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The Soar to Success podcast provides inspirational interviews with experts that will either help the listener grow their business or improve their quality of life.

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The Soar to Success podcast provides inspirational interviews with experts that will either help the listener grow their business or improve their quality of life.

    Isoken Ogbomo Helps Family Caregivers

    Isoken Ogbomo Helps Family Caregivers

    Isoken Ogbomo’s describes what her company provides especially in terms of her geriatric scientific care post-hospital rehabilitation program. Due to shortened stays (demanded by insurance companies) in an expensive hospital a study completed in 2020 showed that 41.4 percent of elderly Americans discharged from a hospital, required readmittance for further treatment within seven days. Isoken explained the issues that occur when a discharged person is passed over to Medicare therapy. Medicare therapists will only be in the home for a few sessions over a four to six weeks period following a hospital stay to instruct the patient about what exercises they need to be doing and then leave them alone to do the therapy on their own. There is no way the patient can recover in a timely manner through “in home care therapy” alone so the patient will medically decline and get readmitted to the hospital while the family caregiver is stressed, losing time from work, and getting ill from the stress of caregiving. In this podcast Isoken explains her program that is focused on improving overall health and managing symptoms to avoid a return trip to the emergency room, or hospital. It is designed specifically for the aging population. It offers transitional care management, post hospital post rehab care, chronic illness management and disease specific caregiving at home. The program helps chronically ill patients to get home, stay home, stay out of the emergency room, manage their chronic symptoms, feel better faster, age in place and thrive regardless of any life limiting conditions. Business owners, or busy executives who have become caregivers with parents in need of in-home care want their aging parents to receive the best in-home care, so they can continue with their career, care for their own children and have less interruption to their own lives. Isoken’s company has collaborated with Stella Nsong’s efforts to reach out to businesses to bring awareness to these critical work issues. Together they can help corporate America handle the upcoming increase in their employees dealing with an aging parent at home with our platform, careworklearn.com. To learn more about Complete Health Services and how they can help you, or your company defeat the ‘Elder Care Crisis,’ visit their website.

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    Simon Severino Helps Businesses Sprint to Success

    Simon Severino Helps Businesses Sprint to Success

    In this podcast, Simon Severino shares how his team can double a B2B company’s revenue in 90 days by solving three of the most important issues in any business. He explains the three issues that need to be addressed. He also discusses his book Strategy Sprints. It has 12 chapters, or “Sprints” and should be used like a cookbook or a template for diagnosing and solving growth problems for businesses. The reader can find the chapter that deals with their particular problem and get started immediately. Be sure to listen to this podcast for all of the valuable insights he provides.

    Simon Severino

    Simon Severino is the CEO and founder of Strategy Sprints which is a book and now includes a global team of Certified Strategy Sprints® Coaches that help clients gain market share while they work in weekly sprints which results in fast execution. He created the Strategy Sprints® Method and makes a bold claim that clients will double their revenue in 90 days – on our podcast he explains how he can make that claim so confidently.

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    Kara Mac Creates Eco-Friendly Footwear to Soar to Success

    Kara Mac Creates Eco-Friendly Footwear to Soar to Success

    In this podcast, Kara Mac shares her journey from fashion designer to creator of the word’s first, instantly swappable, eco-friendly shoe.

    She’s the winner of a global pitch contest sponsored by Fashwire and is currently live on I Fund Women, raising money to produce her new eco-friendly products.

    She also offers 3 tips for creating a sustainable wardrobe.

    Kara learned that it is not easy starting a business from scratch, that she must be resilient and roll with the punches. She told us that she draws inspiration from others around the world that face terrible tragedy and complications. Be sure to listen to this podcast for all of the valuable insights she provides.

    Kara Mac
    Kara Mac is the creator of the world’s first, instantly swappable shoe, from heel to toe. After working in the fashion industry for 25 years, she left her corporate job with a dream to create fashionable and comfortable footwear for women on the go. The result is a revolutionary shoe system that customizes boots, pumps, slippers and sandals and creates a lighter footprint and a positive environmental impact by decreasing the amount of shoes that end up in landfills. Her shoes are unique because the heels are permanently attached to the shoe, but they have swappable heel coverings and straps that can be customized for any outfit. They call it their “Candy”.

