beat up a lot at ranges, gun shops and churches where I  tried to advertise.  But I became involved in the gun community/ gun rights when I failed to make money as a trainer/instructor in 1987.  Gun rights activism doesn't make money if you are honest. 
    Since then I have been involved in the gun debate, as it intersects firearms instruction and civil rights.  I created the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club in 1991 that grew from Washington, DC, Baltimore, NJ and Illinois.  The Law Enforcement Alliance of America, introduced me the show business of politics and I worked with to the NRA, GOA and SAF. The website Black Man with a Gun
    debuted in 1999.  I've been involved in US Supreme Court cases we have won for the 2nd Amendment even if my name isn't on it.
    I learned more about myself than anything doing this stuff I had a training business, where I provided instruction and certifications in first aid, armed security and tactics.  I failed in business but I pressed onward.
    I started before social media and looking back I could have been a boss with that thing but I didn't.
    I reached out to all the so called black leaders and announced my intentions
    in the gun world.  It was risky because historically, this same leaders are
    anti-gun.  But I went there.  I tried to buy a shooting range.  I got
    blasted by Rev Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and local pastors. 
    I created a podcast in 2007 and I was embraced by the people black people
    said I should beware of.  The demographic that loved the BMWAG were the same
    folks that are accused of racism, cronyism, and supremacy.  White males were
    calling me brother.  They were listening to my shows.  They were inviting me
    and my family to events across the country.  I shot historical firearms in
    Tennessee.  I ate at the homes of millionaires, in country clubs, and places
    in Washington DC I didn't know black people were allowed in.  I learned that
    our country likes being divisive.  I learned that racism exist mostly
    because people need it as an excuse.  I learned that organizations really
    don't want change.  I learned that people like mess, and drama.  I learned
    that I was a conservative.
    What I enjoyed
    I loved meetin

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
396 Ratings

396 Ratings

Poetry_on_a_Cracker ,

Return of the People’s Champion

Ken has always been cutting-edge in the podcast world. Sharing his real life ups and downs. Always something interesting on his show and unfortunately for me, I didn’t have time to hear them all.

Argon blade ,

Pure gold

Lots of unique and thought provoking content delivered w history , insight and a Lil humor

P&L Marine ,

A brother from another mother.

Just finished listening to your new podcast Black Man with a Gun. Which I know I have been listening to you for the last 10 years are more. Enjoyed 90% of the shows. Don’t know where you’re going with this at this time, I’m curious to find out where are you going with this. Can’t wait to here further podcast. Stay safe

PS no more zombie episodes please. That’s where you lost me after five or six episodes.

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