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BOSS Academy Radio is here to give you the tips, tricks, tools and strategies go grow your business. You don't have to go at it alone. Let us show you the way, as we bring amazing guest content, along with an expert network and years of real-life sales and business experience from our host, Paul Kirch. BOSS stands for business ownership success strategies, and that's exactly what we're bringing you. Let us be the last boss you'll ever need. Tune in and turn on your business and learn to perform like a BOSS!

BOSS Academy Radio - Real Business Ownership Success Strategies: Entrepreneur, Small Business, Coaching, Start-ups Paul Kirch - Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Sales Leader, Marketer, Social Media Expert

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BOSS Academy Radio is here to give you the tips, tricks, tools and strategies go grow your business. You don't have to go at it alone. Let us show you the way, as we bring amazing guest content, along with an expert network and years of real-life sales and business experience from our host, Paul Kirch. BOSS stands for business ownership success strategies, and that's exactly what we're bringing you. Let us be the last boss you'll ever need. Tune in and turn on your business and learn to perform like a BOSS!

    Jennifer Hurvitz - Choosing A Happy DIvorce

    Jennifer Hurvitz - Choosing A Happy DIvorce

    Jennifer Hurvitz is the best selling author of the novella, One Happy Divorce​ and winner of the Best Television Episode Screenplay Award at the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival for her TV pilot based off her blog, The Truth Hurvitz​.
    Jennifer’s readers describe her as “raw and in-your-face” and they’re right! She is thrilled to have published her first book, and can't wait to release her next in the spring. But right now, you can catch her coaching others on Doing Divorce Right Podcast​ a look at how to divorce happily and respectfully without destroying each other in the process.
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    Jay Samit - How Blockchain Is Disrupting Business Today

    Jay Samit - How Blockchain Is Disrupting Business Today

    Today on BOSS Academy Radio, we bring you bestselling author Jay Samit, a dynamic entrepreneur and intrepreneur who is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on disruption and innovation.  Described by Wired magazine as “having the coolest job in the industry,” he raises hundreds of millions of dollars for startups, sells companies to Fortune 500 firms, transforms entire industries, revamps government institutions, and for three decades continues to be at the forefront of global trends.

    Everyone from the Pope to the President calls on Samit to orchestrate positive change in this era of endless innovation.  Samit helped grow pre-IPO companies such as Linkedin, held senior management roles at EMI, Sony and Universal Studios, pioneered breakthrough advancements in mobile video, internet advertising, ecommerce, social networks, ebooks, and digital music that are used by billions of consumers every day.  Combining innovation with commercial success, Samit is the consummate dealmaker; his list of partners and associates reads like a who’s who list of innovators, including: Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Steve Jobs, Reid Hoffman, David Geffen, Richard Branson, Paul Allen, and Pierre Omidyar. A proven trend spotter, Samit accurately predicts the future because he is constantly working with those who create it.
                An adjunct professor at USC, Samit teaches innovation at America’s largest engineering school and is author of the best-selling book Disrupt You! Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity, and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation (MacMillan 2015). He is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal and host of its documentary series WSJ Startup of the Year.  Samit frequently appears on ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NBC and tweets daily motivation to the over 100,000 business professionals who follow him on twitter @jaysamit. An expert on transformational corporate change, Samit has been quoted in The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, The Economist, Businessweek, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Variety, Fast Company and TechCrunch.
    Samit is a change agent, who combines his bold vision and humor, to motivate audiences to become disruptors within their organizations.  Samit gets people passionate about innovation, overcoming obstacles, and teaches them how to think bigger and embrace change.  Samit motivates and delights audiences from Moscow to Mumbai, London to Las Vegas, Phoenix to Philadelphia, Berlin to Beverly Hills, Toronto to Tokyo, Seoul to San Francisco, with compelling keynotes that leave the crowd wanting more.  Samit provides disruptive  solutions for such corporate clients as American Express, AT&T, Best Buy, Clinique, Coca Cola, Disney, Ford, GE, Intel, Linkedin, McDonalds, Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, Starbucks, Unilever, Zynga and dozens more.
                His keynote It’s Time to Disrupt You! is a high energy presentation on how to create and embrace change in any field.  Designed to be as entertaining and inspiring as it is informative, Samit customizes each presentation to highlight the sales, marketing, and leadership goals of the audience before him. Samit delivers a speech that stays with the audience long after the conference has ended.
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    Brad Hart - How Blockchain And Crypto Currencies Are Changing Business

