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Podcast highlighting recent releases in Drum and Bass!

Earlier Episodes and seasons can be found at http://DJBlueWater.com

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Podcast highlighting recent releases in Drum and Bass!

Earlier Episodes and seasons can be found at http://DJBlueWater.com

    Blue Sunday - Season 10 - Episode 13

    Blue Sunday - Season 10 - Episode 13

    On this week's show:

    The North Quarter All Stars | All This Time (Original Mix)

    Calibre, ST Files, Carmelle Cox | Grow (Original Mix)

    Steo | Omni God (Original Mix)

    Hiraeth | Loving You (Original Mix)

    Archangel | She Was Mine (Original Mix)

    Technimatic, Ruth Royall | Help You Stay (Original Mix)

    Sl8r, Freddy B | Switchin' It Up (Original Mix)

    DJ Marky | Come Back (Original Mix)

    GLXY | New Soul (Original Mix)

    Avalon Rays, Keist | Visions feat. Avalon Rays (Original Mix)

    Matt View | Talk About (Original Mix)

    Technimatic, Zara Kershaw | Colour Me In (Original Mix)

    QZB, Mara Sophia | Dangerously High feat. Mara Sophia (Original Mix)

    Calibre | Stunted (Original Mix)

    Monty, Liam Bailey | No Sunset For Soul (Original Mix)

    Bcee | Rain (Original Mix)

    Mitekiss, Ruth Royall | YKOM (Original Mix)

    D'cypher | The Streets (Original Mix)

    Phil:osophy | Feel's Like It's All Over (Original Mix)

    DJ Marky | The Spaceship Connection (Original Mix)

    Charlotte Haining, Fliwo | The Siren feat. Charlotte Haining (Original Mix)

    Archangel | Garden Dance (Original Mix)

    Avalon Rays, Keist | Pieces feat. Avalon Rays (Original Mix)

    Motiv | Person I Knew (Original Mix)

    Charli Brix, QZB | Overdrive (Original Mix)

    Zar, Milansangar | Aura (Original Mix)

    Minos | Soul Shards (Original)

    GLXY | Fear, Ego (Original Mix)

    Charlotte Haining, goddard. | High Hopes (Extended)

    • 54 min
    Blue Sunday - Season 10 - Episode 12

    Blue Sunday - Season 10 - Episode 12

    On this week's show:

    Charli Brix, Sl8r, EMZ - Sometimes (Original Mix)
    Creatures - Alone in the City (Original Mix)
    Monrroe, SOLAH - Overthinking (Original Mix)
    Mitekiss - Belamour (Original Mix)
    Fred V, Lottie Jones - Homesick (Original Mix)
    MC Fava, Mountain - Here U Go (Original Mix)
    Hugh Hardie - Juicebox (Original Mix)
    Hugh Hardie - Spread Out (Original Mix)
    Carlito - Savanna Rain (Original Mix)
    Friske - Someone (Original Mix)
    Particle - Let It Go (Original Mix)
    Bob White - All I've Ever Needed (Original Mix)
    Riya, L-Side, Subten - Control (Vocal Mix)
    The North Quarter All Stars - Schizm (Original Mix)
    Makoto, A-Sides, MC Fava, Sofi Mari - Reminder feat. Sofi Mari feat. A-Sides (Original Mix)
    Archangel - Heartstrings (Original Mix)
    Telomic - Nothing Hurts (Original Mix)
    Krakota, Charlotte Haining - Everybody (Needs Somebody) (DJ Edit)
    Hugh Hardie - Suede (Original Mix)
    Halogenix - Souldout (Original Mix)
    DSP - Sweet Love and Bass (Original Mix)
    Deadline, Slay, Duskee - CHICA (Original Mix)
    Creatures - Me & You (Original Mix)
    Reburf - Without You (Original Mix)
    Phloem - On The Line (Original Mix)
    Zhou, Hugh Hardie - Show No Love (Original Mix)

    • 53 min
    Blue Sunday - Season 10 - Episode 11

    Blue Sunday - Season 10 - Episode 11

    On this week's show:

