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Join Joseph Scott Morgan every week as he explores a world that not many have had a chance to visit, the realm of death. Jo Scott will lead listeners on a journey through the blood soaked death scenes of America and then into the autopsy room to fully understand the science behind each case. Jo Scott is one America’s leading experts on applied forensics and is regularly featured on ‘Crime Stories with Nancy Grace’, ‘The Piketon Massacre’, Court TV and more.

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Join Joseph Scott Morgan every week as he explores a world that not many have had a chance to visit, the realm of death. Jo Scott will lead listeners on a journey through the blood soaked death scenes of America and then into the autopsy room to fully understand the science behind each case. Jo Scott is one America’s leading experts on applied forensics and is regularly featured on ‘Crime Stories with Nancy Grace’, ‘The Piketon Massacre’, Court TV and more.

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    Sins of the Father: The Death of Dylan Redwine

    Sins of the Father: The Death of Dylan Redwine

    Dylan Redwine is forced to spend Thanksgiving with his father in Colorado. He doesn't want to be there because he knows some things about his father, secret, disgusting things, and he just doesn't want to be around him. But due to his parent divorce he has to go. Dylan Redwine goes missing, his dad suggests a bear might have got him. It takes time, but in the end, Forensics will tell the entire story of what happened to Dylan Redwine.

    Join Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack as they break down a story that took years to finish and includes blood, sex, knives, and bones. 


    Time Code Highlights. 

    00:01:40 Redwine Murder was one of the first Joseph Scott Morgan covered in media 

    00:04:00 Dylan must go to his father’s house in Colorado for Thanksgiving  

    00:05:08 Mark Redwine house burned down previously

    00:07:03 Discussion of children of divorce, Dylan did not want to be with his father 

    00:08:20 Talk about pictures Dylan and his brother saw on their dad’s computer

    00:09:30 Joe talks the information he was given to cover story on network show

    00:11:03 Pictures of Mark Redwine in lingerie, makeup, eating out of diaper 

    00:13:09 Joe tells story of being embarrassed comparing it to how Mark Redwine was embarrassed his children found out about secret pictures 

    00:15:00 Discussion about the boys confronting their father over his pictures 

    00:16:50 Talk about Mark Redwine responding to Corey about the pictures

    00:19:25 Joe talks about Mark Redwine being humiliated and angry 

    00:20:45 Redwine claims he went to store, Dylan was gone when he got back

    00:21:35 Discussion about Corey Redwine being several years older than Dylan 

    00:22:45 Talk about forensics and how nothing is ever hidden 

    00:24:04 Joe talks about a dog finding blood in the home

    00:26:05 Blood from Dylan would have to have been from recent visit

    00:30:04 Joe talks about a murder case without a body 

    00:31:00 Both femurs of Dylan Redwine found 8 miles from Mark Redwine home 

    00:32:43 Bones found on a road could have been drug by an animal

    00:34:14 Determining whether the bones were separated by human using tools 

    00:36:05 Talk about Mark Redwine mentioning something to a friend about blunt force trauma and they would need to find his head 

    00:37:45 Dylan Redwine skull found 

    00:39:00 No animals in the area that would drag remains up the mountain 

    00:40:10 Talk about surface deposition 

    00:41:05 Mark Redwine said Dylan may have been attacked by a bear.  

    00:43:50 What the skull tells investigators. Took several months to identify 

    00:45:12 Joe explains using sinus for identification 

    00:46:45 Skull fractures show blunt force trauma. Two linear marks consistent with a knife blade found on skull. 
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    A Bad Grade, Cause for Murder: The Brutal Murder of Nohema Graber

    A Bad Grade, Cause for Murder: The Brutal Murder of Nohema Graber

    Nohema Graber is a beloved Spanish teacher in the small town of Fairfield, Iowa. When she goes missing during her everyday after school walk in the park, the small town is worried. When her body is found in the park, hidden under a tarp, the town of less than 10,000 is shocked. Shock turns to disgust when police arrest two 16-year-old students for the murder after one of them writes on snapchat about the planning, execution, and disposal of evidence.