    Brad Hart - How Blockchain And Crypto Currencies Are Changing Business

    Today we're talking to Brad Hart. As an experienced entrepreneur, investor, trader, advisor, and mentor to people who want more from their life, Brad has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs and investors, built a hedge fund that returned 106% net of expenses in 2013, has been featured multiple times in Forbes (as well as several popular blogs like The Four-Hour Workweek). His articles have been read over 1,000,000 times.
    Brad is a sought after speaker, thought leader, and exchanges radical ideas with heavy hitters in multiple industries. After building (and helping to build) several successful ventures in various industries (trading, real estate, etc.), he has refocused on what he loves most: Building businesses, managing wealth, mentoring entrepreneurs, and helping others to create abundance in all areas of their lives.
    Driven by a belief that the “how,” or “strategy” behind achieving mastery and growth becomes clear only when you become clear on your outcome, finding your strengths, key emotional drivers, and purpose, Brad operates his business and life by the motto that “the right mindset produces the right strategy, but even the best strategy in the world can't help the person with the wrong mindset.”
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    194 - Dr. James Kelley (returns) - The Crucible's Gift

    194 - Dr. James Kelley (returns) - The Crucible's Gift

    Today we have one of our favorite guests, returning for another interview. Author, speaker, and consultant, Dr. James Kelley, was born in Portland, Oregon. Following the completion of an MBA and a year
    of teaching English in Japan, James moved to Australia to pursue his
    Ph.D. in International Marketing. He is the host of the Executives
    After Hours podcast, where he states, “I care about who you are,
    not what you do. Because who you are defines what you do.” Kelley
    currently teaches at United Arab Emirates University, and resides near
    Dubai with his wife, Mary, and their four children. 
    We're discussing his exciting book, The Crucible's Gift, which shares 5 Authentic lessons from leaders who thrive in adversity. The Crucible’s Gift introduces you to lessons from 140 diverse
    leaders who demonstrated the art of living more authentically.
    Combining these rich, raw and insightful stories with his knowledge
    of business and psychology—as well as his candid accounts of what
    he has learned from his personal crucibles—Dr. Kelley shows how to
    transform what holds you back into traits that will propel you forward,
    encouraging you to step fully into your life.
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    Michele Molitor - Rewire Yourself For Success

    Michele Molitor - Rewire Yourself For Success

    Today on BOSS Academy Radio, we have author, speaker, and executive coach, Michele Molitor. Michele is the founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting Inc., and co-author of the best-selling book “Breakthrough Healing”. She works with executives and entrepreneurs bringing over 25 years of experience, intuitive insights and strategic business savvy to their success. She is an expert at enhancing the capacity of leaders, to build high performing teams and exponentially increase bottom-line results.
    Michele’s unique Rapid RewiringTM approach is a culmination of years of study in the realms of emotional intelligence, neuroscience, organizational psychology and Rapid Transformational Therapy. She helps catalyze shifts in thinking and eliminate mental/emotional blocks to rapidly rewire your brain for greater confidence and success.
    As a nationally recognized speaker, certified executive coach, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) practitioner, change management consultant, trainer, and writer, Michele’s passion for helping amplify natural talents and expand leadership is conveyed through all aspects of her work and writing.
    Michele Molitor, CPCC, PCC, RTT is your Executive Confidence Coach & Rapid Rewire Expert.
    Some of the topics we’ll cover are:
    What are the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs regularly face? What takes down your confidence and ultimately your success? How do these challenges impact your personal and professional lives? What is Rapid Transformational Coaching? Why is this methodology so powerful for quickly eliminating emotional and physical blocks to your success? What are some of the most amazing transformations your clients have experienced?  
    We’ll also discuss:
    Being Enough How to Rewire Your Brain and Boost Your Confidence Saying No with Grace and Grit The Neuroscience of Success Resources:
    BOSS Academy Radio
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    Sheri Fitts - The Age Of Authenticity And Its Impact On Business

