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Blockchain in Dubai! I plan to release an episode every day at 8 am GST. Episodes called Crypto & Coffee at 8 will cover news about Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology, Beyond Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence in Dubai & around the Middle East

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Blockchain in Dubai! I plan to release an episode every day at 8 am GST. Episodes called Crypto & Coffee at 8 will cover news about Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology, Beyond Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence in Dubai & around the Middle East

    🔴 Balancing Innovation and Regulation: ⚡The Future of Crypto with Andrew Whitworth ⚡

    🔴 Balancing Innovation and Regulation: ⚡The Future of Crypto with Andrew Whitworth ⚡

    Episode Name: Balancing Innovation and Regulation: The Future of Crypto with Andrew Whitworth

    Guest: Andrew Whitworth, Former Policy Director, EMEA at Ripple.  Co-Founder of ICDEF Research

    Current Role - Advisor & Researcher - Crypto, FinTech, Tech Policy - IPE of Digital Finance - http://globalpolicyltd.com
    Co-founder & Director - ICDEF

    A book written by Andrew - Regulating Banks: The Politics of Instability

    Available via Amazon USA here http://tiny.cc/rn97zz

    Host: RA George, Blockchain DXB

    Andrew Whitworth

    email: andrew.whitworth@eui.eu

    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewwhitworth/

    Twitter (X) - @AA_Whitworth

    Summary of the conversation

    Introduction to Andrew Whitworth

    Andrew introduced his extensive background, highlighting his academic achievements and vast experience in the fintech and cryptocurrency sectors. He shared insights into his role in the payment industry and his journey within the payment space.

    Andrew emphasized his transition from traditional banking regulation to the cryptocurrency space, sharing his insights and experiences from his tenure as Policy Director at Ripple. He recounted some of his most notable experiences while working at Ripple and the valuable lessons he learned.

    Separation of Money and State: We explored the possibility of separating money from the state, with Andrew providing a unique perspective on the matter.
    Role of Regulations: Andrew discussed how regulations should foster innovation and growth within the industry. He also shared how perceptions regarding cryptocurrency have evolved throughout his career with institutions like the Bank of England and Ripple.
    Political Influence: We delved into the impact of politics on regulations, with Andrew comparing the regulatory approaches of Europe, the USA, and the UAE.
    Stablecoins: Andrew provided a detailed comparison between stablecoins and fiat currencies, explaining why he believes stablecoins may be superior.
    MENA Region and MiCA Regulations: We discussed how the MENA region can learn from MiCA regulations and vice versa, as well as Dubai Customs' recent announcement of a blockchain use case.
    Advising Companies: Andrew explained how he helps companies navigate regulations and develop effective policies, expressing that regulations can indeed drive industry growth.

    UK and US Politics: We talked about how the UK’s new Prime Minister, Sir Keir Starmer, and influential figures like Nigel Farage might impact cryptocurrency and blockchain regulations. Andrew also shared his thoughts on how the upcoming US elections could affect cryptocurrency prices and regulations.
    UAE Central Bank's Payment Token Regulations: Andrew mentioned that the UAE’s regulatory environment is more supportive of innovation compared to other regions.

    Books and Publications: We discussed Andrew's book, Regulating Banks: The Politics of Instability, and its relevance to the current financial landscape.
    ICDEF: Andrew shared information about ICDEF, where he is a co-founder and director, highlighting how companies can benefit from this organization.
    Global Policy Ltd: He also discussed his new endeavor, Global Policy Ltd, and its mission.

    Tokenization and KYC/AML Challenges: Andrew shared his views on tokenization, KYC, and AML hurdles in the context of open blockchain technology.
    Personal Interests: Outside of his professional life, Andrew enjoys playing the guitar, and sharing his passion for music.

    This episode is packed with valuable insights from one of the industry's leading experts, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of the intersection between fintech, cryptocurrency, and regulation.

    Transition to CryptocurrencyDiscussion HighlightsCurrent Events and PredictionsAndrew’s Publications and ProjectsPersonal Insights

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    🚨Unfiltered Crypto Insights 18th July 🚨 Live with RA George (Blockchain DXB) and Markose Chentittha (Society X) : Live via LinkedIn at 10:00 AM GST

    🚨Unfiltered Crypto Insights 18th July 🚨 Live with RA George (Blockchain DXB) and Markose Chentittha (Society X) : Live via LinkedIn at 10:00 AM GST

    Podcast Shownotes: Blockchain DXB & Society X - LinkedIn Live


    RA George
    Markose Chentittha

    Event Time:

    10:00 am GST

    Topic of Discussion:

    Web3 Terminologies (30 mins)