    Join Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack as they break down the story of Nohema Graber, a beloved teacher who deserved a much better fate and the two 16-year-olds that broke the heart of a small town. 


    Time Code Highlights. 

    00:02:54 Nohema Graber goes missing during her regular walk in the park

    00:03:06 Body of Nohema Graber found in park under a tarp, Two 16-year-old students arrested

    00:05:19 Joseph Scott Morgan talks about first homicide he worked was a brother who beat his brother to death with a baseball bat  

    00:07:11 discussion about what teachers are faced with every day 

    00:08:47 Talk about how this case begins with a bad grade

    00:10:11 Talk about two students feeling like they were owed something

    00:11:44 Discussion of Timeline of events 

    00:14:24 Talk about two friends decide to murder teacher 

    00:15:20 Discussion of the plan the perpetrators had and that it wouldn't change the grad

    00:16:22 Talk about the type of weapons teens might have access, baseball bat is weapon of opportunity the routine of victim

    00:19:40 Discussion of Both perpetrators were tracking victim in park

    00:21:10 The perpetrators discuss the plan on snapchat 

    00:22:23  Discussion of Nohema Graber and people seeing Chaiden Miller arguing with her about his grade

    00:24:03  Discussion of Nohema Graber van being driven away from park by two males and how perpetrators hide her body

    00:25:11 Joseph Scott Morgan points out how everything used in a crime can be traced

    00:26:27  Discussion of perpetrators taking the bloody bat, bloody clothes, back home. Friend shows snapchat messages to law enforcement

    00:28:08 Discussion of damage bat can do to a body

    00:30:44 Description of the marks the bat will make with contact

    00:34:11 Talk about is it possible to determine who swung the bat

    00:35:45  Discussion about Jeremy Goodale sentenced to life with possible parole after 25 years, Chaiden Miller sentenced to life with possible parole after 35 years

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    JFK: 60 Years of Questions

    JFK: 60 Years of Questions

    November 22, 1963: John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was shot and killed during a presidential motorcade in Dallas, Texas.

    The President is taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital.  By law, Dallas County Coroner Dr. Earl Rose had jurisdiction over the case and should have performed the autopsy. However, against Dr. Earl Rose's protestations, the body of President Kennedy was wrapped in a sheet, placed in a casket with a broken handle, and flown over 1,300 miles away to Washington DC, where 2 naval doctors, who had never conducted a forensic autopsy performed the autopsy on John F. Kennedy. 

    Join Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack as they take a close look at the autopsy that was so bad, 60years later questions are still being asked. 


    Time Code Highlights

    00:01:21 Discussion about the ripple effect of the assassination of JFk

    00:04:31 Discussion of the moments following the shooting of JFK in Dealey Plaza

    00:06:02 Talk about how autopsy "Standard Procedures" were not followed 

    00:06:51 Texas state law and jurisdiction over investigation and autopsy

    00:07:58 Board Certified Forensic Pathologist Doctor Earl Rose was chief medical examiner for Dallas, Texas at the time and was at Parkland Memorial Hospital

    00:09:22 Discussion JFK body taken from Dallas to Washington DC for autopsy

    00:10:59 Talk about Secret Service preparing for President trips.

    00:11:36 Discussion of JFK physical condition after being shot.

    00:12:52 Talk about injuries to JFK, at least 2 gunshot wounds. 

    00:13:31 Discussion of tracheotomy that was performed to establish an airway

    00:15:04 Discussion of Dr. Earl Rose and how his experience was dismissed

    00:16:23 Dr. Earl Rose KNEW he was looking at a Murder Investigation.

    00:17:47 Discussion Dallas County had jurisdiction over the body.

