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Is brick and mortar dead or is it just coming alive? Join industry veteran, Bobby Marhamat, as he investigates the future of brick and mortar, why it's gotten a bad name and what it takes to create a customer experience that increases ROI and keeps people coming back for more. Join him as he interviews the experts and learn what it takes to make or break the in-location experience.

Brick & Mortar Reborn Bobby Marhamat

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Is brick and mortar dead or is it just coming alive? Join industry veteran, Bobby Marhamat, as he investigates the future of brick and mortar, why it's gotten a bad name and what it takes to create a customer experience that increases ROI and keeps people coming back for more. Join him as he interviews the experts and learn what it takes to make or break the in-location experience.

    PODCAST 56: John Orr

    PODCAST 56: John Orr

    How important is workforce management and what tools do employers use to do it? Listen in to today’s interview with John Orr, the SVP Retail at Ceridian. In today’s episode, he talks about the customer use cases for Ceridian’s services, the challenges that brick-and-mortar spaces are currently facing, and how customers are thinking about employee treatment, retention, and workforce management since the pandemic.
    Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:
    ✔ John’s background
    ✔ What Ceridian does
    ✔ Customer use cases for Ceridian’s services
    ✔Why customers come back to Ceridian
    ✔ Challenges that brick-and-mortar retail spaces face
    ✔ How workforce management technology makes an impact on brick-and-mortar stores
    ✔ Why engagement is important
    ✔ What Ceridian is thinking about the future of engagement
    ✔ Tools that retailers employ to manage their workforce
    ✔ Customers that John has worked with to improve the in-store performance of employees
    ✔ Guidance for retailers on changes that have happened in consumer behavior patterns
    ✔ Bringing employee engagement and customer experience together
    ✔ What John is excited about technology-wise
    ✔ Fun things to do in Atlanta
    John Orr

    “We span all sectors of retail, and in our vernacular, retail includes hospitality.”
    “I think they buy the technology and the platform and they stay for the service.”
    “We’re all trying to do one-to-one marketing with our customers, and their experience. The same holds true for the employees.”

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    PODCAST 55: Alper Aydemir

    PODCAST 55: Alper Aydemir

    Footwear can fit better and feel better, and Volumental is proving it. Today’s episode features Alper Aydemir, the CEO and co-founder of Volumental. Listen in to hear more about what Volumental does and what the role of Volumental and similar technology is in the future of retail. In today’s episode, Alper discusses what his typical clients are like, how the company’s tech works with the client, and what technology retailers should be thinking about for the future.
    Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:
    ✔ Alper’s history with Volumental
    ✔ Why Alper started his own company
    ✔ What Volumental is all about
    ✔ Who Volumental’s typical clients are
    ✔ How Volumental’s tech works with its clients
    ✔ Whether there’s more interest in Volumental’s product now
    ✔ Whether Alper is seeing a change in consumer behaviors
    ✔ Why in-location experiences matter
    ✔ Alper’s favorite in-store experiences
    ✔ What retailers need to be thinking about on the technology side
    Alper Aydemir

    “One thing that has happened throughout last year is we made something like 8 years’ worth of progress in e-commerce in 8 months.”
    “It doesn’t cut it anymore to just have a picture and a size dropdown. Everyone has that.”
    “You own your own body data and how things fit you, and you’ll be able to carry that from place to place and get the best experience.”

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    PODCAST 54: Tony Drockton

    PODCAST 54: Tony Drockton

    What differentiates a luxury brand from other types of brands, and what do luxury brands need to do in order to drive value and keep on thriving, even during an event like a pandemic? That’s what you’ll hear about today from Tony Drockton, Founder and Chief Cheerleader at Hammitt, a company that sells luxury purses and bags. Listen in to hear what Tony has to say about value drivers, customer experiences, and what wholesale brands should be doing if they want to transition to selling directly to the customer.
    Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:
    ✔ Tony’s background
    ✔ What Hammitt is all about
    ✔ Value drivers that are important to the Hammitt bag
    ✔ Changes Hammit had to make during the pandemic to reach customers
    ✔ What kind of experience customers have at Hammitt
    ✔ Suggestions for wholesale brands
    ✔ How Tony looks at the mix of distribution
    ✔ New store locations because of the pandemic
    ✔ Tools that will be important for brands to implement
    ✔ Tony’s favorite places in Hermosa Beach
    Tony Drockton

    “The customers like to say that Hammitt is the most functional luxury bag they carry.”
    “I believe the luxury category requires that human touch. That one-on-one.”
    “Bad retail has always been dead.”