    Blockchain: Distributed ledger technology recording transactions and data.
    Node: Individual participant in the blockchain network.
    Ledger: Record of transactions.
    Wallet: Digital wallet to store private keys and interact with blockchain.
    NFT: Unique digital asset, such as a document or moment in time.
    Token: Digital asset or currency on a blockchain.
    Royalties: Payments to creators associated with NFT sales.
    Smart Contract: Self-executing contract with terms directly written into code.
    dApp: Decentralized application running on a blockchain.
    Minting: Creating new tokens or NFTs.
    Private Key: Cryptographic key for secure access to a blockchain wallet.
    Public Key: Cryptographic key to receive blockchain transactions.
    Public Address: Crypto address to receive funds - Can be shared via QR codes or copied and pasted.
    Seed Phrase: Mnemonic phrase for wallet recovery.
    Account Abstraction: Simplifying blockchain accounts for easier use.
    Airdrop: Distribution of tokens for free to promote usage.
    Degen: High-risk crypto traders.
    DAOs: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.
    Tokenization: Converting assets into digital tokens on a blockchain.
    DEX: Decentralized Exchange.
    Miners & Stakers: Participants validating transactions.
    Mining: Validating transactions and securing the network.
    Gas: Transaction fees on a blockchain.
    Oracle: Service providing external data to smart contracts.
    Mainnet: Main blockchain network for actual transactions.
    Forking: Creating a split or divergence in the blockchain.

    Larry Fink on Bitcoin: "I believe Bitcoin is a legit financial instrument."
    Prediction: MakerDAO's $1B Tokenization Plan - "Spark Tokenization Grand Prix," an open competition to invest $1 billion in tokenized U.S Treasury offerings. Applications open on August 12. BlackRock with Securitize, Ondo Finance, and Superstate plan to participate.
    Ripple vs SEC: 18th July closed-door meeting.

    Trump Assassination Attempt: Token Pumped 33% MAGA (TRUMP). Announced the next day he will be speaking at Bitcoin Conference on 26th July - 27th July. JD Vance as VP pick. Very pro-Bitcoin. Bashed Gary Gensler.
    Crypto Market: Defi Vol- Low. Stablecoin volume. Dex to CEX up. Market Cap of Privacy coin unchanged from when the price of BTC was $20k.
    Ethereum Trading: 23rd July - Tuesday.
    Bitcoin Bridge - TON Blockchain: Anatoliy Makosov, TON's technical lead, said “Storing and using Bitcoin on TON is as secure as on the Bitcoin network itself, but significantly cheaper and more convenient.”
    Bitcoin Grants: By Arthur Hays.

    No news from Crypto & Blockchain.

    Sentient Labs raises $85mln in seed funding.

    Markose Chentittha update

    Shared updates on Society X and Ort Foundation
    Glimpse of future Networking events
    What to expect at the next Society X meetup event

    RA George update

    Lightning Network episode.
    Andrew Whitworth episode.
    Triton Liquid episode (Hedge Fund).
    Investor in 1st Fiat Gateway to Ethereum. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi.

    Tune in for in-depth discussions and insights on the latest trends and updates in the blockchain, crypto, and AI spaces!

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    ⚡ Lightning Network ⚡ - Unraveling Bitcoin's Scalability Solution

    ⚡ Lightning Network ⚡ - Unraveling Bitcoin's Scalability Solution

    Episode Title: Lightning Network 101: Unraveling Bitcoin's Scalability Solution

    Host: RA George

    Podcast: Blockchain DXB


    Welcome to Blockchain DXB with host RA George.
    Topic: Understanding the Lightning Network and its role in Bitcoin's scalability.

    Episode Highlights:

    What is the Lightning Network?
    Core Principles:
    Network Architecture:
    Integration with Bitcoin Ecosystem:
    Real-World Applications:
    Challenges and Future Prospects:


    Summary of key points discussed.
    Emphasis on understanding the Lightning Network and its transformative potential.
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    Blockchain DXB: Crypto & Coffee at 8 ☕ 18th July 🟠 Bitcoin Bridge by TON Foundation 🟠 Bitcoin Development Grants by Arthur Hayes 🟢 Spot Ether ETFs trading - 23rd July? 🚨Grayscale Launches AI Fund❗

    Blockchain DXB: Crypto & Coffee at 8 ☕ 18th July 🟠 Bitcoin Bridge by TON Foundation 🟠 Bitcoin Development Grants by Arthur Hayes 🟢 Spot Ether ETFs trading - 23rd July? 🚨Grayscale Launches AI Fund❗