    00:19:03 Talk about autopsy of JFK should have taken place in Dallas

    00:20:08 Talk about previous Presidential assassination, Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley and their autopsies.

    00:22:10 Discussion of Dr. Earl Rose did the autopsy for Oswald, Officer Tippit, and Jack Ruby.

    00:23:36  Discussion of JFK body being taken to Washington DC 

    00:25:16 Comparing Bethesda Naval Hospital to Walter Reed Hospital 

    00:26:04 Discussion about doctors chosen to perform JFK autopsy

    00:28:42 Talk about why doctors turned bullet wound into tracheostomy

    00:29:55  Presidents body wrapped in sheets. Head wrapped in gauze

    00:31:09 Discussion of JFK clothing, tie changed the trajectory of round.

    00:32:58  Discussion about clothing worn during the assassination

    00:33:44 Talk about "magic bullet" going through JFK and Governor Connally, 

    00:35:08 Discussion Secret Service agents washed interior of Presidential limo. 

    00:36:03 Talk about crime scenes - bone fragments found and turned in later

    00:37:02 Description of President's head, skull came apart in doctors hands.

    00:38:04 Discussion of Assessment

    00:40:02 Talk about x-rays that were done on body

    00:41:58  Description of the Bethesda autopsy suite 

    00:43:51 Ballistics expert Dr. Pierre Fink, forensic pathologist, came to Bethesda 

    00:44:53  JFK brain was removed before Dr. Fink arrived

    00:46:05 Description of "Brain Loafing".

    00:47:22 The autopsy of JFK was not a complete autopsy

    00:49:21 Discussion of "family wishes" as it applies to the murder of the president.

    00:50:48 Compare autopsy of John F. Kennedy and Robert F Kennedy

    00:52:36 Discussion about other pathologists available to do autopsy on JFK

    00:55:09 No way to know if other injuries suffered by JFK could have been lethal

    00:56:04 Commentary - no excuse for what happened with autopsy of JFK
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    The Piketon Massacre: 1 night. 4 crime scenes. 8 Murders.

    The Piketon Massacre: 1 night. 4 crime scenes. 8 Murders.

    Hanna Rhoden,15, gives birth to a daughter.  2-years later, Rhoden and the baby's father, Jake Wagner, fight over custody.    A custody battle begins and the Wagner family pressures Hanna to give up her daughter.  The Wagners hack Hanna Rhoden's Facebook account and read a private message in which Hanna vows she will not give up the child, quote "they (the Wagners) will have to kill me first."   That is exactly what  happens. 

    The Wagner family decide to not only kill Hanna Rhoden, but the rest of her family, anyone who might stand in the way of the Wagner family gaining custody of the little girl. The Wagner family plan is to take out the Rhoden family in one night, four locations, eight murders.

    Join Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack as they dig deep into the Pike County Murders. Joseph Scott Morgan gives a firsthand account of the crime scenes and the forensic evidence left behind.

    Time code highlights:

    00:00:02  Joseph Scott Morgan asked to take part as a forensic expert in a complex case 

    00:02:12 Discussion about the investigation of the Pike County Murders

    00:02:37 Description:  One night. Four Scenes. Eight Murders

    00:03:09 Description of two families that have been friends a long time

    00:03:16  Discussion about Hanna Rhoden becomes pregnant with Jake Wagner's baby when she is 15-years-old. Hanna Rhoden breaks up with Jake Wagner

    00:04:01 The Wagner's tried to force Hanna Roden to sign papers to turn custody of Sophia over to Jake.

