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Branding Brews is a podcast focused on branding, design and marketing for the beer industry.

Branding Brews Podcast Ryan Wheaton - Graphic Designer

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Branding Brews is a podcast focused on branding, design and marketing for the beer industry.

    2021 Craft Beer Marketing Awards – BB055

    2021 Craft Beer Marketing Awards – BB055

    2021 Craft Beer Marketing Awards with Jim McCune and Jackie DiBella

    Find the CBMAs online: craftbeermarketingawards.com  // Instagram: @craftbeermarketingawards

    I was honored to be asked to participate in judging the 2021 CBMAs. Since the CBMA organization and awards started last year, I thought it was about time we learned more about them and spread information about the awards. Deadline for the 2021 entries is coming up on January 29th, so make sure you check out all the categories you can enter!

    Talking points:

    Bringing together creative and marketing folks in the industry

    Raising awareness and learning about successful marketing

    Recognizing branding and marketing for the beer industry

    Highlighting unique categories, such as Pandemic Marketing and Human Rights.

    Sustainability in the industry


    "How are you getting people’s attention? How are you getting them to buy your beer, get them through the door, wear your merch out. This is a super hole in the industry and now we can really recognize everybody that is apart of it." - Jackie DiBella

    "We wanted to make sure it was something that brewers would really want to showcase, really encapsulate the industry, how cool it is, and how much work and passion they put into everything they do from brewing the beer to packaging and labeling it." - Jim McCune

    "The CBMAs is drawing together this community that’s never existed. They’re all out there in disparate worlds of “we do merch” “we do tap handles” and “we’re a social media agency” and “we’re an illustrator.”  We’re kind of pulling this together into this network…and really creating this little family." - Jim McCune

    "When we went virtual…there were a bunch of breweries who were live-streaming in the brewery to their teams as we were announcing winners, which was awesome." - Jackie DiBella

    "The feedback we got was all honestly great. When people had comments or ideas we had a whole document. I would say 90% of the ideas got applied to this year and people are noticing. It’s a very cool thing." - Jackie DiBella

    "A big part for me is the sustainable stuff. I love to see tap handles and t-shirts that use reclaimed materials. That’s a big thing in our industry…We have met just incredible people that care about each other and the world." - Jim McCune

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    Untappd for Your Brewery – BB054

    Untappd for Your Brewery – BB054

    Using Untappd for Brewery Marketing with Jon Dispenza and Harrison Hickok


    website: untappd.com  //  podcast: untappd.com/podcast

    Untappd reaches a huge audience, so it only makes sense that breweries look at ways to utilize this platform to increase their marketing reach. I was stoked to make a connection with Jon and Harrison who both work at Untappd and also host the Drinking Socially Untappd Podcast. I figured these guys would be able to deliver some solid insights and advice for using Untappd for your brewery.

    Talking Points:

    What makes a label successful

    Using social media channels alongside Untappd

    Data and insights pulled from Untappd reviews

    Using Untappd events for new beer releases

    QR codes for touchless menu links

    Effective ways for using digital beer menus


    "Then there’s this classic approach where it’s centered around the label…have a very uniform label, maybe the color is different for each beer… maybe I haven’t had the IPA that is yellow from this brewery, I see it pop up off the shelf  and I want to check it out." - HARRISON

    "You’re going to have a profile…doesn’t matter if you’re on an island by Greece or in Detroit, someone is going to check in your beer…Just control that because it is an extension of your brand and if you do nothing more put a label on there, use it as a way to interact with people." - JON

    "There’s a space you can enter, on Untappd, where you can learn about your customers, about how the perceive your beer, about where they drink it “this is the best pool beer I’ve ever had” “this is my go-to beer for the summer” all of these anecdotes you can pull from it."   - HARRISON

    "You’re hitting maybe a larger audience…on Facebook with cool information on Untappd. At the same time making people that follow you on Untappd and Facebook feel like feel like they’re part of a bigger experience and now not every checkin is a checkin in a vacuum…Wherever beer fans, make sure they see you made a new beer" - JON

    "…a lot of times it is new breweries just opening that are spending time pulling honeycombs out of beehives and writing beer names on that…and then by beer 50 they’re like ‘holy cow’ there are no more honeycombs…The business side of it kicks in and my taproom manager is already doing 20 things let’s not make harvesting bees be one of them, let’s set up a digital board" - HARRISON

    "With beer releases, make it an event in Untappd. An event in Untappd is unique in that everyone can see them… People are going to see those pop up in their phone. Those events are linkable, right now if you have an online store or you require people to reserve a spot…You can link inside an Untappd event to whatever space they need to go to make that order. Someone is now a click away on their phone from supporting you." - HARRISON

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    Austin Beerworks – BB053

    Austin Beerworks – BB053

    Austin Beerworks with Helms Workshop

    Find Austin Beerworks

    Website: austinbeerworks.com / Instagram: @AustinBeerworks  / Facebook: @AustinBeerworks / Twitter: @AustinBeerworks

    Find Helms Workshop

    Website: helmsworkshop.com /  Instagram: @helms_workshop / Facebook: @HelmsWorkshop / Twitter: @HelmsWorkshop

    Austin Beerworks co-founder Michael Graham along with Helms Workshop founder Christian Helms join to discuss branding for Austin Beerworks.