    18th July: Crypto & Coffee at 8🟠 Bitcoin Bridge by TON Foundation 🟠 Bitcoin Development Grants by Arthur Hayes 🟢 Spot Ether ETFs trading - 23rd July? 🚨Grayscale Launches AI Fund ❗🟠 The Open Network (TON) is launching a bridge to let users bring their Bitcoin to the Telegram-linked network for DeFi use. The TON Foundation is set to launch TON Teleport BTC, a trustless bridge for secure Bitcoin transfers to and from the Telegram-linked network. This system will enable Bitcoin holders to engage in DeFi activities on TON while ensuring asset security. TON Teleport BTC will support interactions with decentralized exchanges and lending platforms within the TON ecosystem. Official info via Twitter (X) here https://t.ly/ZDVhI🟠 Maelstrom Fund by Arthur Hayes aims to boost Bitcoin development via Grants. You can apply here https://t.ly/gUTu8🟠 The Bitcoin Grant Program is to support the technical development of Bitcoin, aiming to enhance its resilience, scalability, censorship resistance, and privacy. Grants range from $50,000 to $150,000 per developer, with payments made monthly in BTC, USDC, or USDT. The program, open to applications until August 25, 2024, allows grant stacking up to $250,000 per year. Successful applicants will contribute to Bitcoin's development and may need to undergo an interview and provide references. The review committee includes Arthur Hayes (CIO) and Jonathan Bier (Grant Program Administrator). Grants will be awarded in Q3 and Q4 2024.🟣 The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has preliminarily approved at least three out of eight asset managers, including BlackRock, VanEck, and Franklin Templeton, to launch ether spot ETFs, which are expected to begin trading next Tuesday. Final documents are due this week, and all eight ETFs might launch simultaneously. This follows the January launch of nine U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs, further integrating digital assets into mainstream finance. Info via Reuters here https://t.ly/j5QGB🚨The Grayscale Decentralized AI Fund🚨 Grayscale Investments, known for its significant spot bitcoin ETF (GBTC), has launched a new digital asset fund focused on AI tokens. The Grayscale Decentralized AI Fund, targeting accredited investors, aims to leverage the growth of blockchain and artificial intelligence protocols. The fund is designed to capture the potential of these emerging technologies as they intersect and evolve. Info here https://t.ly/porId❗ The Grayscale Decentralized AI Fund includes the native tokens of AI-focused blockchain protocols such as Near (NEAR), Render (RNDR), Bittensor (TAO), Filecoin (FIL) and Livepeer (LPT)🟠 Two UAE news (See slides)⚡ Satoshi Protocol Raises $2M in Seed Round with participation from Cypher Capital (Dubai/UAE)⚡ UAE-based AI start-up Sentient Labs raises $85mln in seed funding

    For slides click here  https://t.ly/G11ua 

    LinkedIn Profile: https://tinyurl.com/bdeevbru

    Podcast Host: @black_incarnation

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    🟣 Navigating Crypto with Triton Liquid Fund: 🔥 Insights from CIO Christopher Keshian 🔥

    🟣 Navigating Crypto with Triton Liquid Fund: 🔥 Insights from CIO Christopher Keshian 🔥

    Episode Name: Navigating Crypto with Triton Liquid Fund: Insights from CIO Christopher Keshian

    Guest: Christopher Keshian, CIO, Triton Liquid Fund

    Host: RA George, Blockchain DXB

    Contact Information

    Anne-Maria Salmela, Chief of Staff at Triton Liquid Fund email- anne@tritonliquid.com

    Christopher Keshian, CIO at Triton Liquid Fund chris@tritonliquid.com


    Anne-Maria Salmela: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anne-maria-salmela/

    Christopher Keshian: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chriskeshian/

    Twitter (X) : https://x.com/triton_liquid

    Website: https://www.tritonliquid.com/

    Summary of the conversation:

    Christopher shared recent crypto market trends and positive price actions.
    Highlighted his decade-long experience in the cryptocurrency space.
    Discussed his involvement with the first fiat gateway onto Ethereum.
    Shared his academic background and extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry.
    Explained changes observed among investors over the decade.
    Emphasized the importance of open-source data for Triton Liquid Fund.
    Explained the benefits of accessible data for everyone.
    Detailed the 24 verticals used to manage Triton Liquid Fund’s portfolio.
    Provided an overview of Triton Liquid Fund’s operations and team.
    Stressed the use of quantitative and qualitative analysis in investment decisions.
    Discussed the thorough research and comprehensive reports produced by Triton Liquid Fund.
    Shared insights into portfolio management and real-time data availability.
    Discussed portfolio diversification strategies and the importance of current narratives.
    Outlined criteria for selecting managers and tokens.
    Explained the team interaction process and evaluation factors.
    Highlighted the competitive edge of Triton Liquid Fund and its early market offerings.
    Mentioned access to information from 16 different data sources, both on-chain and third-party.
    Answered an AI-framed question on combining venture capital principles with proprietary data analysis.
    Elaborated on risk management in volatile markets and observed trends.
    Discussed AI mechanisms, such as matching used by Triton Liquid Fund.
    Explained the strategic choice of Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) as headquarters.
    Shared plans to better understand the market and offer world-class investment services in the UAE.
    Addressed common challenges in the crypto space and Triton Liquid Fund’s approach to understanding the market.
    Explored potential expansion to Saudi Arabia or other regions in Asia.
    Detailed various reports offered by Triton Liquid Fund for investor benefit.
    Discussed ideal cryptocurrency allocation percentages for High Net Worth Individuals.
    Provided perspectives on the upcoming USA election and its potential impact on the cryptocurrency market.
    Offered advice to investors in light of the November 2024 USA election.
    Discussed maximizing opportunities in tokenization.
    Shared personal insights on his music preferences and work-life balance.