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    Lou Basinal Works to Solve the Elder-Care Crisis in Corporate America

    Lou Basinal Works to Solve the Elder-Care Crisis in Corporate America

    As ‘Baby Boomers’ reach their senior years and require more medical attention, the pressure on the elder-care industry in this country is reaching a critical impasse and rapidly approaching the ‘Elder Care Cliff.’ When a parent, or loved one needs care, it places a tremendous burden on the families. Yet, jobs are important, and we all have to work. Entrepreneurs must attend to their businesses to maintain their incomes. Employees of corporations try to juggle both family care giving, their jobs and their careers. Children’s ball games and school activities still need a parent to be in the stands. All the while, the caregiver needs to assure their aging mother, or father receive the right care. “Part of our advocacy is for family members, or children. It’s more difficult for them to play the dual roles of caregiver and family member. Difficulties arise when children try to do both.” Be sure to listen to this podcast for all of the valuable insights she provides about the new platform, CareWorkLearn.com and how this can benefit corporations. Lou Basinal Lou Basinal, a Registered Nurse and Senior Care Specialist in Sacramento, and owner of Age In Place Sacramento is working to solve the elder care crisis in Northern California. Lou also serves as the Area Director of the Northern California Care Planning Council. “I am part of the elder-care nursing program in California. We are working to prepare individuals to better handle senior citizens within their own families and advocate for the elder care system as it nears the ‘Elder Care Cliff.’ Through her agency ‘Age In Place Sacramento,’ Lou provides nurse-managed care for the elderly and caregiving solutions for their busy adult children. Existing nursing homes and long-term medical care facilities have been overrun by COVID and the ever-growing number of aging Americans. When a chronically ill patient is released from hospital care, two questions must be asked, where will they go and who will take care of them? Care Work Learn offers a method for businesses to help their employees and assure their corporate health in the future. To find out more and learn how Care Work Learn can help your business visit: https://careworklearn.com/. Learn more about Age In Place Sacramento on their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/ageinplacesacramento/

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    Christy Cook Discusses ESG: What It Is and Who Needs It To Soar to Success

    Christy Cook Discusses ESG: What It Is and Who Needs It To Soar to Success

    Christy Cook works with companies to help them create their ESG report. In our podcast she explains just what ESG is, gives examples of the items to be reported under each category, E – Environmental, S – Social and G – Governance.
    Christy also explained the benefits that companies that report ESG receive, which includes potential higher employee satisfaction and retention.
    Her current company, Vranda helps their clients gather data to record the ESG initiatives of the company.
    Christy is also involved with helping women leaders working in the ESG area via InvestHER Strategies, by offering her experience and mentorship to female sustainability leaders. She helps them understand sustainability practices and how to adapt them to their business.
    Be sure to listen to this podcast for all of the valuable insights she provides.
    Christy Cook
    Christy Cook is a veteran of the Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and sustainability space where she has been working for almost 20 years. Her background is in corporate sustainability and working directly with clients to improve their sustainability performance. Christy understands how to scale sustainable solutions across an enterprise. She went from creating sustainability solutions at one college campus to 8500 sites in North America across seven business sectors for the 19th largest employer where she also developed the foundation for the largest food waste prevention program in the world.

    Christy is the President and Chief Sustainability Officer for vranda an ESG technology startup that helps companies track their ESG data for voluntary and required reporting. She is also the founder and CEO of InvestHER Strategies where she helps female leaders working in sustainability at small and medium companies. Christy helps these leaders succeed by guiding them to grow as individuals, in their company, and have a bigger impact on the planet.


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    Mark Allen Roberts Reveals How to Scale Your Business and Soar to Success

    Mark Allen Roberts Reveals How to Scale Your Business and Soar to Success

    Mark Allen Roberts works with companies that want to scale their business and achieve growth of over 20%. He explains the importance of putting systems and processes in place in order to document efficiency and effectiveness.
    Mark shared the importance of training a company’s sales team to be trusted advisors and use a Sales Playbook that helps them discover the problems a client may be facing and spend more time demonstrating the value proposition of engaging their company, thus creating real value.
    Mark also travels around the country speaking to business conferences and corporate meetings. A current favorite topic of planners is how to recession proof a company. A tip from his presentation to recession proof your company, is to do voice of customer research right now. Are your customers happy, if they’re not happy, understand why. What are they buying from someone else that they could buy from you? Right now, the best time and money spent is selling more to your existing accounts.
    Be sure to listen to this podcast for all of the valuable insights he provides.

    Mark Allen Roberts
    Mark Roberts is a senior level sales and marketing leader with over 35 years’ experience driving profitable sales growth in market leading organizations.
    Mark is also an author, public speaker, sales trainer, sales strategist and sales coach.
    In 2018, he received the Business Excellence award from NSME and in 2019, The Highspot Sales Enablement Award. He was also recognized by Sales Hacker Inc. in the Sales Enablement Category.
    Mark is the founder of OTB Solutions, LLC and the popular business development blog, www.nosmokeandmirrors.com, ranked #1 in fixing sales problems.

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