    00:04:22 Discussion of Wagner family plan to kill Hanna Rhoden to get custody

    00:05:01 Discussion of the first person to be murdered and location of murder scene

    00:06:50 Discussion of shots fired through wall first, Chris Rhoden was shot 9 times

    00:07:36 Discussion of second victim, Gary Rhoden, visiting from Kentucky

    00:10:06 Talk about the injuries to Chris Rhoden's arm

    00:11:01  Description of head shots to both Chris Rhoden and Gary Rhoden

    00:12:24 Talk of how Wagner Sr said "I just killed my best friend"

    00:16:25 The Wagner's didn't know Gary Rhoden would be at the scene

    00:17:30  Discussion of the Wagner's make silencers for their weapons

    00:19:38  Joseph Scott Morgan talks about being at the site and what it looked like, 

    00:21:56  The Wagner's arrived at Chris Rhoden's house barefoot but put on shoes inside the house.

    00:22:44  Investigator researched shoe print found in Rhoden trailer and found a match

    00:24:45 The forensic shoe print match the best evidence used to convict

    00:25:34  Description of second murder scene. Frankie Rhoden, Hannah Gilley, and two small children.  

    00:25:26 Older child came to door (the next morning) and said  "daddy's playing zombie"

    00:27:10  Discussion of Hannah Gilley was shot 5 times in the head

    00:30:25  Discussion of distance from Frankie Rhoden's house to Dana Rhoden home

    00:32:37  Dana Rhoden's home was unlocked, Dana Rhoden's face was illuminated by her phone, made eye contact with Jake Wagner and he shot and killed Dana Rhoden

    00:33:40  Discussion of Hanna May Rhoden being the reason for the murders

    00:34:00  Discussion of Hanna Rhoden had baby 4 days earlier

    00:34:15 The child Hanna Rhoden had with Jake Wagner was with the Wagner family at the time of the murders

    00:34:35  Discussion of Jake Wagner placing baby next to body of Hanna May Rhoden so the baby could feed off the dead mother

    00:36:01 Discussion of Hanna Rhoden and Hannah Gilley both shot 5 times in the head

    00:36:45 Chris Rhoden jr, 16, shot dead in bed

    00:37:45 Discussion of Kenneth Rhoden living in travel trailer 7 miles from the other scenes, shot once in head.

    00:41:22 Discussion of Jake Wagner and his brother going to great lengths to get rid of weapons
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    Dismemberment and the Desecration of the Dead | Body Bags Live at CrimeCon 2023

    Dismemberment and the Desecration of the Dead | Body Bags Live at CrimeCon 2023

    Over the last few years, more and more death scenes involve dismemberment.

    An "obsessed" true crime fan in South Korea thinks she can pull off the perfect murder, so how did Jung Yoo-Jung get caught? Taylor Schabusiness tells police she doesn't remember strangling her boyfriend, but it felt good. She leaves his severed head in a bucket for his mother to find.

    And in Tennessee, prosecutors say Joel Guy Jr created a "diabolical stew of human remains" with his mother's head when he finds out his parents are cutting him off.

    Joseph Scott Morgan breaks down the forensics and Dave Mack keeps the stories moving in this fast-paced edition of Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan in front of a live audience at CrimeCon 2023 in Orlando, Florida

    Time Code Highlights. 

    00:02:50 South Korean Woman Jung Yoo-Jung is said to be an obsessed crime fan

    00:03:17 Discussion of how 23-year-old woman pretends to be a 14-year-old school girl

    00:04:19 Jung Yoo-jung wants to commit a homicide and dismember the victim to try and get away with murder.. 

    00:05:33  Her plan is to kill, dismember, and dispose of the victim.  

    00:06:27 Talks about the tools needed to do the job she wants to do

    00:10:19 What would she used to clean up the area?

    00:12:00 Talk about Gilgo and Rex Heuermann

    00:12:44 Talking about the getaway and getting rid of the remains

    00:12:57 To commit the perfect crime she uses a cab as a getaway car, leads to her capture

    00:14:39 Joseph Scott Morgan tells story of transporting a head as a young man working in New Orleans with the coroner.

    00:15:52  Under no circumstances are you to allow this bot this head out of your sight. 

    00:16:23 Had to use a cooler with ice to transport the head 

    00:18:40 Discussion about Taylor Schabusiness case.

