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Discussing the leadership as a process and the science that builds winning teams and businesses.

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Discussing the leadership as a process and the science that builds winning teams and businesses.

    BL 80: Building Better Leaders with Jon "BigDogg" Rhone

    BL 80: Building Better Leaders with Jon "BigDogg" Rhone

    Colonel Jon "BigDogg" Rhone was born into the Air Force and had the privilege of growing up and being influenced by parents and siblings who loved the Air Force.  After graduating from the USAF Academy, he was honored to serve and lead Airmen for 24 years. He hopes to continue serving by enthusiastically unlocking others’ full leadership potential.

    Through his experiences and relationships with young servicemembers, He has learned many yearn for a stronger connection to, and with, senior leaders.  BigDogg's now building better leaders through his new entity Rhone Coaching & Consulting Group.  He is excited to launch his leadership podcast in February. The intent of the “Leadership Domain Podcast” is to provide a forum for world-class leaders to share their lived experiences and professional insight.

    Jon hopes this podcast serves as a bridge between leaders regardless of generation labels. While most of the guests and stories are rooted in military service, I believe they are universally applicable to experienced and young leaders in the public and private sectors.  You can learn more at his website: https://www.rhoneccg.com/

    He is an incredible leader, mentor to many and personal friend.  Enjoy this episode.

    All the best,


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    BL79: Carolyn O'Byrne, Helping Truckers and Changing the World

    BL79: Carolyn O'Byrne, Helping Truckers and Changing the World

    If you find your niche you can change the world.  
    For 20+ years Carolyn O'Byrne worked with people supporting their physical and emotional health. About 7 years ago she turned her focus toward truck drivers. Her husband is a second-generation truck driver. His dad passed away hundreds of miles from home from a preventable health condition (when her husband was 20). Carolyn doesn't want that to happen to anyone else, unfortunately, it happens very often.

    Overall as a society, our health is more compromised than ever before.

    Carolyn works with truck drivers and their families supporting them toward optimal physical and emotional health. Via over the phone coaching, my book, "Gut Instinct," and my online strategies, Driven To Health, Driven To Peace, and Driven To Stop.
    We think we have crazy schedules, try the life of a truck driver. Their schedules change daily. Sometimes they drive in the day and sometimes at night. There are so many factors that go into a truck driver's job and schedule. Traffic, load cancels, delivery and pick up hours, etc. Not to mention the difficulty to be there for their own health and family. It is very common for a drivers' schedule to drastically change at a moments notice.
    These avenues bring them to the awareness that it is all about their mindset while educating them on the true path to health. Showing them the power they have to be in control of their circumstances.
    Her biggest challenge she has to overcome is herself. She stands in her way. Carolyn continuously tries to reevaluate herself to be sure that she am not the issue at hand.
    Carolyn saw that projects would be moving right along then life would happen and it would seem as if someone threw a wrench into her plan and life came to a screeching halt. It would take forever to get her momentum back up and going.
    Becoming aware. This is the hardest part. when you are on the inside looking out, you don't see the obstacles. She talks to people about this all of the time concerning their health. 
    Carolyn loves the people she works with. Truck drivers have a very special place in her heart. Carolyn is excited to bring them the products they need to overcome the many obstacles in their life.
    She has found her niche and is saving lives, keeping us safe and taking bold steps to help grow U.S. trucking companies.

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    BL 78 - Reduce Stress and Build a Better Life with Steve Whitney

    BL 78 - Reduce Stress and Build a Better Life with Steve Whitney

    In this episode, we are kicking off the new year celebrating small business leaders with BOLD goals for 2020.
    Steven Whitney is an energetic inspirational human being. He loves to get other people excited about becoming healthy, re-wiring their brains or simply to go throw a Frisbee.  He loves music and is very supportive of the Colorado music scene. Steven has a wonderful dog named Memphis. He loves being outdoors and is an adventure freak. If it's tough he does it. Steven loves to laugh and most importantly love to get other people to laugh. Life is to short to not be living in the present and he just wants to help support people to be comfortable and confident in doing that.

    • 25 min
    Bold Leadership Season 4

    Bold Leadership Season 4

    We are ready to release season 4 and we are focused on solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.  2020 is almost here and we will be interviewing BOLD business owners, telling their stories and motivating you for the rest of the year.

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    BL76: Goal Setting for the Holidays

    BL76: Goal Setting for the Holidays

    It's that time of year again.  Work is slowing down and you have time on your hands.  Over the next few weeks, reflect on your performance over the last year then focus on the future.  Define your BHAG!  

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    BL75 - Partner relationships can be challenging if you don’t get things right through a formalized agreement

    BL75 - Partner relationships can be challenging if you don’t get things right through a formalized agreement

    If you're in a business partnership or a longstanding working relationship that isn't working, ask yourself these questions. Then, if you need to change or end the partnership, follow these five steps.
    A client, we'll call her Susan, had a business that was struggling financially and operationally. She was totally disgusted because her partner of 10 years was no longer carrying his weight and didn't seem to understand the gravity of the situation. She was so stressed she was seriously considering liquidating the business if things couldn't be changed for the better in a very short time.
    What to do? Her first commitment had to be to herself. Susan was able to realize that it was up to her to take command of this situation. She was coached to create some measurable goals with timeframes. She decided she wanted to give the business and her partner one last chance. Susan knew she must bring her partner, and eventually her staff, into the picture in order to get their buy-in.
    She created Job Roles for herself, her partner and each of her staff (Office Manager, Buyer and 2 Salesmen). Because of the longstanding relationship between her and her partner, we agreed it was best if I met with the partner and her to present things up to this point. Preparing for this was anxiety-producing for Susan, but also liberating. NOTE: Using a third party (like a coach or consultant) can offer a different perspective to a known problem.
    The partner was cordial and listened politely, as had been expected. But, of course, he didn't really GET IT that things had to change. Susan gave it three months under the new plan. Unfortunately, she had to bite the bullet and make the decision to liquidate the business. Fortunately, she was able to see the handwriting on the wall way in advance and gave herself six months to finalize the liquidation. Susan is in the process of purchasing a new business which will be hers alone. She could only do that once she realized she didn't actually need a partner. She had been carrying the business alone for several years anyway.
    If you're in a business partnership or a longstanding working relationship that isn't working, ask yourself why you got into the relationship to begin with. Many times people just don't feel ready to take on the full responsibility of running a business so they look for anyone who is interested and willing to work with them. Having the wrong partner is the basis of many partner problems. How to find the right partner is, of course, the topic for another article.
    If you can answer yes to one or more of the following it may be time to take command of your business and make the necessary changes.
    You're feeling like you're carrying more than your share of the work.
    Your partner seems to have lost interest in the business.
    You find more and more to disagree about.
    There have been changes in your partner's life that are interfering with his ability to function in the business.
    Your interest in the direction of the business is different from that of your partner.
    Here are the steps I suggest you take if you're seriously considering making changes to your partnership arrangement.
    Let’s discuss 5 partnership tips that will remove stress and resolve conflict.

    • 24 min

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4.7 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

Derek Loudermilk ,

Excellent podcast!

So many insights on this show. He knows what to say outright and asks good questions. It's just worth listening to, everytime.

dschuckster ,


Terrible podcast would be a compliment to this show. Wow can’t believe the host is spending their time making this. Miserable. Don’t listen to it.

ScottRoberts ,

Much Needed

There is a shortage of true leadership in this country. Let Dave show you how to become one.

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