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Helping women struggling with the emotional and social impacts of hair loss to connect with their self-confidence and reclaim their joy.

Boldly Bald Women Pam Fitros

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Helping women struggling with the emotional and social impacts of hair loss to connect with their self-confidence and reclaim their joy.

    008 Green is EASY - Part Two

    008 Green is EASY - Part Two

    Part 2 explores the fact that despite how difficult it is for women coping with hair loss, more and more are deciding the best solution is to ditch the wigs and become Boldly Bald Women. Learn the reasons and listen to their stories.

    • 21 min
    007 Green is EASY- Part One

    007 Green is EASY- Part One

    Part One explores the reasons it is difficult to be a bald woman in our hair obsessed society and why marketing and advertisers encourage the status quo.

    • 24 min
    006 Rainbows Over Ruins

    006 Rainbows Over Ruins

    Susan Sherayko, author of Rainbows Over Ruins, and producer of Home and Family on the Hallmark channel, has a lot of well earned credentials after her name as well as Emmy nominations (see the blog post "Rainbows Over Ruins" at www.BoldlyBaldWomen.com). But for this interview, Susan is a remarkably warm strong woman who has faced personal adversity and found a way to move through the shock and grief of disaster to a place of inner peace and gratitude. Susan's message is: whatever the hurt, there is help.

    Her focus on guiding others through their own creative thought process, both personally and professionally, emerged when a landslide destroyed her family's home. She utilizes her training in psychosynthesis, as an afformer, empowered spiritual life coach and success consultant.

    So why is Susan being interview on a podcast focusing on women facing hair loss? Because what Susan has learned while she rebuilt her life is useful for women struggling with the emotional and social impacts of hair loss. And the more we can learn from others, the more we can help ourselves and those women who still think they are alone and their only option is hiding in the shadows.

    So...download the episode to your listening device of choice and sit back and enjoy. And...

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    • 44 min
    005 How to Make Choices From the Calm in the Eye of Your Storm

    005 How to Make Choices From the Calm in the Eye of Your Storm

    Is there a way to work through the initial fear and grief of female hair loss and let go of the anxiety over choosing to wear wigs or go boldly bald into the world?

    Liesel Tevershem, a certified EFT therapist, takes us through a mini session teaching the use Emotional Freedom Techniques. Yes, you can find a place of inner calm from which to say no to the expectations of others and yes to your own preferences and choices. It's easier than you might think.

    • 49 min
    004 What Makes a Bald Woman Attractive? Living in Your Own Truth

    004 What Makes a Bald Woman Attractive? Living in Your Own Truth

    This week my guest on Boldly Bald Women: How To Survive and Thrive in a Hair Obsessed world is Doug Foresta. Doug has some interesting thoughts to share about his own baldness and what makes bald women - what makes any woman attractive. I think you'll be surprised at what you hear.

    Doug Foresta, LICSW is a practicing therapist, radio host, and expert interviewer. He is producer and host of the Doug Foresta Show on Blog Talk Radio and Creating Change on Empower Radio. Doug has interviewed hundreds of experts in various fields, including Academy Award Winners, New York Times Bestselling Authors and CEO’s and he is one of the kindest, most generously supportive man I've ever known. I can't wait to share him with you!

    • 48 min
    002 Deeann Callis Graham, author of Head On

    002 Deeann Callis Graham, author of Head On

    What if you or someone you know would benefit from from catching a glimpse into the lives of people living every day with hair loss in our hair obsessed world? Perhaps someone with alopecia, or undergoing chemo or radiation therapies or coping with trichotillomania, hormone imbalance,lupus or genetic balding? Is there anything you can do to help yourself or assist your friend or loved one?

    In this episode 2, Deeann Callis Graham has Alopecia Universalis, complete loss of all body hair. She could have chosen to hide away from view under hot itchy wigs and head coverings for the rest of her life. It's easy to do when you don't know anyone else with visible hair loss and you feel isolated and alone.

    Deeann chose to reach out. She found her way online support groups and a National Alopecia Areata Foundation annual conference and was in awe looking at all the openly and happy bald people there. She made life long friends at the conference, and goes back year after year.

    Deeann had a realization that she could help others who feel as isolated and alone as she did by collecting stories and professionally shot photographs of bald women, men and children and publish their stories in book form.

    Listen to her share her amazement when she asked for stories and was deluged with over 500 submissions. Deeann tells us about the process of putting her book together. She shares what it has come to mean to her and how it has touched others and loosened the grip of isolation. And she hints at future plans.

    You can learn more about Deeann and her book on her facebook page, Head On, Stories of Alopecia and her website, www.headonpublishing.com

    This episode hosted by Pam Fitros, author of Boldly Bald Women, www.BoldlyBaldWomen.com

    • 28 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Publisher304 ,

You Go Girl!

Pam Fitros does it again — rises above the fray, makes a high mark and sets a high standard for bald women everywhere. Congratulations, Pam and here’s to you continued success!
Valerie Connelly

Dvorah Lansky ,

Let Pam Fitros of Boldly Bald Women, Inspire, Educate, and Entertain You

You will love listening in to this powerful podcast. Join Pam Fitros and discover how you can live your truth, as a boldly bald woman. Pam's speaking style is nurturing and her stories are delightfully entertaining. Enjoy these content rich interviews and know you are not alone.

YMahoneyK ,

I Love It Pam!!!! 💖Thank You!! 👍

I am so happy to see that you finally did it!!! It's been 10 years now from me, since I embraced my beautiful bold bald Bean! I can see this helping so many women who needs the support. 😘👏👏👏👍

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