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Join Astrologer Eugenia Krok, MA to discover the relationship between nature + human personality.

Accessible Astrology with Eugenia Krok, MA - Astrologer Trained in Psychotherapy Accessible Astrology - Eugenia Krok, MA

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Join Astrologer Eugenia Krok, MA to discover the relationship between nature + human personality.

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4.6 out of 5
230 Ratings

230 Ratings

Jaime Lee lee ,

a wealth of knowledge

love your energy and research and how you so care about humanity

findingmaine ,


New or not so new to astrology? It doesn't matter. You will find the metaphoric and symbolic language used in this podcast to be refreshing to the soul.

I have been listening to your podcast for almost 2 years. With each new podcast, I take in a deeper breath of astrology and go deeper.

I'm a clinical social worker who read her first astrology book at 13 and have done a lot of self-learning and know enough to be dangerous about astrology so I dabble. Without a certification course, I wouldn't ever call myself anything but a hobbyist astrologer-wanna-be. It will happen one day. I so enjoy your podcast!

I wanted to let you know that on my birthday this year, Nov 2, my husband and mom (master gardener) made our first biodynamic compost. We spent over 2 hours layering straw, leaves, kitchen scraps, goat manure, old soil, and seaweed into a "lasagna" layered compost. It was one of the most gratifying experiences in the garden we've had. And then we applied the biodynamic preps to really help the compost biodegrade and break down. Your analogy this week to the importance of making soil could not be more right on. I felt it was like making that compost the most important thing I needed to do on my birthday (even though I get a yearly solar return chart read on my birthday). So when I listened to your podcast, I kept saying "yes, yes, yes...that's what we just did". I love the metaphors you share. You read the energy so right on!

So I wanted to thank you so much for your work!!!

Sasstrolger ,


I love Eugenia!! Listening to her podcasts has helped my daily anxiety. She speaks such kind words into the world that it gives me hope!

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