    • 29 min
    PODCAST 53: Kate Paynter

    PODCAST 53: Kate Paynter

    Resale has many differences from other types of retail. What gets the retail customer in the store? What keeps them coming back? And with their business model, how seriously may they be affected by an event like a pandemic? That’s what you’ll hear today from Kate Paynter, a franchise owner who had to close all of her stores for eight weeks at the beginning of COVID. Hear how they operated, how they survived the shutdown, and how they came back in today’s episode. 
    Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:
    ✔ Kate’s trajectory in business
    ✔ How much has changed about the customer during COVID
    ✔ How Kate decided to open another store
    ✔ What’s changed for the store during the pandemic
    ✔ What changes Kate had to make to sustain things during COVID
    ✔ Kate’s thoughts about the growth of the clothing resale business over the past few years
    ✔ Technology trends for the industry
    ✔ Whether anything has changed about the way they take in product
    ✔ How Kate keeps employees loyal
    ✔ Technologies that Kate wants to see integrated into the store
    ✔ Advice for entrepreneurs who want to grow
    ✔ What Kate has learned over the past year
    ✔ Where people should visit in Cincinnati
    Kate Finger Paynter

    “Our customer loves the hunt.”
    “We can see a customer from newborn all the way up to graduating college.”
    “We have a big reason for customers to want to walk into our store and that’s because we’re going to pay them cash.”

    • 23 min
    PODCAST 52: Jared Margolis

    PODCAST 52: Jared Margolis

    Buying shoes can be a treat if you have the right shoe-buying experience. Today’s guest, Jared Margolis of Payless, wants to bring a clean, attractive, omnichannel experience to the shoppers that come to Payless, both in the US and internationally. Listen in to hear what Jared has to say about why he joined payless, what he thinks is important when it comes to omnichannel, and what kind of changes his company is making to the in-store experience.
    Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:
    ✔ Jared’s background
    ✔ Why Jared joined Payless
    ✔ How Jared approached his task
    ✔ What’s important to Jared when he talks about omnichannel
    ✔ What the company is trying to figure out before scaling again
    ✔ Whether there’s a focus on how consumer behavior has changed
    ✔ Changes to the in-location experience
    ✔ Great experiences Jared has seen in-location
    ✔ Favorite stores that Jared likes to shop in
    ✔ Advice for brands that want to reinvent themselves
    ✔ Jared’s favorite technology for on-location experiences
    ✔ Jared’s predictions on in-store experiences post-pandemic
    ✔ How inventory changes based on location
    ✔ Fun things to do in Miami
    Jared Margolis

    “Having this blank canvas in America, we still have some great momentum coming in from our international business.”
    “The brick and click is just critical. You can’t do one without the other, especially in the shoe business.”
    “The vision that we have here at Payless is really to focus on being part of the community.”

    • 20 min
    PODCAST 51: Jeremy Goldman

    PODCAST 51: Jeremy Goldman

    Even if a value-driver seems obvious, businesses might still miss it. Today’s guest mentions a few seemingly obvious things, like providing basic needs and understanding the consumer, that some brands still struggle to get right. Jeremy Goldman is a Principal Analyst at Insider Intelligence, and in today’s episode, he discusses value-drivers he’s seen over the past few years, frameworks for building a memorable brick-and-mortar experience, and how to encourage people to come back to the location to shop.
    Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:
    ✔ Jeremy’s career
    ✔ What Insider Intelligence is all about
    ✔ Jeremy’s podcast and its focus
    ✔ The consumer behavior changes and value drivers that Jeremy has seen over the past few years
    ✔ What experience means to Jeremy and how to create one
    ✔ Why the in-location experience matters
    ✔ Jeremy’s favorite brands
    ✔ Frameworks for building a brick-and-mortar experience
    ✔ Creating a memorable experience online
    ✔ How to encourage people to come back for an in-store shopping experience
    ✔ Technology that was adopted faster than Jeremy expected
    ✔ Jeremy’s comedy shows and things he wants people to see in New York
    Jeremy Goldman

    “Animals like to see each other in person versus through screens.”
    “It turns out that there’s data that shows that having a good experience in one channel, like brick and mortar, can have a halo effect so that then people start to buy more from you online.”
    “COVID was the impetus for me to realize that something was the superior experience. I think that’s what a lot of people are finding.”

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74 Ratings

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Very informative...

Enjoyed listening to Melissa and Bobby... just subscribed. Looking forward to next week.

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