    00:19:14 The mother of the victim finds his head in bucket

    00:20:20 Discussion of the relationship between suspect and victim

    00:21:56 Schabusiness told police she didn't remember strangling him, but she remembered liking it. 

    00:23:16 She told police, you found this part of him, good luck finding the rest

    00:25:48  Discussion about the types of knives needed to do what was done to the victim

    00:27:46 Talk about the forensics of different types of blades

    00:30:47 Joe Scott Morgan talks about the time it takes to dismember a body

    00:32:09 Joel Guy Jr, created a game plan for what he was going to do to his parents

    00:32:23 Discussion about Joel Guy Jr and why he killed his parents

    00:34:18 Joel Guy Jr stabbed his parents to death, then cut them up.

    00:35:04 Talk about police interrupted Joel Guy Jr and found his "list" of things to do

    00:39:42 Discussion of the medical examiner at the trial 

    00:40:09 Talk about anti-mortem and post-mortem 

    00:43:11 Joseph Scott Morgan explains the way a body can be disarticulated



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    A Cold-Blooded Murder: The Case of Maleesa Mooney

    A Cold-Blooded Murder: The Case of Maleesa Mooney

    Maleesa Mooney's family hasn't heard from the 31-year-old model for several days.

    Worried, they ask police to do a welfare check. Los Angeles police let themselves into her apartment with a key obtained from the manager. The air conditioner has been turned down and the apartment is very cold. Police discover the beaten and bruised body of Maleesa Mooney, with her hands and feet bound, wedged into the refrigerator. There is blood underneath her body. 

    Join Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack as they discuss how this beautiful and talented woman died. 

    Time Code Highlights. 

    00:02:30 Family of Maleesa Mooney ask police to check on her.

    00:03:06 Police find Maleesa Mooney, 31, bound, gagged, stuffed in refrigerator with blood  

    00:04:19 The police are working as a homicide.   

    00:05:25 Family gets answers from mortuary 

    00:07:11 Joe Scott Morgan shares story of mistake he made notifying a mother of how her son died

    00:08:27 The victim was greatly traumatized. 

    00:09:39 What it would take to put a person inside a refrigerator

    00:11:44 Victim was beaten and broken. 

    00:14:24 Mooney seen walking into her building on surveillance camera

    00:14:42 No forced entry into apartment

    00:15:20 The air conditioning in apartment had been turned down and it had been flooded

    00:18:00  Items on the table that are commonly associated with needing to be refrigerated, as if the refrigerator been cleaned out.  

    00:18:58 Is running water an effort to destroy evidence?

    00:19:40   Details on the last time anybody talked to Melissa Mooney.

    00:21:27  There's a six day window between last communication and when body is found. . 

    00:22:23  Victim has multiple trauma  about her head and her neck. 

    00:24:03 Victim is pregnant. 

    00:27:27  Family received vague text messages.  

    00:30:08  Victim is bound  ankles and wrists.

    00:33:11 Victim is gagged.

    00:35:15 How would body be examined at the morgue? 

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    • 38 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
1.3K Ratings

1.3K Ratings

Jencix ,

Excellent show!

I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. I am constantly learning something new, I get to hear about high profile cases but also others I probably wouldn’t have heard of otherwise, Joseph Scott Morgan has a knack for answering all of the questions I’m thinking of, and he has a very pleasant voice, to boot! I must say, I’ve always had a fear of death, so when this podcast came around I avoided it because the idea of the subject matter gave me anxiety. However, I have gone in fully and I truly believe it’s lessened my anxieties surrounding death. Instead, I’m just absolutely fascinated! Keep up the great work!

cswan843 ,

Ads overload but great podcast

I love this podcast but half of the content is ads which can be frustrating.

SeAJ 76 ,

Favorite podcast

One of my favorite podcasts As an adult loving crime shows and as an adult who loves learning this podcast gives me both! Thank you for making these podcasts informative and subjective .

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