    DJ Marky, Javeon - Dance Again (Original Mix)
    Logistics, SOLAH - Dawn Treader (Original Mix)
    Bcee - Discontent (Original Mix)
    Need For Mirrors, TomInTheChamber - Sloh (Original Mix)
    Echomatics - Crows Eyes (Original Mix)
    D.O.D - So Much In Love (Sub Focus Extended Remix)
    DJ Marky - Colours Of My Mind (Original Mix)
    Robert Manos, Bigchoc - Touchbase (Original Mix)
    Halogenix - Ivory (Original Mix)
    Kind Fiction - Your Descent (Original Mix)
    Qumulus - Bittersweet (Original Mix)
    The North Quarter All Stars - Don't Need (Original Mix)
    Karma - One More Smile (Original Mix)
    DJ Marky, Makoto - Trip To The Stars (Original Mix)
    Satl, Brandy Haze - Today (Original Mix)
    Subrix - Sight (Original Mix)
    Sustance - Magnetic (Original Mix)
    Edlan - Timberwolf (Original Mix)
    HK Sage - Event Horizon (Original Mix)
    Halogenix, GLXY - Unconditional (Original Mix)
    Charli Brix, En:vy - Afraid of Love (Original Mix)
    Sustance, Visages - Moments (Original Mix)
    The North Quarter All Stars - New Day (Original Mix)
    Trail - Lucid (Original Mix)
    Feux, Hyroglifics - Belief feat. Feux (Original Mix)
    Inigma - New Moon (Original Mix)
    DJ Ande - Crystals (Blame Remix)
    Makoto - Show Me (Original Mix)
    Evasion - Soul Seasons (Original Mix)
    innaSelf - Re-animate (Original Mix)

    • 54 min
    Blue Sunday - Season 10 - Episode 10

    Blue Sunday - Season 10 - Episode 10

    On this week’s show:

    Kojo, Hugh Hardie, In:Most - RWTS (Original Mix)
    Surreal - Sugar (Original Mix)
    Blade, ARP-1 - Reckoning (Original Mix)
    Halogenix, Liam Bailey - Satisfy My Soul (Original Mix)
    Trail 6A - Resident (Original Mix)
    Verbz, Sheiva, En:vy - Better On My Own (Original Mix)
    Alec Primavera, Solomon France - Blame (Original Mix)
    Matrix & Futurebound, En Mute - You Don't Have To Wait (Original Mix)
    London Elektricity, Liane Carroll - Fast Soul Music (Dogger & Mindstate Remix)
    London Elektricity, Liane Carroll - Born To Synthesise (Bop x Subwave Remix)
    Shiva - Ice On The Lena (Original Mix)
    United Souls - Affluence (Original Mix)
    Morgan, Sigma - Adrenaline Rush (Original Mix)
    Boxplot - I Won't Leave You (Original Mix)
    Motiv, Sl8r - To Me (Original Mix)
    High Maintenance, Ayah Marar, Synth System - Breathe In (Synth System Remix)
    Xeonz - Echo (Original Mix)
    Think Tonk, Axelle - I Don't Wanna Look Inside (Original Mix)
    Saikon - A Different Way (Original Mix)
    Perspective Shift, Tatora - Retrospective Clarity (feat. Perspective Shift) (Original Mix)
    En:vy - Darling (Original Mix)
    Break - Digital World (Original Mix)
    Think Tonk - Lemon Rind (Original Mix)
    Funktional - Patience (Original Mix)
    Sub Focus, Hayla - I Found You (Original Mix)
    Grafix, LENN - Say It Now (Extended Edit)
    Dan Structure - Blue (Original Mix)
    Bcee - Glitter Balls (Tatora Remix)
    Maduk, Telomic - Stay Like This (Telomic Remix)
    Surreal - Something In My Mind (Original Mix)

    • 53 min
    Blue Sunday - Season 10 - Episode 9

    Blue Sunday - Season 10 - Episode 9

    On this week's show:

    Zoe Kypri, GLXY - Sentimental (Original Mix)
    Trail, Visages - Misty Blue (Original Mix)
    Subrix - Lose You (Original Mix)
    Lynx, Kagey, Jakobi - Under the Stars (feat. Kagey) (L-Side Remix)
    Break, Charli Brix - Lost (Original Mix)
    Counter Culture - Tabs (Original Mix)
    The Vanguard Project, Sydney Bryce - Micro Machine (Original Mix)
    Black Barrel - New Era (Original Mix)
    Bcee, flowanastasia - Past & Presence (Original Mix)
    Minos - My Everything (Original Mix)
    Sci-Clone - Upper Harbour Highway (Original Mix)
    Calibre - Wirly (Original Mix)
    Drs, Charli Brix, Visages - I Can't Stay (Original Mix)
    Impish - I Need (Original Mix)
    Subrix - I'm Leaving (Original Mix)
    Doktor, Sudley, [IVY], Qyor - Love (Original Mix)
    Motiv - Fever Dream (Original Mix)
    Bcee, L-Side, Charlotte Haining - Crossroad (Original Mix)
    Phloem 5A - Back Pocket (Original Mix)
    Break, Liam Bailey - Gotta Believe (Original Mix)
    Sub Focus, Jonny L - Turn Up The Bass (Original Mix)
    Nu:Logic - Morning Light (Technimatic Remix)
    Impish - Leave (Original Mix)
    Kuttin Edge - Kuiper Belt (Original Mix)
    Sub Focus - Fine Day (Original Mix)
    Ed:It - Lock Blues (Original Mix)
    Hyroglifics, Charli Brix, Catching Cairo - Know You (Original Mix)
    Hocseat - Aura (Original Mix)
    Audioscribe - Magnetize (Original Mix)
    Zara Kershaw, Sustance, Pola & Bryson, Duskee - Sweet Relief (Original Mix)

    • 49 min
    Blue Sunday - Season 10 - Episode 8

    Blue Sunday - Season 10 - Episode 8

    On this week's show:

    DJ Marky, Alibi, Charli Brix - Natural Feeling (Original Mix)
    DJ Marky, Makoto, SOLAH - Everything Is Possible (DJ Marky & Makoto Remix)
    Future Engineers, Re:frame - Introspection (Original mix)
    Phloem, Leniz - Losing Soul (Original Mix)
    Makoto - Love Is Complicated (Original Mix)
    Zero T, Onj, MELONYX - Blow (Original Mix)
    Nu:Logic - Tripping In Space (Nu: Logic VIP)
    Future Engineers, Audio Syndicate - Counterpoint (Original mix)
    Mob Tactics - No More Lies (Original Mix)
    Funktional - Blue Shadow (Original Mix)
    DPR 5A - Burning (Original Mix)
    Mackadena, Th'Acquisition - Jah Knows (Original Mix)
    Edlan, Bazil Mc, Sydney Bryce - Surrender (Original Mix)
    Hocseat - Emotion (Original Mix)
    Zero T, Visionobi, Aaliyah Esprit - Bleeding Out (Original Mix)
    Q Project - Chapter 13 (Original Mix)
    Funktional, Drs - Poison Seas (Original Mix)
    Dogger, TomInTheChamber, Ephyra - Careless (Original Mix)
    Kublai - Darling, I (Original Mix)
    Subrix - Summit (Original Mix)
    Mitekiss - Move On (Original Mix)
    Artificial Intelligence - Eastern Surprise (Original Mix)
    Xeonz - Draw The Line (Original Mix)
    Black Barrel - One Day (Original Mix)
    Break, Liam Bailey - Gunshot Love (Original Mix)
    Break, Lorna King - Wait For You (Original Mix)
    Surreal - Heartbeat (Original Mix)
    MC Fava, Keeno - Fly (Original Mix)
    Halogenix - Can't Let Go (Original Mix)
    Fintain - It's Okay (Original Mix)

    • 49 min

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