    Sheri Fitts - The Age Of Authenticity And Its Impact On Business

    Sheri  Fitts has  more  than  25  years  of  experience  in  digital  leadership  and  brand  marketing.  As  the  founder  of  ShoeFitts  Marketing,  she  has  helped  thousands  of  advisors  and  industry  influencers  convey  their  messages,  create  meaningful  connections,  improve  sales  performance  and  scale  their  digital  leadership.
    Ms.  Fitts  regularly  speaks  about  digital  marketing  and  social  media  at  financial  services  industry  events,  has  been quoted  in  numerous  publications  and  is  the  author  of  Deconstructing  Digital.  She  has  received  awards  and  recognition  from  the  Plan  Sponsor  Council  of  America,  the  National Association  of  Government  Defined  Contribution Administrators,  the  International Association  of  Business  Communicators  and  Pensions  and  Investments. 401kwire.com named  her  one  of  the  “most  influential  people”  in  the  defined  contribution  category.
    Today, Sheri will teach us the essence of being authentic and “outcaring” to in the marketplace. She will also share insights regarding millennials and evolution of digital marketing. Lastly, she will give us interesting details regarding her book,  “Deconstructing Digital”.
    [2:17] The Age of Authenticity
    [3:50] The concerns in raising “millennials” today
    [7:05] How does authenticity transform the workplace and entrepreneurial world
    [9:05] How authenticity fits in a modern marketing plan
    [10:33] Why being authentic attracts more people in marketing
    [11:15] Sheri explains the concept of “outcaring”
    [13:01] The importance of thinking how your clients feel and should feel
    [14:21] How she applied the concept of  “outcaring” to her profession
    [16:23] How disruptive branding affects the financial services market
    [19:58] Sheri shares about her book, “Deconstructing Digital”, and her inspiration to it
    [21:37] The impact to her life as far as social media & digital marketing are concerned
    [24:15] Paul shares his experience on the old school way of digital marketing
    [25:37] How you can connect with Sheri
    [26:39] Wrap up
    “The more you that you are, the more people you attract because it’s refreshing to people.” - Sheri
    BOSS Academy Radio
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
197 Ratings

197 Ratings

Luke Avedon ,

Paul gets you the good stuff

Here are some reasons why you should listen to this podcast:

The first reason is because Paul pulls an excellent variety of guests: from copywriting guru Ben Settle, on why you should email every day, to Evan Baehr on how to get cash money for your business. The second reason you should listen, Paul asks all the exact questions you wish you could ask if you were there in the room. Paul asks the tough questions. He gets the guests to spill their guts and he holds nothing back.

For example, top marketers will reveal to you the exact steps they are using to generate leads right now for their business. Paul also owns a lead generation company and you get to hear those secrets as well.

I like how Paul isn't afraid to be vulnerable. He is not afraid to share the personal challenges he had to overcome on his journey. As Paul says himself, "If you are struggling tune in, and if you are on a high - remember things can change at any moment."

Highly recommended.

OCDiscussions ,


Great interview. I listened to ”Future hacking and am motivated to apply tactics to my own business. I subscribed and can't wait to go back and listen to other episodes

Gavin (Acuity Scheduling) ,

great podcast!

fantastic guests and content, and I really appreciate hearing the honesty from Paul

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