    Talking Points:

    Development of branding and brand identity, beyond just a cool logo

    Development of core and seasonal cans

    Connecting your branding to the beer you make

    Breaking out of the typical look in beer branding and being different.

    Creation of premium bottle labels and how they're integrated into the core Austin Beerworks brand.


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    Co-Branding – BB052

    Co-Branding – BB052

    Co-Branding and Collaborations with Jordan Hoffart and Fish Scales

    Find Jordan Hoffart and Black Plague Brewing

    Website: blackplaguebrewing.com  // Instagram: @blackplaguebrewing

    Find Fish Scales and Atlantucky Brewing

    Website: atlantucky.com  // Instagram: @atlantucky

    The idea of collaborations between breweries has proven to be a successful way to promote brands and your beer. I wanted to take a look at some ways that other industries, brands, and celebrities are collaborating in the beer industry to reach new customers. Jordan Hoffart is a professional skater that co-founded Black Plague Brewing. Hoffart and Black Plague created a collab. beer with Tony Hawk, cleverly named Tony Hawps - Birdhouse IPA.  Fish Scales comes from the music world and the successful group Nappy Roots. Fish Scales, being a brewer himself, has collaborated with a number of breweries and has come up with some great ways to promote those beers and brands.

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    New Label Initiatives – Craft Label Co and All Together – BB051

    New Label Initiatives – Craft Label Co and All Together – BB051

    New Label Initiatives - Craft Label Co and All Together

    I have two related announcements that I wanted to bring to your attention. Both of these are efforts to help our community during the COVID-19 chaos.

    The first is an initiative that I have been working on for the last month. I have been working with breweries and label printers to assist getting beer into packaging. A number of breweries have never packaged and need label FAST and AFFORDABLE.

    I created Craft Label Co. to be a pre-designed craft beverage label shop. You can browse through a variety of label designs and choose the label that best fits you. From that point, you can totally customize your chosen label by selecting colors, your logo, beer name, style, and get a print-ready label generated.

    Each label only costs $90!

    And since this is a brand new launch, I am also offering 30% off entire orders through April. Use code: LABELS30

    With this discount, you can get a lineup of 6 customized labels created for $378

    If you know of anyone that could find this useful, I hope you can let them know.

    Check it out at: craftlabelco.com

    All Together

    Our friends Craftpeak brought this to my attention. This initiative has been embraced by over 500 breweries worldwide. They are providing the branding, recipe, and label templates to release one large community beer effort. They want to help raise awareness to support small breweries, but also raise money for hospitality! REALLY cool stuff. Check it out here: alltogether.beer

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    Working with Marketing In-House or External – BB050

    Working with Marketing In-House or External – BB050

    Working with Marketing In-House or External with Holly Amlin aka PDXBeerGirl

    Find PDXBeerGirl:

    Web: pdxbeergirl.com // Instagram: @pdxbeergirl Facebook: @pdxbeergirl


    In the past, we've discussed some ways to navigate working with internal and external teams. Both have unique advantages and disadvantages along with best scenario matches depending on your brewery size. Here's a few points we touch on in this episode:

    Hiring within...is that the best way?

    Should  your front of house run marketing?

    Best fit for your brewery, solo freelancer or agency

    Finding help that knows the beer industry

    COVID-19 - what is successful marketing and social right now

    PDXBeerGirl is helmed by Holly Amlin, local beer writer, marketer, and social media influencer. Her aim is to make beer more accessible to the everyday craft beer drinker, especially women.

    Holly has lived in Oregon the majority of her life, but decided to put down roots in Portland five years ago for a job doing web design and branding. She is now one of those nerds who documents her beer adventures, rides her bike when it’s sunny, cheers loud for the Timbers, cries about the last season of Game of Thrones, and explores new places as often as possible.

    PDXBeerGirl came to life after a summer road trip to California in 2016, stopping and talking with breweries along the way. The journey made her realize just how welcoming the local beer industry was, which inspired the decision to start writing about her experiences. Holly has since covered all things beer: Brewery reviews, openings, new beers, events, and more. In addition, she has contributed to the Oregon Beer Growler, Inc.com, and been featured in Men’s Health, “30 Female Beer Lovers You Must Follow on Instagram”.

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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

mp3ief ,

A good start, keep it up.

I found out about this podcast through an advert on The Sour Hour (or another podcast) and decided to give it a listen. I have now worked my way thorugh almost all the published episodes and am really enjoying. Ryan is giving an outside in view of a critial part of the industry that goes undiscussed - I haven't found another podcast like this anywhere.

Production quality is good and I'm sure the content and discussions will get deeper and more crisp with time as Ryan continues to develop his podcast voice.

All in all, well worth a listen and I very much look forward to future episodes.

geechyguy ,

Good content for the craft beer industry!

I really like what Branding Brews is trying to accomplish: sharing behind-the-scenes stories, methods, and advice regarding different aspects of brewery life and branding. Full disclosure: I have been interviewed on a recent podcast, but I assure you I am not biased. I tend to avoid beer-related podcasts in general as they're mostly centered around product reviews or home brewing. But Branding Brews appeals to my interests. I run the social media and am involved in many aspects of branding for a brewery so it's insightful to hear the issues and solutions others like me face. Ryan is a good host, well-organized, and keeps the conversation on-track without having it feel too structured. I'd definitely recommend giving an episode a listen!

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