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Each episode I interview business owners, activists and other everyday people, to learn how they contribute to living sustainably. By educating ourselves, we can then take a leaf from their book to add to our own way of living.

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Each episode I interview business owners, activists and other everyday people, to learn how they contribute to living sustainably. By educating ourselves, we can then take a leaf from their book to add to our own way of living.

    Creating an A.r.k. for Nature - Mary Reynolds

    Creating an A.r.k. for Nature - Mary Reynolds

    Episode 27 is with Mary Reynolds who chats about We Are the Ark, an initiative to encourage people to give back some land to nature.
    Check out their website (www.wearetheark.org) and join the Facebook group for more information and support!Please rate & review this podcast and if you'd like to support this podcast you can do so on www.patreon.com/bookofleaves or www.buymeacoffee.com/bookofleaves x
    More on www.bookofleavespodcast.comNotes:

    (04:50) What inspired We Are The Ark.
    (08:05) Where the name came from.
    (09:00) The importance of putting a sign on your ark.
    (11:25) How much land is 'enough' for an ark.
    (13:30) What it means to be a guardian of the earth as opposed to gardener.
    (16:00) Is an ark compatible with pets and children?
    (19:00) Getting an ark started.
    (22:40) Giving sovereignty back to the land.
    (25:00) Growing food in a wild garden.  Learn more about forest gardening here!
    (30:35) Restoring your land to what it was before.
    (34:20) How to go about turning public or government land into arks.
    (36:30) How we can make sure our artificial outside lights stop damaging wildlife.
    (38:45) Closing thoughts from Mary.
    (43:20) What we need going forward to get systematic change.

    Resources mentioned:

    The Garden Awakenin book;
    Mary's TEDx Talk.
    From What Is to What If by Rob Hopkins.
    Extinction Rebellion.

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    Saving Clothes from Landfill - Fiona Lily

    Saving Clothes from Landfill - Fiona Lily

    For episode 26, I chat to Fiona from All Things Fiona Lily about re-imagining clothes destined for landfill and setting up her own zero waste coffee shop in Donegal.
    Follow Fiona on instagram @allthingsfionalily to keep up to date with orders and get some positive content in your feed!
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    We chat about:

    [4:43] When Fiona became more eco-aware.
    [07:55] The journey from working in fast to slow fashion.
    [10:20] How much unsold clothes are sent to landfill.
    [11:30] How Fiona finds her stock.
    [16:05] How the 'faulty' jumpers are repaired.
    [16:55] The conflicting worry that stock might dry up.
    [18:30] Where the positive designs come from.
    [21:00] The setting up of her café Simply Green.
    [33:30] Quick guide to washing clothes with polyester in them.

    Also Mentioned:

    Organic centre training courses.
    Whitehill eco farm.
    Cora Ball. 

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    BiaHero & Grow Your Own Food - Sineád, XR

    BiaHero & Grow Your Own Food - Sineád, XR

    For episode 25, I chatted to Sinéad Renu Sheehan from Extinction Rebellion about a new campaign called BiaHero. This community led campaign encourages people to start growing their own food at home and provides a support network for all your questions via a group on Facebook.
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    In this episode, we cover:

    (02:20) The definition of food security. 
    (06:00) Why BiaHero started and the importance of it in regards to food security.
    (11:10) Where to start when it comes to growing your own food: the seeds.
    (15:24) Getting the right soil.
    (17:15) Why you usually. start sowing inside first.
    (20:41) How to choose what to start planting.
    (23:50) What you can grow all year round.
    (25:00) How to manage surplus products.
    (29:05) How to be creative if you don't have any land.
    (33:09) Guerilla Gardening.
    (34:25) Composting & feeding your plants.
    (40:00) How to care for your food during a dry spell.
    (43:30) Knowing what food needs vertical support.
    (45:10) Planning for next year.

    Don't forget to join the community Facebook group for more tips and to answer any questions!
    Also Mentioned:

    Vegetables for the Irish Garden by Klaus Laitenberger.
    Small Changes in Drumcondra.
    All Ireland Pollinator Plan.
    We Are The Ark.

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    Toilet Paper Vs The Bidet

    Toilet Paper Vs The Bidet

    While toilet paper has been disappearing off the shelves, a lot of people have made the plunge to switch to a paperless toilet routine by opting for a bidet instead. So I thought I'd research the differences between the two with the environment in mind (but I also touch on money, health & cleanliness!). So listen in, or watch on YouTube, to find out how much of an impact your carbon buttprint is having...eh..eh?
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    (03:35) Definition & History of the Bidet.
    (07:15) Our use of toilet paper.
    (13:17) Pros & cons of toilet paper.
    (17:35) Water Usage. (Watch this Netflix documentary on the Earth's water supply here.)
    (21:17) Pros & cons of the bidet.
    (27:19) Types of bidets.
    (31:24) Flushable Wipes.
    (32:45) Vascó's & Cecilia's personal bidet stories.
    (37:00) How much resources an Irish person could save switching to a bidet considering we use on average 10.5kg per capita a year.
    (38:20) Eco toilet paper options.

    Buy Eco Toilet Paper:

    Down2Earth Materials.
    Reuzi. (Listen to Pat in episode 8 here!)
    Cheeky Panda paper at  Little Green Shop.
    Who Gives A Crap.

    GreenPeace guide to Toilet Paper Brands.
    For resources, check out www.bookofleavespodcast.com

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    Making Easter Ethically Eco!

    Making Easter Ethically Eco!

    OK, you may have forgotten what day of the week it is but the Easter Bunny has not! This Sunday, the 12th of April, is Easter Sunday. This is a holiday that, like many others, has good intentions but so much waste involved and is linked to the heavy carbon footprint of chocolate.
    In this episode, using the research I've done I delve into:
    A very ...very... brief history on Easter. 
    A look at the carbon footprint of chocolate. 
    Consumption of Easter Eggs in Ireland & the waste involved.
    Eco friendly treasure hunts (buy reusable wooden eggs here).
    Ethical decor and dinner suggestions as opposed to eggs and lamb.
    Reports & Surveys Used:
    Euromonitor Chocolate Report.
    Euro 2017 Chocolate Stats.
    University of Manchester report on the Environmental Impacts of Chocolate. 
    Repak Easter Survey. 
    Don't forget to rate, review and share this episode and you can support the podcast here. 
    Ceara X

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    Saving the Poddle River - Róisín McAleer

    Saving the Poddle River - Róisín McAleer

    The River Poddle runs through Dublin City, sometimes underground, so not a lot of people know of its existence. Róisín McAleer, a teacher and member of Crumlin Community Clean Up group, tells us about the importance of the river and how it's being threatened right now.
    Have a listen and don't forget to sign the petition here! Everything else mentioned is linked below.
    The Planning documents are available to view here.
    Taking Action!
    Contact the River Poddle Flood Alleviation Scheme here or email them at info@poddlefas.ie with your concerns for this project. Use whoismytd.com to find your local TDs and contact them too.
    You can also copy and paste your email and send it to:
    john.sydenham@opw.ie - Commissioner of Floodrisk Management
    john.curtin@opw.ie - Director of Floodrisk Management
    Get Involved With:
    Irish Wildlife Trust.
    BirdWatch Ireland.
    Extinction Rebellion.
    One Future.
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    Ceara X

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