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    Blockchain DXB: Crypto & Coffee at 8 ☕ 17th July 🥶 Mt. Gox transfers 140,000 BTC 🟠 Bitcoin ETN - French pension plans ⚡ Craig Wright faces perjury charges 🔴 Trump’s VP pick - Pro Bitcoin?

    Blockchain DXB: Crypto & Coffee at 8 ☕ 17th July 🥶 Mt. Gox transfers 140,000 BTC 🟠 Bitcoin ETN - French pension plans ⚡ Craig Wright faces perjury charges 🔴 Trump’s VP pick - Pro Bitcoin?

    17th July: Crypto & Coffee at 8🥶 Mt. Gox transfers 140,000 BTC 🟠 Bitcoin ETN - French pension plans ⚡ Craig Wright faces perjury charges 🔴 Trump’s VP pick - Pro Bitcoin?🚨 On July 16, Mt. Gox moved over 140,000 Bitcoin (BTC), worth nearly $9 billion, to a known cold wallet and two unknown addresses, raising market concerns. According to Arkham Intelligence, Mt. Gox still holds 138,985 BTC, valued at around $8.7 billion, and started mobilizing funds after two weeks of inactivity. Details here https://lnkd.in/dSgzErr9 Power of Open Blockchain!- Almost 96,000 BTC (over $6 billion) were shifted to unknown wallets, while 44,527 BTC went to a known Mt. Gox cold wallet. In total, nearly 190,000 BTC worth over $12 billion was moved within three hours.- One unknown address, received 42,587 BTC worth $2.69 billion, and another 4,641.24 BTC worth $293.94 million was transferred to the Mt. Gox cold wallet. This address has not yet moved the BTC, causing market sentiment to shift and BTC value to drop. Additionally, 48,641 BTC ($3.07 billion) was sent to another unknown address from the main Mt. Gox wallet.🟠 Bitcoin exchange-traded note- VanEck has teamed up with Inter Invest to introduce the first bitcoin exposure through a French pension savings plan using its bitcoin exchange-traded note (ETN). The $407 million VanEck Bitcoin ETN (VBTC) will now be available to French Pension Savings Plan (PER) investors, making it the first digital asset accessible to them. While VanEck has warned investors about the volatility of cryptocurrencies, they view Bitcoin as an innovative long-term asset. Info via ETF Stream here https://t.ly/_uvfQ- Does it help the Bitcoin ecosystem or the price in any way?- Does it help only the issuer of Bitcoin ETN- Why was Bitcoin created?🔥 On July 16, Judge James Mellor found that Wright lied extensively to support his false claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous author of the 2008 Bitcoin white paper. Judge Mellor's ruling indicated that Wright’s false testimony warranted referral to Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for consideration of perjury charges. More info via Cointelegraph here https://t.ly/4ErSk🔴 In a recently resurfaced video, JD Vance, the new running mate of Donald Trump, criticized SEC Chair Gary Gensler, calling him the “worst person” to regulate the crypto industry. The clip, here https://t.ly/4VCHW has been circulating on social media and shows Vance speaking at Remedy Fest, a private conference hosted by Y Combinator and Bloomberg on February 28. In 2021 he also disclosed that he owned between $100,000 and $250,000 worth of Bitcoin while running for Senate. A great video here https://t.ly/D6UxN via C-SPAN where he's talking about regulations to protect and not stifle innovation🟠 Two UAE news (See slides)⚡ Saudi AI leader Mozn named among the world’s leading FinTech companies⚡Abu Dhabi’s Open Innovation AI and Nscale’s ambitious plan to deploy 30,000 GPUs

    For slides click here https://tinyurl.com/ybs63xu2

    LinkedIn Profile: ⁠https://tinyurl.com/bdeevbru⁠

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